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Subaru B9 Tribeca: Problems & Solutions



  • tjjantjjan Posts: 1
    We have a new Tribeca - about 2 months, and i determined that the temp of the air coming out of the vents even when the Auto climate control is off, is related to the temps set on the thermostat for each side. If you turn it on, and set the temp on each side to be about 60, then shut it off, the air comes out cool (or outside air temp). What i can't figure out - is how come EVERY time i turn on the Auto button - the AC light comes on - even if the temp on both sides is set to 80.... Doesn't make sense - just another button you have to hit to get the proper temp. :(
  • I have the same issue. I guess they wanted the air coming in to be dry so it won't fog up the windows. Its annoying. Its 40 or 50 degree outside, and the ac still comes on at 'auto' with temp set at 80. I have to set to manual to prevent ac from coming on.
    What really really annoy me is that for some strange reason, it changes the mode like from vents to bilevel or defrog when u start the car.
  • The A/C compressor turning on in auto setting is logical and normal.

    The auto mode controls not only the temperature but also the humidity. The system can not de-humidify if the compressor is not running.

    If you do want the de-humidifying feature manually turn the compressor off.
  • Instead of switching to manual just press the AC button to turn off the compressor.
  • Pushing the button to turn AC off will will put it into manual mode.
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    Hello All,

    Anyone have experience with or more information about the 3M Protective film to apply to the front bumper, leading edge of hood, and headlights? My right front fog light has a hairline crack on it- doesn't allow moisture through- but would like to prevent further damage to other parts of my B9... I've always thought that it fades at a different rate, and with my white paint, I wouldn't want the clear film to get "yellowish" over time.

    I do believe the plastic used for the lens of the fog light is very succeptable to crack- I am amazed that it did crack- never in any of my previous cars has this happened, and I do understand that things like this do happen; with less than 2K miles, unlikely, but still possible
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Naval Jelly - try the local auto parts store, they should have it. NAPA, AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, or Pep Boys. Those types of places.

    Touch-up paint? On-line, sure. I'd definitely want a perfect match for color.

  • Add me to the list, noticed my right lens is cracked, 3 lines radiating out from the center. Given the number of posts for this problem and the small number of B9s on the road this is appears to be a design flaw or material defect.

    Has anyone complained to SOA yet - if so any reaction?
  • I recently installed a Roady XT XM receiver. I used the aux input for the audio and hardwired the power from the fusebox using a 12v-5v adaptor. You will fry the unit if you don't use this adaptor. I mounted the unit to the left of the steering wheel, just under the vent and it looks very slick. You can even choose a red backlight to match the 'beca's dash lighting. I did have to buy a ground loop isolator as the aux inputs in the rear are grounded to a different ground than the one I used by the fusebox. Hope this info helps.
  • Think that make 4 or 5 so far! and the replacement cost of $80 PER LENS! or $95 for the full foglight is pretty steep...

    I will call the 800 number for subaru and complain. hope others do. yeah I know its located low but the lens is way too cheap and thin for this design.
  • thanks juice-
    any web address? wouldn't you think the local subaru dealer could provide it? web address would be great. I did end up purchasing all weather mats from suggestions would be great
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    When you get a moment, please share the 800 number with me, I would like to call and find a reasonable solution to this as well. Thanks!
  • I thought we call the 800 number that is listed right on your drivers window bottom corner.
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    Would the road side assistance number be the right choice? If we could get the number to SOA Customer Service, that might be better, I'll look through my manual tonight and update. Thanks!
  • Thats rather odd. Both of my fog lights have cracks in them. I noticed them shortly after I got it. Maybe there is a problem with them.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    Last time I got parts on-line it was from Liberty Subaru. I used e-mail, parts at (modify for anti-spam purposes).

  • good news, i took my car to get service (oil change) and mentioned it to the service department. They immediately offered to take care of ordering a vial of Mahogony Red at no charge to me. Billed to the service department.
  • well the dealer said that they can not repair the rattle. they hear it but can not find where it is coming from! so now I need to wait until December when the regional Subaru Rep is at their shop so they can show him the problem...

    the sales person offered to buy back my B9 at the depreciated value and sell me one at Invoice ! I said no way, I would take a beating on the differential.
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    Any way of taking your B9 to another Subaru dealer and have them take a look at it? It's terrible that you have to live with that rattle, hopefully not too bad; I guess this is what we have to pay for to be the first on the block with the newest car.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Now that is how you treat an upscale customer. Good to go!

  • My wife and I just purchased a 5 passenger tribeca a little while back, and are trying to understand the mp3 on the dash. She has and ipod, but is this something that we can hook up to the car, or does it just mean that it supports mp3 playback on cd-r?
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    The MP3 designates the playback capabilities of the in dash CD player... You would need to make your own MP3 CD from you computer, and the B9 would then be able to play it including all the different folders and sub-folders. Few members of the forum feel the MP3 playback is superior to the CD playback as well.

    Unfortunately the only way (simple way) is to connect your i Pod to the AV ports in the rear of the vehicle (only on models with DVD players) and switching to "aux" on the console.

  • I believe that folks will find that Subaru will honor this under warranty AND come up with a fix. I know my Dealer's wife was driving one and both lens got broke - so they are well aware of the problem and they are one of Subaru's TOP stores.

    Remember this is Subaru's FLAGSHIP vehicle too.
  • i sure hope so. check on the futher up on this forum for the subaru 800 customer svc number to call in to report broken fog lights so that they can log the issue.
  • heres the number:


    M-th (8:30 - 5 PM)
    Fr (10:30 AM to 5 PM)
  • Took delivery of a 5 passenger Tibeca Limited last week. Great car, until this evening when the ceck engine light came on with the same symptoms descirbed here: flashing Cruise Control and Traction Control light on solid.

    A few questions:

    Have any of you been successful repairing the problem?

    Did it fix itself or does this require a dealer visit?

    What was the diagnosis?

    Is it safe to drive th car under with these symptoms?

    Truly a great car, but this kind of electrical problem is unacceptable at 300 miles on the odo.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Please do call 800-SUBARU3 if you have an issue with the fog lens. They have to see a pattern to do anything about it, so let's make them aware of these.

  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsPosts: 189
    Had the identical problem the day I picked up my 5 pass ltd. ... had less than 25 miles on it at the time. Returned to dealer next day, they reset things, didn't know why I had the problem. Never reoccured, currently have 5k trouble free miles. :)

  • If there are any other Tribeca owners unhappy with the luggage/ cargo cover, please email Subaru of America. I sent them an email and let them know that the cover was a cheap accessory :( in a quailty car, and was non- functional as well! They emailed me that they are not aware of any other complaints. Please let them know how you feel! That's how we can get things changed.
  • also called :) and filed a complaint. I think that replacement is going to be tough but will ask the dealer when I bring it in for the squeak issue. also I will tell the regional Subaru rep when he looks at my B9 for the front squeak issue :mad:

    the thing is Subaru needs to make a fix. or I am sure the replacement lens will break just as quickly. and at $80 per lens thats not fun. even if they replace it once. I doubt they will it twice. so for now I put clear packing tape over the crack and turned the fog lights off so they wont pull in moisture when hot and then cool down.
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