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Acura TSX Lease Questions



  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 273
    Leased cars are usually under warranty. Note also that maintenance is included with BMW warranty, not so for an Acura. Acura maintenance will cost about $700-800 for the first three years. Which translates into $20-25 per month for a 36 month lease.
  • buyer8989buyer8989 Posts: 1
    I wanted to Lease a new 2013 Acura TSX with the tech package, and I'm not so sure the dealer is giving me a good deal.

    MSRP $34,505
    Invoice $32,483
    Gross Cap Cost (His offer) $31,750
    Cap reduction $679 (putting $2,000 down, but he is using the remainder on fees)
    12k miles. Dealer says residual is 56%, I thought it should be higher, especially because of the tech package. He said Tech package makes the residual drop, not go up!
    Money Factor .00046 (which according to him equals $23.18 per month) (seems really high)
    6.5% tax rate equals $24.47 per month

    Monthly Payment $373.99

    Here are the fees he is charging me towards the $2,000 down.
    1st payment: $373.99
    Cap Reduction: $678.95
    Sales Tax Up front: $96.57
    1st year fees: $261.50
    Dealer Fee: $589.00

    Car_Man... Can you help! This seems pretty high for a lease! Thanks So Much!!!
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    I thought it should be higher, especially because of the tech package. He said Tech package makes the residual drop, not go up!
    The tech package adds next to nothing when it comes to resale - hence the bigger drop from original value on tech package equipped cars.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 273
    Tech package does make residual lower by 2%. Anyway, I would shoot for $380-390 per month with no money out of pocket on delivery except for the first month payment.
  • Good point. I'm sure that the TSX is very reliable. I've had good experiences with many Honda and Acura vehicles. I don't think that I've ever had a single problem with one. Since we're talking about leasing, non of that would really be an issue though. I almost always lease my vehicles.

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  • Hey bzwerlin. There's $500 dealer cash on the 2013 TSX, but that incentive is boosted to $1,000 on vehicles that are financed or leases.

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  • jpolo2jpolo2 Posts: 2
    Hello all

    I ended up paying 393 per month with zero out of pocket and the dealer made the first month's payment. All of the taxes and fees were rolled in to my monthly payment. TSX w/ Tech. 12k miles per year.
  • ny845ny845 Posts: 2
    New to forum - and question for Carman or anyone that is familiar: - is this a good deal? 2,000 down

    Agreed Value: 28,715.00
    a) Gross Capital Cost 29,310.00
    b) Capital Cost Reduction -584.55
    c) Adjusted Capital Cost 28,725.45
    d) Residual 17,900.85
    e) Depreciation Charge 10,824.60
    f) Rent Charge 772.08
    g) Total of base MP 11,596.68
    h) Lease Term 36
    i) Base MP 322.13
    j) Monthly Tax 0.00
    k) Personal Prop Tax 0.00
    l) Excise Tax 0.00
    m) Other Amounts 0.00
    n) Total MP 322.13
    Itemization of Gross Capital Cost
    a) Agreed Value: 28,715.00
    b) AcquisitionFee 595.00
    c) GAP Insurance 0.00
    d) Document Fee 0.00
    e) Warranty 0.00
    f) Upfront Sales Tax 0.00
    g) Service Tax 0.00
    h) Cash Down Tax 0.00
    i) Trade In Tax 0.00
    j) Finance Tax 0.00
    k) Tire Tax 0.00
    l) Lic., Insp., Title, Reg. Fees 0.00
    m) Other Fees 0.00
    n) Total Capital Cost 28,725.45

    Itemization of Amount Due at Signing
    a) Total Capital Cost Reduction 584.55
    -Cap Reduction (Cash) 584.55
    -Rebates 0.00
    -Trade-In 0.00
    b) Tax on Capital Cost Red. 53.59
    c) First Monthly Payment 322.13
    d) Last Monthly Payment(s) 0.00
    e) Refundable Security Deposit 0.00
    f) Acquisition Fee 0.00
    g) Gap Insurance 0.00
    h) Documentation Fee 75.00
    i) Monthly Tax (Upfront) 0.00
    j) Upfront Tax (not in Capital Cost) 942.23
    k) Service Tax (not in Capital Cost) 0.00
    l) Tire Tax (not in Capital Cost) 12.50
    m) Lic., Insp., Title, Reg. Fees 10.00
    n) Other Fees 0.00
    o) Total Due at Signing 2,000.00
    How the Amount Due at Signing will be Paid
    a) Net Trade-In Value 0.00
    b) Rebates/Credits 0.00
    c) Amount Paid in Cash 1,677.87
    d) Total Due at Signing 2,000.00
    Mileage Allowance

