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Ford Shelby GT500



  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    Shelbydude et al: I just returned from my local Ford Dealership where I placed the specs on my order for a 2008 GT500. I live in the state of NH, surrounded by states requiring the California Emissions Package. NH does not require it. The sales manager and I are attempting to ensure the vehicle will NOT have this package, but are unsure of how to go about it. The specs state "50 state emissions." The sales manager said this indicates all 50 states require the California Emissions Package. I told him this is not the case. How do we go about ensuring no California Emissions Package on my delivered vehicle? Many thanks in advance.
  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    All mustangs are built with 50 state emissions. That is just how ford is building them.

    They can be ordered with specific CA emissions, or federal emissions, or 50 state emissions. Ford just builds all mustangs now with 50 state emissions.

    It is no big deal. It is on all the GT500's
  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    Many thanks for responding, shelbydude. To clarify, the specific CA emissions package will not be added unless specifically ordered?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    This is a distinction without a distinction. The only difference the CA emissions adds is different (longer) warranty. Ford is stupid to continue to make cars that are not 50 states compliant. All Nissans for instance are 50 states compliant.

    This isn't 30 years ago where the CA emissions ment some different parts etc.

  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    A black Shelby GT is on the local show room floor. I noted a few minor scuffs on the hood. As I was admiring it, one of the salesman revealed that the vehicle arrived with sand under the hood and in crevices. It appears these cars sit out in the open somewhere exposed to the desert elements (sand, wind, etc). That's discouraging, IMO. I expect more TLC from SAI. This somewhat dampens my enthusiasm for shipping my new, pristine GT500 to Vegas.
  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    Anyone have concerns about the fact that these cars don't have an inside gas cap release, i.e., locking gas cap? Imagine somebody walking by and dumping a Pepsi in your gas tank. Is there an aftermarket locking gas cap available?
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Randy, I just did a search for locking caps on eBay and they sell them for the 2005-2007 Mustang. They list for $25 plus $5 for shipping. Before buying on eBay check with your local auto parts store. No sales tax in your state plus you won't have to pay shipping.

    On another note I finally received my autographed dash plaque yesterday from SAI. Looks great installed on dash. I will post pictures in my car space later today. :shades:
  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    Thanks, Brian. I consider a locking gas cap a must buy. I'm on the list for a SS with SAI and a KR with my dealership. However, at 28G for the SS, I'm starting to have second thoughts. I suspect the MSRP for the KR will be at least 15G. I think the SAI carbon fiber hood will sit higher than the stock GT500 hood. For me, that is a bit of a turn off. I well recall my 68 GT500 and its high rise hood, which was a bit distracting.
  • jfk123jfk123 Posts: 3
    Hey Brian,

    I've been reading these psots for about a year now, but haven't really chimed in. I got my Shelby 500GT Coupe in February, and love it. Ordered the plaque March 2nd, I just got my dash plaque this week, took it to a local paint shop and had it clear coated to protect the CS signature that is done in permanenet marker. Came out great. Thought you might like to consider doing the same.
  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    Great idea! Can you elaborate a bit more. Specifically, does one just ask an auto body shop to clear coat the plaque and they will know what to do? Thanks.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,018
    Yes, any paint shop knows what clearcoat means.
  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    I have DORA in hand for a 2008 GT500. How do I next go about acquiring the VIN# ? Thank you.
  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    You won't get a vin until Ford pulls the order and schedules it to be built. Once Ford schedules it they will issue a full vin.

    You should have a partial vin on the DORA. After Ford schedules it and issues a full vin your dealer will be able to print off an updated DORA showing the vin.

    Does your dealer know when their allocation for this car will be available?

    Depending on when their allocation comes up, it could be anytime from now thru June of 08. Usually they will get notification within 1 - 2 months prior of when the car will be scheduled to be built.
  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    Thank you, shelbydude. The top of my DORA (at least I think it is the DORA) says "Vehicle Order Confirmation." To the right is the date of 6/13/07 and the Dealer code. Where can I locate the partial vin on the DORA?

    I don't know when the dealer allocation will be available, but I will ask.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I brought my sons Escape in this morning for an ABS related problem and I spoke to the owner about his 08 allotments. He had two last year for the 07, but he believes he will only get one this year. He said there was a meeting that took place in Detroit last week and he was waiting to hear what was decided. I guess the dealerships that had been allotted two last year may not get two for 08.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Do you know what the paint shop used to cover it? I already mounted mine last week to the dash so I'm going to leave mine as is, but would be good to know for other items.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,018
    It's just clearcoat - clear paint.
  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    You can buy a bottle of clear coat at just about any hobby store. Very lightly brush it on with a small model brush. I have a bottle and can help you with it when I finally visit.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    From what I have read and seen over the years the older autographs have fared very well over the years. I'd be afraid to ruin it so I intend to leave mine as is. I do thank you for the offer.

