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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • I think they quoted you pretty good as long is with not money down , but i think you should try to negotiated that payment down a little bit more .
  • That is not a quote from dealer. I am wondering if that is reasonable target price that I'll negotiate for.
  • Thanks again, car man.

    To follow up, I negotiated a fair price for a 2 wheel drive 2012 535i GT as a purchase. Now I'm considering a lease. The car is equipped with the value package, which includes navigation at no charge. So does that eliminate the navigation credit discussed here? Am I correct that the only additional credit I get by leasing instead of buying is the $1000 lease incentive? Any other credits that would apply? I don't qualify for loyalty credits.

  • Hi, I've also received a quote of $918/mo for a 535i 36 mo lease with technology, M sport, cold weather, park distance control and BMW apps for a negotiated price of$57064 in North Carolina. Money factor is 0.00235 and residual value for 15k mi/year is $33785. I'm a returning lease owner and I presume $1000 loyalty credit has been applied to my negotiated price. Should I take the reduction in money factor instead? And why is the money factor so high is it negotiable?
  • Here's the quote I got:
    2012 535i xdrive, premium, technology, cold weather, and satellite radio.
    MSRP $61,625
    15K miles per year
    $2K drive-off including first month, bank fee, and inceptions
    $675 per month (including new york sales tax)
  • ezinn12ezinn12 Posts: 15
    edited December 2011

    Picked up my new 2012 528i today. I ordered it custom last month. Below is the deal, probably not the best i could do, but not the worst either. Let me know what you experts think...

    2012 528i Fully loaded!!
    MSRP $61000
    Discounted $54385
    Excess wear & tear protection $671 (not financed)
    Out of pocket $2656.88 (incl, wear & tear, FL taxes, tag title, first month). $1000 loyalty incl.
    Monthly payment $777.11 12k/36

  • Being offered lease on 528i with sticker of $54775 in IL. Must make decision today, cuz I won't be around after for current promotion/year end.

    Dealer wants $5500 down for $599 payment, 12k/mo and early turn in of my current leased BMW.

    Last time, I paid $3500 down for 535i and there was $2k rebate applied. Want to make sure I'm getting fair offer. Dealer says it's $200 above his cost.

    I asked about 10k miles/mo (what I have now, and is fine) and 42 mo lease instead (what I have now), and he is saying that payment diff on 10k miles is $12/mo and I shouldn't do that, and that monthly lease will go UP if 42 mos, cuz residual value goes down.

    I'm not that saavy on leases.Does this all sound accurate to you? I'm not seeing where the rebate and "option" credit are applied, but can't tell what the current rebate, etc. really is on 528i.

    Thank you!!

  • I would like to know the dealer because my quote is way off. I was told today $695 month $3K drive off with 10K miles
  • Gortex
    I am gettin a 535i m sport package loaded car $62700 msrp , $3500 down, $2700 loyalty credit monthly payment including tax and everyhig $740 a month 12k miles 36 month lease.
    Am i getting a good deal?
  • I got a new quoted from my friend who is a broker , 535i msrp $63,000, $3500 out of pocket , $2700 in rebates , 12k miles /year payment icl tax and everything $740
  • g8r92g8r92 Posts: 1
    Does the $3500 out of pocket include tag, title, inspection, doc fees, etc. or is the $3500 all cap cost reduction. Either way sounds like you got a pretty good deal - i'm just trying to back into what the gross cap cost was for the car.
  • Hi Car_Man/ other posters,
    could you please comment on the following quote:
    535 xi - with Premium, Nav and cold weather.
    MSRP: 61875
    Purchase Price: 56995
    3 years, 15 K miles each year
    Downpayment 3K
    Monthly Lease 889
    These numbers are inclusive of all the taxes and fee. NJ sales tax is 7%, registration is 550 and other paper costs are 450.
    Other parameters 53% residual, Interest rate 4%/MF roughly .00166
    My hunch says it is too high a quote. Any comments - what should I expect. Is only point of negotiation the sale price or are residual value, MF negotiable. Also I plugin the numbers in a lease calculator and the number comes lower so I dont know what else might be going on.

