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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • suvontsuvont Posts: 1
    Anyone from Canada on this forum? Curious what prices have been paid for '08 OR or S?
  • jms703jms703 Posts: 3
    In the SF Bay Area in California, I bought the following: (invoice prices shown)

    K26-Z 2008 Nissan Xterra A/T Off Road $25,714.00
    T01 Technology Package $1,258.00
    S01 Side and Curtain Air Bags Package $607.00
    W94 Tow Package $360.00
    K92 Protection Package $143.00
    F95 Adjustable Cargo Organizer $114.00
    L92 Floor Mats $83.00
    F96 Retractable Cargo Cover $63.00
    Destination Charge $745.00
    VEHICLE TOTAL (invoice) $29,087.00

    I followed the advice from (packet of customized info costs $39.99) and paid $28,200 ($884 UNDER INVOICE).

    I opted for the 1.9% financing, instead of the $2500 rebate.
  • sgshndssgshnds Posts: 8
    Any thoughts on the base XE package (central VA) and price at $11,995? Also, any advice on it being underpowered or does the gear ratio compensate (5 speed)? Any other advice on Xterra would be appreciated (reliability, quirks, etc) - I currently own a 96 XE Pickup and loved it since the day I brought it home . . . need a dog taxi but don't want to pay tooo much! THX in advance!
  • jms703jms703 Posts: 3
    Unfortunately, many people will not find much of the information in this forum because the search tool is horribly broken. I just tried to search for "2008 xterra off road" and ZERO results were returned. This page alone contains a number of matches.

    To search through these forums, use google like this:

    site: 2008 xterra off road

    This will limit your search to these forums and search for the terms "2008", "xterra", "off", and "road".
  • gobogobo Posts: 4
    DC Metro area here; Just bought an S with manual trans using autobytel.
    Researched prices with Consumer Reports, got a quote from a dealer within a couple hours of my request. Quote seemed reasonable to me at $21450 so I went to the dealer and was out the door with my new S in about 2 hours. Great experience - particularly when compared with my last purchase! I recommend autobytel without reservation.
  • mchspd1mchspd1 Posts: 11
    Hi looking to get a new 2008 Xterra SE 4x2 with all the options

    MSRP is $29,350

    Offer from Dealer is $24,355 +ttl

    This offer is inclusive of the $2500 Rebate. Do you think there is any more room to go down? This was just a couple of emails worth of effort. Another dealer with similar vehicle (just different color) gave higher offer on first try.

    Thanks for your input! :shades:
  • mchspd1mchspd1 Posts: 11
    Closed the deal for the loaded out 08 Xterra SE today, walked out for 24,500 + tt&l inclusive of the rebate. I was told that this deal cut into the dealer holdback and that the vehicle was there for 6 months. The other dealer I was working with told be to buy it there if it was true! I sure did. Drove it for 100 miles, great improvements over my old 2000 Xterra SE but still need to improve the brakes and the easy scratches on the inside.
  • Yes that is not a bad deal. How do you like the truck so far. I no there will alwas be inprovements for any car never will be just rite no sutch thing haha lol. Slo I am looking for a yello s moddle any interior collor. how is the paint on your truck. also I want to hear from anyone elce how there paint is dooing like sum one with a 2005 or older one. I am now going threw the proses of getting dealer bids now from about 50 dealers all in new York state nj Pa. I might go with fits Mall in Pa they told me $21000 for s x moddle sorry about that ment x not s. I am not shore tho might try for s that one was $23000 this place really has good Prices will keep you guys updated. Not a bad truck grate truck. Talk later on guys sorry about my spelling and thankyou for reading my posting Marco
  • hawi7hawi7 Posts: 12
    I have an 06 Offroad 4X2 as well and I share your frustration with the stock stereo and lack of 4x4 here in Hawaii. Where do you live? Im in Waikiki.
  • thankyou for letting us no in the state whair you live there is no 4x4 avalabal and the stearo is not good they dont offer the upgraded one keep us updated on anything that Nissan might offer that is differant. so your truck is a 2006 what color do you love it it is a grate truck. I am stll looking for a yellow one not rushing at all. thankyou for reading.
  • hawi7hawi7 Posts: 12
    I have a black 4X2 and love it. I replaced the factory stereo with one from Crutchfield and am happy about it. I dont care about having 4x4 here in Hawaii. Finding an offroad model new is hard. There are some used ones around. Check
  • denkostdenkost Posts: 1
    We're in California and my wife and I just bought a brand new 2008 Xterra S V6 4X2 with floor mats for $19150 out the door!!

