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  • pegacornpegacorn Posts: 6
    If by "completely Japanese" you mean:

    Uses a Volvo/Mazda/Ford cooperative-designed platform known in Ford and Mazda circles as a C1 and in Volvo as a P1, used for the Euro Focus, C-Max, Mazda3, and sharing significant chassis components with the 2005+ Mustang, then yes, it is Completely Japanese.

    The engine, which was designed by Mazda with input from Ford, is the 2.3L version of the MZR global engine, known in Ford applications as Duratec engines (though this label is not exclusive to Mazda collaborated products.
  • benleubenleu Posts: 3
    Hi, I am from canada and I am actually same situation as you are now. I saw so many messeges about the problem of the rear sliding doors. I am still scratching my head to decide between a Mazda5 or a Toyota Matrix. Does anyone have any additional opinion for me to think about it?
  • carquerycarquery Posts: 35
    For what it's worth. I was in the same boat last year, with a toddler and a baby. The Scion, while cool and a great use of space, has a very small trunk space with the rear seats up. Not ideal for toting a stroller and other baby gear, especially on long trips in my opinion. I'm still looking and am down to the new RAV4 (with 4 cyl), the Mazda 5, and possibly the Ford Five Hundred AWD (decent mileage with the CVT and has a huge trunk). These options seem to offer the good mileage, decent trunk space and overall comfort. My wife has yet to chime in, so who knows.
  • I'm not from Canada but I used to own a Toyota Matrix. I traded it in for the Mazda 5. I want to call it an "upgrade". It really is. Mazda 5 is not only bigger than the Matrix but it is more fun to drive, more nimble, more powerful, more precise, more quiet and it is made in Japan which I believe is more reliable. I had so many problems with the Matrix and so far my Mazda 5 is trouble-free. I already have put 10,250 miles on it. I was so excited when I bought the car and that excitement never went away.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    I had the Ford Freestyle on my list, and may actually replace the Pontiac Torrent with it if Ford gets rid of the CVT. I have seen too many in my dealers service dept. with CVT issues.

  • wa98stratwa98strat Posts: 66

    Have you actually driven a Matrix?? It's awful The base engine is buzzy and powerless, Actually in my opinion unsafe. What I mean is acceleration. It;s just too slow to use on the highway! It's the only car I've ever test driven that actually scared me enough to think about abandoning an attempt to get onto the highway. There's a reason most of the Matrix's I've seen around are the Xrs version, It comes with a more powerful engine.

    The MAzda5 by comparison is a much more refined vehicle The power is there at lower RPMs there is more space, the fit and finish is better, and the driving position (for me) is better. Handling is very crisp and Sport sedan like.

    I forgot to mention that during my test drive of the Matrix I couldn't get over the odd driving position. The angle of the wheel is just strange. Reminded me of my grandfathers tractor!

    In my mind, the Matrix and Mazda5 are different classes of vehicles.
  • 7red77red7 Posts: 8
    I had a fully loaded Scion xB just before I got my new 5...Because it was the first run of the new limited edition models I got a fairly good trade on a 2 year old vehicle as well :)

    The xB has been the most fun I've gotten out of a car when driving it daily...The handling is top notch and very tight and responsive (especially when you add the front strut & tie bar)...You can also mod the hell out of it to get better styling or performance, and the gas mileage it gets is even comparible to some hybrids!!! I drove the hell out of my xB for two years and put well over 30,000 miles on it without ever having a problem with the car...I took it in for it's regular oil changes and it was fine...Also, at only 105 base HP the engine never felt like it struggled to get up to speed...Because it is a light car, it gets up to speed easily without any real effort...

    Also you mentioned you have one child and another on the way...CONGRATULATIONS!!! You might be surprised to know that the Scion xB is equipped with dual front and side passenger airbags and received a 5 star crash rating...It's a very safe vehicle to drive and the back seats can easily accomidate child safty seats both front and rear facing...

    In fact, the only reason I traded in my xB was because when I initially got it, I signed into a really bad lease contract when I traded out of my Hyundai Santa Fe and was upside down a lot of money...My monthly payments were killing me and I needed to get lower payments...My wife and I just figured that we should begin looking into other vehicles like the Mazda 5 instead of trying to refinance our lease on the xB...I miss that car everyday though...Believe it or not, my wife is now on the market for a 2nd car for the family and we are considering getting a new xB or xA :)
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    thanks alot red. This gives me an insight from someone who has had both vehicles.

  • benleubenleu Posts: 3
    Thanks guys for all valuable informations. :)
  • 7red77red7 Posts: 8
    My pleasure!!! :D

    Best of luck in your car buying...Be sure to post up what you guys finally decide on!!! :D
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    You may want to first determine if you need a 2 or 3 row vehicle. If you only need 2 rows, then don't get a 3 row vehicle. Even though you can fold the 3rd row, it takes up space if you never use it. Then look at how often you're going to use the 3rd row. That might help you narrow your choices, since some of your choices have 3 rows and some don't. And with two car seats in the 2nd rwo, you're not getting a 3rd person in the 2nd row, so you basically have a 4 person vehicle with 2 rows.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    but with the Mzda 5 I can have infant in middle row on pass. side then fold and store the driver side 2nd row and have 3yr old in her seat in 3rd row. I sent an e-mail to Mazda to ask them if it was possible to add the LATCH to the 3rd row seats, if not, then it might be a nice addition to the '07 model. The 3rd row has the tether hooks on the back of the seats, but not the lower acher sites on the seat bottom. I will post the answer I get from them.

