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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • amterrioamterrio Posts: 8
    edited January 2011
    Sorry for the lack of detail. I'm new to this "being excited about a new car" thing as all of my past car purchases were cars that were 7+ yrs old =)

    We bought our Mazda 5 Sport at Mastria Subaru in Raynham, Ma.
    We bought it used and it had 44,645 miles on it the day we picked it up. It's an automatic. It was previously used as a rental car, hence the high mileage and low price for the year of the car.

    I had test driven several cars before I settled on the Mazda5. The fold down 3rd row seating was very attractive to me. The other attractive feature was the MPG. $41 to fill it up compared to the $60 it took to fill my old Ford Windstar.

    Love it so far!
  • tempnemtempnem Posts: 1
    I, too, filled out a USAA price certificate. Same problem, they only want to talk on the phone (I have a feeling we're talking about the same manager) and provide no commitment. She said she would honor the price when the car came in that I was quoted (note that USAA quotes are good for the current inventory only). I asked for an e-mail to spell out everything so I could understand. She refused and said she could provide info when i decided to come in so I'd be ready. If you will honor the price, why can't you write it down? Tricky....I'm about ready to head to Riverside.
  • mdashimdashi Posts: 6
    My wife & I traded in a 2001 Honda Odyssey EX (at 131k w/ onset of transmission troubles) for a new 2012 Mazda5 Grand Touring. MSRP $24,870, negotiated price of $23,199 (so 1670 off of MSRP) and we got 900 better on our trade in than any other dealership was willing to offer. Of course they gave us 4k for the trade in and said they'd have to auction it, then two days later the old van is on their lot with a "SALE" price of 6995. Gotta love dealers!

    So far, the wife loves the 5 and the Bluetooth phone & wireless music streaming is very cool!
  • dherabadidherabadi Posts: 6
    edited May 2011
    tempnem, you could also try the John Hines Mazda (the one in Irvine or SanDiego). The problem with Riverside Mazda for me personally eventhough I ended buying from them was inventory. They have a very limited number of car in my opinion...Good Luck
  • pbwhitepbwhite Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    Purchased a 2012 Mazda5 Touring with moon roof/audio package, rear bumper guard, cargo net, wheel locks and all-weather floor mats for $21,364 (MSRP: $23,300, Invoice: $21,759).

    Location: Gallo Mazda, Worcester, MA, June 2011. Buying experience was excellent, and very happy with purchase.
  • tustiktustik Posts: 2
    Did the price include TTL? If it didn't what was the OTD price? I'm looking to buy 2012 sport auto but so far couldn't find one in the price range I'd accept.
  • We just purchased a Mazda 5 Sport AT for $19888 (down from $20990 sticker) with total cost $22332 OTD.
    Had a good experience at Oakland Mazda in Oakland calif.
  • tustiktustik Posts: 2
    2012 Mazda5 Sport in tampabay, FL. Price was 18600+TTL.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Sounds like prices in your area are similiar to here, Sport with Auto $19,621.00 and Sport manual for $18,675
  • mrsmazda5mrsmazda5 Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    We just bought a black 08 Touring Auto with 64000miles, leather and dvd for 14,995. It is in really great shape and am happy with our purchase from Briggs Nissan/Subaru/Kia in Kansas. The rear drivers side strut is out, but they agreed to fix it for us.

    After purchase we took her for a 2.5hr road trip and it was the best trip we have yet with 2 kiddos (2 & 4), and a 1yr old (100lb) great dane. LOVE it so far.
  • dealer_gurudealer_guru Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    Just purchased a 2012 GT with weather mats, rear view mirror option. MSRP 25,045 Invoice was 23,475 if I remember correctly. Anyways, I paid 22,800 but it gets better that's with Remote Start included!!!! Then to ice it off I got them to give me more money for my car than what it was worth.

    I used to be a car sales manager. I forgot what an advantage that is when buying a car. It's been a long time. Hope this helps others!!!
  • danielldaniell Posts: 128
    I am interested in a GT too. What do you mean by "rear view mirror option"?

  • mdashimdashi Posts: 6
    The "rear view mirror option" is a dealer installed auto-dimming rearview mirror with compass and Homelink controls. I think it is somewhere around 300 bucks. I passed on the option on our '12 GT.
  • greg_h1greg_h1 Posts: 1
    Mazda5 Touring with moonroof/audio package, all-weather floor mats, and window tinting for 20600. Generous trade-in and a fast, enjoyable transaction with no nonsense from reception to financial office.
  • squigglessquiggles Posts: 2
    Frustrated with the lack of discounting but think it might be due to the earthquake restricting supply. Dealers seemed to only have 1-2 of this model and trim in stock. Here's what I got (Libertyville via email and then follow up for the trade):

    MSRP 19990
    Rebate -500
    Discount -208
    Before doc fee 19282 ( quotes for this line were 19286, 19386, 19386. Other direct-to-dealer email quotes were 19292, 19513 and 19413 - none of these included the doc fee)
    Doc Fee 156
    After Doc Fee 19438
    Trade in (3,000) (Carmax offered 3000. Dealer initially offered 1200 and met Carmax offer when I told them about it)
    Title 145
    Tax 1396
    Out the door: 17979

