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Subaru B9 Tribeca: Problems & Solutions



  • I agree 100%. The cargo cover is really my only complaint with the B9. I sure would like to have my money back on it as I never use it because it cheapens the entire car. I would rather use an old blanket for a cover...

    I will email SoA also, thanks for the suggestion.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Subaru should design one that comes out of the side, like I believe the LR3 has.

    The current one is so cheap, it just doesn't belong in that beautiful interior.

  • mikejlmikejl Posts: 78
    I just reported my two cracked lenses to the 800#. The customer rep told me to have the service department inspect it. If the damage was not caused by impact, it will be replaced under warranty.

    That's only half a loaf, I know, but it's a start. They'll need to realize that the lens material should be much more resistant to impact damage. I have no marks on my bumper - I would think the paint would be more fragile than the fog light lens.
  • I will be bringing my B9 in to have the cracked lens looked at for possible in warranty replacement. Will post the results.

    I have ordered a set of 3M head light & Fog light protectors from:

    Set of four custom cut shields
    1402 Xpel Headlight Protection, Headlamp and Fog Lamp Kit, for a 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca

    Will ship from manufacturer within 2 to 3 weeks
    $44.95 shipping is $4.95

    At $80 bucks a pop for one fog light lens this is a no brainer.

    They also have upper and lower clear bras at 165.00 each.
  • be curious to know how it looks. can you take photos once you get the 3m protective film on..

    also let us know if you get the fog lights covered under warranty
  • Hmm... I have the 3m film on my other car. You can't see it once its on. There is an 'edge' around the light where the film ends and you can't see it unless u really look for it.
  • but the headlights are a complex shape so I am wondering how well they fit over that form. also can you remove and replace easily with the adhesive used to mount the 3m film?
  • You can remove it but I don't think you can reuse it.
    The film for headlight is a 40 mil plastic, which is pretty thick but flexible. It should fit nicely since it become soft when heated with a heat gun or hair dryer.

    The adhesive is on the back of the film, with a peel off backing. There are 2 installation method, a dry and a wet. I recommed the wet as it is more forgiving. You can peel the film off the headlight and redo it as many times as you want as long as the alcohol/water solution is not dry up behind the film.

    The dry method is just a stick on solution. So if you screw up the first time, you are screwed.

    The film is great. But I do notice some bubble between the film and headlight after about 3 years. Not too noticeable unless you really look at it.
  • harvptharvpt Posts: 40
    Just an FYI, The rattle is still gone, however the part has yet to be replaced. Per the service dept, its still has yet to come in. Its been approx 3-4 weeks. Not a big deal, however I would like it resolved. :confuse:
  • harvptharvpt Posts: 40
    I would agree, My wife has a 98 Outback, and the Luggage/Cargo cover is far superior.
    I was using mine, however it is flimsy and not user friendly, so its in the cargo bin for now.
    Do you have the e-mail for SOA?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Just call, 800-SUBARU3.

  • To email Subaru of America, just go to and click the contact us link. Good luck. Let me know if you get a reply.
  • I went on line to and found out there is a local certified installer in my town :D

    Looking at the website it shows the headlight and foglight install is a ***** (5 star difficulty) the hardest of their rating. The local rep quoted me $120 installed so for $80 I think I am going to avoid the risk of screwing it up.

    Also they are a premium installer so I guess they have the computer to custom cut the stuff so I dont need to wait for xpel to ship the protection kit to them.

    I am curious if it will still crack. I dont think its a chipping problem but the lens material on the foglights are not strong enough. so I wonder if the 3M film will stop the chips but the force will still cause the fog lens to crack :confuse:
  • You must have read it wrong. I think the headlight is either a 2 or a 3. Definitely not a 5. I have installed that on other cars before and its not that difficult. Use the 'wet' method of installation. You can't screw it up because u can simply peel it off and redo with the 'wet' install. For the fog lens, you can even take them off and do it at home. The warmer it is the easier to work with.

