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  • I have an 06 and now an 08. I really like the 08 features but the driving is almost the same thing. You live in Canada so it is not the hottest area. I would worry if I were leaving in Arizona or Texas though.

    I rotate my tires every service appointment and so far no issues on tire wear. I cannot talk about 08 problems because I have just driving it for few days but it seems that since 07 they have cleared up the bugs. Both are 5-speed manual transmission so not much help there on noting differences I'm afraid.

    $5000 CDN sounds like a good thing, no doubt, just double check the MSRPs from 07 to 08 as well just to see how much you "really" save as I think the 08 is now more expensive compared to the 07 last year.

    BTW, I've read that if you import one from the US into Canada most of the savings go to duties/taxes anyway so, you may be OK.
  • I am shopping used 2006 (Touring Auto trim) Mazda5's vs. a new 2008 (Sport Auto trim--has most of the content that used to come with Touring). TMV from Edmunds for the two is 19775 vs 14856. TCO data for the same two show 5-year depreciation of 11816 and 7359, respectively.

    This means that at exactly the same time in late 2012, a 2008 model with 75,000 miles on it will be worth $19775 - $11816 = $7959, and a 2006 model with ~100,000 miles on it will be worth $14856 - $7359 = $7497. Does anyone else think it's strange that two such vehicles would be separated in value by only 400-odd dollars? Am I missing something obvious here?
  • there are a few things I have issues with, and a couple of things I am wondering about.


    1. I don't like the fact that the console's cupholders are in totally full view now without a lid. I like the fact that my 2006 has a lid for the holes when they're not in use;

    2. Similarly, I like my '06's covered and two-tiered console bins - you know the deep one and the shallow one that can hold an iPod or a cell phone? You lose this with the '08 and, instead, get another fully opened bin to store CD's and stuff, with no lid;

    3. I don't like the fact that you lose two cupholders! Because of the addition of air vents in the rear, you lose the handy cupholders that were in the back of the console - the open one, the square one (for knick knacks and/or juice boxes), and the flip down one in the back, close to the floor. I use those all the time - those with kids know that the more cupholders there are, the better! So, the total number of cupholders is down to 6 - AND you have to have the flip up tray out ALL the time in order to access the middle row's cupholders;

    Wondering about:

    1. Do the gauges still display the number gear you're in when driving? I know it's silly, but I really like this about my 06 - I like clearly knowing what gear I'm in and I like seeing the numbers change. I would imagine that, now that it has a 5-speed, it would still be there to proudly display its new 5th gear!

    2. Now that the rear seats have two sets of arm rests each, are they still able to recline their seatback as far down as the 06/07's?

    3. If you have the new navigation system, what does the screen display when the navi's not in use? I saw the brochure and it shows the CD's and stuff when loading, but what about when not playing a cd, or when playing an iPod, or just simply not using the system at all. Is it just a blank screen? What does it display when not in navi mode? I'd hate to just have a blank/dark screen there. It should light up or something.

    4. How is the quality of the leather on the Grand Touring?

    5. More importantly, are the serious issues addressed? Is the suspension crunch in the cold gone? Will there be any annoying tapping/clicking sounds like I experience in the cold with my 06? And will any of the other issues all of you mention be addressed?

    Well, just wanted to share these concerns wit' y'all.

    BTW, I visited my Mazda dealer on Friday and sat in a 2008 silver Mazda 5 Sport with all possible options, except DVD player. It's REALLY nice! They made the Sport as nice as the other trim levels! I even like the new rims! I didn't like them in pictures, but in person they look MUCH better. Though I have the above mentioned concerns, I REALLY like the new changes the 08 brings - so much so that I am seriously contemplating trading in my 06 for an 08. I'm at a point where I owe slightly less than what the car is worth, so I won't be "upside down"...hopefully.
  • Are you seriously thinking of trading in a 2006 for a 2008?
    Is anyone else doing that?

    It would be nice to have the extra gear, rear vents etc, but you loose
    a better warranty and a lot of cash. Not sure its worth it.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    AND you have to have the flip up tray out ALL the time in order to access the middle row's cupholders;

    I don't understand this one. Isn't this the same on the older models too?
  • AND you have to have the flip up tray out ALL the time in order to access the middle row's cupholders;

    I don't understand this one. Isn't this the same on the older models too?

    nissmalover means that you can't use the middle of the second row to access the third row because the Cupholder Tray between the seats block the way.
  • I own an 06 and an 08 but I may not be able to answer all of your questions as I have 2 Sports with Manual Transmission (Manual Transmission was on the top of my list so no Touring or Grand Touring for me).

