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Subaru B9 Tribeca: Problems & Solutions



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I've seen vinyl patch kits, but is it fabric or vinyl that tore?

  • its actually the soft vinyl that extends to where the hinges attached to the side pillar. the vinyl kits i have been researching tho i'm sure if it will work effectively. i called the dealership and they are going to look at it. the material is pretty soft.
  • Funny, but the way I learned was to look over my shoulder before changing lanes. Maybe that's the problem...
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Pep Boys does have a color, wireless camera selling this month for $139 or so. Apparently camera mounts on license plate. Going to check it out.

    I have been driving for many years and never, ever gotten into an accident. Quite remarkable since I put on over 30,000 miles per year and have done for for quite some time. However, the visibility in the back & sides of this car is the absolute worst I have ever had in a vehicle. Already have had a few close calls. I don't know if it was because I am not as careful as I should have been, but there sure is something about this car that makes for very poor visibility.
  • You shouldn't have to look over your left shoulder to pass (I don't believe professional drivers do that). Just as you shouldn't have to turn around and look over your right shoulder to back up. Your mirrors should be sufficient to handle the job.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I'm guilty of relying too much on my mirrors too (at least mine are adjusted "right"). My wife had to take a defensive driving course for work a few months back and they still teach looking over your shoulder when changing lanes.

    California DMV says "Always look over the proper shoulder before making lane changes or pulling away from the curb."
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    No matter what you do, how well you adjust the mirrors, the Tribeca was designed very poorly with respect to rear and side rear visibility. I am 6' & if I lean car see (barely) over the front end. I can understand how a person shorter than me would have some visibility problems from the front as well.
  • Thanks Steve. All things considered, I still believe that my mirrors should be capable of the job. I never had any problem in my Sequoia. Besides, I always thought you guys were gridlocked in CA. :P

    Having had a retinal detachment in my left eye 20+ years ago leaves me leary to turn my head hard to the left a lot. Heck, I'm not even supposed to strain on the toilet.

    While most vehicles have a blind spot, the one in the Tribeca is a blind spot with tunnel vision. Parking doesn't bother me, but changing lanes to the left is just ugly.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I had one of those on my left eye last year (took two ops to fix it in fact). It really does a number on the peripheral vision. I'm in Boise btw, and if you aren't careful changing lanes, an F-350 pulling a 4 horse trailer fifteen miles over the speed limit will take out your Subaru. My Outback is pretty good for visibility though. :shades:
  • I'm actually amazed at the visibility I have in my Tribeca, but that's after driving a Pathfinder for 14 years. To be able to see a vehicle that's behind me in both the rear view and side view mirrors simoultaneously was impossible with my Pathfinder. Any cars to the rear of me would be first in my rear view mirror and then if it changed lanes to pass, would then be temporarily in a blind spot before I would then pick it up in my side view mirror.

    I try to always look over my shoulder when changing lanes, I had too many close calls with the Pathfinder. It's going to be hard to defend that you were too lazy to look if you cause an accident...
  • Sorry to hear it Steve. I'm a -9 in that eye now. Thank the higher power it wasn't my right eye. I'm a photographer. It left me with tons of "floaters". I was fortunate in that I was working with a retinal photographer at the time and she had me call the local retina specialist. I was on the table that night.

    I'll look out for the F-150s. I hear they might be GM/Ford F-150s some day.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I have "salmon eggs" in that eye now (leftover debris) but it's only a problem star gazing or trying to pull weeds, otherwise it's 20/20. :shades: I'm not too wild about night driving any more though.
  • tupintupin Posts: 71
    With fall approaching I'm starting to wonder about winter tires. Tirerack lists 17"wheels and tires as a choice. Has anyone tried a higher profile 17" winter wheel and tire combo? Chertainly there are more choices at the 17" size and they are also cheaper.
  • re: "I'll look out for the F-150s. I hear they might be GM/Ford F-150s some day."

