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Ford Shelby GT500



  • Moronix,

    It doesn’t create an “artificial” anything! There is nothing “artificial” about it. It is REALITY and FACT! The entire history of Shelby’s has been a very limited number. In fact, the 2007 and 2008 Shelby’s will be the highest production ever on a Shelby Mustang. They are building about 18,000 of these over two years. That is a LOT more than all prior years combined!

    Dealers don’t have customers in a bind. It the CUSTOMERS putting themselves in this bind! FACT! There are more customers WILLING to pay a high premium to get this car, period!

    FACT! If customers refused to pay a premium just like you refuse to pay one, then the premiums would drop drastically.

    So what you are saying is, I don’t care that people will pay over MSRP! I don’t care dealers have customers to sell to over MSRP! I want mine for MSRP and the dealer should sell it to me instead of the customer willing to pay more and that is more than happy to do so! How DARE that dealer! Get real, man!

    Would YOU take a lot less for something you had to sell just because I wanted to pay you less for it even though you had buyers willing to pay what you wanted???? Of course you wouldn’t and you know it! But if a dealer does then they are just a bunch of rip offs! Please!

    As far as what Ford Motor Company intended, where in the heck do you get that idea from? Ford Motor Company does NOT set the prices of what dealers sell their cars for! If Ford Motor Company did then dealers would not be allowed to mark them up NOR would they be allowed to take anything less! Oh, but paying LESS than MSRP is all good and dandy, huh? But paying more is just a down right crime! The MSRP is nothing but the manufacturer SUGGESTED retail price. Key word here, SUGGESTED.

    Do YOU pay MSRP on every new car you buy? Or do you usually pay less? Who are YOU to determine what price a dealer has to sell their products for???

    Do you complain at all the grocery stores about paying over MSRP on their food they sell? Obviously there are grocery stores charging over retail since the prices all vary from store to store on the same food items. Do you stand and complain to them? Or gas stations? Or any other type of store? Doubtful. It’s called FREE enterprise! If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! It’s that simple! Quit blaming the dealers!

    BTW, the good news is that anyone that buys one of these won’t have to worry about losing money. Regardless of what they pay they will get every penny of back or more if they decide to sell it! There have been some people that have already sold their Shelby which is USED with miles and got MORE money than what you could have paid for a new one! I have seen them sell on ebay!

    This is another reason for the higher premiums. This is a car that everyone feels will only appreciate in value VS depreciate like most cars do! History of the Shelby Mustangs have proven this to be the case.

    So are those people that own the older Shelby’s just a bunch of crooks like the dealers are? Heck, they must be bigger crooks! They are getting over 40 times what those cars sold new at! But, they know they have the buyers in a bind because they are not making them any more and they hold out for every penny they can get! Shame on those people! Oh, well, I just won’t be buying one for the $200k plus they are demanding! I guess I’ll have to settle for the new one at $60k which is only about a $15k mark up VS the $195k mark up for an older Shelby!
  • niptuck,

    The dealer you order this from COULD have the car dropped shipped at any dealer where you could pick it up from. This way you wouldn't have any extra shipping costs involved.

    Check with the dealer and see if they would do that for you. They may require you to pay for the car in full in order to do it, but is up to the dealer.
  • Not sure on the order number.

    But are you getting a Shelby GT500 or the Shelby GT? There is a big difference between the two. The Shelby GT can be purchased all day for only $5k over MSRP where the Shelby GT500 is going anywhere from $10k - $30k over MSRP.

    Did you get a particial vin number? When they place the order they should get a particial vin number and when Ford schedules it they will get a complete vin number.

    For the Shelby GT500 the first part on the VIN will be 1ZVHT88 for the coupe or 1ZVHT89 for the convertible.

    The T88 represents the Shelby GT500 coupe and the T89 represents the Shelby GT500 convertible.
  • Correct. The navigation and the car cover are two new added options available on the Shelby GT500. These options were not available prior to December orders.
  • fastforagirl,

    YOU GO GIRL! Now you are going to be REALLY FAST FOR GIRL!!! ;)

    You are going to really enjoy that new ride!

