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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Lease Questions



  • Hello everyone.
    I am looking to lease a 2012 MDX tech package with 10k per year. Can anyone tell me the best lease rate they have gotten so far? I do not want to put any money down, so I will split the $2500 down between 36 months,bringing the total to $570 per month, (Acura requires $2999 down but that includes $499 for the first months payment if you get the base model). So on top of the $570, how much more should I be paying per month for the Tech Package?
  • mitramitra Posts: 7
    I am planning to lease a 2012 MDX with Advance package. Here are the questions:
    (1) Acura website financial calculator says that the monthly lease payment is $1,030.94 for a 10,000 mile/year, 36 month lease. What is the money factor and lease end value of this lease?
    (2) Does the lease include gap insurance (i.e., the insurance needed to make it whole if the car is totalled or stolen during the lease period)?
    (3) Does the lease give any restriction on driving to Canada?
    Many thanks.
  • HI all, i am looking to lease a 2012 mdx. i have received the following quote:
    $499 a month
    this is for the base 2012 mdx.
    Is this a good price? i havent shopped around yet. I am located in NY.
    I need a car asap so i will probably purchase the car in the next few days.
    appreciate your thoughts/opinions.
    Thanks all!
  • Car_man...what is the residual on this vehicle at 12k miles per year? Many thanks!

  • Looking to lease a 2012 MDX w/ Tech.

    Just wanted to research some numbers and stumbled on this thread and wanted to ask about the figures I received:

    $6300 down

    Extras included:
    Tow package
    Roof Rail Package
    Sport RB

    After reading, I noticed that many have lower monthly payments and low money down. I wanted to know what factors led to this. I am signing this with my wife who I believe is considered a preferred / was able to receive 1.9% APR to Finance the same car, but we opted because of the figures.

    Any comments welcomed, should I keep working on a better deal.
  • Hi,
    I think the $6300 is way tooo much to put down. Here is the thing. Acura has a national sales program going on stating that the down payment is $2999, which includes the first months payment of $499, then $499 per month for a base model. Now, with the tech pakage, the difference in price is $3675, of which you should not be paying for all of this since you are only leasing the car. since you want the tow package, roof rail system, and the sport rb, you should not be paying full price for all these item as well because once the lease expires, all of these items now belong back to Acura, so you should only be paying for a fraction of these items in your lease. I was always told to never put any money down and have a higher monthly payment instead, because if the car gets stolen and totaled, you will not be able to recoup the money you have put down for a lease. But $6300 is way too much to put down, unless you are looking for lower monthly payments. I personally feel you are getting a horrible deal.
  • this is the best rate I think you will get as this is the Acura national program lease rate. i have leased two cars(2007 mdx and 2011 mdx both with tech packages) from Curry Acura in Scarsdale and they are very good at getting things done really fast and are pretty fair, at least with me they were. The Acura dealership in Larchmont is also very reasonable
  • The lease is also going to be from Curry Acura. Working with George has been great so far and they seem very fair.

    Me and my wife are opting to lease due to the higher down payment required for financing the car. Looking at our budget, the figures and monthly payment is where we want it to be, even though the down payment is high. With regards to the optional accessories, they are all "Included".

    Also depending on how revolutionary the next generation MDX will be, there is a strong possibility that we will buy the car at the end of the term. Will I be overpaying or are these terms acceptable?
  • tarobapptarobapp Posts: 10
    edited January 2012
    Okay, Let's put it this way. I put $0 down( well, I paid the first months lease plus bank fee I think) and got a lease rate of $608 for 2011 with Tech Package per month without taxes. Plus, I paid $400 for a autostart, which I love!!! It is not the one that you see on the acura website, but Acura has approved this one. They orginally wanted $1000 for it, I think, but I said no, then they lowered it to $400, which I thought was acceptable and I paid for it upfront instead of rolling it into the lease. Even though He said everything was included, you are still paying for the all the extras you want. Sport running boards are $602, roof rail package is $997, and tow package is $634. so even if you add all those up, which equals $2233, and you add that to $2999(the Acura national lease program) equals $5232 for all your extras plus base packge for $499 per month. Now, if you want a tech package, it shouls only be $30-40 per month extra, so you should be paying $529-539 per month. But here is thing. For all your extras(roof rail package, sport running boards, trailer package), you should not be paying full price for since you are leasing the car. Because let's say you are going to turn in the car after 3 years, you have already paid full price for these accessories and now giving it back to Acura so they can resell the car and make more money off these accessories that have already been paid to the next guy. So, to me, this offer does not make any sens. Dealers always want you to put more money down towards a car. If I were you, I would seriously rethink this offer. Tell your car salesman to start with Acura's national lease program and work off of that as your starting point, and you will see that you are not getting a good deal, at least in my opinion. Hope this helps you. I actually want to lease the exact same car that you want with the same accessories in the next day or two and I am trying to figure out what the best lease rate I can get. Also, go to Acura of Westchester in Larchmont and see what rates they give you. It's not that far from Curry Acura.
  • Thanks Tarobapp for the great info.

