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Kia Optima 2006.5-2008

The new 2006 Hyundai Sonata is a great and popular car. Today Hyundai released the pictures of an upcoming Optima, which is based on Sonata.
It looks better then Sonata in my opinion. It should drive great too. Looks like Hyunkia is on a roll.


  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    go over to the Kia Optima thread here on Edmunds and read the last few posts(posts 444-448 or so)for more coverage of this hot new Kia, the Optima. I didn't know that the one in the picture above and in the Kia Optima thread was the 2007 Kia Optima design. The 2006 Kia Optima will look like the 2005 Kia Optima, then? Just curious.

    This car looks great and just looks like it's well-built. HyunKia is riding quite a wave right now. Quite a wave.

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  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Actually, it appears the picture above is the 2006 Optima--the 2006 New Optima. Yes, folks, it looks like Kia is going to do the same thing with the next-gen Optima that they did with the Spectra--confuse the heck out of us. Take a look at:

    Scroll down to where you will see:

    2006 Kia New Optima 4-DR w/SAB (PC/Me)
    2006 Kia Optima 4-DR w/SAB (PC/Me)
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    But how will Hyundai/Kia separate the Sonata from the Optima?
  • From the pics I've seen so far, the Optima looks fantastic. Much better than the Sonata, which isn't bad looking itself.

    Supposedly, future Kias are supposed to be more sporty and Hyundais are geared more toward comfort and luxury. If that is the case, why would the Optima only get a 2.7L V6? Is this the same 2.7 that's currently in several Hyundai and Kia products now?

    The 3.3L V6 would make a great combo with the good looks of the Optima. Hopefully they'll decide to offer it, even if they continue with the 2.7L. They could offer the 3.3L on a high-end performance trim level.
  • In korea, they named LOTZE will appear on 10th this month

    There are three types of engine 1.8, 2.0, 2.4
    In case of 2.4, the engine is same with 06 sonata's called

    theta engine

    It's possible to be featured improved 2.7 v6than previous

    or 3.3 v6 in it

    Better interior and exterior look, much better engine performance, that's certainly all about new Optima


  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    this thread's been dead for 2 months! :cry:

    Kia just unveiled the Optima at Detroit. It looks pretty nice on the outside, but slightly derivative. The front headlights look like the ones on the Infiniti Q45.
  • I found these pics of the Optima (known as Magentis in other markets) and it looks pretty darn good. The interior is fantastic looking to me, much better than the Sonata's. The only disappointment is that the V6 option is only a 185hp 2.7L. Maybe Hyundai will share their 3.3L in the near future?

  • I have a Kia Optima 2001 with 60000 mile used, my Kia dealer sell me the extension warranty, $1000 for 3 years (everything covered), right now, my car runs very well and verything is fine, is it worth to pay such amount for the next the 3 years? thanks.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    You're in the wrong forum.....this is for a future car.

    I've got to say it, I'm sorry - but it's amazing how many people want answeres to their problems but post them in the wrong forums! :cry:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    You might try our Extended Warranties discussion, or talk to current Optima owners in our Kia Optima topic.


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  • jtzjtz Posts: 37
    I can kind of understand why the Sanata has more horsepower than the Optima because the Sanata has been out way longer than the Optima; however, it isn't fair that the Sportage has the same horsepower as the Tuscan.
  • jtzjtz Posts: 37
    To me not only does the Optima look better than the Sanata but it also looks better than the Amanti. If anyone noticed people are talking about the new Optima way more than the Amanti; as a result, Amanti sells could go down while new Optima sells go up.
  • Thanks, I am a new comer and I am sorry to post my question on the wrong forum.
  • Nice review on the new Optima. They used a 2.0L engine so take the 0-60 times with a grain of salt. Looks good as far as handling and fit/finish. Brits prefer handling to outright straight line acceleration so that is what they emphasis. They like the handling. Lets hope we get the Optima/Magentis in N.A. with the European handling. /63438/kia_magentis.html+lotze+kia+test&hl=en
  • hkianhkian Posts: 1

    Also don't miss the Blue Gauges and HVAC control like those found in VW, very nice touch! I am sold on the interior!

