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Pontiac G6 Coupe



  • just wanted to throw my 2 cents in since it seems like others have had similar problems. i first noticed the wet seatbelts after 2 days of heavy rain. then, a few days later my car smelled gross and now i know why! my husband and i pulled apart my backseat and the foam padding and actual foam on the bottom of the seats were soaking wet! we literally wrung out the padding. i have heard people complaining of wet seatbelts - anyone had the backseat wet? have an appt w/ the dealership in 2 days - will bring my recall notice about the sunroof - this seems to fix the problem in most cases, but i was worried since my backseat was so wet - floor, front seats, and trunk were completely dry. i have only had my car for 8 months, but since it appears others have had this problem, i am not as worried.
  • ajay5ajay5 Posts: 10
    24,500 miles. Sunroof fixed-no more leaks. No more electrical problems so far. Clunking noise in the steering. Dealer just replaced the steering rack this week. No brake or rotor problems. Gas mileage still great.
  • I have a 2006 G6 right after I got it the AC went out got the condenser replaced, then the steering was making a popping noise in June took it in it was the steering gears that had to be replaced now in Nov the popping noise returned took it in again it was the steering shaft that went out. I have had problems since the beginning with warped rotors that they won't help with. Also got the sunroof fixed. Anything else?

    Frustrated in Az
  • geeshgeesh Posts: 2
    I just happened to stumble upon this site as I was looking for information on changing my cars oil on my own. I must say... after reading this thread.. I'm a little frightened about what's to come. I recently just bought a 2006 G6 GTP 6 speed stick.. and haven't had any problems yet.. and I WAS estatic. i think i got a great deal (I got it for under 20K, fully loaded.). I've had it for about 6 months now (already put 12K on it). All in all.. not a single problem. As for the seat belt issues everyone is talking about... where can I get the recall information on that? My cars parked in the garage at night... and I don't recall noticing any wetness (at least not on the driver side). But I want to get it taken car of.. before it gets the point of some of these horror stories. And I'm also guessing that you all will recommend that I hurry and purchase the additional GM warranty (I currently only have the 3yr/36K). Any help would be appreciated.
  • The paint all over my 06 G6 is peeling and I bought it brand new 1 1/2 years ago. GM had this same issue years ago with their paint. I had a paint analysis run on it and it's the original paint from the manufacture. GM denied my claim because I was over 36,000 mile warranty. The dealership was amazed that GM did not take care of the problem and were upset as well. I will never buy another GM product as long as I live. GM does not stand behind their product and does not care about the consumer.
  • My 2006 G6 Coupe GT has developed a squeak in the front end going over rough roads at a slow speed the dealer cannot find the problem this car has been in the garage 10 times now for the same problem. does anyone have any suggestions. :mad: :confuse: :(
  • fisheye's....common on lower grade paint jobs. Buddy said he's seen them on stock luxury cars too. If anything happens let me know tho. I've had a torrent of problems with my car from the start!
  • mygxpmygxp Posts: 2
    i have had a 07 G6 GT sedan for about 9 months now. it has just under 7000 miles and have never had any problem i got every option except onstar and black chrome wheels because they didn't have it available on the lot. and yes i even have the panoramic roof which is the best thing about the car. it's white on black and looks so sweet. i think it's really a shame that the people of this country still are afraid of american cars. all cars have problems and they are usually the same problems put any car in a search engine and you will find at least a 100 pages of problems. but to me the g6 is a better car then a lot out there. it rides better performs better and has some of the best options. the real american leather not that crap [non-permissible content removed] leather live you would find in an accord or camry. remote start that also puts the rear defroster on if it's cold. a great stereo system with 6cd in dash(the needed to put in an i pod jack which they have done for 2008),fog lights, try to find that look on alot of the foreign cars, automatic head lamp control with DRL. o ya my boss bought and accord like 2 years ago and she found out that the $25k accord doesn't even tell here when her washer fluid is low/out, not something you want to find out in the dead of winter when you need it, and ya you get what you pay for the grand old rule! thanks pontiac!
