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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Lease Questions



  • Hi vasanth999. Please see my previous posts for the information on the 2011 model.

    I haven't seen the lease program for the 2012 version of this truck yet.

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  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    mk2 Can you tell us the MF, MSRP and Residual?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    You pose a very good question about byu vs lease, did you reach any conclusion?

    Car Man can you give your valuable advise here to jmgoldsmith's question about lease vs buy please?
  • I am considering leasing instead of buying and have read articles and the forums here on the subject. Never leased before so I am still wading thru as much information as I can find.

    Why do the money factors and residual percentages change month to month( I'm assuming they changed monthly based on what I saw)? Is it just like any other "interest rate" on your home or equity line? Is there a better time to take advantage of these rates?
    i.e. end of model year, last day of the month, etc..

    Do Dealers have any control over these rates or are they set by Acura Finance?

    Also, the incentives and rebates that are mention above....are any of those better at one time during the year than another? e.g holidays or middle of winter to incentivize people to buy/lease?

    TIA...I appreciate you helping a newbie. :confuse:
  • Thanks Car_man! Much appreciated.
  • johninDCjohninDC Posts: 7
    edited October 2011
    Would appreciate feedback on the following lease quote:

    Msrp 49309
    Sale price 45501
    Tax 2780.86
    Tag, title registration 331
    Money factor .68
    Residual .54
    Drive off cost 702.86 (same as monthly payment)
    36 mos and 12k / YR

  • I have never leased a vehicle before so I had some questions. I bought a crv in 07, traded it in for a Pilot in 09, and now I was going to trade in the Pilot for a MDX but the monthly payment is just a bit of out my budget. Thats when the dealer suggested looking into leasing. I am currently paying about 470 on the pilot's loan(4 yrs remaining). Based on KBB I could make about 3-4k after tradein, which I plan to put as downpayment. Is that the way to go seeing my buying habit?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Hi Car Man,

    MDX salesman in northern California told about 1 payment lease option, which he say's is the best deal if you have the cash to pay for the full lease upfront. He said this the best way to save money on lease.
    Does this make sense? Do you save on interest on 1 payment lease on MDX?

  • IMHO you should have been leasing all along. I am very curious to see how much you've paid for your cars and what the dealers gave you at trade in.
    Is there a reason why you're trading your cars in so frequently?

    Just based on your brief description I think you should definitely be leasing. I do advise against putting money down but I don't know if you can avoid it and still afford the car.
  • The RV and MF change for a variety of reasons. Access to capital (for the lender), supply and demand, and introduction of new models can all impact the rates and values.

    Each financing company sets their own rates. Most dealers use AHFC and they have no say in the rates; they can only negotiate the price of the car.

    I don't know if there is a better time of year to lease in terms of rates and incentives. I would guess that if there is excess supply before the new models are introduced then dealers would get more support from AHFC to get them of the lots. My dealer called me last year in September and offered to buy me out of my 08 lease (I had 6 months left) and put me into a 2010. He told me that they were stocking up on CPO MDXs and also had to move the 2010s off the lot.
  • When I took in my crv, they gave me the kbb good condition price. The Pilot has a chipped windshield and tires are almost worn out. We moved from crv to pilot because we wanted to get a 7 seater suv. And this move is because we have been dissatisifed with the pilot. The tires are ready for replacement and its just 20k miles.Mileage is terrible, we get like 14-15 in city, even below their rated values, and some of the plastic has started coming off in the interior. So we were looking at the mdx which is essentially the same size as the pilot but has more quality and better ride experience.
  • Thx BH, I appreciate the response. I've convinced myself to wait on the 12's. I'm afraid I am shooting myself in the foot at a higher price because of scarcity of the 2012's. I'm willing to wait until Spring but not my first choice!

    Maybe I'll get lucky and they will do a 2012 intro special rate!
  • This is my 3rd MDX Tech/Ent and I like this one the least. I live in NYC and I get 13-15 mpg at best. The finish is just ok; i thought the 2005 had the best finish. I also have to get oil changes every 3500 miles because the light goes on. This is new because i only changed my oil every 7500 with the 08. I don't know if the finish and mileage issues will be resolved. I would also complain to Honda about the tires and finish assuming your still under warranty. I'm ballhogg at gee mail if you want to take this off-line
  • But what happens if they aren't offering any deals, are you prepared to overpay perhaps? I don't know the answer, I just thought I'd ask. :-)
  • I know! I've thought about that already. The multi colored leather on the interior of the 2011 is what is a deal breaker. Looked at a Q7 today...really nice ride but fear the cost of ownership over the long haul.