    Looking forward to your pictures!
  • Sounds pretty good to me! I wouldn't sell mine for that!

    If it has the Shaker 1000 and the other two options, sirus sat. radio and premium interior package then MSRP on that would have been $45,060 which means you are just under $9k over MSRP. Not bad at all!
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I agree. It was my only knock against Ford when I rated mine. In my visual a true Shelby has the Leman's stripes and the side scoops. My dealer asked me why I didn't want to order a convertible when I placed my order. It was the stripes and to me the coupe looks so much like the 67 fastback did. My wife knew I fell in love with Elenor and at the time considered buying one from Shelby. Just didn't have the money for one or I would have. If I do mine it will be with the Cervini's. I'm a little hesitant on the idea tape will hold these on, but I wouldn't buy them if it wasn't tape holing them on. I'm on top of the fence waiting to hear more from customers that have them.
  • I have to assume the 3M tape would hold up OK. I assume if Cervinis has been using them on all their kits then it must hold up OK.

    The one thing I like is that with the tape you should be able to remove them later if you wanted to put everything back to normal.

    I think if I do it I would order an extra set just to have incase one did come loose and lost on the road somewhere.

    I checked with the parts department on the side scoops Ford adds to the CS model. Those do have two holes in the side to mount onto the car. So those would require drilling holes which I don't want to do.

    BTW, if I wasn't lucky enough to of gotten the Shelby I was going to go with getting a GT and having Cervinis do their Eleanor kit on it. I think that is a hot looking car! My wife has a 2005 Mustang V6. I have been trying to get her to let me trade her out of that and get a GT with the Cervinis Eleanor kit.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "Dealers are given the exclusive monopoly to sell this car and decide to stick it to the customers for whatever they can get. If it were a normal supply and demand situation then Ford would make as many Shelby Mustangs as they could sell. That's standard business practice."

    It sounds as though your beef then is with Ford for not making enough Shelbys to meet demand.

    Prices SHOULD always be determined by the market IMO. ALWAYS. If demand is low and supply is high, then the dealers (and Ford) would be stupid to insist on MSRP. You mentioned F150 trucks where supply often exceeds (by a good margin) the demand......yet I'm sure that if YOU were in the market for an F150 you wouldn't insist on paying MSRP just because that's the suggested price.

    Why then insist on MSRP when demand far exceeds supply? Personally, I don't have ANY problem with dealer's getting as much as they can. It's called free enterprise; if I don't like the price, then I don't buy. But whining about how 'unfair' it is is simply pointless.

    Where I DO have a problem is when the dealer's tell folks that the demand will CONTINUE to outstrip supply 6, 8, 12 months from now so there's no point in waiting. In reality the dealers are simply HOPING the demand continues strong since that just means more money in their pocket.

    Ford needs to sell lots of cars. There is NO point in Ford NOT MAKING more high $$$ cars IF they feel the market will support it. If their analysis indicated that the market would only support 16k, 18k, or 20k Shelby Mustangs over a 2 year span, that's all they'll make. But if dealers are STILL able to get 10k over MSRP a year or so after production began, for what POSSIBLE reason would Ford halt production?
  • Hello Shelbydude,
    As I already said we will just have to agree to disagree. I just took a look at Ebay and noticed one dealer advertising (Hartsville, Oh) he has 9 Shelybs in stock. How is that possible? Just curious.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    Probably Shelby GTs, not GT500s.
  • Thanks shelbydude for the tips. I contacted the dealer today and they provided me with the vehicle order confirmation which included my name and the description of the vehicle. It listed it as a T88 with an order code of 820A. All of the options I ordered were on it. For those interested the DVD Navigation System has an order code of 58X. The cover has a code of 971. The total MSRP was $45940. Now it is just a waiting game.....
    If Ford makes more Shelby's than the 18,000 they have indicated, I will be very disapointed. Most people spending the extra money are banking on that number. If the car had an MSRP of $50,930 I would not have even hestitated. I think you will see the 2008's jump to that price.
  • There is a dealer in WA that had over 40.

    It is possible because dealers are buying them from other dealers. Everyday there are dealers looking for more.

