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Infiniti M35 vs Lexus GS 300



  • carfan28carfan28 Posts: 43
    For those of you who own the GS300 awd or the M35x, how did it do in snow conditions last winter?

  • I drove the '07 M35X for the first time today. Nice...really nice.

    I've been driving a Lexus GS300 since I bought it new in 1998. It has been a terrific car and the dealer has been nothing short of spectacular. I could hardly believe I was test-driving an Infiniti but...

    The M was just a better feel all the way around. Certainly the NAV system was better. As a matter of fact, all the controls were easier to see and easier to access.

    The only thing better on the Lexus was the gas mileage and that is a bit of a guilt issue.

    I'll probably go for the M in a month or so. Too many items in the plus column to ignore.
  • Thanks for the report. I came to exactly the same conclusions myself.

    I love my M45: The power and handling, the intuitive, instant access dashboard controls, the great Nav and voice commands, the incredibly bright backup monitor with steering dependent, path predicting lines.

    It's a pleasure all of the time in just about every way.

  • I love the M35x, but i have to admit, the AWD does not really give you as much confidence as you would expect.
    The car handled OK, but I expected more. Even in the rain, its just doesnt grip as one would hope. But its still better than a RWD or FWD vehicle. The Lexus has the same issues (ive been told by my two associates who own the GS)
    I think nothing will handle better than the Audi in this class.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Tires make a difference...the stock ones aren't the greatest.
  • Thanks. I'm looking forward to having those feelings, but with the M35X. I don't want to go through one more no-traction winter (or rainstorm) with the GS300 and look forward to the all wheel drive!

    Pete, do you feel that the majority of issues that owners bring up on this site are isolated issues? The dealers I've been to seem to have it pretty much all together...very service oriented, and I'm feeling pretty confident about the service network.
  • Pete, do you feel that the majority of issues that owners bring up on this site are isolated issues?


    I think the issues that show are pretty isolated, but of course if a few people see their own problem a few times, they may feel otherwise. The car has been perfect for me in every way.

    I think the most accurate gage of reliability comes from broader surveys.

    Consumer Reports annual owner satisfaction survey (April 2006) asks OWNERS to rate their satisfaction with their own cars. The question they ask for this survey, as always, is: "Would you buy this car again?"

    The Infiniti M35/M45 came out number 1 with the highest percentage of satisfied owners of any luxury car on the road.

    The Survey lists the following cars (Shown next to the percentage of owners who would buy it again.)

    * 92% - Infiniti M35/M45
    * 89% - Lexus GS300/GS430
    * 89% - Lexus LS430
    * 80% - Audi A6 sedan (V6)
    * 78% - Acura RL
    * 75% - Jaguar XJ Series
    * 75% - Audi A8
    * 72% - BMW 5 Series (V8)
    * 70% - Lincoln Town Car
    * 69% - BMW 5 Series (6-cyl.)
    * 67% - Cadillac STS
    * 64% - BMW 7 Series
    * 63% - Jaguar S-Type
    * 62% - Mercedes-Benz E-Class

    If you subscribe to consumer reports on-line, you can find the survey here.

