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  • mrgarymrgary Posts: 33
    At least they decided to fix the problem instead of let some one sue for burning up a car.
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    Just to let you know, I am on another board here, Mazda 5 problems and solutions. Anyway, I managed to get my five back by swearing to Mazda Corporate that I will not drive it second gear at high rates of speed. They cannot legally keep your car. Call the VP who signed the recall letter. You will need to call Mazda North American Operations in Irvine, CA. You can look it up on Yahoo Local. You will get the switchboard. Ask for Mr. VP (I suggest you use his real name, it escapes me). They will transfer you to his assistant. Tell them you want your car back, it's legally yours. I received a phone call within two hours from a Customer Service Supervisor. She called the dealership and they gave me my car back today. They told me they will contact me by mail when the parts are ready to be installed.

    HiFive :) :) :) :) :)
  • by the way i just call my dealer today about mazda recall...she told me that mazda going to put the heatsink to cool the temp down. and should be able to fix this week. sound like too easy to fix though.
    what do you guys think.? ..u think is best solution for the car??i am think to wait 2007 coming up......ha ha ha..
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I think Mazda's handling the situation well, and I'm betting that their fix will be thorough. I've had zero complaints about my Mazda5...everything about it seemed perfect for the 2 months that I drove it around. So, once the additional heat-shielding "fix" is in place, I think that I'll have a great reliable car for a long time :)

  • everything was fine for mine too, except I had it for only 2 weeks! it's going to take 2 months before I get it nack. What about leaving it parked for that long....won't it leave flat spots on the tires?????
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    The recall is very commendable for Mazda. But, I guess what I don't understand - if it is a valid potential cause for the problem - is that who in their right mind would drive their brand new Mazda5 at highway speeds in 2nd gear anyway? It's a very good way to shorten the life of the engine, transmission, or both. I would certainly never drive any car that I've paid good money for at 60+MPH in 2nd gear. If you're driving your Mazda5 in that fashion, you bought the wrong car. You should have bought an RX8!

    Although discussed before, the problem must simply be related to the exhaust temperature of the catalytic, and the design of the heat shields beneath the Mazda5. Obviously, at high revs, the exhaust temp increases rather significantly.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    vinnyfast wrote: " . . . won't it leave flat spots on the tires?"

    No, not with radials. Back in the days of bias-ply tires, especially those with nylon cord design, you certainly would have a flat spot after letting a vehicle sit for a time. But, after a few miles of driving, even those would be OK.

    You don't have to worry about the tires. I would be more concerned about any body dings that might occur.
  • hkeoghhkeogh Posts: 14
    After speaking with a representative from Mazda USA
    it looks like Mazda will not be making good on its 30 day
    turnaround for repairs. The last word from the representative
    indicated that the parts would not be available until the
    fifth week of October.

    As a result Mazda USA will be subject to the state level
    lemon laws, some of which require Mazda to offer an
    automobile of equivalent value. Since the process
    normally requires sending certain forms to Mazda at the
    below address. These forms are normally time sensitive.

    Mazda North American Operations
    Consumer Compliance
    7755 Irvine Center Dr
    Irvine, CA 92618-2922

    State Lemon Laws:

    If your state does not have a lemon law, your alternative
    is to contact the FTC for compliance under the Federal
    Consumer Rights Statute – the Magnuson and Moss
    Warranty Act at

    Federal Trade Commission
    Consumer Response Center
    Washington, D.C. 20580
  • Thank you for query regarding the upcoming recall on the Mazda5.


    Although Mazda Canada Inc. has no obligation to offer alternate transportation when a recall prevents owners from driving their Mazda vehicles, Mazda Canada Inc. has offered a replacement vehicle up to $50 per day in an effort to minimize any inconveniences for Mazda owners.


    We appreciate your patience and hope all our Mazda5 drivers are back in their vehicles soon.


    Customer Relations

    Mazda Canada Inc.
  • I got a call today saying that Mazda has found a fix - a heat shield and software that will reconfigure the cheesy manumatic so that it shifts at a certain point? Anyone know any more details? - the transmission fix sounds like it will be complicated...
  • tedw2tedw2 Posts: 3
    At least Mazda is fixing the problem and installing a heat shield, something Honda still refuses to do to stop the fires on the Honda CRV. Honda made a design change and relocated the oil filter directly over the exhaust system, and guess what, if oil leaks, the vehicle catches on fire. Honda has so far refused to add a shield which would prevent the CRV fires.

  • Check out the Problems and Solutions thread for more info on the recall. I picked my MZ5 up today and will bring it back when they have the fix ready. As far as I'm concerned, if Mazda is being honest about this being a case of driver misuse and abuse of the automatic transmission, I will be fine even without the repairs.
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    I have mine back too, and it's running great. I keep checking the tachometer and the hot/cold. They also said the ones that burned were within the first 100 miles, and I have 2,200 miles on mine. I am not sure if I would want to go on a road trip with it, but for short errands which all I use it for I think I'm fine.

