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Acura TSX Lease Questions



  • Shopped around for prices. Got a quote on a 2010 Acura TSX black/black with tech package, 36 months, 10k per year, $3000 down, and $325 a month including all dealer fees, doc fees, only to pay the dmv fee and plus sales tax... I live in the NYC/NJ vicinity, they were also willing to throw in the first 2 scheduled services for free... PLEASE tell me if this is a good deal thanks.
  • sanman1sanman1 Posts: 75
    All I can say is watch out. These dealers are all in the same business and know their margins for profit and what they have to do. The key is feeling that you got a great deal. Putting anything like $1,000 plus down on a lease is wasted money, You are giving them more profit. Unless you plan to by the car later one after the lease. It's lost money. You are better rolling the money into the payment for any upfront fees such as first months payment, tax/tag. If it's $25.00 more per month with adding the fees to the payment do the math. 25 x 36 is 900 which is still less than $1,500 down. And always never let a dealer ask you what payment you want to be at. Always work the price of he car down as if you are buying it. You can work them a bit but it may take some time. If you are a good preferred tier customer and repeat with Honda/Acura Financial you should have a little more leaverage.
  • carol46carol46 Posts: 1
    The lease on my 2008 ACURA TSX is up this August. I would like to lease a 2010 base ACURA TSX with this dealer. This would be my 4th ACURA with the dealer. The dealer asked what I thought of putting down, and I said $5,000 so that my monthly payment would be low. He said if I put that amount down my payment would be $296.00 for 36 months. The mileage would be 12,000 a year. I felt with that much down the monthly payment too high. Am I correct?
  • technicatechnica Posts: 4
    2010 TSX, 6 speed Manual, non-tech. $2000 out of pocket. This includes; 1st Month payment, NYS taxes, $550 Cap cost reduction (essentially a down payment) and DMV fees. $325/month for 35 months, 10,000 miles a year. No disposition fee. I mentioned the Factory to dealer incentive and of course the answer was "that's already in the numbers". I don't know, I have a hard time believing these dealers. I am certain they can do better. I am going to wait another 10 days to see if they will squeal since the "Factory to dealer" incentive ends May 3rd. What do you folks think?
  • sanman1sanman1 Posts: 75
    Carol46, I'm not an expert but for that much down you should be able to buy the car. Also, there should be 15k miles allowance. It makes no sense to put that much money down on a lease. I would keep that money in the pocket. Why tie it up in a lease? You also wont get that money back and chances are you will lease another one when the term is up. If you were buying a car then $5k down is fine but not for a lease. Not sure what anyone else on here would say.
  • cfkidcfkid Posts: 18
    I'm looking into a 2010 TSX 4 Cyl Non-Tech lease. I'm interested in the 36 month zero down lease. I'm just in the beginning stages, but the dealer is already willing to give me 110% of "book value" for my TSX that comes off lease in January.

    I asked him today if I can use the $750 with the zero down lease. Now, from what I've read here, I can. He says that it's already rolled into the lease. Does anyone have a contact number I can use to ask Acura this question? I really don't want to argue with the dealer and would rather just have the information from Acura directly.

    Thanks in advance!
  • gator00sigator00si Posts: 61

    Do yourself a favor and purchase the vehicle if your going to put that kinda cash down on a Lease. It makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever wasting your money like that.
  • ezcompany1ezcompany1 Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    hello everyone
    first post here, found it today and found tons of useful information.
    what information do i need to get from the dealer to find out if the deal points are good or not?

    So far this is the information I have:

    $2000 downpayment
    $400 a month for 35 months (includes tax)

    $360 + tax
    $500 something for DMV fees

    I'm no math whiz or number cruncher but I'm thinking I can do much better. What information do you need (carman) so the community can help me decide if I'm getting a good deal or not?

    Thanks so much!
  • zack82zack82 Posts: 42
    Is anyone getting a quote lower than the National Avg price? I was inquiring with a dealer on a 6 speed base. I asked if he could do a purchase price on the vehicle $27k, slightly under the invoice price and basically he indicated that he could not do lower than the $360 month + tax. I mean, I didn't even get a response with a counter offer whatsoever. It doesn't seem that Acura is interested in negotiating on these cars.

    Also, they are saying that there is no equity in my 07 TSX manual lease. I have 31,000 miles on the car. For them to purchase, it would be roughly $17k.
  • sanman1sanman1 Posts: 75
    Yeah, no equity because they raise the residuals when you leased the car so the payment could be more attractive and then at the end of your lease the payoff is higher than the trade in value. Pretty slick stuff they do. You are better off paying your last payments and turning the car in and starting from scratch with a new lease. They will also try to sell you the pro pack. I had a dealer the other day say $459 a month base 4 cyl and there is on thing, you have to purchase the car with the pro I couldn't believe it! All I asked for was the base w/o
  • technicatechnica Posts: 4
    No responses? Come on guys/gals, provide your opinion on these numbers. Oh and I have no idea why "Tease" is in the title. Might have been a long day at work or dyslexia set it.
  • cfkidcfkid Posts: 18
    Here's what I see. First, why wouldn't you used the 0 down lease? It's $360 + tax with, if I understand correctly Doc, Title, and License fees. For me, that's about $400. Most people recommend putting NOTHING down on a lease. You're just throwing money away.

    Also, you need to know the price for the car. With that, you can figure out the rest, as CarMan has posted the MF of .00151 and Residual of 62%.

    This deal looks good, but without the sales price, you can't be sure. BTW, looking through previous posts, I've seen people getting the car for around $27,500. Also, the $750 is wrapped into the lease, as it's money Acura is giving the dealer to help with the lease. But, that doesn't mean you can't try to squeeze some of that money out of them. It's pure profit for them. Good Luck.
  • zack82zack82 Posts: 42

    I am in negotiations. Dealer indicates that the invoice price on the TSX base is $28169.27? Is this this true?

