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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • Hi gja2. It would be easier to evaluate this deal if you were to provide us with this car's MSRP and selling price. Lt us know and we'll tell you what we think.

    If BMW is running any official early lease termination program (and if it is I am not aware of it) then there's no down side to ending your current lease early. If not and the dealer has to buy out your lease then you may end up paying more than you should to get your new BMW.

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  • gjoagjoa Posts: 3
    Using the options the dealer listed and Edmunds, the MSRP is about $55.8K. Dealer indicated that he was extending me a $2K discount so I am assuming that the sale price would be $53.8K.

  • ckrelingckreling Posts: 23

    Local dealer in SF Bay Area (the general sales manager) offered me his cost less incentives and buy rate on bank fee and money factor so I am pulling the trigger unless someone tells me I should look for something better.

    2012 528i black/black premium, tech, cold weather, bmw apps. 36 Mos 10K miles.

    Any reason to hold out for a better deal. Not many 2012s left in Bay Area and this is my preferred colors.

    Incentives are:

    2500 option allowance
    750 loyalty
    500 ultimate drive app

    I did not go to the drive event - will do so in the future.

    Am I missing any incentives, holdbacks, etc ???

  • romo_007romo_007 Posts: 17
    edited August 2012

    What are the following for this deal
    1) MSRP
    2) Selling Price
    3) Residual
    4) Money Factor
    5) Drive Off
    6) Monthly Payment without sales tax
  • ckrelingckreling Posts: 23
    edited August 2012
    What are the following for this deal
    Black/Black - prem, tech, cold wx, bmw apps

    1) MSRP $53,595.00

    2) Selling Price $46,160.00 (Inv less 2500 opt allow, 750 loyalty, and 500 BMW Ult Drive App)

    3) Residual 58% ( $31,085.10 )

    4) Money Factor .00145
    5) Drive Off 1932.00 (bank fee 725, registration 400 ish, doc fee 80, first payment)
    6) Monthly Payment without sales tax $530.75

    Hope that helps - good deal ???
  • batragautambatragautam Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Just scored the best 535i xDrive deal ever...
    MSRP: $61925 (Space Gray with black interior, Premium, Navigation, Cold weather, Sat Radio, BMW Apps)
    Internet Selling Price: $52990
    Additional Discount: $500
    Loyalty: $750
    Graduation Credit: $1000 (Wife is graduating)
    Final Sale Price: $50740
    Too bad I missed out on Team USA event
    Monthly Payment = $618.56 (including 10% PA Tax)
    Drive Off: $1815.96 (Acq fees including taxes=878.90, Doc + Plate=318.50, First payment=618.56) - 500 BMW App Discount = $1315.96
    MF is 0.00155 instead of 0.00145...they did not negotiate on it after the deep discounts.

    This deal is from BMW Cleveland...they still have a few more 2012 535i's available with deeply discounted internet price.
  • vp1993vp1993 Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy or lease 2012 528I or 535I, not sure which option is better. Would you happen to know of any current good lease or buy deals in New York City / New Jersey area (or within 200 miles radius)?
    Thank you in advance
  • tybalt33tybalt33 Posts: 11
    Build for ordered MANUAL 535i with MSport, Convenience and Tech package with heated seats, premium sound and rear sunshade:

    MSRP $63695
    Cap Cost $58836
    Acq fee $725

    Lease terms:
    36 months 10K miles a year with $5000 cash down
    BMW MF is .00145 and residual 60% of MSRP= $38217
    Total at signing is 6,506.18 (includes tax on down payment, 1st payment and security $750)

    I have plugged these numbers into 3 different spreadsheets and calculators. My calcs put payment about $610 per month. Dealer just came back with $681

    I realize Im getting a good deal on the Cap Cost, but I dont understand where he is getting the monthly payment at $70 per month higher. All spreadsheets are from reputable sites.

    Any thoughts? They must be either marking up the MF or adding "training" or "document" fees.

