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Jeep Patriot: Styling Impressions



  • "I'm looking for an inexpensive vehicle with a manual 4 wheel drive low gear with average mileage and decent reliability. Not sure this exists."

    Jeep Liberty Sport 4X4, 3.7L V6, 6-Speed Manual Trans, decently equipped at $22,875 before options or freight, EPA 18 mpg city/22 hwy. I'm holding out for the redesigned (Cherokee-ized) '08 model...
  • djp_63djp_63 Posts: 10
    I posted this on the Compass Forum also:

    I have been a Mopar fan for years, owning several Dodge and Jeep products over my driving career. I have been anxious about the Caliber since I saw the early pre-production pictures. I waited, watched and read everything I could to see how they would hold up, especially the CVT. Then I saw that Jeep was coming out with a Cherokee sized vehicle that delivered decent mileage; so I decided to wait until I could see that. But first I had to wait for the Compass to come out first. I never warmed up to the looks of the Compass, and honestly, I think the Patriot is going to outsell it 3 to 1.

    With intent to finally buy, I began to test drive my interest and the competition so that I had a point of reference. The Caliber and Patriot stayed right at the top of list the whole time. They both looked good, had good crash ratings, good mileage and were priced well. With Patriots arriving, I found myself taking turns driving a sport appearance Caliber and Sport Patriot. In the in end, the Patriot had a better interior, outer body hardware, more room, bigger engine and future better resale. I still like the Caliber, but the interior was light coloured and was already scuffed up on the lot. It also had some plastic trim along the roofline that would degrade in a few years in the Florida sun. I was so glad to have them side-by-side and happy with my Patriot.

    My first fill up yielded a tad over 27 mpg, which was mostly mixed highway. I am 6'2 and 180 pounds and the driving position is great. I like the Yes Essential fabric better than the leather, and the darker interior plastic seems to be good and cleans easily. The CVT is very nice, and the motor seems powerful, but a little pokey off the line but still strong. I was used to an straight six in a Cherokee. The long-term reliability of the CVT is my main concern though, but that withstanding, I really like the Patriot.

  • Hello,
    I'd like to know the water fording capabilities of the 2008 Jeep Patriot 4x2? I'm not planning to take this vehicle to the outdoors, it's just that when it rains heavily on my home town, you have to cross several flooded avenues on your way home.

    I've read that the 4x4 model with the additional off-road package provides and extra inch of ground clearance (from 8" to 9") and a water fording level of 19 inches, but it clearly says that it has to do with some "extra sealing" a feature present only with the off-road model.


  • I checked out the specs myself and there is no specifics for a 2WD Patriot and water fording depth. The 19 inch recomendation is because of the location of the fans for the radiator. The electric fans will fail in deep water. 19 inches is pretty deep to begin with. A 2WD Patriot could be safe to the bottem of the electric fans and the air intake location. I would get the 4x4 with the offroading set up myself but I do spend time off the beaten paths. Hope this helped.
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