  • Did you reply to brag? No one cares how good your car is and no american car will beat the quality and performance of Euro or Japanese vehicles. Yah you get what you pay for but all I know is I am done with North American cars.
    The G6 is a nice ride though, but given all the problems I've had, as well as a lot of other people out there, I won't be purchasing again...I still like most GM vehicles, don't get me wrong, just sick of all the problems.
  • i have an 06 g6 gtp, paid ~ $26k after taxes 1.5 years ago - April '05. i too have had moon roof / water leakage issues (gm paid with recall), steering rack knocking noise when turning at low speeds (gm paid under warranty), uneven wearing of rotors causing my car to shake like crazy when braking while driving down hill (which cost me $180 cause gm says it was wear and tear after 1 year of use, ha!), both chair tilt levers broke off (gm paid under warranty), and a loose bolt in the back seat making noises when hitting bumps (gm paid under warranty). it is amazing how much time i have spent driving to and from the dealership in the last year!!!!!!!!!!! i will never buy a new pontiac again.
  • On my G6 my ac unit went out just a few months after my purchase, i have had the sterring geers replaced then 4 months later the steering shaft replaced all under warranty but still. Drivers seat tilt. Sun roof leakage repair. Rotors warped as well say its wear and tear but the dealership says the breaks are in good shape yet.Now the engine is starting to sound a little strange now i'm getting more concerned. What did we get ourselves into.
  • They robbed you on the rotors. Thats brake pulsation and its covered through warranty- i've had it done twice now. next time they will look a replacement, also covered. Its basically caused by the rotors cooling too fast, like driving for a while or braking a lot and having water splashed onto them, like a big puddle or car wash. It actually warps the rotor and thats why your car shakes/pulsates. That BS about wear & tear. I'd file a complaint. Your rotors won't wear unevenly unless your pads or calipers are messed up - warranty. I've had my g6 gtp coupe for 2 years now. The first pulsation was at 22000km and the second at 44000km, exactly a year apart. I think I should check that steering rack knocking. Is it when you fully crank the wheel? I get just one solid knock.
    The chair levers are crap eh? Mine broke twice and now it always comes loose. Thats what you get when you put plastic on metal huh? My door reflectors have both fallen off, but I just "Gooped" them back in. Back seat bolt?? My driver seat frame bolts have come loose causing a wonderful bouncing effect while driving...I'm in the same boat, but all my stuff has been under warranty, I always insist and they're good at doing it. Take your car into a different dealership. If yours isn't, then go to the largest or main Pontiac dealership in your city. thats what I did.
    Now I'm patiently waiting for the next problem to arise.....
  • My panoramic roof started making noises within a month after I bought the car. I have had it worked on twice. It still makes noise but not as bad as in the beginning. I hardly open it. Last week I wanted just the very first panel open and placed the dial on "1". The first, second and last panels opened. I turned the dial to close the top and start over again but it would not close. The 3 panels just kept opening and closing. Finally it closed after several attempts, now it will not open. You can hear it trying to open but it will not. This is extremeley frustrating for me. I do not open it enough for anything to be worn out on it. So, now it is useless. I have wrote to GM yesterday and reported the problem and if they do not take care of it I am going to take their reply to my written complaint to my lawyer. I also have a squeaking sound in the front end that I hear when going slowly over rough roads. You have to really listen, but it is there. There are times when my steering rack pops. I had to have the compressor replaced within 9 months of purchase. There is a problem with the rotors. I am 45 years old and this is the first new car I have ever owned. I waited all these years to make a purchase such as this and to have a car with so many issues is very disappointing. I also have the Monsoon stereo system and do not even turn it up very loud and already 2 of the speakers are bad. I will have to have them replaced. When I pay good money for something I expect quality workmanship. It is a shame.