    Thanks in advance
  • sjeedsjeed Posts: 86
    tybalt33: Is the Dealer providing you with the MF or are you just using the one that is provided through this forum? Same for the Acquisition Fee. Unless confirmed, Dealers will and can mark these numbers up to make an additional profit, especially when they are using an aggressive Cap Cost. Also good to confirm the exact components of the Drive Off as this can include Fees, but this wouldn't impact the monthly payment. Hope that helps.
  • tybalt33tybalt33 Posts: 11
    Thanks sjeed, it looks like they are marking up the MF. Frustrating as none of the dealers have been forthcoming when I tell them Im using the current posted rate of .00145

    I am now looking into a lease wholesaler who works with BMW FS and is using the quoted MF. I no longer wish to do business with the local group who owns the 3 local dealers, Crown Automotive. (BMW Richmond, BMW Midlothian, and BMW Charlottesville)
  • Car Man -

    I'm considering a one pay (upfront pmt) lease on a 2013 BMW 550i (36 mo., 12K mi/yr). Local dealers are quoting .00195 to .00225 for the MF, which is higher than their quoted rate of .00185 for a 36 month, monthly pay lease. I am aware that the base rate from BMW FS is .00145 for a monthly pay lease and it would seem to me that the same base rate should apply for a one-pay lease. Dealer is claiming that MF on one-pay leases are always higher. This seems counter-intuitive to me, given that they are getting all the cash upfront in a lump sum pmt, vs over 36 months. I realize that they're trying to mark up the base rate on the monthly pay leases as well, but to mark it up even more for a one-pay lease seems even more ridiculous. Is it common practice to charge a higher MF on one-pay vs. monthly pay leases? Thanks.
  • Hi gjoa. If you are in an area that has a decent level of competition I suspect that you should be able to do better than a $2,000 dealer discount on this car.

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  • Charles, dealer invoice minus the available cash incentives and the use of the buy rate lease money factor is an excellent deal on this car. If you like it, go for it.

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  • You're in a good bargaining position, vp1993, because there's tons of BMW dealerships in your area. More competition generally means lower prices. BMW is providing dealers with $2,500 dealer cash on 2012 528i and $3,500 on 2012 535i models right now. If I was in the market for either of these cars, I'd shoot for a selling price that's as close to dealer invoice minus the aforementioned cash incentives as possible. And then have the dealer calculate your car's payment using BMW FS' buy rate lease money factor of .00145.

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  • You're absolutely right, cebphl. At the very worst, the money factor for a pre-paid lease should be the same as it would be on a normal lease. It certainly should not be higher. In fact, the money factors for pre-paid leases are almost always lower than normal money factors. I haven't looked into this in a long time, but at one point BMW Financial Services was providing consumers with a .00080 money factor reduction for pre-paying their lease.

    Definitely do not let the dealer charge you a higher factor for a pre-paid lease. You may want to find a different dealership to work with.

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  • Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to see if I am getting a decent deal here. Tier 1 credit high 700's

    A dealer in Chicago (suburban tax cook)

    MSRP: 65,832

    Sale Price: 62,998

    36 month 12K miles per year

    Money Factor. .00185

    5k down + 1st Payment.

    Monthy Payment including tax: 727.36

    Please let me know your thoughts.

  • Congrats on your lease. I was wondering if you could post milage and duration of the lease. Thank you. I am offered on the same car with 3k out of pocket with 15k/36m 660 payment. thank you.
  • Hi Carman,
    I'm looking to lease a 2012 535i lease 36 mo/10k. Returning customer. Prem pkg, sat radio. Inv $50440 + 895 frt = $51335 - 3500 Sept allow - 750 loyalty = $47085. If the MF of .00145 is used, payment would be $525 + tax. Drive off costs would be something like 1st month payment + acq fee + tag transfer. Am I on the right track.? Is the MF negoitable? Thanks for your help.
  • If they are quoting you a MF of .00185 they are marking up the BMW MF of .00145, not a nice thing to do for someone with top tier credit. Did they tell you that is what they were doing?If not, ask what other fees they are going to charge you. Looks like they are giving you a fair price off MSRP but going to make it back on the MF. I leased a 535i with a MF of .00145 this Septmember.
  • Car Man:

    Please advise the residual and money factor on 528xi for 2012 and 2013 for September based on

    36 months, 36,000 miles.
    36 months 30,000 miles

  • Hi, I am looking to lease a 528i, 12k miles per year, 36 months. The MSRP on the car I want is $53,795.