  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    I have also heard that it could be the end of October before the parts are shipped to the dealers. I decided to take my chances and not have my car sit on the lot for two months in the rain/hail/snow.

  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    This is somewhat off-topic, but I just checked the Zoom-Zoom Live website, and it still advertises the Mazda5 as being one of the available cars to drive. Is this website (like the MazdaUSA website) just very slow to be updated, or are they actually allowing people to drive Mazda5s at these supervised events?
  • ffunffun Posts: 29
    Did anyone get their Roots bag yet?
  • Yes, I got mine ... took about 4 weeks after I bought my 5, and went to the dealership with your name and your vehicle VIN# on the plastic around the bag.
  • how about the ebgine not being started for 2 months....corrision, condensation, interior fabric, weather??? I'd like to keep this car for awhile if I can, but so far it's been bad luck from the start!
  • coastercoaster Posts: 46
    My dealership is doing an exterior visual check and a short drive of each stored Mazda 5 once a week while it is in storage. Very commendable in my opinion. There are five at the dealership.
  • nola1nola1 Posts: 18
    I picked up my 5 today and drove from Houston to New Orleans. I have 5,000 miles on mine already. I made several trips between New Orleans and Houston during evacuations and checking out my home. Some of the trips were non-stop (5 hours on one tank of gas) with speeds somewhere over 75 mph ;)
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    How long do you think some of the cars sit on a dealer's lot before they sell it? Anyone know?
  • Well, my car sat for less than a day. :)
  • donm3donm3 Posts: 4
    My wife and I had just started looking for a new car. We had no sooner decided that the Mazda 5 looked promising than the fire problem came up and our local dealer removed all of the 5's from view.

    We have some questions and wonder if any of you might be able to offer some comments.

    1. The 5 is heavier than the 3 and can obviously carry more load. Does the 5 seem to have adequate power on upgrades with a full load? We live in hilly country.

    2. Apparently Mazda is using the 4 speed automatic in the Mazda 5 while switching to a 5 speed automatic for the 2006 Mazda 3's. Does anyone know if Mazda is planning on going to a 5 speed in the Mazda 5 later on in the production?

    3. Does your buying experience suggest anything that we should be considering when the Mazda 5 again becomes available for sale?

    Thanks for your help.
  • 1. The 5 is heavier than the 3 and can obviously carry more load. Does the 5 seem to have adequate power on upgrades with a full load? We live in hilly country.

    I only drove mine for a week, and I live in Florida, which is very flat, and even under those circumstances, the auto seemed to 'hunt' a lot, even with just me driving. I would think if you're going to drive it in hilly areas fully loaded, I would get the manual trans.

    2. Apparently Mazda is using the 4 speed automatic in the Mazda 5 while switching to a 5 speed automatic for the 2006 Mazda 3's. Does anyone know if Mazda is planning on going to a 5 speed in the Mazda 5 later on in the production?

    No idea. I would think a 5-speed auto would be a big improvement though. I was a little surprised it had a 4 speed.

    3. Does your buying experience suggest anything that we should be considering when the Mazda 5 again becomes available for sale?

    Consider how often you're actually going to be carrying a full load. My impression during my first week of ownership is that the 5 is a great vehicle for a single person or couple that occasionally have to carry stuff, or people, or a small child (or two). I think if you're going to be driving multiple adults around a lot of the time, or larger children (tweens + teens), they're going to be unhappy in the backseat because theres no secondary A/C and the A/C the car does have is barely adequate for people riding in the front seats, let alone the back two rows. I would say if you're buying for that situation (larger kids or adults) you should probably be looking at the MPV. The gas mileage isnt really all that much better in the 5. I only observed like 18-19mpg the week I drove mine. The MPV I'm driving now is getting 17-18, and is much larger, has 3 zones of A/C (that cool the vehicle), and has adequate power to move adults around.
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    1. The 5 is heavier than the 3 and can obviously carry more load. Does the 5 seem to have adequate power on upgrades with a full load? We live in hilly country.

    "Adequate power" is a very subjective thing. For me, the answer is yes. I'd suggest bring a bunch of people along with you for a test drive once the recall issue is fixed.

    2. Apparently Mazda is using the 4 speed automatic in the Mazda 5 while switching to a 5 speed automatic for the 2006 Mazda 3's. Does anyone know if Mazda is planning on going to a 5 speed in the Mazda 5 later on in the production?

    I haven't heard anything. Since the 5-speed manual only does 1 MPG better than the 4-speed auto, I wouldn't expect a big MPG increase if a 5-speed auto is added. It'd most likely help acceleration, and give you lower RPMs on the highway, so it'd be an improvement in those respects.

    3. Does your buying experience suggest anything that we should be considering when the Mazda 5 again becomes available for sale?

