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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Lease Questions



  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    He is making $2,663 in profit of your deal plus an additional 2% off the MSRP known as dealer hold back- this guy is greedy.
  • drdeathdrdeath Posts: 1
    Hi CarMan,
    Can you give me the residual for '09 TL Tech AWD for 36 month lease with 15k/yr? I know the money factor dropped from 0.00237 to 0.0022 in May and I am wondering if the residual dropped to offset that MF drop. I think the residual was 54% in April. Thanks!
  • jmcmannisjmcmannis Posts: 39
    Yea I agree. Unfortunately it must be a Pittsburgh thing. I emailed the 2 other local dealers for pricing and the lowest I got was $39,395. Now if they take the $2000 incentive off of that price then we're talking. In December I was working with a dealer 2 hours away and their pricing seemed pretty good. Guess I'll contact them and see how their price is now.
  • getinmycargetinmycar Posts: 14
    Can you break down that deal for us? I am intrested to see how that $440 was accomplished.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi drdeath. Honda Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 TL Tech AWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00220 and 53%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top aka "Super Preferred" credit tier.

    When negotiating your lease on this car, make sure to take advantage of the $2,000 dealer cash that Acura is providing on '09 TL Techs right now.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • mds3133mds3133 Posts: 4
    Im in ohio and looking to Lease a 2009 TL Tech with 10k miles per year,36 months,
    500.00 out of pocket. The main question i have is how to get to a 450.00 payment including tax - or lower? Im i dreaming? I also have a very high credit score if this helps.
    Has anyone gotten this type of payment out there? I would go outside of ohio if needed.
    Please respond soon need to do something by end of this month,
    Thanks in advance.
  • sosodef1sosodef1 Posts: 1
    Just leased a '09 Acura TL SH-AWD w/Tech Package in SoCal at Santa Monica Acura. Selling price of $36485, $2500 downpayment including fees and first months payment, $1400 of that applied to cap reduction, and payments of $492 including CA tax (outrageously high by the way @ 9.25%). Qualified for their top tier credit. I was dealing with 4 different dealerships, all of whom were offering the regular TL with Tech Package for the same price I got the SH. All those dealerships said they were rock bottom at their prices and were around the same price, then randomly got a phone call from Santa Monica Acura from a message I left and was given the offer I signed with no haggling or negotiation. I feel its a great deal, a beautiful car that is getting looks everywhere, and a stress-free experience once at the dealership. If you live in SoCal, do NOT go to Sierra Acura in Alhambra or deal with their "top salesman" Jerry. These guys are a rip-off and unprofessional. I was dealing with them for awhile and about to close the deal until I got the better offer. I emailed Jerry letting him know I got a better deal and I was disappointed they were charging me the same price for a lesser car and that I would refer future friends and family to Santa Monica Acura. His response:"Thanks for not at least giving us a chance to match the deal. And thanks for wasting our time. You can refer all your friends to Santa Monica and we don't care. Oh, I just sold a used TSX to a mom and daughter who flew in from San Jose to buy a TSX from Santa Monica Acura dealer and guess what, they didn't reserve the car for them knowing they bought the plane ticket, and knowing when they will be flying in, , and the car was sold 15 minutes before they got in. I personally would never buy anything from a dealer like Santa Monica Acura, and by the way you should check to make sure you got a AWD. Good luck!"

    Funny how dealers will match deals after the fact but won't budge no matter how much negotiating goes on. Even more funny that a dealership that is obviously hurting would let their top salesman talk about prospective clients like this!

    Needless to say, I did get an AWD, a great deal, want to advise all in SoCal to stay away from Sierra Acura in Alhambra!
  • mds3133mds3133 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the details.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    Wow-$36,485, that means they gave you the holdback and the cash back.
    I wonder where the profit came from, anyway, that's the best deal I have seen so far on the AWD TECH.
  • mds3133mds3133 Posts: 4
    Carman hello by chance
    Do you know this information on a Just the 09 TL TECH not AWD? :)
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    Ok- I figured it out, the invoice we see here on Edmunds is not what the dealer pays for the car, we see the factory invoice ($39,572) but the dealer is paying far less than that.Here is what I put together to figure out their profit margins-

    Dealer Cost 38,304.00
    Manufacturer Rebate (2,000.00)
    2% Holdback (859.90)
    Actual Dealer Cost 35,444.10

    So they actually made approx. $1,041 on your deal.
  • umalum1990umalum1990 Posts: 9
    i bought a TL SH-AWD Tech with 18in wheels, 559/ mth+ tax 15,000 miles, zero down, net cap cost was $38200. That was with the slightly higher money factor of .0237. Purchase date was 4/30/09
  • umalum1990umalum1990 Posts: 9
    This delership is the biggest RIP OFF in town. Their Rock bottom, "we are losing money price," and the singing and dancing of a sales person that he has never seen a price this low on a TL SH-AWD was $100.00 HIGHER than what I paid for my car!