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  • Is this going to be an Automatic transmission Only car in the USA and do the rear turn signals flash amber like the European/Asian cars?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I saw some black holes in the bumper of the last exterior picture.

    parking sonars maybe?
  • desjydesjy Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm a Sales Manager for Kia in Canada, so I have some insight to share for all. The Optima will have the 2.4 and 2.7L powerplants when it arrives in showrooms this Spring. The 2.7 will have an HP rating of 185-192 (depending on emissions), while the 2.4 will churn out 162HP. The Optima won't have the 3.3 Sonata engine until Kia opens its plant in the U.S. That being said, Kia claims the Optima will have sportier handling, and they expect to sell more 4 cyl. then 6 cyl. This car was all about price point in the past; this is no longer the case. Best value in class, not necessarily lowest sticker price.
  • Convoluted way of saying you are substantially raising prices, just how much and when will Kia annouce pricing??
  • desjydesjy Posts: 2
    No, you miss the point entirely. What I'm saying is that there are cheaper vehicles on the road now eg.2006 Chevy Malibu.
    The Optima will be priced very similar to the previous model, but exceed it in all aspects, especially driving experience. Kia sells their vehicles for less in North America then anywhere else in the world, in order to establish the type of following they have in places like
    the U.K., where they are far and away the fastest growing automaker. Pricing has yet to be released here; I will post as soon as we here. Cheers
  • Sorry for the slam, really looking forward to this car as our next 10 year vehicle. We are very price sensitive and Kia/Hyundai has been on our watch list for some time. Great, reliable products which are value priced. Thought the corp was changing their stripes and becoming a higher priced marque brand overnite. Can't wait until the N.A. release.
  • jtzjtz Posts: 37
    I love that light up blue dash board; in addition, the interior of the doors. The radio in the Optima looks more convenient than the Sanata's 1 The part that shows what track on your CD or station you are listening to, is a lot bigger than the Sanata's making it look easier to read; also, the automatic climate control is higher; in addition, the screen is bigger in that nice looking blue showing making it look easier to reach and read. By looking at the exterior between the two cars, I think the Optima would look more expensive ;however, I bet that Hyundai will price Kia's Infinitish looking car about 1 grand less than their Sanata.
  • jcm68jcm68 Posts: 33
    You can't compare both cars. The Sonata has a big advantage under the hood that is ridiculous to even compare both cars. I know that appearance is a matter of taste and it is a very subjective thing but I think the new Sonata even though there is no originality in style still the better looking of both cars. I know it look like a mix of the Honda Accord Accord (Back), the Audi the S4 (Side), and the Acura TL (front), but who care? IMO it is better than the GM looks of the new Kia Optima. At least for me, like I is a subjective thing. But what we can't deny is the fact that the Rear Window sunshade of the Kia Optima V6 does not compensate its 50hp disadvantage in relation to the Sonata V6. Not 5, not 15, not 25........................50HP difference!

    Now that is a HUGE difference. The only thing I prefer about the Optima over the Sonata is the blue colored dash lighting compared to the ugly yellow/greenish in the Sonata. Again, in terms of power of both cars most expensive trim (LX), the Sonata is a MLB league player and the Kia Optima stayed one more time playing in the AA league. How can Kia justify a V6 w/ less than 190hp this days? FYI, the Sonata is 235 compared to the weak 185 of the new Chevy looking Optima. ........................
  • jtzjtz Posts: 37
    ">So the horsepower is low compared to the Sonata, but if the person reads a few post messages above this one, the Kia dealer said that as soon as Kia Opens up a plant here in the States (like Hyundai did) than that is when they will up grade this very attractive non looking GM ,but Infinitish looking ride. I would have Kia Optima pictures and Sanata pictures; however, I don't know how to place any photos from my computer to this message board.
    I also looked up information about this car and to me all the Sanata has better than Optima is HORSEPOWER; except, for the features like a tire pressure motoring system and the Optima is the only car with six full length side air bags. So I guess the Sanata curtain air bags are not full length. Don't believe, here is my back up! Furthermore the new Optima was test driven by a profesional driver in UK and that person said that the New Optima's handling is better than Sanata's and it makes it even better to drive, even if it is lacked on horsepower. I have more photos if someone could post the next message and show me what I am doing wrong I can really show you the Kia Optima from professional photos and not from far distance ones. Ohh I wish I knew how to place photos on here.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Placing photos is easy. When posting a message, click the "Img" button, above the confused looking car face and beside the Url button. Copy the picture's url there and post the message.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    The Sonata has "full length" side curtains also, same as the Optima. One thing the Sonata has that the Optima does not is standard ESC (it's available on the Optima however). But it appears from the Kia web site that the Optima has standard adjustable pedals and heated front seats--nothing is said about these features being optional or available only on some trim lines.
  • jtzjtz Posts: 37
    imageIt still doesn't work. I right clicked and went to copy but it doesn't work. I even tried dragging the picture from my window to this message board. I so badly want to show some REAL pictures of this nice looking car. Help :cry:
  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    He also stated that it was the only car with 6 standard airbags, which is not true. The Accord comes with standard "full length" side curtain airbags also. Other cars have it, but it's optional.

    jtz: E-mail the host, they can help you.
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