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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • roadking98roadking98 Posts: 2
    Car man -

    What are the May 2009 AFS residuals for a 36 month leases with 12K per year and 10K per year? What does the summer of audi event mean when it lists "0" out of pocket expense of any kind on a lease except for "s", R8, A8 models?

  • mel10021mel10021 Posts: 31
    I got it from a local dealer. Advertised price. Im suspect until deal is done - that is why I posted it here for any feedback...
  • art234art234 Posts: 99

    Agreed. However, as a basic principle, there is no way a dealer can know what rates will be two months hence--because chances are at this point the leasing banks don't even know. I would THINK, based on past history, that the initial month of a model year is not great because they might still be moving off 2009's so there 's no incentive to publish attractive rates on 2010's.

    In any case we won't know until July, but as of now I have some cash put aside to buy the car. At this point I just can't wait to get my hands on it.
  • sptcpasptcpa Posts: 10
    Thanks for the direction to Legend. Did you find any particular salesperson at the dealership easier to work with?
  • duke1818duke1818 Posts: 2
    any know about special pricing i am getting 3800 off a new a4 conv plus audi pays first 3 payment s of loan any one know any thing about this
  • art234art234 Posts: 99

    It is my understanding that you're not supposed to identify specific sales people on here, but if you email me I will be happy to refer you.
    My email if not in my profile is my screen name at

    Being a former car guy myself I am VERY picky about car sales people, but I am very happy with this gentlman and his manager to date.

  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    sign and drive on A4's -- what's your take car-man? Good til july 6. There are a ton of A4's around the country but prices don't seem to be even below invoice.
  • audia4nycaudia4nyc Posts: 1
    What are your thoughts on the following lease details:

    2009 Audi A4 Quattro, Automatic
    Premium Package + Heated front seats, Bluetooth, Homelink, IPOD Integration
    Sticker Price of $35,790
    36 month lease
    10k miles per year
    NY tax $1560
    Bank Fee $625
    Plates $300
    Doc Fee $300
    1st Month $409
    Window etching $195
    So total of $3389 due at signing
    $409/month for 35 months, Audi waives 1 month

    .00071 Money Factor
    53% residual
  • ptalosigptalosig Posts: 2

    Invoice on the below car is $33,375. Any opinion on the deal?

    2009 A4 non-quattro CVT premium plus, 10K, 36 mo lease
    msrp: $35,825
    invoice $33,375
    sale price: $32,500
    Audi care: $650
    money factor: 0.00104
    residual: 55%

    monthly payment $464 with tax ($428/mo +tax).
    Drive off with $1920 that includes
    $310 DMV
    $464 1st payment
    $475 Security Deposit
    $625 Bank Fee
    $45 Doc Fee

    Anyone hear of a dear like this in the So. Cal area?
  • ptalosigptalosig Posts: 2
    Car_man or anyone who can answer this: how strict is AFS/or the particular dealer on these incentives (more in particular the conquest incentive).. My sister who lives with me drives a BMW, ala - the car is registered to the same residence as me, just not under my name.. you think this would qualify for the conquest monies?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The window etching is overpriced by $170. They paid at most $15 to have it done. Add $10 for the dealer.
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Just drive with your sister to the dealership in the BMW. If they ask for proof of ownership, say your sister is your wife and let them make a photocopy of the vehicle registration if needed. It has your address, and maybe your sister even has the same last name as you. Seems simple enough. ;)

  • bashinbashin Posts: 26
    Hey everyone. I am in the market for an A4 in the DC area. Ideally want to lease an 2.0 TFSI Prestige with Navi. What is the expectations with $0 down and the first two months covered by Audi? How much under invoice? What is this month's money factor? Is there a dealer holdback this month?

    My first offer was $659/month for 12,000 miles on 36 months. That sounds awfully high for the 2.0.

  • art234art234 Posts: 99
    It's the prestige and Navi which do that one up and make it so high. The prestige model has the lowest residuals in the A4 2.0 group, and if you compound that with the highest price of the group, those lease rates are not too bad all things considered.
  • aallocaaalloca Posts: 4

    Can someone tell me how many speakers and if it has a sub in the prem plus package? Also who makes the speakers?