    In summary to me the 08 is a really nice 06+ (thanks to the auto air, electroluminescent gauges, more armrests, black cd console plate, aux input, body colored mirrors, etc.)

    As per the central console lack of covers, no big thing for me, I prefer the extra a/c vents and, with the 6CD Player, I don't need to carry extra CD cases around. 2nd row seats recline as far as the 06s-07s, what stops them is not the extra outer armrests but the 3rd row fixed cupholders/armrests, nothing else.

    Anyway, what I would suggest if you want to trade-in is to periodically check the inventory at the dealer locations near you and once they have the one you like test drive it. Check the list of things you prefer and try them out (i.e. recline seats, play with the Nav, 5th gear, etc.). If it convinces you, I would go for it.

    Oh, and is cold in here (below 32) and I have no heard crunch on none (and the 06 has not gone through the TSB) so I'm not able to answer to that either :-(

  • Yes, I'm seriously thinking about it. I think the improvements on the 08 are GREAT and worth it!

    Warranty: Although I originally had a four year warranty on my 06, I've already had it since July 2005. Therefore, I only have, roughly, a year and a half to go on it. So, theoretically, if I get the new one I will be extending the warranty even further since I wouldn't have to worry about warranty covered repairs for that much more.

    Cash: At this point, I, basically, owe the same on my loan as what the car is worth - if not lower! Therefore, I won't be upside down on my trade-in, so there won't be any cash thrown away. It would be a simple switch.
  • What I meant was that you lose two cupholders that are accessible to the middle row - the ones on the back of the center console in the 06 and 07's. Therefore, if middle row passengers in the 08 are in need of two cupholders they will HAVE to use the flip out, center tray in order to get them. This would be the only way for them to have middle row cupholders - again, because the ones on the rear of the center console are gone. This, also, would impede easier access to the third row through the mid passage way. Not a biggie. Just an observation/minor issue.
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    3. If you have the new navigation system, what does the screen display when the navi's not in use?

    I haven't seen this one yet but typically the default screen for a nav system is the current position/map screen. From the vehicle's standpoint, the nav is always in use. Usually there is also an option to turn off the display so you can have it blank/dark if you want.
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    I'm interested in getting a mazda5 this spring and I was wondering - if your dealer does not have what you want, does anyone know how long it might take to get it? I would like the car in April - do I have to order now? Thanks.
  • qddaveqddave Posts: 164
    There are many ways for a dealer to get what you want. They can trade with other dealers, or there could be a car matching your requirements at the port. Mazda does make "extra" vehicles that arrive at the port unclaimed by a dealer. Also, there may be an available vehicle in transit from Japan. You just never know. If you must order a vehicle, it takes a few weeks from the order submission to the actual build, then it takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks to get from Japan to the dealer. If your dealer is good, he'll do what he can to find a vehicle already in the US.
  • This is a good point, especially for those w/kids. If you have kiddos in the back and you don't want milk/juice/water everywhere, you are going to want that tray up. I had been thinking I could just take it out if I really needed it, whatever (Ok, I admit it, fast food in the car), but realized that if there are car seats installed that's not going to happen! It's either out or not. I'd still rather have the vent than the cupholders but it seems like they could have at least found somewhere nearby to stick a juicebox or two. (or someone will design a truly spillproof sippy cup).

    On another note, any comments on the new sand cloth interior? I rented a 5 w/black cloth and was surprised at how dirty it looked. I am thinking I'd prefer the sand (maybe make the inside look roomier and hide stains better?)but am wondering what the material is like IRL. I also noticed in the brochure that the Black Clearcoat comes with black cloth interior, but online you can build it with black OR sand interior. Hmmmm...
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    The carseats we have have built-in cup holders that are great, since kids in carseats wouldn't be able to reach cupholders on the floor behind the first row center console anyway. The would have to be about in the middle of the door to be useful, or in a 2nd row center console. Plus if kids need to get into the 3rd row, can't you just slide up the 2nd row seat and give a kid enough space to get into the 3rd row without needing to go in-between the 2 second row seats?
  • The silly thing is that I'm not that concerned about getting into the 3rd row (we'd only use it occasionally for people) but that we just like having that open space. My kids love that vehicle b/c they can climb around in it when we're not moving. It's like a fort for the winter. :)

    Our car seats, unfortunately, don't have cup holders. I am a bit obsessive when it comes to car seats and want both kids harnessed, including my oldest who's 54 lbs. I'm also not sure about the tethers. Would I have to undo/adjust them when I move the seats forward and back,etc? Not a big deal but again, something to consider.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    You won't have to under the tethers if you slide up the 2nd row seats because they're attached to the back of the seat, and the whole can slide forward and back on the floor rails. I'm still curious how a kid strapped into a carseat could even reach down to cupholders at floor level behind the first row center console on the old Mazda5?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159

    The new seat fabric in the Mazda5s are really nice. The sand interior make the vehicle look nicer and larger. Its a softer, non piling material. I like it much better then the black.

