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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • Zoombie, hopefully you can save me from paying for a report. I am also looking for a 2013 BMW 528ix and the MSRP of the car I am looking for is $57,025. This car has metallic paint, premium package, cold weather package and navigation. I would like to lease for 36 months and 10,000 miles per year, just paying my inception fees out of pocket and transferring plates. I live in Manhattan, NY. What should be the best monthly payment I find and how much should be my out of pocket? Many Thanks!
  • Normally I would have never considered paying anyone for a report because there is so much free information on the internet and sites like this. But none of the sites anywhere give the detailed information like whats on this DIY Dealer Report. I'm not just talking about the selling price or True Car price and btw the price I got was $1,700 better than True Car. Everything was calculated for me right down to the plates so it didn't leave any loop holes where the dealer could change anything. Besides just getting the right monthly payment, I caught the dealer marking up the bank fee and the doc fee because I had an itemized breakdown of the exact out of pocket based upon the monthly payment I was looking for. Even the Manager at the dealer said the information on the report is all the stuff the dealer rather not disclose. I know I definitely got my monies worth out of the report and I'm 100% sure I would have never gotten that price on my own. The car is amazing and I love it so much more knowing how well I did on the price!
  • zoombie99zoombie99 North JerseyPosts: 260
    edited June 2013
    you need to configure the exact BMW the car on Then you should look into paying about $500.00 over dealer costs after deducting any incentives. You need to get the following info from the dealer: The money factor and residual. Them you can check with Carman to confirm that the dealer is giving you the proper rates.

    If you have some disposable money, you can buy down the money factor with MSD or multiple security deposits. You will get the money back at the end of the lease. For some strange reason, you can't get MSDs in NY (something about a law) so you would have to come to NJ to get them.

    If you can wait until next month, I strongly suggest that you sign up for a BMW Ultimate Driving Experience. BMW will give you a coupon code for a $1,000 to be applied to a 5 series if you take a test drive. PM me if you need the link.

    It is always better to buy on the last few days of the month. The dealers are more willing to move then.

    Lastly, they are starting production on the 2014 models shortly. There are some changes (check press release on BMW web site) and there is going to be a new generation NAV system.
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  • dotcom3dotcom3 Posts: 1
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    550xi - MSRP $76,900

    10k miles
    Monthly $749 month
    Total out of pocket ( $3,790 )

    should I hop on this deal ?
  • degoondegoon Posts: 4

    Can someone share what the residual, money factor, and typical gross cap reduction is for a 535i leased for 36 months @ 12k miles/yr?

    I'm trying to determine if the following quote is a good deal.

    $64,900 MSRP
    $60,800 cap cost
    36 months
    12k miles
    .00127 money factor
    62% residual
    $1,500 total drive off
    $696/mo pre-tax ($758/mo after tax)

    Also, I've read that BMW is coming out with a diesel 5 series when the new 2014 models arrive later this year. Any idea if that presents a buying opportunity for 2013's? Or is it better to wait for the 2014 models at this point?
  • Zoombie99 -
    I did end up purchasing the DIY Dealer Report from InsideCarBuying and I'm glad I did. It was such an easy process. I emailed the report to 9 of my dealers and then I followed up with a phone call to those I didn't hear back from. 4 of them told me they are not in the business of losing money and to move on. 2 of them were with in $22 - $57 per month of the report and 3 of them were with in $14 per month of the report with $3 per month being the closest and that guy had the car in stock. I am picking it up on Thursday. 5 of the dealers actually knew of Inside CAr Buying and said they have seen his reports before. The guy who sold me the car said as much as he hates to admit it, its probably the smartest way to buy a new car.

    The report showed the MSRP of $57,025, invoice of $53,003, holdback of $2,851 making the dealer cost $50,152. It showed a selling price of $51,252 which is $1,100 over the stated cost of the car and the rebates I was entitled to ($750 Conquest and $500 USAA) used as a cap cost reduction. Zoombie99, you were stating I should pay about $500 over invoice so I was $2,251 better than what you were suggesting. The report also gave me an exact breakdown on the out of pocket ($469.01 1st month payment, $725 bank fee, $1,683.14 sales tax, $75 doc fee, $10 NYS Inspection, $12.50 NY State Tire Fee and $87 to transfer my plates) $3,062.55. I got the car for $472.00 per month with the $3,062.55 total out of pocket.

    I see there is an imagine tab under the text box here on the forum but I can't figure out how to upload a photo. I would like to share the report with everyone to show how clear and detailed it is. Does anyone know how to use this?