    Dealers are finding dealers that will sell them anywhere from $10k to $15k to $20k over MSRP. Then the dealer buys it and sells it for as much over that that they can get.

    So even dealers are paying well over MSRP buying them from other dealers.

    I can find them for $15k over if I have a customer wanting one. Some dealers buy as many as they can because they feel they can sell them and still make $5k over what they had to pay.

    One dealer sellds them at $25k over firm! They sold over 40 so far. They buy them from $10k - $20k over from other dealers.

    It depends on the market area you are in. Some areas have higher demand than other areas. If I had people lining up willing to pay $20k over I would buy as many as I could at $15k over and get them one. Not a problem.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Do some research, look for a small dealer in an out of the way place that has one on hand. He might NOT have a big enough market for the car to command a big premium.

    Be Nice.

  • Nope! They are Shelby GT500s. He had 11 listed when I first checked. YOu can check for yourself on E-bay. He is just another dealer who is ripping off the customers. I suspect he got someone else to purchase them and he took them over. Some have like 8-10 miles and are actually not new.(He's not the original owner) The minimum bids are running around 59-60K.
  • Well there goes your free enterprise and supply/demand theory. Some dealers are cornering the market by grabbing them up from other dealers. You must admit that helps to make the price stay high. That is not supply/demand economics. It's called cornering the market and using your position as a dealer to do it. Unethical in my opinion. But as Ken Lay proved, todays ethics are not what I grew up with.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    You don't seem to understand supply and demand or free enterprise. This is still all driven by customer demand and willingness to pay exorbitant amounts over MSRP. When the Ford GT first came out people were paying $225K for a vehicle with a $160K MSRP. By the time the last ones rolled off the line they were selling for MSRP after sitting on the floor for a few weeks. Why? Because all the people who paid the high premiums were gone and none of the remaining buyers were willing to pay through the nose. So the price came down.

    If consumers weren't paying $25K over MSRP then the dealers wouldn't be buying them for $15K over MSRP to resell them.
  • Let's see, you list a car on ebay, someone likes it, seems happy with the price, so they bid and buy the car at whatever the price is, and the dealer is ripping the people off! Now do you see how idiotic that sounds??? The dealers are not ripping anyone off. If someone agrees to buy something, REGARDLESS of the price, that is their FREE CHOICE! No dealer is holding a gun to anyone's head forcing them to buy! The CUSTOMER is FREELY CHOOSING TO BUY AT THEIR OWN FREE WILL! That is not ripping them off!

    If you don't like the price you don't buy it! Plain and simple! The same as you refuse to pay the premium and CHOOSE to not buy it! If the dealers where ripping you off then you would be buying one even though you don't want to!

    As far as the cars having 8-10 miles on them...DUH! Over 95% of all new vehicles have 8 - 10 miles on them at the time they are delivered to the dealer!

    Mine came right off the truck with 8 miles on it! No one else drove it. I was there when it came it! Some vehicles will have only 4-6 miles, but over 95% will have 8-10 miles when they are dropped off from the manufacturer!

    Now there are SOME of these Shelby's that dealers did buy from people and those would be used because they have been titled. Transferring from dealer to another does not constitute a used vehicle. Only after it has been titled it becomes used.

    The funny thing is, those people that did sell theirs to a dealer were those GREAT LOYAL CUSTOMERS of the other dealer that the dealer did sell their Shelby to that GOOD customer for only MSRP and that so called GOOD CUSTOMER that just HAD to have one turned right around and sold it to another dealer to make a fast $10k - $20k!!! Some GOOD CUSTOMER, huh??? So the few dealers that did sell their Shelby's for only MSRP ended up getting burned by their own VERY GOOD CUSTOMERS! They ripped off the dealer! WOW!

    And I would be willing to bet that YOU, moronix would be the type of customer to do the same thing! Lets face it, if you don't think the car is worth the extra premium then you probably wouldn't keep it if you could turn around and pocket the extra $10k - $20k profit from it! If that wasn't so then you wouldn't have any problem with paying a premium if you REALLY wanted one!