    Can you please tell me what would be a good /fair deal and what should I negotiate on.
  • Bruno,
    Congratulations. This seems like a great deal. What is the final purchase price after the 2700 rebate? Can you share the dealership name I am interested in buying a 535i x drive this week.
  • rocky, can you please share the dealership name because my quote is way off as well - my quote is 3K down + 870/month for similar options on an msrp of 61825
  • Anyone know if the $1000 lease and finance incentives are separate or one and the same?
  • It looks like they have high MF to allwo for this huge MF reduction for someone with an expiring lese (not me). Anyway, there must be some problem with either MF or residuals, because the lease cost in Dec for a BMW for my wife, with lower MSRP than mine, is actually higher!
    1. Does the BMW year-end offer -- if you simply have had several BMWs, but no lease is expiring -- this is a second car for the sposue? ARe we talking about BMW loyalty cash back? Free Nav?
    2. Does this BMW year-end offer go to Jan 3, 2012?
    3. When you look at this as soon as you can in Jan, what what is the MF Jan 2012 for 528i, 535i, and 535 Gran Turismo, for 12000 and 15000 miles.
    Many thanks.
  • I meet this guy who is broker and know very good relationship at mckenna bmw in california, u can reach me i you want or contact me.
  • macdadmacdad Posts: 65
    Does BMW still provide lease support for a 2011 550GT? If so, then 12K miles per year for 36 months please. Residual and Money Factor.

    Thank you,

  • Let me know where to send an email
  • Looking to buy a lease a new 528xi saw the new residuals at 59% for 15k up. Since dec. does anyone know the new mone factor? Is it the same as last month? Also is owner loyalty credit of 1k still available?
  • Hi jennifer50. A money factor of .00195 is equivalent to an interest rate of around 4.7%...certainly not 0.9%.

    $500 under invoice minus any available incentives is a very attractive selling price.

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  • Hi asteinberg. If you haven't finalized a deal yet, you don't have to worry about the loyalty offer any more because BMW eliminated it when it rolled out its new programs.

    BMW Financial Services' January buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 528i Sedan with 15,000 miles per year are .00190 and 58%.

    The numbers for the '12 535i Sedan are .00185 and 56%.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of a 353 Gran Turismo are .00195 and 59%.

    If you were to lease any of these cars with only 12,000 miles per year, their residual values would be 2% higher.

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  • Hi macdad. BMW Financial Services' January buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 550i GT with 12,000 miles per year are .00195 and 61%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi tambo916. BMW Financial Services' January buy rate lease money factor for the 2012 528xi Sedan is .00190.

    Unfortunately, I don't believe that the owner loyalty incentives are available any longer.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • macdadmacdad Posts: 65
    Car Man
    You gave me residual and MF for 2012 550 GT. I was looking for a 2011 550 GT, 36 months and 12K miles. Is BMW still offering lease support for 2011.

    Thank you
  • Looking for the best deal on 36month 12k/year lease of 528xi (msrp 57-60k) or 550xi (msrp ~75k)
    thank you!
  • I got a quote from a dealer today on a 2012 528i for 10k miles/year for 36 months. Quote was $5000 all-inclusive upfront costs, plus $571 per month payment, all taxes & fees included. Dealer tells me residual is 61% and MSRP is 51500 but he's marked it down to 49000 for me. Is this a good deal? I'd like to get payments closer to 500, not sure if that is fantasy land or not.

    Thanks to you guys for any advice or help.
  • rvcbmwrvcbmw Posts: 1
    Can you please forward the name of the dealership? I was goinf to purchase a 535 this weekend but will wait to hear from you.
  • here is what I got, I think it's the best I've seen

    2012 BMW 528i xDrive MSRP: $56,545Term: 36 monthsMileage: 12k/yearMonthly: $698.91 (includes tax)Due at signing: $1,702.91 (1st month, bank fee, doc fee) + DMV/Reg Fee + Shipping

    it's about $30/each 1,000, so on your car the deal would be better with 5k down
  • ap75ap75 Posts: 2
    Carman, what's the January figures for a 2012 535xdrive, 12K for 3 years?
    I am working w/ MD dealer with USAA pricing and planning to get a fully loaded, sport-packaged vehicle with Nappa (all options except Driver Assistance Package, Active Roll Stabilization, Rear Seat Entertainment and Night Vision).

    I am not eligible for loyalty credit but I have excellent credit history >770.

    MSRP $72K/Selling price with current incentives is $66K. What's the best way to lease this car? (How much down?) I want to keep monthly payments to absolute minimum and will pay tax upfront.

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