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Audi A4 3.2 quattro vs. Infiniti G35x vs. Volvo S60R (AWD-geartronic)



  • leskapaulleskapaul Posts: 3
    I purchased a 2.0T A4 Quattro about 6 months ago and couldn't be happier with my choice. A manual transmission was a requirement for me, so as the above poster said that crossed several of the other options off the list. Granted the G35 does have more grunt, I didn't feel it was so much to overwhelm all the other disadvantages. The Audi interior feels flat out superior. The 2.0T with Quattro is more than capable of catching a policeman's eye from a hundred yards away -- and getting the driver a ticket. And what is most lovely these days is the fact that in a 10 minute (city) drive I can stomp on the pedal a couple of times and still come out with over 25mpg.

    Loving my first Audi :)
  • rallyfanrallyfan Posts: 36
  • alltorquealltorque Posts: 535
    No, not in USA. I live in the U.K. and Skoda are available in Europe, but not outside the EU, as far as I know. Feel sorry for you guys, but then again, your cars are miles cheaper than ours, as is your fuel - we currently pay circa equiv $7 per US Gallon for gas or diesel.............which is why diesels are so popular.

    In terms of customer satisfaction, Skoda rank right up there with Lexus, Honda and Toyota and light years ahead of Mercedes etc, (JD POwer 2006).

    Skoda UK homepage is here. Have a browse.

    The orange Fabia pic is taken from the current TV ad - shows a new Fabia being made from all sorts of confectionery. Kinda cool. Take a look at the Skoda Octavia vRS - saloon or estate, petrol or diesel, all 6-spd manual. Cool car and based on current Golf chassis etc. :)
  • ingvaringvar Posts: 205
    I would stick with a Japanese car I wouldn't. Had enough fun with Honda, 2 times (Accord 2001, TL 2006)
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    OMG, is anyone seeing this post above mine. This is sad. Whereas making a blanket statement that one is better off getting a Japanese car may not be entirely accurate, its an educated statement in the sense that there are more reliable than German cars. The A4 is not exactly the best of engineering from Germany, but in this class of ELLPS its nowhere near the best in class. The top contenders are 335i (a very good example of the best of German engineering) and the G. I can understand someone driving a Mistubishi Evo making a statement like the G is not in the same league as his Evo, but an A4 :confuse:
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