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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • donchardonchar Posts: 35

    Socal Audi deals show the Allroad lease offer below.

    my question is, can these advertised lease offers be negotiated for better deals? as in lowering the the payments or adding more options etc...

    Not so much negotiating a new lease deal from scratch ">but working off the advertised offer for a better deal.

    any luck?

    Special $529 lease per month for 36 months with $3,223* due at signing and $0 security deposit
    $529 per month for 36 months
    $3,223 cash due at signing
    MY 2013 allroad 2.0T quattro Premium
    Offer only valid 4-04-2013 through 7-08-2013

    $0 Security Deposit
    $529 First Month Payment
    $695 Acquisition Fee
    $1,999 Down Payment
    $3,223 Due at Signing* (Excludes taxes, title, other options and dealer fees)
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi arn636. Audi Financial Services' May buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 A4 2.0T Sedan Premium quattro with 12,000 miles per year are .00069 and 55% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The numbers for 39-months are .00089 and 53%.

    The numbers for 42-months are .00089 and 51%.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hello donchar. Most manufacturers' official advertised lease payments assume some sort of discount to the vehicle's selling price. Having said that, savvy consumers who are in an area that has a decent level of competition are usually able to negotiate lower selling prices, and in turn lower lease payments, than the ones that are being advertised.

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  • bada_bingbada_bing Posts: 29
    edited May 2013
    The manual transmission car with the colors/options I want is almost impossible to find in SoCal where almost every car on the lots is a black on black CVT or Tiptronic, so I'm leaning toward a factory order for the following car: 2014 A4 2.0T quattro Premium, 6MT, Brilliant red with beige/black interior with S-line style package and wood trim as options. I am looking to lease the car for 3yrs/12K miles per year with minimal drive-off. Here are my questions:

    1) what is considered a good or great selling price ($ over invoice) for a factory ordered 2014 car to be ordered in June/July timeframe? I don't think 2014 pricing is out yet, but I estimate the MSRP of my configured car to be in the $38-39K range. I live in the LA area with a dozen Audi dealers within a 40 mile radius. I was thinking something like $500 over dealer invoice would be feasible for a car which will not take up lot space.

    2) Does adding AudiCare still add 1% to residual values? How much is AudiCare these days and would you recommend getting it? I recall that it was something like $740 a few years ago, but it's likely over $800 now.

    3) Does Audi Financial offer the $1,000 conquest money they are offering right now on 2013 models all the time? My wife drives a 2009 BMW 328i and we would qualify for the conquest money offer but the program right now applies to 2013 models. Just trying to gauge if they will have it still once the 2014 MY cars start arriving.
  • arn636arn636 Posts: 3
    Here is the deal i have on the table. Can i do any better?

    MSRP: $37,870 (A4 Quatro Premium with Convenience Package, Lighting Package, Heated Seats, Floor Mats)
    Sales Price: $36,000
    Residual: 53%
    Money Factor - .00089
    Lease Term - 39 months

  • bada_bingbada_bing Posts: 29
    The base (buy rate) money factor for May is 0.00069, so the dealer is marking it up for some extra profit. I have to assume that the residual is correct for the trim line and lease miles you are getting. I think you can do better on the selling price and ask the dealer to not mark up the MF.
  • arn636arn636 Posts: 3
    Carman had the May money factor at .00089 and 53% for a 39 month lease.

    Should it be .00069? See a couple posts back.

    Thanks for the response.
  • newbie_toonewbie_too Posts: 4
    The 2014 (model year) A4 can now be ordered. As best I know the prices have not yet been released. Any idea on pricing for an A4Q Premium and Premium+ ? The dealership is offering $500 over invoice; take it or leave it.

    Any idea of the actual wholesale price (or holdbacks, incentives/volume targets) ?

    I have an offer for a 2013 A4Q, Ibis, P with Heated Seats, Conv and Lighting, for $35.5k.
    What do you think – 2013 P at a good price (steep depreciation ahead)or go with the 2014 P+ ?

