300m over heating and gas leak

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Om so my 03 chrysler 300m is overheating. Water pump, fans, radiator, radiator cap and all are functioning. We replaced the thermostat and it was still overheating. So we removed the thermostat and magically it stopped overheating. But now it smells of gas but nobody can find a a leak visually. Help!! Please!!! Possibilities as to where the gas smell could be coming from???


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    It doesn't take much of a leak to create a very strong gas smell, so this will require very close examination of fuel lines, gas tank and especially the EVAP canister and all the lines to and fro.

    Removing the thermostat and running the car that way isn't a good deal---the engine runs too cold, and perhaps the computer is running a very rich mixture as a result---or there could be a leaky injector.

    Given the age of the car, the possibilities here are many, and only methodical diagnosis is going to make sense of everything. The removal of the thermostat suggests you have a circulation issue so perhaps the radiator needs to be flow-tested. Also no harm in doing a pressure test for a bad head gasket.

    I can't say if the gas smell and overheating are related or just coincidental. Do we even know if the car is actually overheating, or are you going just by the temp gauge?
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    I thought the same thing about it running too rich but it is reaching operating temp. So i don't think thats my issue. 

    And yes it was definitely over heating boiling over!!!! Put in a new thermostat and radiator cap and still was overheating....took out the thermostat and walaaaa magic. No overheating! Lol

    I think i should start with checking the fuel rail o rings...
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