    I haven't heard of anyone lens got broken with the film... I guess u can put it on 1 of the lens and see if the other 1 craks or not. :)
  • ummm NOPE it says 5 Stars difficulty for the headlights/foglights kit:

    see link HERE

    and I am sure on a standard foglight with glass or better quality plastic lens on the foglights then the thin plastic used, the 3M film will work wonders. And no ... I guess putting it on 1 lens and seeing if the other cracks is not an option :P Why would someone do that :confuse:
  • Just received my copy and they used a photo of a B9 for the index page of the auto section.
  • Some1 has to do some testing... :p
    Ok.. I m wrong. its a 5 star... But the foglight is easy...
  • mikejlmikejl Posts: 78
    That's some great info. Even if you just use the fog lamp protectors, it's cheap protection.

  • mikejlmikejl Posts: 78
    I have the Limited w/NAV. This morning was the first time I've driven the car at below-freezing temperatures and the temp gauge was not registering correctly. I've not had a problem up until now, but at 20 degrees this morning, the B9 was showing 25.

    I had 20 at my house, I drove eight miles on country roads to pick up my carpool rider and confirmed that he had 20 at his house. I'm going to keep an eye on it for a few days, but it could be a bad sensor.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Was there any residual heat, i.e. had the car been driven recently?

    Click & Clack say it takes about 4 hours for the engine oil to cool fully, so that might affect the reading.

  • Ok just wanted to point out the 5 star for those thinking of buying the kit. ;) I would guess to get it close to perfect (as I like stuff :shades: ) it will take a pro to install over the headlights. the shape of the B9 is not a smooth single bubble like alot of cars but it has multiple areas to get correct.
  • mikejlmikejl Posts: 78
    The car had been sitting for more than 12 hours. A warm engine might affect the initial temperature reading, but it wouldn't have a lasting effect.

    From what I have observed so far, the initial reading may take a minute or two to correctly reflect the outside temp, but it reacts fairly quickly after that. In this case, I can be sure that it was not reading correctly even after 15 minutes, and I believe it was just as wrong 40 minutes after that, when I got to work.
  • I called up a local installer.. $90 for everything, $60 for the film, and $30 for install.
    For that price, i m not even going to bother to do it myself. Try to see if the guy and do it tomorrow. Let you guys/gals know when its done.

    BTW, the body panel film install is expensive. My co-worker is getting his vette done by these guys and they i think labor is like $800 or something.
  • so your getting the foglights and headlights both done turnkey for $90. thats a better price then I got locally at $120.

    I thought you already ordered the kit from that link you posted?
  • I have had outside temp gauges on few cars.

    They are never very accurate in extreme temperatures until you been driving a for any where from 15 to 30 minutes or more.

    The sensors take time for the temp to adjust on the part of the car where it is mounted. In the summer if you park in sun on a hot sunny day and the temp will read 5 to 10 degrees higher than the actual air temp.

    Watch it but it is probably not a problem.
  • Now I have both fog light lenses crack. I went to the dealer as SOA recommended. This guy was a total idiot. He looked at both cracked lenses and said " well if there signs of cracking that would not come under the warranty.

    I said if there were signs of dimples and cracking it would definitely not be covered. But my car does not have a mark on it. The odds of only 2 stones striking just the 2 lights and no other stones dinging the bumper or front fascia is a virtual impossibility.

    Any way the Subie regional guy will be at the dealer next Tuesday so I bring it back then. Will let you what he says.

  • I think we should create a thread where we can do a one time listing of our cracked lenses and state the following:
    Which lens
    Date noticed
    Mileage at the time
    Chips or dings in the area
    Last 4 digits of the VIN

    I would start it but I do not know how.
  • harvptharvpt Posts: 40
    My tire pressure light went on today, tires did not look low. The temp was 35f. I put a small amount of air in each tire, the light went out after I started driving. Is this a temperature issue? The tires appeared fine.
  • Nope. Was debating if i should do it since its cold outside.
  • Temperature. You loose 1 lb for every couple of degreess.
    I think the manual tells you the exact amount.
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