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Scion MPG-Real World Numbers



  • Hi, I also have a 2006 xA with 36K mi. I bought it recently and I believe the dealer change the oil and filters. Yet I am not getting more than 240mi per tank/10.28 gal. I drove to East Stroudsburg from NYC and after 240 I needed to put more gas. Do you think this is normal? I expected at least 340 for this small car. My ex has a 6cyl 2005 Subaru Legacy and with 12 gal I've driven 400 miles. That is ~330 for 10gal, in a 6cyl car. What do you suggest? Should I check if the oil filter needs to be emptied out a little bit? Thank you for your help in advance.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Well first off please excuse me but I find it really hard to believe that a 3.0 Subaru can achieve 33+ mpg, because that is 75% higher than it is rated to get. (EPA rating is 20 mpg) It's not my intention to be critical or to question your math skills, only to introduce the following suggestion:

    You really have to calculate mpg based on a number of fills-ups, not just one trip. Doing it for just one trip can be wildly inaccurate, because of variation in fill up technique, blends of gas, how the car sits, how fast you are driving that day, etc.

    Also, you may recall that many people here have mentioned that once little Scion engine gets over 65 mph, the gas mileage drops like a rock.

    So I'd say calculate at least 5-6 fillups and let us know how it's going.
  • I have read your comment and thank you. Just to clarify, I drove in my ex's car to at least 4 different places this year and believe or not I calculated the amount of miles I got on each trip. From The Bronx to Washington, or to Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee and Toronto I could calculate at least 340 gal each time I filled up the tank. Now, the reason I made this comparison is because I believed my Scion would let me go to East Stroudsburg (~110mi) and come back with only one tank. Well it didn't and I had to fill it up when I reached Fort Lee, NJ. I just put 10.5 gal after having put 10.28 last November 11. That is just one week for 225 mi driving from my house to Manhattan and a couple of times to Yonkers.

    I understand how MPG works, but you don't have to be a savvy to understand that by zeroing your odometer seeing that is has measured 225 mi when is time to put gas again this means your tank only gave you that amount for the 10.2 gallons you put the last time and in just 8 days. But I will make sure I do a couple of fueling to be able to provide you with more accurate information.

    One more thing, is it possible that when the filters were changed they were set to be filled up with a ratio higher than what's recommended?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    I have no idea why the Subaru should exceed EPA estimates by nearly 100%. I guess driving it a certain way could do that---I dunno what to say. Subarus are notorious gas hogs for their engine size, as a rule--especially the 3.0. So what I'm saying is that don't judge your Scion by this rather miraculous result. It's some kind of anomaly.

    Regarding the Scion--one thing to keep in mind is that these little cars are geared (in the transaxle gearing) for acceleration, not for top speed. They are, in other words, not a "long-legged" car. This is why the 65mph + penalty kicks in.
  • I have an 05 XB with automatic. Is your XA auto or manual? The stick shift has a higher 5th gear RPM than the auto so it gets less mpg.

    Are the tires the stock 15" or are they upgraded to 16. 17, or 18"? Tire pressure at 35psi? Oversize rims and tires rob the Scion of mpg. I also get less MPG with the tire pressure set at the door sticker of 29psi. Oversize tires will make you lose mpg substantially as well as some oversize aftermarket exhausts. Some posters have complained that CAIs have robbed them of 8-10 mpg.
    My mpg drops from 32 to 28 when the stock 15" tires are rotated at the tire shop and they set the pressure back to 29psi.

    Have the plugs been changed with platinum tipped plugs as specified by Scion? I change the air filter every 10k miles and the oil is 5w-30 full synthetic.
    I have 101,000 on mine and it still gets 32-33 mpg and average about 330 miles per tank. I run it regularly from DC to NJ and back at speeds up to 80.

    I hope some of this helped.
  • My 06 xA is automatic and came with 15" tires. Last time I tested for tire pressure was about two weeks ago and made sure these were at about 32psi each. Perhaps this have something to do with it.

    Regarding the plugs, I have no idea whether these are platinum or any other material. I just know that when I bought it last month I expected the auto dealer to perform a 26 points inspection (whatever this means) and assumed they would change oil and plugs or anything that is considered essential for good performance after some months being parked.

    It currently has 37150 and as I said before, not in this opportunity, for instance, I put $30.02/10.5 gal on November 19 and combined it with a fuel system cleaner I got from AutoZone. That day I got 50 miles for 1 gal according to the gas meter, but the day after began to decrease progressively. As for today, it shows 198 mi for about 7.5 out of 10 gal consumed.

    Another thing I've noticed is that the gas meter fluctuates a lot, even when I turn the car on the same day. The other day saw it marked 5 gal (I assume each line represents one gal since it hast 10 in total) during the night, and when I turned on the next morning it had dropped to 4.5 gal or less.