    Now's the time to buy your SUV if you don't mind the gas prices.
  • yes you are so rite What color is your truck what color interior did you get. Hear in New York they have the x moddle at one dealer for $17000 and the s moddle for around what you are saying maby little less. over all you guys got a grate deal good luck with it what dealer did you guys bye the truck from and how was the byeing prosese. thankyou for reading.
  • I just wanted to tell everyone that A LOT of dealers are offering a flat 40% of MSRP on new Frontiers, Armadas, Quests, Xterras and Titans.

    No, I am not making this up. There are ads all over the place, from New Jersey to Kentucky to California.

  • hogan46hogan46 Posts: 7
    I saw an ad today in the Chicago suburban newspaper NW Herald for Liberty Nissan in Lake County, 920 S. Milwaukee Avenue:

    $15,864 Titan 4x4 - Model #31418, Stk. #28930/28931
    $15,626 Quest - Model #10218, Stk.#28932/28933
    $15,690 Xterra 4X4 - Model #04818, Stk.#28699/28698
    $19,294 Pathfinder 4x4 - Model 09618, Stk.#28756/28757
  • dzubadzuba Posts: 159
    Considering buying this for my 16yr old...........w/94K miles on it for 5K. Not sure if I will as it does not have side air bags. I used to have a 98 Maxima that ran forever and was very reliable. Any thoughts on the reliability of this model, and specific issues/parts inherent to the 03 Xterra?
  • not a bad price the milage is good not to bad. if you wher to get one with a bit lower miles would pay alot mor. not a bad truck would get it if I wher you. Yea I no no side air bags think about it let us no what happens thanks for reading Marco.
  • My husband and I are looking at the Xterra S 4x4 Automatic. We are in So. Cal. Any ideas what a good price for this is right now?
  • jdaves4jdaves4 Posts: 1
    Picked up my X 4x4 today in Virginia for $18,400 that included $1000 for T, T & T. There was a 33% off MSRP from dealers in Richmond that my local dealer met. It is suppose to be a national offer, but not all dealers are displaying it on websites. Good for all Truck-model cars. The special ends Saturday 8/16. Look at then click on Nissan link and information about special will appear. Call your locals and see if they'll match.
  • akrazakraz Posts: 1
    I am considering buying 2008 Off-Road Nissan Xterra it has the Technology package and the Tow package. The dealer is asking for $22K +tax+fees. Any ideas if this will be a good deal.
  • wheepgwwheepgw Posts: 3
    I'm thinking about buying the exact same vehicle. The price you've been quoted seems good to me. It's a lot better than what I'm getting in West Texas. Which dealership are you talking with?
  • hawi7hawi7 Posts: 12
    Hello, congrats on your new Xterra. Which model is that, x, s, se, offroad?
  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    after going around in circles with a lot of dealerships, the best dealer i found was the tustin nissan, estela hernett is the internet sales department and the prices they offered me where true with all incentives subtracted for a great final price. i did check in san diego mossy but they simply would not negociate. to give you an idea of those insane prices check i cant believe these prices... good luck.....
  • yes guys that is a verry good price let us no if eather one of you guys byes it and what color the byeing prosese how that whent thanks for reading Marco.
  • I just got my 08 Xterra S 4x4 for $18,300 including TTL. This is my first new car.
  • dat2dat2 Posts: 251
    People: Please post your purchase price without your local TTL, it makes no sense to anyone because TTL is different in every city, county, and state.

    That being said, I just bought a 2008 Xterra "X" model 4x2 6 speed manual, MSRP was 22,100. Out the door was 14,300 including dealer installed bluetooth and window etching. TTL brought the price to 15,900 in California.

    The vehicle is really fun to drive and is quiet and comfortable on the hiway. These are awesome deals. I know gas prices may go up but the 2wd models actually get pretty good MPG. Good luck everyone!
  • 15.630 for a X Auto 4WD + doc fees and TTL
    Dealer claimed he was losing money
  • dat2dat2 Posts: 251
    That's a great deal, congrats! How do you like your new X? I guess the big sales mostly ended yesterday so not sure deals like this will ever be had again, at least on Nissan SUVs.
  • Love it. Coming from a 99' Caravan. The power difference is eye opening. About 10-15 years behind the rest of the crowd on getting a SUV. Really could've used it 3 weeks ago on the Outer Banks to go fishing at the "Point". That's what next year is for I guess. Not as much inside cargo room as the van with the seats out but the roof rack and tow hitch carrier will make up.

    One issue on the way home as the VDC light came on. Friday the dealer will look at it. Can't wait to bling it out
  • dat2dat2 Posts: 251
    That's great. Agree, this would make a great outer banks rig! Wow, I just checked the MSRP on the X auto 4x4, it is about 3 grand more than the 2wd 6 speed, and considering you paid only about 1300 more than me, you definitely got the deal of the century (about 10 grand off MSRP?)! Did you negotiate that or was it a newspaper ad? On mine, it was a newspaper ad in the LA times, with no negotiation. Good find!!
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