Toe-wear tires

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My tires have inner toe wear on the front two from alignment issues. My mechanic said their was a white oval shape on one of the tires where it is worn down. He said this is a sign that the cords of the tire will start showing. Is this true? If it is how serious is the issue/how many miles before I need to get new tires? The drive still is smooth without any abnormal vibrations.


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    It's very possible. Do you have a picture of the tire's condition?

    As far as guessing how long it will last. If you have worn through the tread the tire is already failed and needs replaced right now.
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    Just because you don't have an abnormal vibration doesn't mean you don't have an alignment issue that needs to be addressed. If the cord of the tire is getting ready to show, you need to get the car aligned and replace the damaged tires. The ride may be smooth, but with that much abnormal wear on a tire, it's not safe to keep driving on them.
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    And get it aligned ASAP
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