    After some clarification, here is the new rundown of my lease:

    $3628 Down payment
    $2111 Sales Tax
    $560 1st mo
    $173 DMV fees
    $6472 Total

    I totally misunderstood the breakdown. With the numbers what do you guys think of this lease offer. Thanks again for the opinions / recommendations.
  • tarobapptarobapp Posts: 10
    edited February 2012
    I am wondering why you are paying $2111 for taxes? Are you buying or leasing? I just got an offer to lease a 2012 MDX with Tech and sport running boards and roof rails for $594 per month with $0 down. This qoute is without sales tax. All I would have to bring is $594. No other fees!!! and this is from two dealerships in Pennsylvania and new Jersey about 1-1.5 hours from where you live. My honest advice would be to contact Clinton Acura in New Jersey. It is one hour from you. You can even get a quote from them on the internet through their website. They are very quick, will not give you the run around, and are very honest. I will probably go sign the lease in the next day or two, as I think I am getting a very good offer for the car.

    sti2dmx, I am sorry but I think you are totally getting ripped off. Even if you have bad credit, this deal is just not good in my opinion. You have to shop around and get another quote, as I too was given ridiculously stupid quotes. I was given a quotes for a lease that were $80 higher than the Acura Lease program for no reason, and the manager acted as if I was wrong in asking for what was advertised on Acura's website. some people are great, and other's are not so great . I am not looking to get the deal of the century, but I am not looking to get ripped off either.
  • Tarobapp:

    Thanks for the heads up, spoke to them again found out some new info and told them that I was not satisfied with the offer. They were adding that extra 2k for options. So I asked them to rework the offer and this is what I have so far:

    sale price $44200 tech w/o accessories - $26339 residual value

    after plugging it in the lease calculator with MF of 0.00143 im getting $601/mo with taxes and if my math is correct, $558/mo without tax? at $0 down payment.

    Thanks again, you have been a tremendous help.
  • I think that this is a very good lease rate. I was given a price for the tech package of $43,387, but with no accessories. All the best and hope you enjoy the car!!!
  • hi tarobapp, thank you for the advice. I reached out to Clinton Acure and got $650 for 36m/12K lease with only first monthly payment due lease signing for base+tech package. Can you share who you've been dealing with to get $594/m deal? Thanks!
  • HI sergio, my price is not inclusive of taxes. if yours is inclusive of taxes, then I think it is a good price. my price was $638 with taxes, $0 down, and 36m/10k.
    the internet manager at clinton is the one who gave me the price. At lehigh valley acura, I got the same deal plus I got them to throw in black roof rails as well. But what I figured out yesterday was that if you put $0 down, then you end up paying an extra $200 and some dollars extra on taxes, since your monthly lease rate is higher, you end up paying more in taxes. So it is a toss up. Sadly to say, I have some credit issues at the moment, so I was denied by Acura financing for an MDX, which is my loss becuas I have had 2 MDX's since 2007. So I ended up leasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland for $471 per month without taxes with $3500 down(which includes first month's payment). It is not an MDX, but it will do for now and 6 months from now I will get another MDX. Hope this helps.
  • yes, this is great! thank you so much. If everything works out I'd save around $2K on overall lease terms because of your help.
  • That is great, all the best!!! My only other advice would be to go to a larger dealership, since they will probably have more in stock, and will deal better with lease rates. but you should start lower than your asking rate and be prepared to walk!! I went to Lehigh Valley, and a new manager there told me to take my business elsewhere. I was so angry because I have never been told that in 20 years of buying/leasing cars. He didn't even want to talk about it. Then 1 hour later he called me back and said he would take the deal. I should have never gone back!! So don't let people treat you like they did to me. In this economy, give me a break. there are other dealerships out there that will be more than happy to give you their business. And I never play games or bs, I just cut to the chase. there are about 3-4 dealers in your area, so let them all compete for your business. The first one that accepts your offer, take it. And make sure they throw in the all weather mats, even for the trunk. Curry Acura in New York always throws them in, and that is very nice of them to do. anyway, good luck. Let us know how it turns out.
  • The dealer is acting like this is a great deal. I want to lease a 2012 Acura mdx with technology and entertainment. The MSRP is 49,309. The price that we have struggled with is now down to 47,651. They are giving me a 10,000 mile/3yr lease 0 down for $671/month (this includes taxes). Is this fair?
  • Hi newleasedude,
    I think you can do better than $671 for that package. I think $645-650 is what I am thinking. The MSRP difference between a tech and tech + entertainment is $1900. Remember, MSRP not invoice price. Invoice is $44,466 according to So, taking that into account and what I have said on previous comments, $645-$650(inclusive of taxes) is as high as I would go, or I would walk.
  • HA, mitra, a lease payment of $1,030 :surprise: ...something doesn't seem right there. Are you sure that you weren't on Bentley's website ;) ?

