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04 Chevy Malibu with multiple problems

vickyl702vickyl702 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2017 in Chevrolet
I need some assistance please. Purchased a used Malibu in October of last year. The car right now has 136k miles. It's been problem after problem. I've tried researching on my own but my head starts spinning from all the possibilities.

-Right after I purchased the car, I filled up the gas tank and as I was leaving the gas station, the gas light went on and stayed on. Ever since then, the light just stays on and sometimes it feels like the car is lagging. The previous owners removed the stock radio so I have no way of tracking trip miles or if the gas is really low. I have to put gas every other day and use 2 different apps to track the odometer miles and how much gas I put

 - About a week after purchasing, the car started jerking/jolting really bad when it would shift. We thought it was the transmission but next day the car ran fine. Since then, it's done it about once a week or twice at the very most. I've tried looking for a pattern but haven't discovered a reason. I have to pull over, turn the car off, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then it is fine.

 - When I go to turn on the car, the ignition turns on but doesn't turn over. It turns off the car right away. Kind of like it doesn't have gas. There have been times that it does it right after I've put gas so I know that's not the reason. Again,I let it sit for a minute and try again.

 - Car doesn't seem like it has much power. Seems somewhat laggy. Sometimes it feels like it wants to stall.

 - Brakes are really squeaky especially in the morning. After a couple of minutes of driving, it's not a constant squeaking but more of a shrieking noise

 - Just a couple of days ago, the car started shaking a lot. A LOT. It literally feels like the either the engine is going to fall off or a tire is.

 - Had the oil and filter changed in November. About a week ago, my aunt checked it and said the oil was really low and black. She put the remaining oil that was left from November. She checked the dip stick and said it was still low. When I got home from work just right now, I could swear that I could smell something coming from the car. Like a burning smell, perhaps?

-my aunt checked the fluids and noticed that the radiator hoses has some orangish stuff near it. Leak?

 - The temp gauge is at the line right above the 1/2. Everyone has told me that is ok. But lately the gauge goes a little above that line. Once I put gas, it dies down a little.

This car has been a complete nightmare. I'm a single mother and unfortunately I know nothing about cars and maintenance. My mom bought this vehicle cause I needed a reliable dependable car. I stress so much with this car. I want to sell it but I want to be honest with the buyer. I've asked my mechanic to come look at the car numerous times and he either flakes or doesn't reply. My uncle is an​ auto technician and I've told him my concerns, he asked if there's a check engine light on, since there isn't, he said it's hard to know and the only way to diagnose it is for it to be doing it at the moment. He said to just tell interested buyers that it's probably the fuel pump. I need to know what repairs it may possibly need and the costs so if I do find a buyer, I know what my bottom price can be. Please, please help me. The dealership estimated 350$ just to diagnose.
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