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BMW 3-Series Lease Questions



  • swameeswamee Posts: 32
    edited April 2013
    Car_man: Along the lines of 0 down would you also advise against trading in? And if I have top tier credit, should they automatically offer the .00129 MF or is that a haggling point?
    And finally per this offer ( from an apparently direct dealer, the fees are almost $1400 - is that standard?
    Thanks a lot for all the info/insights
  • gd0tgd0t Posts: 4
    Car_man, the insider information you provide is priceless, really thoughtful of you and helping me analyze the offers I've been getting. I've spent hours reading all of your posts. Is there any way to repay you for your help?

    Thanks a million,
  • msfmsf Posts: 2
    I've been offered the following lease:

    Black Sapphire
    Black Leather
    Burl wood interior
    Heated Seats
    MSRP: $42,745

    $1,500 total out of pocket
    $500/month ($455 + $45 tax)

    Seem reasonable?
  • 2013 AH3 with a msrp of 57,395.
    36month x 10kmiles
    With 3500 Eco /1000 lease cash/750 loyalty.
    585.00 tax included with 1000.00 out of pocket.
    Is this a good deal?
  • carguy778carguy778 Posts: 33
    what options and sale price things like that?
  • carguy778carguy778 Posts: 33
    MSRP 46k
    SALE PRICE 41k

    base model
    premium,tech,cold pack

    0 down.

    ~3000 tax and fees etc at signing.

    is this a good deal?

    Any advice will be appreciated......Thanks
  • degnan78degnan78 Posts: 4
    I'm curious about the trade-in as well - I imagine it would be best to keep the trade-in out of the lease discussion, right?
  • degnan78degnan78 Posts: 4 down and you still end up with $3000 in tax and fees? Is that typical?
  • I came across residuals for the 328 in these threads, but I am interested in the 335i. So what are the resids on say a 10k/year lease? 12k/year lease?

    Also, what is the official MF on same car?

  • carguy778carguy778 Posts: 33
    edited April 2013
    Tech, prim, cold pack, metallic paint
    MSRP $47K
    Sale price 44000
    MF .00129
    RV 64%


    0 down

    575/month x36 months everything included.

    Is this a good deal?
  • swameeswamee Posts: 32
    thanks the calcs are quite clear.
  • swameeswamee Posts: 32
    trading in during a lease is a double-whammy!Dealer screws you on the trade-in price AND you bear the risk if the new one gets totaled so I'm thinking a definite no-no if the trade-in is worth north of 1000;
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • mruthmruth Posts: 1
    Which is the best site to get invoice prices? KBB seems lower than Edmunds by a few hundreds and msn has its own value-confusing!
  • tgdctgdc Posts: 2
    I'm ready to start the process of leasing a 2013 328i sedan. Better to do it now and take advantage of "end of the month" deals or wait until the May lease numbers are out? Any idea what they'll be? Thanks for an awesome and incredibly valuable service.
  • gd0tgd0t Posts: 4
    I was just at a BMW dealership yesterday. Last month (April) there was a manufacturer rebate, but none this month. Probably because they assume people will be out and about spending their tax refund dollars. Salesman will ping me when May's programs come out. I would suggest you do the same?

  • 2013 activehybrid 3
    57345 msrp
    36month 10k miles
    Don't remember exact selling price but with 1000.00 out of pocket it was 585 with tax included .the program was a 3500 Eco credit with 1000.00 lease cash and 750.00 in loyalty.They now have 500.00 credit towards first payment and a 1000.00 credit for a ultimate drive event .So the out of pocket should go to 0 and my payment should be reduced as if I put 500 of real cash .That should bring my payment to approx 570 with tax. I can put the multiple sec deposit of 3850 to bring the payment to 525.00 which I might as I get that 3850 back at the end if the lease .Is this a good deal and is the 3850 tied up for the lease worth the 45.00 less per month ?
  • Just wanted to thank the members of this forum for providing so much useful information, all of which helped negotiate a pretty good price on a 335i xDrive. Especially want to thank car man, kyfdx, kromix, jasonmdbmw. Armed with all the information this forum provided, I emailed 5 dealers--telling them the car I wanted to buy and what I was willing to pay; if they were willing to sell at that price we could close the deal same day, no fuss or haggling. Got an immediate positive response and made a deposit same day. Now awaiting delivery!

    Btw, found a very good, straight-talking, honest salesman in D.C. area. If anyone needs a recommendation let me know. Would be happy to help out.
  • ranjohnranjohn Posts: 17
    edited April 2013
    Hey buddy, mind if I ask you what you got from the dealer? And which dealer you finally closed the deal with?
  • dchabitantdchabitant Posts: 21
    edited April 2013
    Sure. I dealt with Jim at BMW of Fairfax. I sent the sales manager an email stating that I was willing to pay $51,100 on a (nearly) loaded 335i xDrive--MSRP $57,695. Jim and the sales manager agreed to the price, and that was it.

    Note that the price includes a Diplomatic Discount (5% off base MSRP). So I think I paid about $600-$700 over actual invoice. I probably could have done a bit better. But, as I see it, it was a fair deal for both parties. Even if I managed to get another $500 off, on a 3-year lease, the actual saving is maybe a couple of hundred bucks. I figured: pay $200 more and get the deal done quick.

    If you're shopping, send him a quick email with the price you want to pay, and see if he accepts. (You can tell him Giovanni referred you.)
  • swameeswamee Posts: 32
    $600-$700 seems fair. Does that include all dealer fees etc?
  • $51,100 does NOT include fees. But the dealer was very straight forward and upfront about those. He didn't try to pad the money factor, and he didn't pad the fees--Acquisition fee is $725, doc/processing is $399 (a bit high, but standard for VA). Other than tags and taxes, no other fees. Everything above board, nothing hidden.
  • ranjohnranjohn Posts: 17
    Haha, as soon as you said the "DC" area I figured it would have been near Falls Church/Fairfax. I actually live in WV for now but will be moving to the northern part soon (close to DC). I actually go to that area a lot so I'll def look into it. My term ends this July but it's not too early to look into this.
  • What is the money factor for a 2013 335xi for 15,000 miles?

    Thank you so much for your help!
  • April money factor is .00129 (irrespective of mileage; mileage affects residual only). 7 security deposits bring MF down to .0008.

    if there's a change for May, I'm sure Car man or one of the other hosts will post it.

    You're welcome.
  • swameeswamee Posts: 32
    Thanks dchabitant all very valuable info!
  • You're very welcome. Just passing on info I've gathered from others. Regarding incentives: While BMW has eliminated the incentives that were being offered in March (on most 2013 models), they actually raised the residual value by a couple of percentage points. So it's not all bad. In fact, if you're car is over $50k, it's actually a slightly better deal than $1,000 cash incentive (if you're leasing).
  • thevanguardthevanguard Posts: 4
    edited April 2013
    Thanks for the info! Really helps out having resources like this! Really really appreciate it!

    I was confused about this...But the MSD's do not also get applied as a cap cost adjustment right...double dipping. But just confirming haha!
  • No they don't. MSD's serve only to reduce money factor. Once the lease is up, the money is refunded to you.
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