    That's how I discussed it with the salesman. For some reason the business manager wrote this up as:

    Price of Car 19,940
    Doc Fee 156
    Trade in (3,200)
    Rebate (500)
    Title 145
    Tax 1,438
    Out the door 17,979

    If I didn't have the Carmax trade reference prices and the quotes - which were the best I thought I could do elsewhere - I think I would have walked away. Really didn't feel like I could do better. I was also considering a 2010 from Carmax for 18598 with 20k miles. The difference seemed worth it for new. Also frustrated that I couldn't seem to save on the quotes even when I told the dealer I was trying to save us both the referral fee (I think they pay $300 for the referral).
  • squigglessquiggles Posts: 2
    I was complaining to my wife about the lack of discounting and she just pointed out that I had the MSRP wrong. It was 20990, not 19990. Maybe an unconscious negotiating strategy on my part.
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,877
    Oxmoor Mazda seems to be offering "4000 off MSRP!" for a 2012 Mazda5. It's probably for the manual, but that's the better vehicle by far in my opinion anyway...Great deal for anyone in the area.
  • We bought it new in July for $17,700 sport AT...chased down the add car. There are 5 dealers in the portland OR metro area no tax, nice and smooth ride. been averaging about 28 mix city and hwy.
  • Very satisfied with the selection of cars avaiable, dealers were very knowledgable and they answered all the questions to picking out the right car for me
  • Discounts of $2500 to over $2900 listed right on the website for new 2012 Mazda 5's. Seems like a pretty good deal based on current incentives and what others have indicated they've paid.
  • Painless purchasing experience with Browning Mazda in Cerritos CA. First offer via email was $20,412 + ttl. My friend and I showed them a quote from zag and they beat it by $10 using the $300 LA auto show rebate.
  • vwmazdavwmazda Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    Scored one for $19960 before TTL. Dealer beat the truecar price by 400 after quite a bit of haggling. This is in Northern CA.
  • oyuwtapoyuwtap Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    would you share which dealership you went to (in nor-cal)?
    i am in the market for a touring as well.
  • One of our relatives visited us over Christmas, and his rental car was a new Mazda5. I was really impressed by the car, and I think it would be perfect for our 3 small kids. $40K for a new Odyssey is insane.

    Of course the rental was an automatic, but what really appeals to us is the manual version. Has anyone bought/driven a new Mazda5 with the 6-speed manual? What did you think of it?
  • Could you please let me know at what dealership you got this price? I also live in Portland.
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 180
    I'm not exactly the guy you want an answer from, but I do own, since new, both a 2006 Mazda5 with 5MT and a 2010 Mazda3 2.5L with 6MT. So my 3 has exactly the same powertrain as a new 5 would with an MT. I like both cars very much, and the 2010 2.5L 6MT is a distinct improvement on the 2006 MZ5's, that I believe is due to more than just the 300 lb less weight the 3 is carrying. The newer car drives very well, a big improvement over the older 5. One thing I suspect would still be present in the brand-new 5 is that our 5 has a mushier-feeling shift linkage. But it's not that bad. I would definitely recommend (or buy myself, if I needed to) a manual 2012 MZ5.
  • Received a quote on a 2012 Mazda5 Sport manual of $17,701 before TTL, in the Portland, OR area.

    Would like to hear of others recent quotes to determine if this is competitive, or not.
  • thanatos72thanatos72 Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    MSRP: $24,823 ($24,025 + $795 doc fee)
    Invoice: $23,290 ($22,495 + 795)

    Trade-In: $13,500 for a 2010 mazda5 with 30k ($1,500 more than what Edmunds said I should get) but I had $15,163 still on the loan, which the dealer paid-off, so I carried a negative equity of $1,663.

    Paid: $26,445 out of the door, which includes $22,676 (car price, including doc. fee) + $2,874 (tax, tile, fees and negative equity) + $895 (gap insurance)

    The car came with a few extras that the dealer agreed to take care of as part of the deal, namely:

    1) Remote Start Engine ($320);
    2) DVD Entertainment system ($960)
    3) Auto-Dimming Mirror w/Compass and homelink ($295)

    According to Edmunds, the TMV for this car with the above extras would have been $24,314 (plus tax, title, fee and gap insurance). So unless I missed something, I think (hope) that I got a good deal.

    P.S.: By the way, the sticker indicates that the dealer also did “wheel opening protection mouldings, Autogard acid rain protection and custom interior protector with 5-year warranty” (a $890 value). It probable is something that they do to all cars to protect them in the lot.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • berchooberchoo Posts: 2
    Bought a new Mazda5 Touring for $20,000 plus MA sales tax $1,250, doc fee $195, Registration, $125. Total out the door: $21,570
    Tasca motors in Seekonk
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