  • I too have noise from my panoramic sunroof. I noticed my immediately and have taken back to the dealership several times. The noise is so loud it is impossible for me to use my cell phone. I loved the car and bought it because of the sunroof. Now, I am embarrassed for anyone to drive in my car. I leased the car for three years and the lease doesn't expire until April 2010. I am trying to find a way to get out of my lease. You said you wrote to GM. What address did you use? Good luck with your car.
  • nlang79nlang79 Posts: 8
    Are you in Canada or the states? I am in Calgary and we used to have a G6 GTP with the pano sunroof. It rattled a lot, especially in the winter, but had no major problems with it. In my Coupe, it rattled a while ago, but I had them service it and tighten some stuff up in the track & works fine now. But if you want out of your lease, and are in Canada, check out Lease Busters. They can get someone to take over your lease for you. We got rid of our 4dr G6 in 3 days of listing it. It cost around $250 to sign up, then they do most of the work for you. I'm sure they have something similar in the States too. Good luck!
  • joe4prezjoe4prez Posts: 1
    I've had my '06 G6 in the shop 5 times in the past years since I purchased it 1 year used. Yesterday, with 19K mi, I added another major problem to the list. Turns out the cv axle came out from the transmission. Today the dealership is going to look deeper into the problem. Best case scenario is that they can put it back together with a couple of parts. Worst case, I get the transmission rebuilt. Add this to the list of squeaks and rattles, new struts, squeaky brakes, and loose thudding steering. I hope I get it back this weekend b/c I already have appointments set up to purchase another Honda which the G6 replaced in the first place.
  • nlang79nlang79 Posts: 8
    Hmm...err...anyone want to uhh....want to buy a great car? G6 GTP Coupe, Fusion Orange. Runs uh, great?
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    What was the mileage when you purchased this vehicle?

    Was it from a dealer or an individual?

    Man, it sounds like this car had some really rough treatment before you got into it. Is there any question about warranty coverage?

    I know...lots of questions....

    Good luck on your repairs!
  • i wish i would have known that the rotors were covered under warranty.
    anyways, i wanted to state that i too have tried to get the dealership to fix the rattling noise that comes from my moon roof when it's up and i hit a bump. it makes my car sound like a POS.
    here comes the worst... i've now had my car in to have the moon roof water leak fixed (at least) 5 times!!!!! first (before the recall) they said it passed the leak test, second they rerouted the drain hoses, third / fourth they replaced the drain hoses (had to take it back in cause they had to wait for the parts after my car had sat at the dealership 2 days), fifth i had extended drain hoses put on, which cost me $120 because they said my previous drain hoses plugged due to normal wear and tear! this was 1 year after i had my previous drain hoses replaced! i went to corporate but they agreed with the dealership. 1 more thing, it still leaks! i'm going to take my car into the dealership again this week (sixth time and counting!).
    i noticed the steering rack most at low speeds when turning at near right angles. it was more than 1 knocking noise... it was several.
    also, i get 1 or more metallic twinking noises when i take off in 1st or reverse. this most often happens in reverse. has anyone heard where this is coming from?!
    i purchased the extended warranty (additional 125k miles, 5 years) for like $1200 at $80/mo. i highly recommend all those with a g6 gtp coupe do the same!