  • I would never buy an MDX or any "luxury" car, leasing is definitely the way to go. My sister had two Audis and spent a small fortune on maintenance. Leasing takes the cost of ownership component out of the equation.
  • I figured that....still hard to get my head around not having anything "at the end" of it. With potential body changes and new car depreciation, leasing looks better and better.
    Thx for the tidbit on the Audi. Everything I have read has said stay clear but the test drive was impressive.
    Still think the Q7 is a sexier car than the MDx but not nearly as practical. But, then again, there is nothing "practical" about that kind of car purchase, period. ;)
  • I am in the same boat as you.I was looking at the Q7 too, but the 3rd row seat is practically useless and the Q5 seems like a better choice of the two.
  • Hi Torn,

    I drove the Q5 (with the 20" wheels) and loved it. The third seat is a must for me....otherwise I'd do the Q5, too. If you can get away with no having to have it....
    you have a lot more choices.
  • Hi ab10000. Most manufacturers do indeed provide a money factor reduction for lessees who pay for their entire lease in advance.

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  • Hi, down to the MDX or Highlander. Could you PLEASE tell me if this is a good deal?

    2011 MDX (base), 10K miles, $535/mo, $1,000 up-front/out-of-pocket

    Other #s...
    Selling price: $40,784
    Cap cost: $42,997
    Dealer cost: $40,296
    Price Adjustment: $2,213
    Inception fees: $3213
    Residual based on 10K miles: $25,412 (1.3% up from 55% residual with more miles)

    Also, would the 2012s be alot more expensive? Is it worth waiting?
  • Car Man, could you please post this month's lease terms (RV, MF) for the 2011 (and 2012, if different) MDX+Tech, 36mos, 12K.

    And a question for anyone who has recently leased this model..., what was your monthly cost (and/or sales price) with these terms. How much are dealers discounting any remaining 2011s, if at all, now that the 2012s are on the lots?

    I plan to lease within the next week (or extend my old lease if unable to find a good deal), and will post my experience when done.

  • Hi wheedler123. $488 over dealer invoice isn't bad, even for a leftover 2011 model given the fact that there isn't any dealer cash available on it.

    Dealers would probably try to charge you more for a 2012 model, but probably not a ton more. You might want to consider looking at a '12.

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  • Hi yacomrade1. Acura's November buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 MDX Tech with 12,000 miles per year are .00143 and 56%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top aka "Super Preferred" credit tier.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of a 2011 model are .00060 and 53%.

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  • Hey Car Man!

    Can you post those numbers for 15k miles?

  • Hey sandbox5. the residual values for a lease with 15,000 miles per year would be 2% lower. The money factor would be the same.

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  • Hi leased a 2011 Base MDX--35 month, 10,000 miles, yesterday. First time I leased a car, did I get a good deal?

    Paid (includes all down payment + tax & license)---$3989.00
    Traded 2006 IS350--------------------------------------- $650.00 (paid off car loan and 650.0)
    Dealer bonus cash-----------------------------------------$1000.00

    Total monthly payment= $383.00
  • Hi, does anyone know...

    ...If a lease holder wants to buy the car at the end of the lease, does the title have to be transferred to the lease holder or can s/he direct that it be transferred to someone else?

    My reason for asking is that I want to buy a 2008 MDX base model with <36k miles and the market price is $28-30k but the RV of a Sep 08 36/36 lease is only $20,500. That is a massive profit margin for dealers that I do not want to pay. I would love to find someone who's lease is ending soon and offer them a cash incentive to let me accompany them when they return the car, hand over a check to the dealer and have the title assigned to me. Do you think this scenario is possible?

    Thanks in advance for any advice

  • james,
    I have heard of sites where you can assume a lease for someone so I would think it might be possible you could pay the assumption fees and get in that way as well.
    Just a thought....
  • In theory it sounds like a good idea. I would call AHFC or a dealer to find out if it's allowed. I would also assume that you would have to pay the RV or payout amount on behalf of the original leasee and have the leasee transfer the title to you prior to turning the car in at the dealer. The RV of $20K sounds really low, is that number correct?

    As for assuming a lease AHFC doesn't really allow it. AHFC requires the original leasee to remain on the lease when you transfer. So if you were to assume someone's lease the original leasee would actually be financially liable if you didn't make the payments. If the car is leased through a bank I think the process is a little easier but expensive (they will probably charge a transfer fee of ~$500). I'm pretty sure this is the policy of AHFC - you can double check with them or a dealer to verify. Hope this helps.
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