    Also I posted some pretty good pics in my Carspace Garage Odie's Garage I have a bunch of different shots in there. Also my wife decided she may want to look at the Honda Fit. (I wonder if the doctors have a cure for "Silver-H-itis")

  • d_hyperd_hyper Posts: 130
    Plea-a-se... "Japanese" is "made in Japan". One could argue about whether Honda Accord (built in States) is Japanese or American (or both). Besides, what is wrong in using a shared platform? What if one of the designers was german? One of recent Ferrari's was designed by a japanese
    guy but it doesn't make it less Italian.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Where are those phots on your page link? So where do you put your stuff in your seating configuration, since there's not much space behind row 3?
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    photo's are under the New Car Album in the Photo album section (scroll down the page).

    As for stuff... the 3rd row is a 50/50 so 1 seat could still be dropped. The stroller we have will fit behind the 3rd row when seats are up (tried at Philly auto show) so storage is not a problem.

  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    I got a reply back from Mazda about the 3rd row. They said "The 3rd row is being looked at for the 2007-2008 model rear to include full Latch systems to comply with federal standards by the model year 2008 that all REAR passenger seats have LATCH." This at least answered my question and I got a very fast reply.

  • wa98stratwa98strat Posts: 66
    Shouldn't really be too hard to have LATCH on the third row, It's just an anchor system similar in structure to the seat belt anchors. really it's just a bar with loops welded to it. Every one I've seen so far uses the same bolts positions as the seatbelts to anchor each end of the bar
  • shasta5shasta5 Posts: 7
    Dealership in Windsor, Ontario has a few in stock, black, blue and a couple of platinums. All GT's :)
  • caliaghicaliaghi Posts: 7
    Hi there,
    I am wondering if somebody experiences with a Mazda 5 GT a somehow loose direction feeling when cruising at 100Km/hour or more on the freeway.... I traded my Mazda Protege 5 with a Mazda 5 GT and I have the feeling that this Mazda does not have the same crisp direction like my old Protege 5. It's hard to describe it but it is like when you drive on a straight line at 100km/h the car tend to slightly move left or right and you need constantly to correct the movement turning very lightly the steering wheel.
    Thanks for your feed back on this issue
  • wa98stratwa98strat Posts: 66
    I would have a dealer look at it. I haven't got my 5 yet, just ordered it. When I test drove the 5 (2 test drives) I never noticed that on the highway. I found the steering to be more direct than my current Dodge stratus.
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    You may want to check the tire pressure. If the tire is over-inflated, it would make the steering very sensitive.
  • oskwioskwi Posts: 88
    I was online looking at some pricing for a new M5 and supposedly, Mazda is changing their warranty for 2007 to read 3years/36,000 miles bumper to bumper and 5/60 powertrain...much like Toyota. Has anyone else heard of this? When I test drove at the dealership, this was never mentioned even when I specifically asked. I guess I will buy this year to avoid having 14,000 miles shaved off of the bumper to bumper. (I'd rather additional warranty on the whole car than additional on only the transmission...Japanese trannies that are properly maintained rarely cause problems) I was a little wary to purchase a first year vehicle. If this is accurate, I'm disappointed in Mazda. One of the reasons I'm such an advocate is their extended warranty.

  • wa98stratwa98strat Posts: 66
    I wouldn't worry about the 5 being a "first year" vehicle, it's not. At least not for the rest of the world. The 5 is the next gen of the Premacy (as it's sold in Europe and Japan.
  • medicmanmedicman Posts: 4
    Hello all,
    just picked up my 2006 mazda GS , blk , auto. Awesome vehicle so far !! Just need to add on cruise and tint. Possibly a trailer hitch to tow my utility trailer.All I haul is bikes and coolers for camping so I think the car can handle it..
    Maybe there should be an Ontario meet sometime..
    Take care,
  • terence3terence3 Posts: 1
    Are you nuts? two kids in the xB!!. Hmmm they may fit. I think you should get the SUV's off the list and add some vans. The SUV are a pain for the little ones. Any van is a better way to go.
    The Mazda 5 may have trouble with a rear facing convertible seat be sure to check it out.
  • kanatakanata Posts: 22
    We just picked up a pearl white 5GT. After living with it for a couple of days we find that the car is too bright and too noticeable - it stands out like a sore thumb. No one in the family is keen on driving it now. The car is great, but the colour....

    Anyone know if Mazda sanctions the possibility to swap for another colour?

    This is in Ontario Canada.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    sore thumb huh?...the consensus at our store is that white is the best color by far(on this vehicle)..LOL guess everyone has their own opinions.

    There is no color exchange program, sorry...
  • kanatakanata Posts: 22
    Ok, sore thumb was too strong. I'm sure that with time we'll get used to the brightness. I'd like to tone it down, though. (Then why did we order this colour you ask. We saw an M3 in pearl white and it looked good, but it was a lot smaller area.)

    I've noticed white minivans (I know that the M5 an MAV and not a minivan!) around here tend to have a black rubber strip parallel to the road and down the centre of the doors (to protect against other people slamming their doors into the side). I'll have to see if there are any strips that will fit the M5.
  • d_hyperd_hyper Posts: 130
    If you don't wash it for a few weeks, it will become less bright naturally. :D
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