    The monthly payment and residual for this lease has been calculated using the following mileage allowance. You are allowed to drive 15,000 per year, 1,250 miles per month. If you exceed the mileage allowance for the lease term and do not purchase the Vehicle, you will pay 0.20 for each excess mile.

    Thanks and i hope for a reply quick as I may do a deal this week.">
  • pjny77pjny77 Posts: 12
    I'm in the process of contacting some Acura dealerships in NY (Westchester County) and wanted to know some basic information before I start my search.

    According to the Acura website, there's currently a lease offer for a 2013 TSX Special Edition with the following terms:
    36 months
    30,000 miles
    $1,999 total due at signing* excluding taxes, title and fees

    So here are my questions, how much can I expect to pay for those additional fees/taxes (ball park)? I just want a range, I don't need exact numbers.

    My 2nd question is, where can I start my negotiations regarding this offer? I'm sure they are basing all these terms off MSRP and not invoice, do I start there?

    This current lease offer is within my budget, but if I can squeeze more savings out of this deal, I want to.

    Any info that can be shared is appreciated. Thanks.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    These terms are not at all based on MSRP in any form. There would be no point in Acura offering a special lease deal for advertisements that was high. Rather these are pre-discounted aggressively to get to such a low number. A $32k MSRP luxury vehicle should not generally lease for mid $200's, but can here thanks to Acura residual values and great rates.

    Depending on your state, the fees will be in addition. Here in PA, your tax on a lease is 6% state tax plus 3% lease use tax, for a total of 9% on the payment. So if your base payment was $269, with just tax you would be $293.21 and then also have tags/registration fees to pay for or incorporate as well.

    These all vary based on your state, and are never included in special programs advertised because they vary greatly.

    The Special Edition is $10 lower than the base right now because it's MSRP is really even higher than on the sticker (for leasing purposes the original $33905 MSRP is used, before the $1500 SE discount) due to the SE special value discount, with the same residual. GREAT deal right now.
  • ny845ny845 Posts: 2
    I just leased a new TSX for a gross capitalized cost of 28,047 in NY.
    with 1,000 down and all taxes and fess 303.00 a month. Did i get a good deal ?
    I feel like i negotiated well. I sold my car to them (not traded it in so took 1,000 from that) in a separate deal so I left with it same day and no money out of pocket.
  • chuckjrchuckjr Los Angeles Posts: 95
    what are the July figures for a base wagon with 10K miles for three years?
    How much do the numbers change for 12K miles or a 24 month lease?

  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    Acura has the following 'promo' lease offers on the TSX Sport Wagon thru 09/03/2012-

    36 months, 10k miles per year

    $1999 due at lease signing, $309/month for 35 months


    $0 due at lease signing, $360/month for 35 months
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • chuckjrchuckjr Los Angeles Posts: 95
    Someone else mentioned this special but in my lease experience (just leased my 9th and 10th cars) I can always do better than the advertised specials the dealer is offering.

    I took deliver of a TSX base wagon with $0 cap reduction at $30.9K sales price.
    Lease is $334 pre-tax.
    10k miles a year for 36 month.