    Acura's February buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 MDX Advance with 15,000 miles per year are .00126 and 51%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top aka "Super Preferred" credit tier.

    I believe that Acura leases do indeed include gap insurance at no additional charge.

    I don't think that you could move to Canada, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to visit there in your leased vehicle. I haven't really looked into this issue though so you might want to ask someone at Acura or the dealer to make certain.

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  • Hey wing5nut. Acura's 12,000 mile per year residual values are 2% higher than its 15,000 mile per year resids.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Invoice on a MDX Tech/Ent is NOT $44466...unless you leave out the destination charge of $885. That is part of the price of the vehicle, and should never be removed or shown separately. Add $885...better idea of the number.
  • Car_man...that was the missing piece of the puzzle. Many thanks!

  • Hello, I have a lease deal on the table for a 2012 MDX Tech (no other options) with a sticker price of $47,490 (same as it is listed on the Acura site).
    Terms - 36month/10k mi per year for $609 including tax.
    Out of pocket expenses would be approx $1900 (1st month, Bank Fee, DMV, Doc). I'd like to get the Entertainment package as well (simply for the DVD) but have yet to price this out (I'd also consider just adding it after mkt).
    This is before I have even attempted to haggle and for top credit which I am unsure I qualify for.
    How do these numbers look?

  • Hello, I have a lease deal on the table for a 2012 MDX Tech (no other options) with a sticker price of $47,490 (same as it is listed on the Acura site).
    Terms - 36month/10k mi per year for $609 including tax.
    Out of pocket expenses would be approx $1900 (1st month, Bank Fee, DMV, Doc). I'd like to get the Entertainment package as well (simply for the DVD) but have yet to price this out (I'd also consider just adding it after mkt).
    This is before I have even attempted to haggle and for top credit which I am unsure I qualify for.
    How do these numbers look?
  • You're very welcome wing5nut.

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  • Car_Man,

    I was wondering what the current February lease rates (money factor/residuals/etc) are for a 2012 MDX Tech w/entertainment for a 36 & 48 month lease with 10k miles a year for A+ credit. Thanks for the help.

  • Car_Man,
    I am also looking for February buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 Acura MDX Tech with 10k miles per year (no accessories) for Super Preferred customers.

    Also, is Acura providing any cash incentives?

    I'd appreciate your help as I am trying to work out details in the hopes of pulling the trigger any day.


    Currently being offered $609/month, 2k out pocket incl 1st month pmt, bank fees, dmv, etc.. on a MSRP of $47490 (NJ tax is 7%)
  • yf920yf920 Posts: 2
    nailed down a lease offer at Texas. $650/month, 36 months, 0 downpayment for a 2012 new acura MDX with technology package+running board.
  • jadomjadom Posts: 1
    Hey pls help
    I'm thinking of getting the 2012 base Mdx on the current deal of 36 mo 10 k miles 0 down 540/month 1st month free
    The cost this is calculated on per the Acura site is 43300
    I was able to get them to make it 12000 miles for the same price (just gotta pay dam 8.75 ny tax title etc total 1800) - 6000 miles at 0.10$ per mile is $600 over the course of the lease saved
    Is this a good deal (not sure of money factor but I qualify for best tier)? Anyone able to pay less?
    Is the total cost negotiable for these manufacturer deals?
    Anyone get an upgrade to tech or advance under this deal and if so how much?
    Thx so much hoping to pill the trigger Monday
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