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Car Buying Advice - Good deal or not on 2017 Acura?

robby1234robby1234 Posts: 6
edited March 2017 in Acura
Yesterday went in to the local Acura dealer looking to get an idea of a trade in of my current lease Honda Pilot 2014 w/4 remaining payments of 415 and to get in to a 2017 Acura w/ Technology package 36mo/15k.

Initial quote was at
$1200 to payoff the Honda
$1000 down
$499 month

I wound up leaving. they called me back and asked me what it would take to do the deal?

I came back with
Zero down out the door (was hoping to get away without a first month payment).
450 Month /15k per year including taxes.

They agreed but would not give in on the first month.
So basically it is 450 + tag = 600 first month
450 month includes taxes. for 36/15K




  • Any comments - wanted to know if this was a good deal or not?
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