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Acura TSX Lease Questions



  • You're very welcome, albert72. Congratulations on getting your new TSX. Thanks for taking the time to stop back and let everyone know how things turned out. If you haven't already and you have the time, make sure to stop by the Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of this site to share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience.

    Enjoy your new ride :shades: !

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  • Hi cmks02. Acura's special lease money factor is indeed the same for both 30 and 36 month leases. The residual values for those terms would be different though. Honda Finance's current 36 month, 15,000 mile per year residual value for a base 2010 4-cylinder TSX without the Tech Package is 59%. Its 30 month residual value for this car is 65%.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • cmks02cmks02 Posts: 22
    Car man:

    Here's the deal I just got on a 2010 base TSX, 36 month lease, 10K miles per year...I turned in a leased 2007 TL 2 months early, which was figured into my deal with the remaining 2 payment to Acura Finance covered by the dealer.

    MSRP - $30,120 inc dest charge
    +Sales Tax - ~$900
    Cap cost - $29,175 including sales tax
    Cap Cost Reduction - zero
    Residual - $18,675
    Money factor - .00137
    Monthly payment - $372
    OTD - $692 (included 1 month payment, title, plates, doc)

    I think I got a pretty good deal.
  • Just inked a lease on a 2010 TSX base model.
    3-year lease, 12,000 miles, residual 61%, payments $364/mo (includes 6.25% MA sales tax) plus about $1,000 for acquisition plus title and registration. Cap cost price was reduced to $27,750 with a money factor of .00168.

    Did I get ripped off? It was a long, hard negotiation and hope it was worth it.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    If you trading only 2mths early. You should have easily had positive equity! When your pay off was lower than your value! I hope you didn't get that thrown away. The dealer didn't eat was worth more than your pay off. Unless, you went over your mileage like crazy or some light damage to the car.

    Calculate what your pay off was, and then look up your trade value...then this will be your equity you could have got with the new deal. Now, you won't get 100% of that equity, but most or some of it.

    Hope this helps, of course if its signed and done, you'll know for next time, and to not trust this dealer again. :)
  • Here is my quote from local acura dealer. Is this a fair price?

    2010 TSX tech, 6 Cylinder.
    $34,200 CAP
    36/12k TERM
    $473.29 MONTHLY
    $595 ACQ FEE
    $53.55 TAX (Pennsylvania)
    $193.50 T & T
    $1315.34 DUE (we will include all season mats)

    Thanks for any help/comments. I appreciate it.

  • Hi there,

    I'm about to lease or buy a new 2010 tsx base I4. I've been getting quotes from the internet sales dept's of a few delaers as well as one actual dealership that I visited in person. So far, the best offers I have are:

    $27,900 purchase price (can take advantage of 2.9% financing for up to 60 mo.) OR
    $349/mo lease, $2k up front for taxes and fees, 12k miles/yr, 36 months. money factor .00168, residual value 61% of MSRP (30,120)

    How much more can I get away with, or what would be the best price I can expect to actually get now? I'm looking to sign the deal by Saturday.

    I'm still torn on the buy vs. lease thing though. How would you all feel about having this car long-term (meaning 5+ years)? How well do you think the value of this particular model will hold up? Historically they've done well, but it seems that so many people are iffy on the new design Acura has opted for on all it's models. If this changes again in a few years, will it be a disadvantage to own one in this design? I personally like it, but aesthetics is all a matter of opinion. Is it more worthwhile to trade up again in 3 years? I can swing the payments either way, and if all goes according to plan, I can either upgrade a lease or have the car paid off in 4 years. Any opinions would be much appreciated, esp. in regards to your experience buying or leasing this particular car.

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I think you can do better on a lease. Start with $0 down. Then work on the deal more. If you like the car after the 3 years, then keep it, but if you know right now that you will keep it, then get a loan on it and keep it. Acura keeps their value really well so this will make for a better outcome. I usually keep leasing and trading every 2yrs or so, but then again, I haven't been truly happy with one car. Though, I would still have my Accord, but ended up trading again. I could see myself keeping the TSX. So if you want to keep it longer, my best advice ever.......get what you want!! Of course within reason and practicality..but get it. Or you'll be sooner or later wanting out. I plan to trade yet again this coming spring, and I will be looking very close at the TSX. It will be 2yrs into my current lease at the point, so I'll be getting the bug to trade.

    This car would cost a bit more to maintain, however, you should have minimal issues, as it is essentially a Honda. But, fancier parts.

    You should start some email quotes through, start with $0 down.
    Don't let dealers bully you, There are plenty of dealers. Look over previous quotes here too.
  • I leased 2010 TSX today. Paying $275 after 5K down for 30 months. I love it. This is my first Accura and already loving it. Not sure about the deal .. Let me know what you guys think about this deal.
  • ddobddob Posts: 11
    Got quoted the following for a 2010 Base 4cy. with both a 30 mo. and 36 mo. 15000miles:
    MSRP 30120
    Sales price 27769
    MV 270
    Doc 296
    Acqu 595
    Internet 6.50
    NJ tire tax 7.50
    NJ sales tax 7%
    Residual 30 mo .61 16939.09
    Residual 36 mo .59 16383.71
    MF .00168