    Also any news on the 2010 involving audio upgrades or changes?

    I can't find anything but the B&O info in the prestige.

    Thank you,
  • bashinbashin Posts: 26
    Thank you.

    Am I just better off getting the 2.0 Premium Plus with Navi? What is my expected pre-tax lease rate?
  • bashinbashin Posts: 26
    Also, CarMan (or any other helpful friend here):

    What is the money factor and residuals on the 2.0 premium plus this month at 36/10,000 and 12,000 miles.

  • From what I've seen, the 2010 has B&O as an option on the Premium Plus as well as the Prestige (only in Prestige for 2009). The other audio change is if you get the nav system. This gives you a single CD and a 10 GB of hard drive space for music.
  • aallocaaalloca Posts: 4
    Many thanks.. looks like I am waiting for the 2010's to arrive.
  • franciefrancie Posts: 4
    Looking at a Premium A4 (pretty basic) with just heated seats, blue tooth, and wood trim.

    Dealer says they will give me invoice price of 33216.15 (which is about $300 more than Edmonds says the list price is) for 36 mo. lease, residual of .53, no security deposit, money factor of .00110, owner loyalty of $750, and 1500 'down' payment, and they make first lease payment. Says the 1st payment is 467.11, including tax of 9.5%. I have excellent credit. Is the money factor high?
  • arctic45arctic45 Posts: 1
    Hey guys, just joined the forum. I just got quoted from Jack Daniels Audi in NJ for a 2009 A4 2.0 Prestige with Nav, for $559 a month for 36/10k. But they want about $2600 for taxes and fees. What do you guys think? Is it reasonable? I'm trying to pick up the car before the summer of audi promotion ends. Thank you in advance.
  • Hello,
    can someone post MF and residual for May for A4 Avant with Premium package.
    12k/15K - 36/42 months. Greatly appreciated!
    Sorry, found the 12K/15k for 36 months. 42 months info would still be appreciated.
  • nykr95nykr95 Posts: 12
    Hi - I have a question.

    I bought an A4 Cabriolet with the Conquest program and the 1st 2 payments are paid by Audi. Originally they put 1 payment into cap reduction and that covered the 1st payment included in the drive off calculation and said 2nd pymnt would be covered by Audi. The finance guy changed that and also added the 2nd payment onto the cap reduction. It didn't effect my monthly but added about $50 to my drive off because I pay tax on the cap reduction. Does that seem correct? Seems like I am paying taxes twice by putting my 2 monthly payments into the cap reduction.


  • jmorrow76jmorrow76 Posts: 2
    I'm working with an Audi dealer in my area that is quoting me between $525 & $550 for a 34 month lease, 10k miles a year with the Audi Car, Music Interface, Heated Seats & Bluetooth. This includes taking over the remaining payments on my current lease in which I have 6 moths left to go on. This includes no money at signing.

    Would I save more if I were to wait until my current lease is up bypassing the current iAudi Summer Event incentives?
  • jmorrow76jmorrow76 Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2009 Audi A4, FWD, Auto, Premium Plus yesterday afternoon.

    The sticker was $36,333
    I received 2 months payments covered by Audi.

    I had 5 months remaining on my current lease @ $450 a month. They cut me a check for my last 3 payments which accompanied by the first 2 months of payments covered by Audi, the entire remaining portion of my lease was taken care of.

    They also rolled in my sales tax which was $2,600 which means zero out of pocket at the time of purchase.

    My final payment came to $626 a month. Again this was a straight purchase. Did I get decent deal?
  • anithaanitha Posts: 15
    Did you get the sports package(suspension)? What was the final price? Thanks.
  • jps31jps31 Posts: 1
    Hi - need some advice from those who have dealt with AFS at lease-end.

    We have a 2006 Audi A4 2.0 Quattro that has a lease end date of August 21, 2009. We paid for the 12k mi/yr option but the car only has 20k miles on it now and we're almost at the end. Residual value is $19,160.

    We have some body damage:
    1. dent in the side where someone sideswiped us backing out of an adjacent parking space. no paint damage
    2. slightly visible scratches at top of trunk near rear window where low hanging concrete ceiling scraped the trunk- we have had this buffed and scratches are still there
    3. normal wear and tear dings on rear bumper

    All 4 tires are fairly new - we've replaced all of them so tread is fine.