    As far as corning the market, give me a break! A handful of dealers snatching up a few extra Shelby's by paying a premium for them is hardly going to even put a dent into what the market will demand for these! The ONLY way that could ever happen is you had several dealers buy up ALL the Shelby's where they were the ONLY dealers where you could get one from! That will never happen. If it were only that easy! I'd buy all 9,000 and offer $25k over to insure I got them all and make you pay $100k to get one! And I'd sell a lot of them for that if I were the only source to get one from. But I would end up with a lot in storage as well and risk losing a lot of money waiting for 40 years to pass by before they were really worth a lot! I only WISH your idiotic theory were true!

    You ujust keep missing the point. If EVERYONE REFUSED TO PAY A PREMIUM THEN THERE WOULD BE NO PREMIUM! That being the case then there is no way for the dealer to be able to rip anyone off! It is the CONSUMERS that forcing the prices to go up! No one else! It's the CONSUMERS! Without any willing consumers buying them, the prices go down! But the CONSUMERS WANT THEM BAD ENOUGH TO PAY ANY PRICE TO GET ONE! Hello!!!
  • Successfully signed up and placed a down payment on a 2008 GT500 yesterday on my birthday. I happen to be number one in line with this particular dealer. Question now is color and options. I'm inclined toward red because I have never owned a red car, but it no doubt will be a police magnet. If the Shaker 1000 adds weight and takes up trunk space, I will pass. Wife wants the navigation system, so I may opt for that. I sure hope the 2008 provides some wheel options and perhaps a different exhaust system with a little more growl to it.
    As an undergrad, I owned a 1968 GT 500, gold with AT. I was the second owner, who let his fiance (current wife) drive it only once. Twelve mpg wasn't too bad considering the price of gasoline back in 1974. The original owner told me the only car that could beat it was a 427 vette. I never found out, but would enjoy smoking a goat or two on First Street in San Jose. Engagement and moving into government subsidized housing motivated me to sell it at the time. Now, 30+ years later it looks like I may recapture some of those wild oats. :D
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Good for you, happy birthday. Which dealership did you end up ordering it from? Doesn't matter what you paid, you wanted one, your going to order it with whatever you so wish it to have, and it's never going to lose depreciation as other vehicles do. Now the long await begins, hopefully it will be built in the early first quarter of the 08 models. Congratulations again.
  • My dealer told me you could not order 2008's as of 2 days ago? Are you sure about the year? I Called Ford SVT and they say they are not taking orders for 2008 as of now? Make sure you have it in writing. My dealer has been straight up with me from what I have found, but if I could have ordered a 2008 2 days ago and could have gotten a 2008 at the same time period (4 Months) I will be mighty pissed off. Did you get a copy of the order, and does it say a 2007 or a 2008 at the top of the page? Shelbydude please confirm that 2008's are not available to be ordered yet?
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "Well there goes your free enterprise and supply/demand theory. Some dealers are cornering the market by grabbing them up from other dealers. You must admit that helps to make the price stay high."

    Huh? Who said DEALERS were the only ones who could do that? What's to keep some rich guy with millions in cash on hand from buying up 40 or 50 Shelby's himself to 'corner the market' (btw - just how does one 'corner the market' by buying 20-40 Shelby's when Ford will build roughly 8000 for this model year?).

    It's called 'speculation'. These guys (whether private individuals or dealers) are SPECULATING that the market for this car will STAY red-hot and thus justify the higher price. It's all the market. These dealers have also taken a large RISK because I'm sure they didn't buy them for MSRP from the original dealers so they've got their [non-permissible content removed] waving in the breeze if they find that they're still sitting on unsold inventory 3-4-5 months from now.

    The market system works. If you don't like the price, don't buy the car. Would you somehow feel better if Ford had set the MSRP at $100k and then was offering $20k rebates? Would buyers then be getting a 'steal' if they bought Shelby's for $75k?
  • nipntuck,

    You can't "place" a order with Ford right now for a 2008 but you can put a deposit on one with a dealer where you will be able to get one ordered as soon as Ford opens the order banks for them.

    What he did was he locked himself in on a pre-order for a 2008. Production on the 2008 should beging in June 2007.

