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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • carthellcarthell Posts: 128
    For the 2013 models, Mazda appears to be offering 0% APR + $1000. I stumbled across the offer this past Friday, and Mazda appears to be offering it on a weekly basis. The offer (in Maryland) started on 6/25, and was renewed on 7/2 with an expiration date of 7/8.

    Car makers usually offer special deals for a longer period of time with screamer-type ads from either the national or local marketing groups about it. It was so understated, even Edmunds hasn't picked up on it yet.

    I would be out there, but I'm not quite ready to purchase yet.
  • We bought our 2012 GT from Greico mazda in April. The dealership is 200 miles away so we tried to nail them down to the exact price we would have to pay before making the trip. Several people at the dealership, including the internet mgr assured us the price was real. We get there and pick out the 2012 we wanted and sit down to do the paperwork. NOW the prices come out about the discounts for military, student, etc at $500 each, or $1500 more than quoted by phone. We were really mad and ready to walk. They gave us a $500 break on the $1500 but that was it. The $19111 price was the starting point, but I was pleased that it included a few dealer options not mentioned in the internet write up. We got Sirius radio, nitrogen tire fill, mud flaps and full carpeting all not mentioned in options included in the GT. All in all I'm happy with the deal, but not happy with the way this dealership does business. They said when Mazda contacts us about the whole experience, be kind as they get their sales bonuses based on our report. Well, guess what? We were never contacted by Mazda. I guess they never turned our sale in, being afraid we would not be kind to the dealer. I now have 6500 miles and am getting a little over 26mpg with mostly town driving. I'm pretty happy with that. The car is very quiet and smooth to drive. Great turning radius, comfortable and versatile as it is peppy. I'm easy on the throttle and braking tho, for good mileage.
  • bbb99bbb99 Posts: 58
    edited October 2013
    auto for $19k plus ttl in Austin, TX. Si or no?
  • carthellcarthell Posts: 128
    I hope the quote doesn't include the rebates being offered on the vehicle. Do you have the details of the vehicle you're getting, and how much is being charged?
  • I am not defending Greico, but do have three things to say...
    Basically, the footprint on all the ads say price displayed reflects all incentives. There's a learning curve we all gotta go thru each time we sit down to buy a car, even if we did it before; we forget.
    Secondly, a good dealer will give you a price in writing before you come in if you have identified the vehicle you want (i.e., based on a specific vehicle -- get the vin number).
    Third, Florida, Virginia and some other states have obnoxious "dealer fees" - $499 in VA, $599 and up in Florida. In Maryland, there is a $200 "processing fee." Most of the time, they don't tell you what the fee is until you have negotiated the price of the car! Florida law says it is legal and has to be charged if the advertise it and it is uniform for all buyers, so the dealer says "its the law blah blah blah" But you can negotiate a good portion of it out of the car.
    So there are many circumstances where it would be cheaper to buy a car in Maryland and pay $600 to ship to Florida!
    I'm trying to decide between a Mazda5, Fiat 500L and 2014 Kia Soul. Love all three - I want to keep a road bike in the back full time.
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