    We are open to purchasing the car or turning it in.

    1. Assuming we plan to turn the car in, should we take the car to a body shop to fix the major damage BEFORE the lease-end inspection? Is there any advantage to having it fixed prior to the inspection? Or will the inspection just give us a better idea of what damage we need to get fixed (by Audi or independent body shop) before we turn it in? I've heard that having it repaired by the dealer can be much more expensive.

    2. I read this on the AFS website:

    "What if I have chargeable items?

    You will be invoiced for the full amount of items listed on the Vehicle Inspection Report. You can avoid some or all of these charges by having these items repaired at an authorized Audi dealership prior to vehicle turn-in. Please send your repair receipts to the address listed below or fax them to our Asset Management Department at (800) 824-8284."

    Does this suggest that it's better to have things fixed before the inspection so you are not charged? If you have them fixed after the inspection, you would have to submit receipts to remove the chargeable items when you turn the car in...seems easier to avoid that whole process (and avoid having Audi learn whether you used their dealer or an independent body shop to fix damage).

    3. Should we contact Audi Financial Services about possibly purchasing the vehicle or should we wait to hear from them? If we should initiate contact, how soon before the end of the lease should we call?

    4. Should we schedule the inspection before or after discussing the purchase option with Audi Financial Services? (My concern is that if they learn about the low mileage they will be less inclined to give us a good deal to buy the car and take it off their hands.)

    5. Any chance AFS would be willing to negotiate a lower purchase price this year given the state of the economy and all the A4s that are probably coming onto the lots (plus arrival of the new '09 model)?

    Thanks for any advice on these questions and any other tips you have about this process.
  • bobrob1bobrob1 Posts: 11

    I had a similar situation with mine but I was planning to get into another lease not purchase. When I turned it in it had 30,000 m on a 3year 15k.I had dent and scratches on my car. will tell this.

    1.Don't do inspection they will charge you a lot more for everything.
    2.Call you insurance let them know that you have dent and if you have more damages on car from that dent like scratches let them know.. They can cover it all. just pay your deductable.My small dent in my door cost $3500.

    3.I have 2 Audi's with AFS you can call ask them what they are willing to sell you the car for no need to tell them anything.

    4.It will make no difference what mileage is.

    5.If you need more tme AFS will give you a 6 months extension no cost to you at all just ask for it. Tell them you looking at another Audi and not sure what model you want.

    6.Once you call insurance don't worry about it showing up on carfax audi will not care as long as it is fixed. don't have to use Audi dealership to fix it.

    8.If you plan on going into another lease the dealership will get inspection done for you but you need to take care of dent on own.All you do is walk iinto an Audi dealership tell them you want another car.

    9. I have 2009 A4 2.0 SLINE I also have 2008 4.2 Q7 SLINE LOVE IT If I were you I would just get into another A4 They have great leases right now.

    good luck Bobrob
  • jshapjshap Posts: 4
    I can give you some insight since I just leased a new 2009 2.0T A4...Prem. plus, nav, wood...Quartz gray. Anyway, I am a sound-lover. I only like top of the line premium sound systems. First of all, I love the Audi Symphony System in my Prem. plus. Additionally, i noticed while testing sound systems, if you get the Navigation, you WILL have access to adjusting the subwoofer output level. On the Non-Navi, you do NOT have that capability! I also read in my owner's manual, "if you have the B&O, adjusting the subwoofer is not an option either".

    Hope this helps.
  • bellefaxbellefax Posts: 10
    The lease on my 2006 A4 ends July 5, 2009. If it helps, Audi began contacting me around mid-May to schedule an inspection. A few weeks later, a dealer from the local shop where I leased the car emailed me to offer his services.

    Also, I inquired online back in January about the best time to start negotiating and had an Audi dealer respond and say it's best to wait to within 90 days of lease end, so you could get started anytime, given your Aug 21 lease end.

    Finally, I've been told AFS won't negotiate. If you deal directly with AFS you pay the price stated on your contract. However, if you go through your dealer he may be able to negotiate a lower price for you (he can buy wholesale from AFS). Many others have had success going this route.
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