    We can sell our 2008 allocation ahead of time to anyone wanting to commit to buying one. Collect a deposit and as soon as the order can be placed the dealer contacts the customer to select whatever color and available options they want. Then it is just a waiting game until Ford pulls the order and schedules it. So the vehicle could be built the first month of 2008 production or be months later.

    So your 2007 could be built in May which should be the last month of production where someone else ends up with a 2008 built in June.

    In your case you know your wait is only going to up to four months because the last month for 2007 production should be May.

    Someone getting in line putting down a deposit on a 2008 "possibly" could see it in as little as 4-5 months IF their order is pulled in June during the first month of production. Or it could be May of 2008. It just depends on when Ford schedules the vehicle from any particular dealer.
  • Many thanks again to shelbydude for his astute contribution. The deposit is indeed for a 2008, which is my preference. I have a gut feeling that, if a 2009 is made, it may have a different appearance which I may not like. I'm hoping they don't switch over to sequential tail lights. That proved to be a bit of a nightmare in my 1968 model, and I finally gave up on it and fixed it for standard blinking.
  • Is this the best place (Cervini's to buy the rear side window scoops for this car? I see the scoops on their website for $189. Also, I bought my daughter a Mustang GT last year and I found it is a little tight seeing I am 6'3". Is there any way to move the drivers seat back and if so what kind of specialist would do that (Body Shop ,Ford dealer, etc.)? I plan on driving this car 2-3K miles this summer and I don't want to be cramped. I got a quote from State Farm for $670 for 6 months. How does this compare to anyone else out there owning a Shelby? I do need to talk to them about replacement costs over MSRP. Maybe Haverty's has a better plan? Thanks in advance for any advice.
    Mark from Cape Coral Florida
  • Couldn't say if they are the best place or not. I haven't found to many places to choose from. But Cervinis seems to have a nice looking style to their window scoops over the others. I will probably go with those if I do it.

    As for relocating the seat I don't think a Ford Dealer would do it because of any liability issues that may result from it in the event of an accident. You might find a body shop to do it, then again, how much could they move it without removing the back seat? There is barely any room left now if the seat is all the way back.

    Did you try tilting the seat back to get a little more room?

    My insurance is a $100 month on mine through Farmers.
  • I just noticed there is a Shelby GT500 Convertible being sold with NO RESERVE! Right now there is only one bid and it is only at $40k.

    NO DEALER! This is a private party! So it is USED with 900 miles on it, but so what! MSRP on that car was probably about $49k.

    So if this sells for a lot more than that, then who are you going to blame this on??? It is a NO RESERVE AUCTION! So here is your chance to buy one! This is also your chance to see what the MARKET VALUE will really be for this car!

    I'd say anything less than $60k would be a steal even though it is USED! The convertibles bring a good premium, but I expect you will jump on this and enter a bid of at LEAST $49k since you said you would buy one for MSRP!

    So here is your chance, moronix!!!! Time to step up or shut up! Go for it, man!!!
  • Forgot to say it is listed on ebay. Grabber Orange Convertible!

    NOTE: I have nothing to do with this vehicle and I do not know the seller. I just seen it listed and wanted to let moronix know about it so just MAYBE he could get lucky enough to buy one for the MSRP price! Also, to let him see for himself that the price on these has nothing to do with the dealers and that is solely the CONSUMERS that are determining the true market value on these based on what the CONSUMERS are willing to pay!
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    For what I have seen anywhere the Cervini's are probably the closest looking window scoops to the original style on the 67 GT500's. Some people prefer the louver style over the vent style scoops. If I go with any for me the Cervini's would be my choice.
    I'm not too sure who you would talk to about moving the seat back. I guess you could start with a local body shop in your area and see what they say. Might be a safety factor preventing a business from doing it, but it won't hurt to make a couple phone calls.
    I have Hagerty antique insurance on my 66 coupe for a stated amount of $30K and pay around $225 a year for it. I can't get special interest insurance in the state of Massachusettes for my Shelby. The state does not allow those type of policy's unless it's an antique. For full coverage a year on the Shelby through Hanover Insurance I'm paying around $1K. I dropped collision while it's stored away for the winter in my garage, so I saved a little on it.

    Thought I might try and go to this event this summer. Anyone here ever been to one?

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