    Any luck on finding a locking gas cap yet?

    My baby is out of commission this week. Pulled the front passenger tire off yesterday and brought it this morning down to a local tire dealer. About a month or so ago I pulled up to a curb on main street and rubbed the curb with my front wheel. It's not that bad, but the rim is being sent out for repair. It should be back by Friday this week. Cost for repair including tire sensor strap that needs to be replaced should be around $230. Need to be more careful next to those curbs I guess.
  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    Geesh...does anyone post on this board anymore? :)

    I probably won't start buying specialty parts until I'm sure of my car purchase. I have the DORA, but no build date or vin # yet. When I get back from vacation in early August, I will probably get a little more aggressive with my dealer.

    Happy 4th of July!
  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    Shelbydude et al: Does anyone happen to know if there will be anything that visually distinguishes a 2008 GT500 from a 2007 model year?

    If you were a gambling man, what is your bet on a 2009 model year being produced?

  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    Only difference would be 08 has a couple new options. Ambiet lighting and HID headlamps. One new color which is Vapor and replaces tungsten. A few different color stripe options, such as silver on black instead of tungsten and black available on grabber orange.

    No for 2009! At least according to Ford and SVT. They keep saying NO for a 2009 GT500. So 2008 is suppose to be it! 2008 production has also been decreased to only 8,000 units which is a few thousand less than what was built in 2007.
  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    Thank you for your reply shelbydude. It sure would be nice if FoMoCo would do something ever so slightly to distinguish model years, such as displaying the rear "Shelby" logo across the rear for 2008. But beggars can't be choosy.
    I have a DORA in hand, but no build date or vin # yet. I still have my fingers crossed, because of the decrease in production numbers for '08. I am #1 on the list for the 2008 model year, so I have been told.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Randy any word yet on a vin#? I will be leaving in two weeks for the Dearborn plant tours. It would be great for me to see yours being built. Let me know if you have any word yet and I will talk to the assembly line workers and make sure they do a good job for you. HA! HA!

    4,400 miles now on mine and loving every minute of it. :shades:
  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    Well, Brian and shelbydude...I met with my sales manager for the second time today, and he basically said they have no idea yet with regard to build date or vin #. However, he was kind enough to provide me with the 5 digit dealer code. How does one use this to "call up the order number" into "CONCEPTS" within the Ford's dealer system for a status update?
  • I got my GT500 in Feb, too, after five month wait. I want to send in a 'body part' to CS for an autograph, any suggestions as to which part I should pull and send? I love the car, although I did have to have some warranty work done a couple of weeks ago. Have yet to see another one on the road.
  • Why is this forum dead? :cry: has re-formatted their folder, and it's no longer user friendly, i.e., a hassle to read a message thread.

    I discovered that FoMoCo does not offer a locking gas cap for the Mustang. Does anyone know if an after market locking gas cap is available for the new GT500? Thanks.
  • Hi, I'm new here.

    We'd been looking for a Shelby GT500 for nearly a year and I had been lurking on these forums. After basically hiring someone to track one down for us, we bought one the first week of January, and are taking delivery this week. I hope I remember how to drive a stick, or I am relying upon the nice man with the flatbed to drive it into the garage.

    I am nervous about getting into color combinations and dealerships because I'm new here, but suffice it to say, my husband got the car of his dreams. He was so out of his mind with excitement, that during the paperwork, he forgot his own social security number. (Fortunately, I know it.)

    I have a great husband who gave me a lovely diamond ring 20 years ago. I was so overwhelmed at the time. I saw that same look for the first time last week in my husband's eyes. It is so wonderful to see him so thrilled.

    I'm here to learn as much as I can in order to help him enjoy his dream car.


  • rhellerrheller Posts: 61
    Hi, Sarah: This forum has just about died, but perhaps will rise again now that stangsunleashed appears to be no more. I placed my deposit on a new GT500 in February 2007. I spoke with SVT a couple of days ago to discover my car is built and awaiting detailing. From there it must be scheduled for transport. Since I live in NH and it has been such a wicked winter, the car will of course immediately go in the garage.
    Tell us a little more about your acquisition, model year, color and options. Should you have questions, I will try and answer them based on my readings of other forums. Congratulations and Enjoy.
  • Looks like Sarah flew the coop. I took delivery on my 2008 GT500 about a week ago here in the dead of a NH winter. I managed to get it into the garage without kicking up too much salt and sand.
    Back in college days, I owned a '68 GT500. I was the second owner. My only complaint was that it had an AT. It gave me only 12 mpg around town, but gasoline was a lot cheaper back then.
    If interested in expanding on this conversation, let's hear from you.
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