    I think they'll need to call them F-1500's to be fair :)
  • That's funny. :D
  • When initially starting in the morning my Tribeca hesitates slightly when giving moderate gas. When putting my foot into the gas, the vehicle actually cuts out and acts like it is going to stall. I drive about 1/2 mile in my subdivision and wait at stop sign for anywher to 5 seconds to a couple of minutes before going up a fairly steep hill where this occurs. Does not do this once warmed up. Dealer checked codes and says no problem. argues we are not using premium gas which we are. are going to leave it overnight and see if he can recreate probelm in morning. any ideas?
  • I once had a similar problem with my 1996 Outback. Turned out to be the coolant temperature sensor.
  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    Had my 'Beca in about two weeks ago for a sudden AC failure. Turns out it was because a local brake shop I had visited for an oil change had over-added freon. Works fine now, and Subaru covered the service under warranty. Went in today for power door lock failure in driver's door -- actuator failed and the part is on order.

    Since I have to make another trip now, I went head and ordered the backup sensors so I can have them installed on the same visit. I had been meaning to do that all summer, because as a teacher there are lots of kids running through the parking lots with their parents in tow. Yesterday we had a tragedy with a little 18-month-old that somehow was run over by her own parent in one of our local schools...the child did not survive. I have no excuse for waiting any longer to have the sensors installed. Wish I could get the camera, too. I'm glad Subaru is taking a positive approach wth the new models.

    -Karen in AZ-
  • How did the dealer determine what the problem was? Did the computer show the problem, or did you go through a lot of parts replacement?

    Thanks for the input.
  • tupintupin Posts: 71
    I just have to ask.....why would they be adding any freon? You shouldn't have to touch the AC for a few years!! Not to mention that they might have added the wrong's not freon anymore....some other more environmentally friendly stuff and you have to be careful to match it correctly. I'm also surprised they covered it under warranty....really they shouldn't have. I might think twice before going back to that brake shop.

    So the backup sensors....would they be sensitive enouogh to pick up say a 18 month old behind you? Just is a great feature.
  • How did the dealer determine what the problem was? Did the computer show the problem, or did you go through a lot of parts replacement?

    It showed up on the computer, if I recall correctly. Not the same situation as yours, I realize.
  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    The AC had been running a bit warm for a few weeks, and since the dealer is 22 miles away, and I had it in locally (Brakemasters) for an oil change. I asked them to check it and they said it was low, and thought there might even be a slow leak. They added too much, and thus the trip to Subaru a week later when it began blowing hot all of a sudden. I think the reason they covered it under warranty was that I had told them what the symptoms were originally, so they were very nice about it. The weather has cooled considerably and the humidity is way down now, so it may be a while before I can analyze it further.

    My parents have a Buick Lucerne, and their BU sensors are VERY sensitive, even at a 60-degree or more angle. Yes, I think if you were to backup slowly enough, it would pick up most anything, but caution is still the answer.
  • So sad.... They should have a federal ruquiring backup sensor or camera on cars with a big blindspot in the rear...
  • Sometimes I worried when I bring it to a shop like that...
    They just fix it to get it working at that moment and may stop working as soon as you drive out the door. They are suppose to evacuate the system (pump out the R123A refrigant) and presure test the system for leak before adding any in...

    Overcharing the AC system is dangerous.... Glad that the overpresure sensor kicks in and shut down the compressor...
  • dean7dean7 Posts: 32
    I accidentally rubbed the dashboard too hard in one spot and there is now a lighter spot about 1 1/2 inches round (lighter than the normal black). Is there any known way to "re-darken" the plastic surface? I tried the store-bought compound that is supposed to return oxidized surfaces black again with no luck. It seems to almost need to be stained or something. Thanks.
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  • chassolchassol Posts: 95
    From what you wrote I am assuming the dash is black and is a hard plastic surface. If this is correct use some Kiwi black (paste) shoe polish very sparingly, only on the "dull" area. After it "sets" polish the area gently with a cloth. This is the closest "matching" color I could find when this happened on our Forester hard plastic black dash. You could only see the area affected when the light hit it just right and you were viewing it at just the right angle.

    Hope this helps.
  • Does anyone know how to replace the bulb in in center top brake light on the tailgate. I noted three plastic coverings on the inner aspect of the tailgate and don't want to mess until I get some background information? Also I don't belive bulbs are covered by any warranty or are day up to a specific mileage? Thank you.
  • lisaolisao Posts: 9
    They are under warranty, I just had my headlight changed at dealership yesterday and I have 24,000. It only took about 20 minutes. Of course I wonder why I need one with such low milage, the old crysler had 100,000 and all lights were fine?
  • YOu can't replace them. They are LEDs. The whole set of LEDS needs to be replaced. Bring it to dealer.... They should last pratically forever..
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