    To make it easier, I already know the car has some kind of filtration, although the guys from Toyota service told me there is no gas leaking. It might be the tank cap or something like that, but I am thinking of taking it to another shop for another check up.

    Thank you for your comment.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    Subaru did not sell Legacy with 6 cylinder engine for 2005 model year.
    Outback was sold with a 6 cylinder. It will NOT achieve 33 mpg.
    Nope, not credible.

    For the xA, I suggest logging the fuel in gallons pumped and miles at each fill up for the next 5 fill ups, then determining the average mileage.
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    I've got an '05 xB and have averaged 32 mpg for the entire time I have owned it (purchase is back in '06). Very pleased with the mpg. It does suffer a mileage penalty with higher speeds. I try to keep highway speeds to 65 mpg as much as possible, lower if I can get away with it. I took a trip where I kept the speeds between 55 and 60 and got about 38 mpg on the highway.

    The xA should get better mpg than the xB. There is an online mileage tracking site that I have been using and there is an xA owner from Dubois Wyoming that is averaging close to 40 mpg in his car.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    I'd be leery of any anecdotal evidence claiming a 40 mpg "average"----yes, you might get it now and then, but you'd have to be a pretty careful, perhaps fanatic, driver to get 40 mpg average in "normal" driving on an xA.

    It is my understanding that the automatic cars are geared better for economy--so I'd say, ironically, that automatic xAs have a better shot at good MPG than the 5-speeds.
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    Anecdotal? This is the vehicle in question '04 xA Economy

    This is the data from my xB '05 xB Economy
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    very nice records, well done, but still anecdotal because we haven't tested your car's odometer for accuracy, nor measured the amount of fuel prior to putting it in the tank, nor driving conditions or techniques etc. Anecdotal doesn't imply a criticism, it just means "not subjected to rigorous scientific testing".

    Also, you can't claim to be an impartial tester, even if you ARE impartial.

    Nonetheless, impressive #s for an xA
  • drxbdrxb Posts: 1
    With over 120,000 miles on my Scion Xb I can tell you that I typically get up to 36mpg combined in the summer with the A/C on full blast. This includes mostly suburban and high speed Interstate at 80mph. I was carrying heavy loads of several hundred pounds to boot. This little bugger with a manual transmission has been the greatest blessing to me. I am looking for another of the same specs but there are at most 9 available for sale in the entire country. If you get a chance to pick up one do it because it is money in the bank
  • anna_vanna_v Posts: 1
    I recently (like a little over a month ago) I was fortunate enough to be able to afford a new Scion xD. I adore my little car, but within the last two weeks, my gas mileage has gone from ~36 miles/gallon average to barely 33 mpg average(which is the EPA rating) on the highway. Also, the transmission seems to be a bit sticky, not shifting as freely and quickly as when it was a week or two old. I have put ~2100 miles on it so far.

    I tried experimenting with different grades of gas and found that I got 30 miles more with grade 89 than 91. Also, since I put in the grade 91, my car didn't seem quite as peppy/zippy. Also - the transmission "stickiness" i noticed started right about that time I put in the 91. Since then, I have put nothing but 89 into my car. (Yes, I am faithful with my oil changes and checking my tire pressure). I have yet to check if anything major has somehow found it's way into the air filter.

    What the heck is going on? I really don't want to have to go to the dealer completely angry that things are going wrong already. Please help... or explain.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Your car doesn't require 91 does it? If not, don't use it--it's a waste of money. As for mpg, that could depend a lot on what speeds you're traveling on the highway. The difference say, between 65 and 75 on a "boxy" car like yours could be considerable.
  • lostwrench1lostwrench1 Ct.Posts: 1,138
    Also, if you are driving the brick on wheels with the wind or into it.
  • I have to agree with you, ours does very well on the trip from California to Arizona, even with the AC at 80 mph. I will try to buy another one someday.
  • drjjjjdrjjjj Posts: 25
    edited July 2013
    In the interest of continuous improvement, many if not most? of the Toyota dealers need to make the mental adjustment that they're putting in a little too much oil at oil change time! I bought a 12 camry 2.5 and twice they've put it what appears to be the max crankcase capacity, 4.7 quarts I believe. Problem is, the next morning on a flat surface, cold the dip stick shows about and extra 0.33 quarts of oil over the full mark. It's probably because they're pressured to do more work in less time, etc! You say I'm being a picky Engineer, well see forums, reads what extra oil does-foams and then doesn't lubricate properly, etc!

    Suggest Toyota Corp send memo to back off 1/4 quart at oil change which may improve engine problems stats in the long run, etc! Yes, I know you'll probably get complaints they didn't top it off-so what, it's better for the car/customer!

    Well done on the 2012 model-compact car mpg, quiet, refined engine/drive train, etc!
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