    Thanks in advance
  • bada_bingbada_bing Posts: 29
    My mistake. I do if d it odd that the MF is higher for 39 and 42 month leases. Normally only the residual values change. This for me makes it a no-brained to skip on 39- or 42-month leases. In CA the yearly registration for an A4 for the fourth year will easy be $300 or higher. It makes little sense to pay a full year's registration for 3 months of use. Unless you can turn the car in early by the 36th month without a penalty, I'd skip the 39 month lease.
  • bada_bingbada_bing Posts: 29
    What's the MSRP of the 2013 car? It makes a big difference if its a manual or Tiptronic car. I think 2013s should be at least $1,000 under invoice, exclusive if any loyalty or conquest $1,000 cash.
  • newbie_toonewbie_too Posts: 4
    Hello Bada

    Its a 2013 Quattro tiptronic (8-spd) with an MSRP of $38,045.
    We do not qualify for loyalty incentives (its been a few years since we've owned 3-series - with too many warranty repairs)

    Thanks for your insight
  • boone25boone25 Posts: 6
    I'm beginning to negotiate a lease on a 2013 A4 Premium Plus, and am trying to figure out what an "acceptable" discount to MSRP is. Can anyone help??
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi bada_bing. In answer to question 2, yes Audi Care does indeed still add 1% to the residual values of leased vehicles. I would definitely consider getting Audi Care on a leased Audi.

    No, the $1,000 conquest cash that Audi is currently offering on the 2013 A4 will not automatically be available on the 2014 model when it arrives. Audi might offer it on the '14, but it might not. The conquest cash has been available on the '13 model since last fall but it did not exist when the '13 was first introduced. It's tough to say whether that will be the case on the 2014 model.

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  • boone25boone25 Posts: 6
    I am being quoted the following if it gets done by month end

    2013 A4 PP
    $2,500 off msrp
    55% residual
    .00069 money factor

    In general, is this a good deal?
  • ydolydol Posts: 12
    just purchased A4 a week ago. I'd assume above lease term is 36 mo/10k and without knowing the MSRP, I'd assume $2500 off is close to invoice (please verify using edmunds new car calculator). With a new 2014 model coming in few months, you should be able to take advantage of few incentives currently offered (e.g. Audi Preferred Equipment Credit, Loyalty cash, conquest, etc.) In addition to the discount offered. These will lower the cap cost, hence mo. payment. In general, you should aim for about 10% below MSRP and work your way up or down a little. If you follow the Audi forum, discount seems varies by region, for ex. Vegas has a very good deal for Audi compare to East Coast region. Lastly, shop around 250 miles radius for comparison and good luck!
  • boone25boone25 Posts: 6
    Does anyone know the June mf and res. for an a4 PP 36 month lease 12k? Thanks!
  • donchardonchar Posts: 35
    Hi CarMan-

    Any new numbers for June or same as May for Allroad Premium plus.
    Also what is the usual add back for 10K vs 12K miles on the resid?
  • mylo5mylo5 Posts: 1
    2013 A4 Quattro Premium Plus, manual transmission
    36 mo, 12K
    Navi + backup cam
    Central NJ

    Trading in my 2003 325i for $5000 w/ $1000 conquest

    So with the $5000 towards the initial fees and cap reduction:
    $397/mo (taxes included)

    Can I realistically get it down to $375/mo? Or better?
  • joelk01joelk01 Posts: 44
    That is a sweet set up. I couldn't find a 2013 with that set up and Sport Seats.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi boone25. Audi Financial Services' June buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 A4 Premium Plus quattro with 12,000 miles per year are .00069 and 55% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    In June, Audi unexpectedly began waiving the first month's payment on leases of this car, which is a nice bonus.

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  • Hello Car man,

    I have an offer on the table for a 2013 A4 Premium Plus/MMI/Nav Package/Exhaust Tips/6-Speed Manual:

    MSRP $40,645
    $5,000 Trade on a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport (Good Condition; 90,000 Miles (They claim to be doing me a favor to the tune of $1500 dollars))
    True Market Value per Edmunds: $39,328
    Lease Term: 39 Months
    Miles: 15,000
    Residual: 51%
    MF: .00069
    I am assuming there is somewhere around $2200 in fees being taken out of that trade in as the payments they are coming up with are around $515 a month.

    Do you have any sage advice/comments on this offer?
  • jdomasijdomasi Posts: 16
    I posted this in the other s4 buying thread and thought I would post it here too...

    I am in NJ thinking about leasing an S4. The person that I talked to said they are selling the 2013 S4s at invoice, but then add on the other chargers, like destination, doc fees, ext.

    If I get them down to a selling price I want (assume invoice), the standard buy rate and residual %, what else is negotiable? Can I say I don’t want to pay destination or doc fees? One or the other? I understand the taxes are not negotiable as well. are "supplemental title fees"? Assignment fee?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hey donchar. Yes the June lease program for the allroad is exactly the same as it was in May...with one minor difference, Audi began waiving the first month's payment on leases of this model. Bonus :).