    I also leased a base TL at a sales price of $31.9K $1500 cap reduction paid by Acura for a $316. month pre-tax lease.
  • mjoshimjoshi Posts: 44
    edited August 2013
    This will be my first Acura and probably first time leasing vehicle. I've Honda Odyssey and based upon mileage and condition it looks more like $3000 in KBB value. Can I trade-in my Odyssey as a down payment for Acura TSX Wagon ? I'm more interested in getting Wagon and saw a $309 deal going on for TSX Wagon on Lease.
    Can someone please help me or guide me with lease process ? I'm looking into getting 2013 Acura TSX Sport Wagon with base package. I'm in Upstate NY.
  • chuckjrchuckjr Los Angeles Posts: 95
    You can always trade in a car as a cap reduction on a lease but you may try getting an offer from car max first. That way you'll have a somewhat accurate value for your car in case the dealer low balls on your trade.
    Also try negotiate the sales price on the car as if you were buying it to ensure the best deal.
  • last saturday i took delivery of a 2013 TSX Special Edition 12k 36mth lease with only $800 to cover 1st month and some fees at $295 a month with 7% tax included. no down payment no bs. I think the selling price was $27.7k money factor was adding up to close to nothing. the salesman made me wait for him for an hour after i was done with the finance guy, i believe it was the frustration on my face that got me a free set of all weather mats after the wait. i think i did pretty good.
  • mjoshimjoshi Posts: 44
    edited August 2013
    Thank you chuckjr for your help. I went to dealer and got quote of 34809 for TSX Sports Wagon with Tech Package. For my van dealer took whatever price was quoted on i.e. $2500 for trade-in. My Van has 150,000 miles and pretty beaten up.
    With Tax and including everything else I got quote of $408/pm for lease on 10K miles per annum on TSX Sport Wagon with Tech Package.
    If I got with base TSX Sport Wagon the lease per month will be $353
    I think I've some wiggle room here with dealer to get the price down little further as per TRUECAR no haggle price as well as from Consumerreports carbuying. I got price of $34143, so I think I could ask dealer to lower price and throw in extra 2K miles per annum so that way I get atleast 1K miles per month.
    What do you guys think, is this good deal ?
    Also salesman told me they will start getting 2014 TSX Sport Wagons starting in October sometime. I test drove the TSX Sport Wagon and loved the way it handles on road, it is not a super fast car but based upon size and price, it is great little car.
  • xian5681xian5681 Posts: 13
    How many miles?
  • chuckjrchuckjr Los Angeles Posts: 95
    From what I gathered in my search for a wagon in california:
    1. The TSX line is going away
    2. The wagon did not sell well last year nor this year so far.

    Try to get as close to or lower than the edmunds true value.

    Even though I needed the wagon for the space, the deals on the TL right now are incredible and it's such a better car. We are paying $315 pre-tax with just drive off for our base TL. The trunk and storage space sucks though.
  • I just signed on the dotted line for a 2013 TSX with tech pkg. It's $349 per month for 36 months, no money down, 12k miles per year. Selling price of the car was around $29,500. I feel like I got a decent deal but I wonder if people are doing better.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    Acura has two ‘promo’ lease offers on the TSX w/ Tech Pkg- one with a down payment and one with zero down. Both are 36 month terms with only 10k miles per year.

    The $0 down lease has a payment of $400 per month. You’ll end up paying $1836 less in payments over 36 months AND you have an additional 6,000 miles allowed also.

    I’m curious, which color did you get?

    Sounds like did quite well! Congrats!
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 273
    Anything OOP at delivery except for $349?
  • Sounds like it! Makes me feel a little better. I got Silver Moon with black interior.
  • Hello,

    Have a current deal from the deal for a 2012 TSX model for a 3,000$ money down with 275$/month payments for 36 months with 10K mile allowance/year (taxes+fees included). Is this a decent deal? The dealer did report using a 48% residual value on this 2012 (brand new) TSX. I'm standing firm on 250$/month with $3,000 down, because I see that later (July+August) posts report a 2013 TSX SE for 350$/month with no money down, which is almost equal to the deal proposed to me on a 2012 model. Does this sound like a reasonable deal to anyone? The dealer insists to drop the negotiations about 2012 models and consider a 2013 lease for TSX SE. I stand to save 600$ on the 2012 model vs 2013 lease, which seems worth it, given that technologically the 2012 model is almost no different then the 2013? Will anyone provide any thoughts please?
  • I brought a brand new 2012 TSX, and saved about 2k over best price of 2013. So, I think you need looking at 800-1000 saving since residual is 48%.
  • Hello Jpolo2,

    I'm looking to lease a TSX 2013 - Tech and was wondering if your dealer is in NY as your deal seems to be great.


  • jdrharrison - I'm just curious, is the dealer in NY? I'm looking to lease a TSX - tech as well.

  • I am not in NY, I am in DC and purchased the vehicle at a Maryland dealer (there are like over 6 Acura dealers in my area that all compete with each other for business).
  • Thanks.
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