  • we have had the car since May of 2008 - car had 23k on it and we have since put another 25k on it. Car has actually been reasonably solid EXCEPT for the steering shaft. Intermediate steering shaft was diagnosed as faulty and greased, slated for replacement. Steering shaft replaced by dealer (Mertins, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada) Shaft put in misaligned. Shaft re-aligned by original vendor (Barnes Wheaton, Surrey, British Columbia) approximately 2 weeks ago. Steering components making new noises - just noticed today, so not exactly sure what is responsible for the latest pain in my [non-permissible content removed]. Will keep everyone informed. cheers
  • Was wondering if anyone is having the same problem we are. The pan. sunroof on our 2007 g6 got stuck in position 3 and would not close, after several attemps it finally closed. Then a few days later the same thing happend and it wouldn't close at allWe took it to a gm cert. dealer and they had to call gm to find out what to do. GM told them to replace the motor for the sunroof. That seemed to fix the problem. A few days after getting it out of the shop it began to leak, we got that fixed. within a week of being in the shop the second time, I was driving down the road and the sunroof made a noise that made me think the glass had shattered, turns out the shade on the sunroof had broke. Again we put it in the shop. It was returned to us reinstalled wrong, the gm cert. mechanic told us they didn't have alot of training on those types of sunroofs, he actually had to find a car on the lot and take that sunroof apart to see how to fix ours. We now have a problem with wind noise and cracking sounds from the sunroof. It is now in the shop for the 3rd time to fix the sunroof, this after we got it out of the shop for an oil pan leak. The sunroof is driving me CRAZY! It appears to me that GM has no idea how to fix their own product, yet from what I have read, they have to be aware of the problems with these sunroofs. We had this car for a year before the problems started, thankfully we are still under warranty. We have contacted GM and are hoping they will let us out of this car and loan at no loss to us. If anyone has had this problems and know a solution, please help. We feel like we have paid all that extra money for an option on the car that is usless!
  • I have several of the same problems, My pan. sunroof got stuck open. I had to put it in the shop to get it fixed, GM told the dealer to replace the motor, then the shade that covers the sunroof broke, it is now in the shop for the 3rd time for sunroof problems. My g6 is a 2007 model was wondering what yours is. We have a popping sound all the time in the car that sounds like a car sounds when it is cooling off. We have contacted GM and are hopeful they will make it right. We had an envoy and traded it when the lease was up for the G6, BAD MISTAKE! We bought this car rather than doing a lease thinking in 5 years we'd have no more car payments for awhile, our warranty will soon be up on the car and we are worried on top of the car payment we will have regular maintainence bills on the sunroof. Have you found a solution?
  • lisa106lisa106 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had any trouble with their electrical systems? My car is 4 years old and it has been a mess for quite some time. The first thing that went wrong was my door handle. I went to open the door and the handle just came off in my hand. I had the car about a year at that time. I took it to the dealer. They told me that wasn't covered under the warranty and then told me it would cost me $235.00 to fix. It's a door handle! $235.00 seriously!? Then my starter, alternator, AND ECM went out! That got me for about $1400.00! Can anybody say OUCH! And the the check engine light is STILL on for the ECM! Then my clutch actuator cylinder went out and they had to replace that as well as the clutch plate. And even though the part that was covered under the warranty caused the clutch plate to go out I still had to pay $225.00 for it. Now my temperature gauge and my air conditioner are out! I hate this car! I too called GMAC. They don't care. The dealerships do whatever they want and we are helpless against them. And if you complain they rip you off worse. After they kept my car a whole week without providing me with transportation (it cost me $300.00 to rent a car for the week) Finally I called and complained to the manager at the dealership. They gave me a car to drive but then promptly kept mine another whole week! I hate to admit it but I will not be buying American again. I will look into an import. I have always owned American, but the Americans who are running things are jacking me around so I won't go there again. When you pay that much money for something you expect it to work like they promised it would.
  • synigalsynigal Posts: 2
    due to many issues with the G6 I owned I recently got rid of it and traded it in on a 2011 Cruze. Love the car no issues so happy to be rid of the pontiac. good luck
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I apologize for the problems you have are experiencing with your vehicle. Have you contacted GM Customer Assistance? Please keep me posted.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • ronp7ronp7 Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I also have a 2008 g6 coupe. It has only 12000 miles. I bought it in March 2011. Just 2 months into owning it the exterior driver side door handle just broke off. I went to dealer and they said it wasnt covered under warraty, but they fixed it for free anyways. Then just 4 days ago (less than 6 months owning and just 2 months after fixing) the same exterior handle broke off in my hand. The dealership ia fixing again for free, but now Im worried that I might have more serious issues ahead and if it breaks again they might not fix for free. I hate the feeling of not knowing.
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