  • I dont know what you guys are talking about, im 6'3 200 and the Lexus has plenty of space for me. I also dont get the whole "feeling" of the road deal, how often are you racing around that you would need or for that matter want to "feel" the road. The lexus is smooth and quiet as can be and I love that about it.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Ever noticed that there are all sorts of sizes of clothing in the stores...I have a friend that is the same height as I, he has 3" longer inseam than I. It makes a huge difference on what cars we each can fit in comfortably. That is what I'm talking about. The insistance of installing a sunroof and losing nearly 3" of headroom as a result severely limits what cars I comfortably fit in. You might find the lack of legroom a factor, or the reach to the steering wheel. Now, if I had simean arms, I could lay the seat down more and headroom wouldn't be as much of a problem. We each have our crosses to bear. I've only owned one car that had a perfect seating arrangement - a Citroen, strange as that might be. Nothing else has come very close. You can attribute some of that to the French doing things their own way, like making the clutch, gas, and brake all at the same level so you could just swivel your foot from one to the other making the seat to steering wheel less critical so you didn't have to lift your leg to reach the brake pedal - if you could reach the gas, you could reach the brake. The perceived fiasco with Audi pretty much prevents anyone from doing this simple but nice to have situation. Really made heel and toeing easy. If you are too sloppy to hit the brake or gas when you want the other, you really shouldn't be driving.
  • yeap that makes sense, I was just letting people know that you can be big, and still fit very very comfortably in the lexus.
  • Now that Lexus has upgraded the horsepower to 303 the equation may have changed. My lease is about to expire on my'03 Audi A6 2,7T w/ quattro and the main prerequisite for my next car is AWD. I have narrowed it down to the GS350 and the M35X and have test driven both of them. The Lexus is now quicker off the line and in passing situations than the M. The M handles better as best as I could tell since the test run in the Lexus was on straight roads in traffic. The Lexus is quieter, more refined and more luxurious feeling but the M is sportier and more fun to drive. The Lexus is smaller inside and has a tiny trunk. It appears that the technology in the M is better somewhat but hard to tell in a short test drive. The M doesn't have automatic door locking which I like and in order to get HID headlights you need to order the advanced tech package( which has features I don't want) and then add on another $800 for the lights. The Infiniti dealerships are more high pressure and the Lexus dealerships are far classier however I have no idea who has better service.
    Now that the Lexus has upped the hp I'm curious to hear opinions on preferences. I change my mind every day.
  • Which tires would you recommend?
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    I've got some Michelin Pilot Alpin 2's on my M35x - they handle about the same as the factory tires, and aren't noisey in the process. We've had very little snow, so I can't really say how well they work.
  • I used to love GS, like you I had a GS 300 1998. I loved it 160k miles. I recently bought the GS 2006 model and WOW the features. But I was in a fender bender and a nissan altima suffered minor bumper damage while my car suffered $10,000 damages. The car is made much thinner and crumbles. Consumer reports said its Lexus worst model for body integrity. Not Safe I am so mad I chose this over an infinity or even a BMW. I have begged Lexus CS to get me out of this car and the airbags did not even deploy, safety is a big issue over asthetics. next car is infinity
  • hausshauss Posts: 169
    FYI...CR states body integrity as the following:

    Body integrity: Seals, weather stripping, loose interior trim, air and water leaks, wind noise, rattles and squeaks.

    What you experienced is most likely due to other factors that caused your car to suffer more costly damage than the Altima.

    Also, just so you know the car was given a "Best Pick" by the IIHS with their highest rating across the board.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Manufacturers were forced in the (70's?) to make 5mph bumpers....they complained. Now, the requirement is slower. To meet the crash tests, all new cars crumple - this absorbs energy so it doesn't impact you. It is unfortunate that this can mean more must be replaced after a crash. A luxury car's parts are more expensive than "lesser" cars, which may not provide the same level of occupant protection. So, you make your choices, and pay the price.

    Air bags only trigger if the impact is both above a certain speed, and the "G-force" exceeds a certain level. It is probably rare a slow-speed bump (less than 10mph) would cause them to trigger unless it was into an immoveable object, and even then, may never do it under 5mph or so.
  • I read the report today on MSN, that many new cars crumbled but it also states that the previous model GS up until 2005 had a better crash test rating. The issue is they can make it safer and as sturdy as the previous materials used.
  • kivikivi Posts: 12
    We considered and test drove the usual crowd ( 5xi, A6,GS, and M). I really did like the GS but the headroom killed it for me (6'2"). I liked the styling of the lexus better than the M, but we chose the M35x because of the headroom it offered over the lexus.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Me, too. I really feel cheated that I have so few choices because of headroom. I would gladly live without the sunroof (which is almost impossible to find). But where you can possibly order one without a sunroof, it is a package with many of the fun and nice to have things that you lose too. Bummer...On my last car, and Audi A6, I ordered it without the sunroof - had 2.85" more headroom per the specs. Today, you can order one without, but, can't get the HID lamps, etc. Have been spoiled by them, and don't want a car without them. Cost a major fortune to retrofit, so that is out. Maybe when I replace this one, there will be more choices.
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