    Yup, you should consider buying a Mazda5 ;) Also, consider your driving style: my observations of these forums lead me to believe that those who drive conservatively (i.e., those who manage to report mid-20 MPGs in the Mazda5) are happier with the driving experience in their Mazda5s than those who are reporting less than 20 MPG. I personally was averaging 25 MPG in my Auto trans Mazda5 before the recall, and was thrilled with the driving experience.
  • miffedmiffed Posts: 36
    We purchased a Mazda 5 on 9/10 5 days later it was recalled for the fire problem. The Mazda provided us a rental car it is a Mazda 6 an 04or 03 it smelled inside so badly my wife Fe-Breezed the inside it has stains on the seats and the carpeting looks like someone had an accident on it. It's basically gross but because of our schedules we have no free time, we said heck with it and she just drives it. I received my letter on the 17th saying it would take 30 days to fix it. The customer service number and the rep basically said I should be happy they gave me a rental car. Thank You Mazda I'm having a wonderful experience. The CS rep told me the parts will be in sometime between OCT 20-27 then the dealer will install them. So far I've made my car payment and paid my taxes and license. By the time I get it fixed I will probably have made 2 car payments. My car is sitting outside on the dealers lot. Exposed to the weather and potential vandalism not to mention someone bumping it with another car or scratching it when looking through the window. My dealer said if it gets damaged they are not responsible. I asked if I could come and get my car and drive it till the parts come in they said no. Until I explained to them I owned the car. They then told me I would have to sign a waiver so they would not be liable before I could take the car off the lot. I laughed and said stop me and make me sign. No I didn't go get it. Primarily the vehicle is driven by my wife and my children are passengers. She is scared the vehicle is unsafe. She would like them to refund our money so we can go buy something else. I can't blame her. In my opinion the customer service rep thinks Mazda has did a wonderful thing by giving us a rental car.. go figure. In return they gave us a vehicle that could start on fire...go figure! We wish we wouldn't have purchased this vehicle. In fact, most likely this will be the first and last Mazda for us. I really feel we've been zoomed zoomed.
  • You should insist on a better vehicle. You dont have to go to the dealer you got your 5 from to get a loaner. Go to a different one. I got a 2005 MPV with 9 miles on it, and its been a decent replacement vehicle. I never would have bought it voluntarily, but it hasnt been bad.

    At any rate, no matter what the phone support people might say, Mazda is trying to make this experience a good one for those affected. Have them tow your 5 to a different dealer if they wont garage it/keep it protected from the elements, etc. Make some noise, you'll get better treatment.
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    I would suggest you go take a look at the "problems and solutions" board that is on here. I love my Five, I don't want another car. I did get mine back, and did not sign a waiver. I have a feeling I had something to do with them creating that waiver in the first place, because I demanded my car back, and had others get theirs back after speaking to a supervisor at Mazda.

    If you are that unhappy you may have rights under the Lemon Law. I believe you can even start the paperwork with Mazda's help.

    If you click my name above, you will be taken to my profile and you can email me. I will provide you with the supervisor's name and phone number that I spoke to. Perhaps they can do something for you. At least get you a clean rental car. It is my understanding that you are to be provided with a vehicle better than the one you had, like a fully loaded MPV...

    Good luck!

  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    I took mine to a different dealer. My dealer was clueless, their service department did not even know what a five was, they kept saying "you have a six?". Did not instill confidence in me as to their abilities to fix the car!

    BTW, the problem according to Mazda is that some idiots were driving the car in second gear at high rates of speed. I promised not to drive it that way and I was given my car back with a smile. Also, the fires happened within the first 100 miles of ownership. Mine has 2,200 miles on it and no problems at all.

  • miffedmiffed Posts: 36
    Thanks we live 30 miles away from the dealer. I work from 8-5 my wife works 5am to 5 pm We have just enough time to eat get the kids ready for the next day and sleep.I did call the dealer he has some used MPV's, I could pick up, but we do not have the time.(you would think they would offer to deliver it) So taking this rental back is not an option. You just can't believe how filthy it is. It's because the Dealer and Mazda do not care about me. They already have their money. I just received my 2nd letter from Mazda saying it has to change the computer in the transmission and put a shield around the muffler. I wonder how bad the car will rust when they weld on to the underbody. Maybe they'll just weld onto the galvanized muffler in which case if you live in the North the salt will eat it in no time. I really would love for them to buy it back. Most the people comments I've read say they haven't had a problem. I think maybe they should think about the fix on this. Are they going to rip your transmission apart? Will it be as good as the factory would do it? The mounting of the heatshield around the muffler. Will they bolt it on? Will it be welded on? Will they put a new muffler on with the heat shield already on it? Who knows. The mechanics at most dealers do a great job replacing parts but they do not build automobiles. They do not work on the factory line. Will the computer chip or computer affect the gas mileage? How much metal fatigue have these cars been subject too because of this problem? I remember when I was younger working on old cars we would grab a torch and fix anything with a little bailing wire and heat. Sometimes the undercoating would start on fire that was always fun LOL Do the people fixing our cars weld for a living? I believe we are at the mercy of a quick fix with this vehicle and it worries me.
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