    Total drive off I will pay no problem. But I don't want to put money down. 750 credit score. What price range is considered good for a lease on a car with these specs? I wanted to get insight here before talking to the dealers.

    Thank you in advance for your help!
  • just leased 2012 535i with tech, premium

    MSRP: 58025
    Cap price: 49500
    36 month lease 10k miles
    2k down which included ac fees, dealer fees etc
    MF 0.00145
    residual 3 yrs at 57%
    credit score: 786

    purchased wear and tear only. $1250

    monthly including everything: $673.

    good deal?
  • You definitely are on the right track, drofnats, if you are able to lease this car for invoice minus the cash incentives with the use of the buy rate lease money factor. .00145 is the lowest possible money factor on this model right now.

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  • Hello armitagemike. BMW Financial Services' September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 528xi with 12,000 miles per year are .00145 and 60%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of a 2012 model are .00145 and 58%.

    If you were to lease with only 10,000 miles per year, these cars' residual values would be 1% higher.

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  • I am need of major help. I am to leasing and have been really do my research but I am still lost. I am going to look into a 2012 528i. I emailed a dealer and this is what he sent me:

    (I do have the perfect car for you with the color combination you want. It’s actually a Factory Demo which has only 1,666 miles on it but the lease comes out to be better. It’s got the basic packages you need.

    The MSRP is $56,095

    We have it advertised for $50,981 (discount of $5100). If you are a current BMW customer you also get an additional $1,250 from BMW!!!!

    Rates and programs have never been better on the 528i.

    Let’s say that with 2,000 total drive off / 36 month lease. Difference in payment between 10k and 12k is $15.00

    Average Monthly is $615 + tax (on approved credit) and this is for 10k miles per year. Residual is 59%

    I really need help on what I should ask next. He did not give me the details and break down on the car yet. If this has the so called basic options than why would the msrp so high? The invoice on a basic is about 43,330. Since this has some miles on it would I be able to negotiate an extra discount because I would have to pay for it? They are also offering a $2500 option allowance am I able to apply that to MSD? I have a crappy credit score of 570. Another dealership is also offering a $1000 dealer cash on the same car, would I be able to ask for it here also? Thanks in advance.
  • Car Man can you tell me what the residual would be on a 2013 BMW 535xi with 15000 miles is?
  • Car_man-

    Lease offer for 535i 2012 manager demo car with 5kmiles
    Msrp 63k
    Cap 54200
    MF 0.00125
    RV 57% 10K miles
    Monthly 668 tax inc
    Down would be about 2k to include first month, bank fee, registration.

    Problem is I have a BMW lease 2009 model with 2 payments left costing 950.
    They're not willing to pay off my current lease. If I eat the 950 will this be a good deal? Or is there something else I can do? I checked the buy off on my current lease and its less than the current trade in value. So buying my current lease and then selling it is not an option.

    Thnka for your help. Cheers.
  • This isn't carman but it seems like you could do better.

    I just leased a 2012 with an msrp of 65,745 for 670 with 3500 all in.

    Brand new 12k per year including tax.

    Hope this helps.
  • 2012 535i

    10K/36 mo
    MSRP 55745
    RV 57%
    MF .00145
    Prem/XM Sat
    $3500 BMW, $750 loyalty, $2500 dealer discount
    $1k due at signing inc 1st mo payment/$625 inc tax

    Is this a good deal?
  • The only way to evaluate a lease is to know:

    1 MSRP
    2 Negotiated sale price
    3 Money factor
    4 residual

    It is highly advised on this board and others that one does not put money down to lower payment.
    state taxes vary so independent of lease
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