    Dealer indicates that they won't go below the invoice price, but like others I have seen people getting the car for $27,500. Again, this no deal, every dealer is offering the advertised special. Kind of irritating, guess I am going to have to play hard ball or find another dealer that is willing to negotiate.
  • krwest1krwest1 Posts: 66
    Yes, the invoice is $28169. But there is $750 in dealer cash, so the net invoice is really $27419.
  • zack82zack82 Posts: 42
    Great, thanks.
  • gator00sigator00si Posts: 61
    Yeah most quality dealers include the protection package (mud guards color keyed, wheel locks, and trunk tray). They do make alittle bit of profit on it maybe $100 but not much. I got it on my '10 TSX V6 and love 'em. Looks alot better than without. My thoughts are that the dealer wants to get the car returned in better condition for resale so that is why some dealers have them installed off the truck.
  • mreppmrepp Posts: 1
    Hi Car_man and fellow posters,

    I am negotiating a lease for an Acura 2010 TSX base with 10,000 miles per year. The dealer initially offered the advertised special - $0 down, $0 first payment, $360 per month for 35 months (excluding tax). I counteroffered for a lower sales price. Dealer offered a price of $27,720, which works out to be $344 per month (excluding tax), but I must make the first payment at signing. This works out that I would pay only $260 less over the life of the lease vs. the advertised special.

    This is my first lease - is this a good deal? Should I push for no first payment (saving me $630 over the life of the lease vs. the advertised special)? Alternatively, I was considering taking the deal, but asking that the dealer throw in some acccessories (mud guards, door visors, all-weather floor mats), since I assume these cost the dealer little, but have value to me.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. I hope to wrap this up tomorrow. Thanks!
  • zack82zack82 Posts: 42
    See a couple posts above. They are still not at invoice, but I think it depends on the dealer. I was in negotiations as well, but the dealer would not drop below 28445. I even told them about the dealer cash, and he admitted that it was there, but would not reduce the cost of the car. I offer them $27259 or close to that. I think that you might be able to at least get the car for $27,500 or lower. I would make them sweat it a little as it is close to the end of the month. Good luck.

    The problem with my deal is that I want the manual base, but I am having to go out of Charlotte, NC to get the damn car!
  • gator00sigator00si Posts: 61
    Where are you guys located? I'm down in FL and I was able to get invoice minus dealer cash on my '10 Acura TSX V6. I even had multiple dealers fighting over it and went with the one that threw in the protection package. The dealers up there frankly sound shady, especially if you have to pull teeth just to get an Acura advertised lease deal...That is a big RED FLAG!

    Good luck guys....
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    stumbled on this forum by accident; amazing how many of the lease forums have the same BS problems with dealers NOT being upfront. Here's two tips for you all:
    1. Never, never, never put a large down payment on a lease. It is foolish. If you get into an accident two weeks from the start of the lease and the car is totalled, ALL your down payment money is gone. GAP insurance pays the remaining balance between car payoff and car value ONLY.
    2. Use for REAL data on car costs including customer incentives and dealer cash. Knowledge is power!
  • zack82zack82 Posts: 42
    I am located in Charlotte, NC. I have to go out of state because I want the manual. The only Acura dealer in the Charlotte area will not dealer trader or special order for one. Coming from Detroit, MI, I can't believe how stupid that is.

    I have requested quotes from SC & VA dealers. So far I am getting the huge run around for the base manual TSX. I am about to look for something else. No one will come close to invoice.....
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    No problem stevos.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi Zack. According to, the dealer invoice price of a base 2010 Acura TSX with an automatic transmission is $28,169 (including destination). That matches up exactly with what the dealer told you.

    You've seen others getting this car for under dealer invoice because Acura is currently providing dealer cash on this model. Specifically it has $750 on the base TSX right now.

    If I was in the market for a TSX, I personally would shoot for $250 under invoice, which is really $500 over once the incentive is factored in.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • zack82zack82 Posts: 42
    Thanks Car_man!
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    No problem, zack82.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • hgiraudhgiraud Posts: 1
    Hey Everybody,

    Here's some info on my tsx base model 36 month lease I got on May 3rd.

    Sales price: $27,199
    Down payment: $840.20 (dmv, 1st mo pymt, etc.)
    Miles per year: 15,000
    Monthly pymt after tax: $383.17

    I went to a few dealerships and this was the best offer I found. Hope this helps with anyone looking to lease a tsx base model without navigation.
  • zack82zack82 Posts: 42
    That is an awesome price at $27,199, but it seems like they are playing a shell game with the lease since you are getting 15,000 miles vs 10,000.
  • gator00sigator00si Posts: 61
    Shell game? I'm sure he structured it that way, like most people, since that is around the national average of how many miles driven on a yearly basis.
  • abellosoabelloso Posts: 2

    I am being offered the following terms on 2010 TSX, 36 month lease, 12k miles:

    Sales Price: $27,269
    Total Due at Signing: $830.25 (1st month + tags)
    Monthly Payment w/ Tax: $361.25

    I ran the numbers and it all checks out once I ad the acquisition fee to the sales price, residual at 61% and MF .00160.

    Thoughts? Thanks!
  • zack82zack82 Posts: 42
    The purchase price looks good, not sure what your sales tax is? But, I think they are charging additional $20/month for the extra 2k miles per year. Like I had posted, I can't even get a dealer even remotely close to your purchase price. The lowest I got was $28445. Maybe I need to drive to Florida? :)
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