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Mitsubishi 3000GT help



  • 3kgtvr43kgtvr4 Posts: 19
    Yes a datalogger. The one I have is at You can get the 3000gt manual in pdf form from my website. its 92-96 or you can find them on ebay.
  • ccollinshccollinsh Posts: 1
    Brand new to the game and need one badly. Any suggestions?
  • 3kgtvr43kgtvr4 Posts: 19
    LOL Read the post right before yours. You can get a 3000GT repair manual from this site. It covers all models. base, SL, VR4. 1991 to 1996
  • walkupwalkup Posts: 1

    My 1992 3000gt a/c is not working correctly. It will come on and work fine then the snowflake will turn to a red dot. I turn off the a/c all together and then turn it back on and the snowflake will come on again but then after about 25 seconds turns back to a red dot. I had the freon checked and it will not hold anymore so that is ok. Can you help?
  • dusty911dusty911 Posts: 3
    i have a 1991 3000sl with 192,000 miles , around 100,000 while driving, i noticed the engine cutting in and out, took it to the dealer, they replaced sensors ,ecu, idle module and it still was missing took it back to dealer, they kept it for 3- days found a wire crack in a main power wire from somewere inside under dash from the ecu or another component i cain't remember , but after they ran a new wire the problem was fixed, to conclued they charged me for the sensors and a idle module approx; 295.00 i asked them to take out, and replace the two items i didn't need and put my old ones back they said they didn't have the old ones . The moral of the story if you have any work done at the dealer, tell the service manager to save all old parts and give them to you. In conclusion the" ceu" was a little over the year warrantee, so i got the new one free which i didn't really need !!! hope this helps your problem or someone else.
  • dusty911dusty911 Posts: 3
    read my responce #221
  • dusty911dusty911 Posts: 3
    My 1991 3000gt SL has 191,000 miles been running on 5 cylinders for 20,000 won't DIE !!! thinking of doing the valves myself , i have done valves on other types of 4cylinder engines before, need to know if theres any tips or tricks i need to know about doing a valve job on the V6, any one who has done their own valves, your help is GREATLY APPRECATED, thanks, fellow 3000GT owner.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 60,643
    It's generally not a great idea to do just a valve job on a high mileage engine. You might end up with an engine burning excessive amounts of oil.

    But if you don't want to stand up for a rebuilt engine, the best approach in my opinion is to purchase a factory workshop manual either through Mitsu or eBay, and remove the heads and camshafts and have a qualified machine shop do the measurements and the machine work. If you could tow the vehicle to them so that they might check the cylinder bores, this would also be a good idea.

    One problem is that by the time you machine and rebuilt heads and camshafts and get all the gaskets, tools, etc you will need, you might have been better off just buying some rebuilt cylinder heads.

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  • 3kgtvr43kgtvr4 Posts: 19
    If you got a new ECU for $300 then that is a good deal. From what it sounds like a 91 with that many miles you really could use one.
  • 3kgtsav973kgtsav97 Posts: 3
    I have a 1997 3000gt sl and i am going to convert it into a twin turbo using the heads off of a stealth. are there any major problems to look for when i do the swap?
  • 3kgtsav973kgtsav97 Posts: 3
    i was also wondering if there any little tricks that could get me a little more power if anyone knows of any.
  • 3kgtvr43kgtvr4 Posts: 19
    You can find lots of in for on the TT upgrade at In the mean time you can open up your intake and exhaust for a few horse power.
  • 3kgtsav973kgtsav97 Posts: 3
    if ur putting out white smoke from the engine it could be just a leak in the head. u might try to replace the gaskets or just tighten down the head bolts. i had the same problem and it turned out to b the head bolts were loose.
  • dmonicdmonic Posts: 2
    ok how hard would it be to git a 94-96 3000gt that is FWD and switch it to 4WD what parts would you kneed i understand a 4WD tranny will be kneeded .
    plz help because i am abought to drop in the 6g72tt in it and i kneed it 4WD
  • I'm thinking of buying a 94 SL automatic that has 93k miles on it... when I go to take a look at it, what do you recommend that I look for? I've seen all of the comments on the timing belt but how should I check it to make sure its still good. Any pointers that help prevent me from buying a :lemon: are appreciated.
  • i have a 93 gt v6 dual overhead cam. the heads were redone and up. just got it back together and it will not fire, timing is correct and belts are all tight. getting spark and fuel but i don't know why it won't fire. if anyone knows please let me know, o and i have checked the fuses and they are all good.<img src="
  • You might check the cam angle sensor. Plus make sure all the sensor connections there on top near the throttle body are plugged back in. The 3000gt factory service manual might also have troubleshooting steps.
  • joetirjoetir Posts: 4
    i have a 92 dodge stealth,dohc,auto (STUCK IN LIMP MODE(THIRD GEAR ONLY))

    replaced plugs,throttle body gasket and upper plenum gasket.
    obd1 scanner showeed no codes wrong.
    still runs a little off
    I WIL LISTEN TO ANY IDEAS including ones that involve balpine hammers
  • I have a similar problem and was told this is usually fixed by replacing the Transmission Computer (under the dash / center console). You can get it replaced / repaired online, for about $125.00 or 200 - 300 or more at the dealership.
    This is what I was told by the dealer in KC, but the engine blew before I had a chance to replace mine. That's all I know...
  • joetirjoetir Posts: 4
    thans for your help.
    i will give it some thought and investigation.
  • does anyone know where to find a rebuilt computor for the '93 3000 gts
  • I know it might sound a little stupid, but did all Gen 2 3000GT's only come with SOHC engines or did some have DOHC engines?

    I was also wondering where else my oil could be leaking from?
    I have resealed the oil pan and replaced the oil pump. Do you think it could be a bolt loose somewhere or an oil galley.

    I was also a little stumped when I seen like whitish smoke come out of my exhaust, but it smells like pure gas. I cleaned out the injectors, it seemed to help a little. Do you think I should go have the injectors cleaned professionally or buy new injectors?

  • Mine's doing the same thing. Try your valves. I was told mine were leaking. Also, the white smoke, same proplem. With mine, the engine's on it's way out. Burns way too much oil. Let me know what you find out.
  • I think I found the oil leak, but the only problem is that I will have to redo the timing and I think we all know how much that sucks.

    And with the white smoke, I cleaned my injectors again and it stopped smoking. So I would maybe try the injectors and see what happens. If my injectors get dirty again, I will probably go have the cleaned professionally.

    Let me know what happens with you.
  • joetirjoetir Posts: 4
  • joetirjoetir Posts: 4
    is anybody out there?
    is there a cure for limp mode?
    has it ever been done before?
    i would like to hear at least one success story for this terrible condition.
    joetir 92 es,dohc......stuck in limp mode
  • would a 99 3000gt front bumper bolt right on a 95
  • soup1soup1 Posts: 1
    i have a 92 3000gt sl. i had to replace motor in car. idle was low and i did a dumb move, i adjusted the wrong screw. i turned he screw that goes to the throttle stop that the iac (isc) sensor operates off of. this caused my ecu to burn up. had to replace ecu and now i need to know how to adjust the screw properly to correct position (is there a procedure) so that iac sensor will read correctly and not end up wasting a new ecu. is there a procedure for this adjustment. thanks
  • I just bought a 3000 Gt with 75,000 miles. Is there anyway that I can verify that the 60,000 service was performed if I don't have any documentation.
  • i want to put 19 on my 95 3000gt with 245/40/19 will they fit
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