    JUst wanted anyone in So FL to know to just drive by this dealer ship and go to one of the Broward County dealers (By the way, Esserman also own Miami Acura). My experience as well as those of two friends that triewd to deal with Esserman was the same sour one!
  • a64marca64marc Posts: 21
    yes mf is still .0022 or apr of 5.28%
    tl base for 3 years resids are 61% at 10k at 60% at 12k
    for tl base w/tech pkg resids are 58% for 10k and 57% for 12k

    if you're in socal I'd say the best deals to be had for me have been with santa monica and power torrance acura...yet I also like the guy at Glendale. Keyes while lovely seemed always a bit confused-too many salespeople and managers calling me- and neither of the latter dealers could deal much.
    I'm picking up my new tl tomorrow and let me just say that my sales price is below this tl base 30,706 and tl base w/tech 32,854
    i'm beating the dmv increase come monday and getting an outrageous deal- even with 1% more state tax, I'm paying less than what I paid on my expiring tl lease- now that's sweet
    come to me Grigio metallic with parchment....
    and if you happened to have an expiring Honda Finance Lease (I didn't ;-((( then make sure you get the loyalty letter from HFAC good for $1500 currently on the TL.
  • getinmycargetinmycar Posts: 14
    does Acura have a 24month lease? If so what is the MF and Risids for 12k and 15k a year.
  • rbnj222rbnj222 Posts: 1
    Acura TL Tech Package with Splash guard and Trunk liner
    $3900 down (includes taxes, title, reg, first month) in New Jersey
    $517 per month from East Brunswick Acura in New Jersey
  • pshooperpshooper Posts: 25
    I'm having trouble matching your figures in a lease calculator. Your adjusted cap cost after down payment was $35,085, correct? At Acura's MF of .0022 and a residual of 53% on an MSRP of $42,235 I get payments of $479 before taxes. Was your residual different or is the difference somewhere else? I'm trying to match your numbers so I can present them to a dealer here.
  • amalpaniamalpani Posts: 9
    I got two offers from Chicago area dealers at $440 / month, 12,00 miles / year for 36 months with $730 down (first payment + county fees + new title + doc. fees) for the 2009 Acura TL Base.

    The price includes taxes (my tax rate is 7% and IL charges taxes on the selling price vs. some states that charge on the used lease value).

    Please let me know if that price is any good ?
  • tedr5tedr5 Posts: 3
    Can't tell for sure without knowing the selling price of the car and other details.

    But if the deal is this:

    MSRP of $35,715 and $30,238 selling price + $2,117 sales tax @ 7% + $595 acquisition fee = capitalized cost of $32,950 = $440 per month for 36 mos. w/M.F. of 0.00220 and residual of 60%

    then it sounds like a good deal to me.
  • warpincwarpinc Posts: 2
    Hi car_man & kyfdx,
    I'm interested in leasing a 09 TL SH-AWD w/Tech; 36 mos 25k miles, zero down
    The best price I have found is $37,777 in SoCal ($1000 out of pocket, $703/mo includes tax)

    I'm super prefered (so lease factor .0022)
    What should the residual be?
    The payment seems's almost equal to a G37 coupe loaded which ran $41,400.

    What would the best price be for a 36 mos 25k miles zero down lease?
  • dschapdschap Posts: 2
    Got a quote from Miami Acura-2009 Acura TL Base
    36 Month/ 10,000 miles a year

    3,000 Out the door
    Payment: $395 including 7% tax

  • getinmycargetinmycar Posts: 14
    What was the price of the car for that monthly payment? Just the car, dont inculde anything else.
  • dschapdschap Posts: 2
    The price is $35,715
  • KymberleeKymberlee Posts: 10
    Hi umalum1990,

    Where did you end up purchasing your car? I'm looking for a TL with/Tech and live in Broward County. I went to Esserman --long story and they told me they would take care of me because they knew someone I worked with and they were an absolute joke. Like you said, the price was higher than the other dealers and they were supposed to give me a break! When I shared a written quote with them from another dealer at an approx. $70.00 lower price per month ---they said well we give great customer care--. I told them before going in I didnt want to waste my time and that's in fact what I did. Technically, they should have matched the other dealer's offer and they didn't even do that. I would not have purchased from them anyway because they made me drive to Miami.

    Let me know where you finally purchased and what you paid.


  • heffernanheffernan Posts: 2
    A dealer I have been leasing from for quite some time made me the following offer on a 2009 base TL:

    $489 per month for 36 months

    10,000 miles per year

    $1252 due at signing (includes 1st month's payment, sales tax, aquisition fee, title & registration)

    He says with our past history, he'd be content to only make $400 - $450 on that car.

    Do you think he's being straight with me?
  • bbyanksbbyanks Posts: 12
    I can't do the math here at work, but it sounds like BS.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,043
    Since you didn't give the most important number, the selling price, impossible to tell you how good of a deal it is. Do you buy a house by payment or selling price? Hopefully selling price, which is the same way you should buy/lease a car.
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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,263
    Of course... If I rent a house, I don't worry about what the owner paid for it... even if it does have an indirect effect on the rent..

    That isn't apples to apples, but all else being equal (i.e.: money due at signing), the most important number is the monthly payment.

    Knowing how the dealer got to that payment might help you negotiate a better deal... but, it could still be a lousy lease payment.


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  • heffernanheffernan Posts: 2
    I'm inclined to agree with you. Actually, I AM just renting the car, not buying it. If I intended to buy it after the lease was up, I'm sure the selling price would come into play there. But I'm not. I'll admit, I don't know all the in's and out's, math formulas and all that stuff. I get involved with this once every 3 years and if I can negotiate a monthly payment that I'm happy with, what else matters?

    In the end, I was able to lease the TL (no tech pkg) for $469/mo, no money down. The dealer also paid the last two payments of my 2006 TSX lease. I've been leasing from them for almost 10 years and they treat me very well. They bend over backwards to provide the best service and if someone else somewhere in the USA scored a better deal, good for them. I'm satisfied with the deal I accepted. I'll get back to you all in 2012 and we'll kick this around again.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,043
    If you know the selling price of the car you can with very little effort determine what the lease payment should be, and whether or not the dealer is jerking you around by doing things like marking up the MF.
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