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Mitsubishi 3000GT help



  • My VIC motor has 4 teeth on it. as you look in over the driver side fender the mark on the intake is lined up with the last tooth on the far left on the VIC motor.

    Hope this is helpful.
  • I have a 1991 mitsubishi 3000GT well i just started noticing white smoke coming out of the tail pipes when i take off . We checked the plugs they look good and the car runs real good. what are some different possibilities for the white smoke?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Blown head gasket. Water from the coolant, is getting into the cylinder, the heat is creating steam, and it is being shot out the exhaust. You'll find your coolant level down.

    Get it checked out and fixed fast, before the coolant ruins the engine.
  • smoke is oil smoke. problem is minute bad, next minute nothing.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Oil smoke would be black/blue. Puff when first started is usually valve seals. Continuous smoke is usually rings.

    White smoke is coolant.

    Confirm your color smoke, and address as appropriate
  • I cant believe a car can run so good with a blown head gasket dont overheat and there is no water in the oil. Strange but OK Thank you for pointing me in the right direction
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 60,642
    You can pressurize the cooling system with a pump, and then, while still under pressure, remove the spark plugs and look for coolant on them--or as burdawg suggested, run a pipe cleaner into the hole and see if coolant appears. Then you KNOW for sure.

    White smoke (like steam) is definitely a head gasket problem. There doesn't have to be water in your oil. There can also be oil in the radiator, or nothing at all (since the leak isn't bad enough yet and it's all burned up).

    If the smoke is BLUE, this is probably oil burning, either from valve stem seals, valve guides, or internal engine wear (rings).

    If the smoke is BLACK, this is an over-rich mixture, and has many causes but all related to fuel delivery and ignition, and more easily correctable than the other two situations.

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  • shaagshaag Posts: 3
    will the front clip off a 95 3000gt sl fit my 92 vr4 i know it has pop up lights but it looks realy close shy of a hole for the 95 headlights could i drill hole and use the hole clip please need some help thank you
  • I have a 1992 mitsubishi 3000 gt. It will not stat. I have changed the ignition coil and the modular. But i still cant get any power to my spark plugs. any ideas? thanks. crystal.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    is there a security system?
  • kenoskenos Posts: 3
    You might need a new computer.
  • A friend of mine is trying to find a 5 speed manual trans to put back in his 96 3000GT, having a difficult time locating one in our area of NC, is there any other year(s) that will work?
  • I have a 95 3000 and a few days ago i lost almost all pressure in the clutch pedal. I checked the master cylinder to check the fluid level and it was a little low so I refilled it. After that it was fine. but the next day I came back and I lost pressure again. I checked the fluid level again but it was full. Anyone got any ideas what might be the problem?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 60,642
    If you lost some fluid, you have a leak, and probably are sucking in air. You might check for wetness at the clutch slave cylinder down below, or wetness in your carpeting under the dash where the clutch pedal linkage goes through the firewall.

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  • Yes check the slave. They fail more often than the master. Even if there is no wetness the seal inside can let fluid pass. Replacing it is not too expensive.
  • do you know exactly where the slave is under
  • your slave cylinder is gone
  • follow the line off the master cylinder & it'll take you right to it
  • It could be your netual safty switch, needs adjusted or you need a need one! It located on the drivers side on the floor. Could be mounted on the steering column .
  • not absolutly sure without being there, but it could a leaking head gasket,sounds like coolant being burned off in the heads! Check your coolant! Has the car been run hot lately, if so could be the head gasket!
  • Could be a blown fuse eighter under the hood or dash, look at ignition fuse,before you do anything alse! ohms test the plug wires, could be that, could be the ignition switch!
  • How do I remove the valve body from the transmission in a 1994 3000gt fwd. I need to test/ replace the control solenoid valves.
  • My daughters boyfriend has a 1994 3000GT and when it warms up it stalls! Him and his grandfather can't figure it out. It will run until it warms up. Some guy told them it was the transmission, I've never heard of a transmission making a car stall. Anyone have any ideas. They are afraid to drive it to get admissions test done for the reason they won't be able to get it back home or stuck in the middle of the road.
    Help please, Liz!
  • My husband says it sounds like the catalytic converter is stopped up! Has it ever overheated or had tune-up problems?
  • No neither. He got it from a second hand dealer and it ran fine until one day it started doing this. I thought maybe it was the emergency shut off sensor or the fuel sensor.
  • You need to have your grandson n law start the car go to the tail pipes and feel how much air is coming out. How long does it take befor the car stalls approx?
  • 92gtbird92gtbird Posts: 2
    I have a 1992 3000GT which is in great shape. Lately when I start her up she runs real rough and stutters on take off. After awhile running everything returns to normal. CEL is not on and has new ECU. I can tell I soon as I start her up if its going to run smooth or not. Any one have the same problem or know what might be the cause? Thanks for any input. :confuse:
  • mbowen1989mbowen1989 Posts: 8
    Just curious, why you put a new ECU in it. Are you supping it up?
  • 92gtbird92gtbird Posts: 2
    Old ECU went bad......took awhile to figure out.
  • no6thgearno6thgear Posts: 2
    Hey guys. I need a carfax or autocheck for ja3xe74c2my018261 its a vr4. [email protected] If someone can run that for me I would really appreciate it.
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