    You owe it to yourself to look at the new Mazda5. I have sold every new 08 I have received.
  • spinzspinz Posts: 8
    Regarding using the navigation for U.S., can you pilot a new course of directions while the car is in motion? I heard somewhere you can't.
  • No built-in navigation system lets you do that so it is not just a Mazda5 problem I'm afraid.

    Yes, I know that the copilot could do that config job while you drive and hence it can be proven flawed, but the moving system "lock" starts with the assumption that there is only one person (driver) in the car.

    My suggestion is to do the same as for the use of cell phones. Make a full stop on a safe place and then do what you want to do ;)
  • I bought the 08 outlander over the 08 mazda5 for a few personal reasons. But just as an FYI, my 08 outlander navi unit allows me to set destinations and do other configuration works during the car is in motion. I am surprised by that too.
  • Really? No worries about buying an Outlander, we are open minded :D. Joking of course, It is a fine car, except I'm not into SUVs/CUVs, whatever are called now...

    At least I hope you don't try the Nav while you are the only one and the driver ;).

    I don't have navigation on any of my Mazda5s (Sports of course) but I have driven a Volvo V40 and ridden on 2 BMW 5 Series, a 2006 and a 2003 among others. None of them allow you to modify while in motion (and it is quite annoying when you are doing it as the copilot, especially the repetitive and stupid male voice of the Volvo system)
  • OK, so I have it! I am the proud owner of a new 2008, Sunlight Stellar Silver, Mazda 5 Grand Touring since 12/20/07. I immediately took it on a family road trip to North Carolina and have already put over 2,000 miles on it. So, it's broken in. And, I'm in LOVE with the car!

    Positives: I have to say that the car looks much better in person than in the pictures provided online - though the ones in the brochure are magnificent and do the car justice. The car looks especially striking at night with the lights on. It really is a great looking car and it makes me turn back to look at it every time I get out of it - as did my old 06, but this one even more so.

    I LOVE the leather seats! They really are of high quality, and they're soft and comfortable. I was afraid they were going to feel cheap, but I was, thankfully, wrong. I LOVE the HID headlights. They really do make a huge difference in lighting, and in the looks of the car. LOVE the new taillights! At first, I was iffy about them, but, again, they look so much better in person, and the fact that they're LED just adds to the "pizzaz" factor. The same is true for the new rims. At first, I didn't like them judging from the pictures, but they look much better in person.

    I don't know if I'm crazy, but the car also feels more refined than it used to. It feels more buttoned down, and the ride feels nicer, as does the build quality. It just feels richer, more expensive than it used to. Call me crazy. I LOVE the new 5 speed automatic - it really DOES make a difference in fuel economy. My best tank so far has been 425 miles of pure highway - though I could have gone more if I wasn't so nervous. I filled up with 14 gallons, which equals 30.36 MPG! That's GREAT economy and significantly higher than the 27 highway that is estimated for it. Also, as the car ages more, the economy should get a bit better.

    As you may recall, I had a previous issue with the fact that the center console now doesn't have any covers for the cupholders and other cubbies. I no longer have issues with that. The center console, on a whole, looks and feels better than before. Did I mention that I LOOOVE the new heated seats? So delicious in these butt cold days we've been having in NY. Did I also mention that I LOOOOVE the new automatic headlights and rain-sensing wipers?!?!? SO convenient. Love it!

    The new front styling, the rear taillights and the new improvements to the interior really make a huge difference. And the step up to the Grand Touring is really worthwhile in my opinion, too. I'm glad I made the trade-in, even though I miss my old Max (06 Touring) since it was my first car ever. But, the fact that it's the same car really made the adjustment period a lot easier and quicker ;)

    BTW, I like the rear A/C vents and the true iPod/Aux port, too - very convenient and useful. I love the fact that the charger port is right next to it, too, and that the little covers STAY open when you open them. The ones that keep flipping down, which are prevalent in other cars (like my mom's Honda CRV) are annoying. Just thought I'd add that.