    monthly 30 mo.: $380.69
    monthly 36 mo. $382.38

    $1556.89 OTD

    I still have 3 months left on an "07 at $330.67/mo.15Kmi./yr. I could simply pay that off ($992.01)for a total OTD of $2548.19, but I think that would be pretty much throwing that money out the window. I currently have 41,700 miles. Does Acura offer a 60 day Credit Rate Lock like BMW? If so, wouldn't it be better to drive the car into February and only eat one month's payment before hitting my mileage limit? Car Man please help! One last thing: I like the Basque Red, but they don't have one in stock. they have plenty of Grigio's which would be my second choice.
  • Thanks for the info. I ended up just buying it on Saturday since I think I got a great deal ($27k even). So far I LOVE it, and am definitely glad I bought this one. I got the colors I want (grigio/ebony) and a fantastic car. Couldn't be happier.
  • I believe you got a good deal. 27K was on road or its the 27K + tax+ tag and title?
  • I got a very similar offer here in Jersey...but I think we can do better.
  • That was just the purchase price. With tax (at 8.625% in NY), tags, title it came to $30k even (weird how that worked out!). I also had no trade-in vehicle. The closest any other dealer was willing to come to that deal was over $500 more. I also got the protective pack (mud guards, all season mats, wheel locks) at dealer cost ($250).
  • ddobddob Posts: 11
    If you were replying to me, the $27789 was w/o TTL
  • Cargirl31,

    I am looking to purchase in the next week. Which car dealership in NY gave you that price if you dont mind me asking? Also I thought the sales tax in NY was 8.875?

  • I actually got it at Paragon Acura in Queens. Sales tax is based on where you live and will register the car, so mine was at 8.625%. ( You can also deduct sales tax on a new car purchased by Dec. 31 on your 2009 tax return. This was part of the economic stimulus package.

    I know there were are negative things posted about Paragon on various websites, so I did all my research berfore walking in the door and went prepared and not expecting much. I was very straightforward with them on what I wanted and I wouldn't settle for less. I was able to work out a fair deal pretty quickly, and it wasn't a bad experiene at all. They had a holiday sale going on so def. ask about this if you go there. The prices on their sale flyer were a little lower than I paid, but only for the color combos that weren't selling well.

    Good luck!
  • I was able to lease a 2010 base TSX for 350.00 a month with 1350 drive off tax included. 36 month/12000 miles. I might have been able to do better but was under the gun from Santa. If you need all the details let me know. The only room at these numbers is with inception monies. The purchase price was in the low 27's.
  • ddobddob Posts: 11
    can you give us details?
  • Got quoted $485 (including taxes) for a 4 cyl. 2010 TSX Tech, 15k / yr , 36 months. Total OTD is about $625 (1st month pmt and $140 in fees).

    Is this a fair deal?
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    That seems pretty high too me
  • Cap Cost was 26800
    1650.00 in inceptions not sure of the breakdown. Dealer fee, Bank fee etc.
    I put 1000.00 down
    and payed 350.00 for the first payment.
    Tax is 6.5%

    In essence this is a net cap of 28425 no money down deal. The payment would have been 380 OTD No money down.

    Keep in mind they can play all kinds of games with the inception money and the cap cost but this is a doable deal. I am not sure how you get around the inception money these days. The best way to determine a lease is to figure what you are willing to pay for the car and the terms. After you have a payment in mind then let the dealer fill in the blanks. I know this is contrary to all the advice but different dealers are motivated by different things. They either discount their car heavily or discount their fees or both. Know your numbers but give the dealer the leeway to get to your payment. For me I figured if I could get to 380.00 a month with no money down I would be good. I then bought down my payment with the 1000.00 to 350.93. I know this is not the way to do it but the wife wanted a 350 dollar payment so I did it.

    You do have to watch these guys as the finance guy tried to tell me that my 1000.00 would lower my payment by 3 dollars instead of 30. Be on your toes.
  • I had two months left on a 2007 TSX. I'm going out of the country till march and I basically had to make a deal. Of course, I didn't tell them that. Here is what I ended up with. I ran into a real tough situation because every dealer in the LA/Orange County area all said they only had white or silver TSX available. I found a charcoal and they sent it over to the dealer closest to me. I battled and haggled and they knew I had little leverage because there were so few charcoal or black base TSX around. They paid for my last two payments but added some bs $595 acquisition fee and wouldn't take it out. I took it.

    30 month/ 15,000 mile

    Cap Cost: 27,978 (After I got them here, they wouldn't budge)
    Residual 19,578
    Money Factor .00168

    $359.61/ Month
    $35.06 /Tax (CA, ridiculously high, 9.75%)

    $800 down OTD
    Total: 394.67/ Month

    So I'm paying 30 bucks more for this one, than the last. At the end of the day, I could live with it.
  • I never understood why some people on here do a deal like this then ask after signing if its a good deal. First off, $5k down on a lease is obsurd. Why dont you finance the car if your putting that kinda money down. At the most, you'd want to do no money down with only start ups due at signing (first month, tag, title fees, acquisition fee). Don't get caught up paying any dealer fees they are pure profit. Ideally, you'd want to roll everything into the payment and have $0 due at signing which is basically a sign & drive scenario. Hope this helps.
  • Is this still the deal to beat? I haven't seen anything really close in comparison.
  • I didn't post to see if this was a good deal. I just shared my experience because I have found these forums helpful in the past. I figured I was "giving back" if you will.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    ....offers a 30-month lease for $289/month for "well qualified" buyers.

    (This may be old news to some). Up front money is $3599..............

    The base 4-cylinder 6M appeals to my thifty genes. Where can I find feedback on consumer MPG info?

    season's best, ez....
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    received an email from my acura dealer-they are offering a sign and drive on a 2010 tsx auto for 36 months-10,000 miles at $389.00 a month. I drive way more miles and not interested in auto. The offer is good until 12/31/09
  • Just received the following

    MSRP 30120
    CAP 27698
    MF 01688
    7.75 % tax
    36 months 15k
    595 acquistion fee.

    398.21 a month with $730.08 (first month and fees) .. What does everyone think of this.. Looks like a pretty good deal...
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Look at the TSX mileage thread in the TSX section. :shades:
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