    AFS adds 2% to its 15k residuals for leases with 12k and 3% for leases with 10k.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Very appropriate username, prudentlease :). I'm surprised that one wasn't taken.

    The money factor that you were quoted is correct. That's a good sign. The True Market Value pricing for the A4 looks reasonable right now as well.

    Are you having the dealer cut you a check for your trade or applying the proceeds towards your lease. You would be much better off if you had them give you a check. I always advise consumes to avoid making capitalized cost reductions on leased vehicles.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi jdomasi. You're not going to be able to avoid paying the destination charge or the acquisition fee. The destination charge is basically part of your vehicle's price. It is charged by the manufacturer and cannot be avoided.

    The bank that you are leasing through, Audi Financial Services, charges a $695 acquisition fee on every vehicle that it leases. You can roll this charge into your car's acquisition fee to bake into your payment rather than paying it at lease signing, but again it is unavoidable.

    The doc fee is levied by the dealer. This is between you and them. If they won't waive it, you might be able to get them to lower your vehicle's selling price by that amount if they want your business bad enough.

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  • Car man,

    Yes, I was surprised that the name was not taken as well. I was going to have them apply the proceeds of the trade-in toward the lease. I assume the logic is that what you put towards cap cost reduction is money that is not recoupable should something happen i.e. an accident. However, I believe I am correct in my assumption that not applying a cap cost reduction would significantly increase my monthly payments, possibly out of what I find to be economical.

    Secondly, I have looked online at Edmund's current list of incentives and rebates section and see that there is currently the following lease offer for a 2013 A4 quattro Sedan Premium Plus Package/Advanced Key/MMI Nav Plus Package:

    Down Payment: N/A
    Security Deposit: N/A
    Term: 36 months
    Annual Mileage: 10,000
    Monthly Payment: $429

    Would it be a valid argument to reference this lease payment amount in negotiating a 15,0000 mile lease (they currently have me at $515 with cap cost reduction of 5,000)? Or is that just what 15,000 additional miles over the 36 month term would cost?

    I am also a bit confused because the "My Audi/Finance" section of the Audi website states that an A4 Premium Plus2.0 TFSI should be somewhere in the 36,700 to 38,800 range, with a trade-in cap cost reduction of $5,000 my monthly payment estimate would be $378 to $396 at 12,000 miles/36 mons.

    I apologize, I know that was a lot of hypotheticals/questions. I am just having trouble understanding the disparity in estimated payments/lease specials advertised by Audi/Audi Financial Services and the dealerships current monthly payments with cap cost reduction.
  • audiguy87audiguy87 Posts: 3
    edited June 2013
    Hi Car_man,
    I've been researching for several months and feel I have come to a pretty reasonable offer. When you get a chance, can you please let me know what you think?

    MSRP: $43575
    Cap Cost: $41000
    MF: .00069
    10k / 39 month lease
    $750 drive off
    Summer of Audi Rebate
    Monthly: $514 + tax

    Total I'd be paying is $22600 over 39 months, or equivalent 20920 over 36 months

    Thank you for your help and insight
  • audiguy87audiguy87 Posts: 3
    Oh I should add - 2013 Audi Premium Plus with Navi, Sport, Lighting, Convenience Package
  • jdomasijdomasi Posts: 16
    tell them you talked to bmw and have the opportunity to get a 328 at invoice due to the new cars coming in Aug. I said that and they instantly said they would sell at me a car at invoice (true car was spot on with that they had in their computers). Some people on these forums have even gotten below invoice. Also look into multiple security deposits - it can reduce your payment by about $30-$40 a month, which works out to be about 9% annualized risk free return (unless you think VW is going to default on their debt, lol)
  • bada_bingbada_bing Posts: 29
    Pricing for 2014 A4 has started trickling out. Audi just announced base prices are all trim levels but option prices have not been released. Some of the option packages have changed, so I am sure prices will be changed from 2013 option packages. If I were to place a factory order for a 2014 A4, what would be considered a good price relative to invoice? I live in SoCal with plenty of Audi dealers in the area. My research from what other people consider feasible ranges from $500 over invoice to $1,500 under invoice. I doubt any dealer will talk to me if I walk in and say I want to order a car from you, and by the way, I want to pay $1,500 under invoice. Now I have no doubt that dealers can sell cars at invoice or under and still make a profit based on holdbacks and other money based on meeting monthly sales targets, but on paper the dealer's cost per vehicle is the invoice price. So what is a reasonable offer to make for a factory order 2014 car? I am looking at a Premium or Premium Plus quattro manual 6-speed with MSRP in the range of $38-41K.
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