    The negatives will be on another posting and won't be as long as this one.
  • OK, so here are the negatives:

    My cupholder issue still holds true, though it's not a biggie. Being that you lose the two rear cupholders that the center console used to have, in favor of the new a/c vents in the rear, you are forced to use the flip out center tray table almost all of the time in order to provide cupholders for middle row passengers. It's slightly annoying, but no big deal.

    The annoying windshield/seemingly dashboard rattle/tapping sound is STILL there! So, now I am confirmed that it's a Mazda 5 issue, and not solely an issue with my old 06. The colder it gets, the more pronounced the rattle is. It's slightly annoying - especially in a brand spanking new car in which everything else is muted - but it's still liveable. (btw, THE CRUNCH IS GONE!!!!!!!!! I know this is supposed to be about negatives, but I just remembered this HUGE factor. The suspension crunch that plagued my old 06 in the cold is GONE! It's so great to have a quiet suspension. I don't know if this will last and if it just SEEMS gone since it's so new, but so far I have not heard it and we have gone down to 15 degrees here in NYC, so I'm excited about that!. But, this brings me to one other slight negative...)

    There is this barely noticeable, right rear suspension squeak. I didn't notice it while driving it around the city before I left for North Carolina and before the butt-cold weather arrived, and I didn't notice it in N.C., either. So, I am attributing it to the cold weather. I guess that, instead of the crunch, the new noise is a barely noticeable squeak. It actually sounds kind of cute, though! It just goes "beep, squeak" whenever the rear, right suspension goes over a bump. No big deal, but we'll see if it progresses. Again, I think it's because of the cold weather, and most of us now that the 5 really isn't a happy car in the cold weather - although the new 08 seems to be better at that.

    My rear trunk door/tailgate is slightly misaligned. I noticed that it felt slightly weird when opening it - made a slightly strange noise, and felt different than my old 06. At close inspection, I noticed that the left side of the door goes further in when closed than the right side. As a consequence, and, again, at close inspection, the left taillight seems to protrude more than the right one, but it's because of the door going in more than it's supposed to. So, this causes it to feel a little strange when opening it. It's not immediately noticeable or obvious, but I'm anal and I notice things like that. I'm gonna see if I feel up to taking it to the dealer to fix it - but, I'm worried since they might just make it worse.

    So, those are the negatives. I said this post wouldn't be as long as the other one and it probably is. So, I'm sorry. But, rest assured, the car STILL has been nicely improved and the slight negatives really aren't a big deal.
  • Good detailed report. Glad to know the 08 trade up has met your expectations :D, now you just need to get a 2nd one ;)

    I'm with you in all the positives, very good info! Just some comments from my side:

    a) Suspension Squeak
    If you have driven other cars you will notice it is common. I have driven/ridden/owned several for years and I've found all of them do it. It may be more difficult to catch it if it is not your car though. I owned a Honda Civic, and when it was cold or after raining, the squeak was loud.

    b) Dashboard tapping
    I noticed now that I have paid attention to it, possibly after all the posts read here and in other forums (otherwise I would not have realized it). My 06 and 08 do it, but I've heard it in other cars as well (brand new, cheap and expensive), specifically @ sub-zero temps (and not just the dashboard, but windshields, windows, doors, suspension, you name it). The material contracts and then moves around, that's it

    c) More refined ride
    Yup, I've noted a couple of nice things in the 08, it feels peppier and more precise, especially after I drive my wife's 06. Yet, I'll hold my opinion for a couple of thousand miles, possibly is just the NEW car factor kicking around :D
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    Does anyone know if the exhaust system is stainless steel? My 1992 Taurus is and I never replaced any parts of the system in 15 years! I never read any info about this anywhere. Thanks.
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    Thanks! It says it does have a stainless steel exhaust. I'm very happy about that. I will probably be buying around April.
  • Very good car (price for value, handling, fuel economy, versatility), glad you like it!
  • Anybody know about possible engine upgrades for the 5?

    Mazda has several new engines at its disposal now... the 2.5L that will be in the new 6 and refreshed Escape, DISI versions of the 2.0L, 2.3L, and 2.5L? All of these engines are reportedly more fuel efficient than the current 2.3L while having more hp. I think the 5 could really use one of these.
  • For sure they will put whatever comes with the new Mazda6 (2.5L DISI?). The 2.0L would be perfect but is too small for mainstream North American market taste.
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