    I have to say knowing the exact numbers for the complete transaction made this process painless and fun! I really felt like I knew as much as the dealer this time. I give InsideCarBuying 2 thumbs up and highly recommend this process to others on the forum!
  • Good to hear about your deal. i am in market for 5 series. can you please send me the details.
  • dtswebdevdtswebdev Posts: 2

    Does anyone know what the July MF's and residuals will look like for the 535's? The dealer is trying to push me to fill out a credit app now to lock in June's numbers.
  • cpacomp1cpacomp1 Posts: 3
    Your deal doesn't add up according to my calculations unless you have the
    ultimate drive rebate of $1000. Just wondering if I am wrong or if you left it out.
  • ray1022ray1022 Posts: 7
    Just leaased a 2013 BMW 550ix M Sport in NJ as follows:

    MSRP: $70,275
    Buy Price: $64,000
    Residual 63%
    Money Factor: 0.00127

    Monthly Payment: $685.48 (nothing rolled into monthly payment)

    Upfront Payment:
    Bank Fee: $725
    Registration: $353 (out of state registration)
    Doc Fee: $359
    New York Tax (decided to pay the tax upfront): $2190.08
    Tax on bank/doc fee: $96.21
    1st month Payment: 685.48
  • chaspavchaspav NJPosts: 15
    I noticed that BMW has now updated its website to reflect the 2014 5 series, including the diesel engine offerings. Has anyone gotten any info on lease pricing and details for the 2014 5 series?
  • shpatel1shpatel1 Posts: 3
    Hi CarMan,

    Could you please let me know what the MF and residual is on both the 2013 535i and 550i for July for a 10k/36 and 12k/36?

  • jehanjjehanj Posts: 11
    edited July 2013
    $5000 of sticker price in so cal.

    MSRP: $64,325
    Negotiated Price: $59,325
    Premium, Sport, Navi, Driver Assist,
    MF: .00127
  • shpatel1shpatel1 Posts: 3
    Is that negotiated price without all the incentives? Because if it is, thats a fantastic deal.
  • nystarnystar Posts: 28
    Love it! wish i could get the same in NY.
  • dtswebdevdtswebdev Posts: 2
    Hi CarMan,

    Did these numbers hold true for July? I heard the residual for 15k might have dropped to 57%.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi degoon. The money factor that you were quoted is correct, but the new July residual value for a 36-month, 12,000 mile per year lease of this car is 59%.

    This lower residual value is offset by a new $1,500 dealer cash incentive that BMW introduced on the 2013 5s this month.

    The lease program for the 2014 model is fairly similar, so whether you should get a '13 or a '14 depends upon how much more the dealers you are shopping with are willing to discount the '13s.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • That was everything. I didn't do the drive event because I couldn't wait. I would be happy to post the DIY Dealer Report so you have the breakdown. How do I upload an image?
  • bluguysbluguys Posts: 13

    Could you please share the dealer info?
    I'm also in SoCal looking to lease a 5 series this month.
  • johnny2001johnny2001 Posts: 10
    HI Ray1022
    Can you please tell me the dealer you used and the sales guy you worked with? i'm interested in the 535i.

  • cpacomp1cpacomp1 Posts: 3
    I just leased a 2013 528ix. The prices on the window sticker were lower than the current prices,
    after some research it looks like the car was priced at May 2012 prices. Dealer took delivery
    in Nov of 2013. Also there is a service code of VH. Should I be concerned that this car has been around for so long before sale. What does the service code indicate? It is listed as new and delivered with less than 20 miles. Any thoughts would be appreciated.Thanks
  • berisky1berisky1 Posts: 20
    Van Nuys, CA

    2014 (yes, '14!) 535i at about $62K MSRP leasing at $699/mo incl tax and $2,500 all in drive off.

    36 months, 10K mi/yr.

    At those rates, I wouldn't bother with the 13s.
  • chaspavchaspav NJPosts: 15
    If the tax is in the payment then what makes up the $2,500 drive off money. I assume that part of it is acquisition fee, title and registration. Is the rest a cap coat reduction? What would be really helpful is if you could share the residual value, sales price and money factor.

    Thanks in advance for the info
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 271
    Cannot really agree. For the same monthly payment you can get 2013 550ix M Sport and it comes with a big V8.
  • ray1022ray1022 Posts: 7
    Bmw of Freehold. Ask for Mike Silva and let him know I sent you. Good luck.
  • namrekanamreka Posts: 1
    I have been following this forum for the last 6+ months as I wanted to make sure I got a great deal this time around on a new 528ix sedan. I know I paid really high for my first BMW 6 years ago and 3 years ago I used information from Consumer Reports, CostCo and USAA buying services. I do feel I benefited from those services as I know I would have paid a lot more had I not had that extra information. The advice from all the experts and Car_man on here is extremely helpful. I also saw a few people on here used the DIY Dealer Report from Inside Car Buying and had positive results. I did get one of these reports myself and I have to say the concept is ingenious. I now fully understand the complete process of leasing, the calculations and all of the possible factors of a lease where a dealer can benefit from a buyer. I sent Inside Car Buying the exact window sticker I received from the BMW dealer I visited. Within 3 hours I received the report and it simplified everything about what I should be paying for the car and why. I found this information so valuable because it educated me on the exact car I wanted, listed and broke down all the profit and incentives of the car and calculated everything right down to the plate charge. I also was able to speak with the owner of Inside Car Buying after receiving the report and he throughly when through it with me so I knew exactly what to do when I went back to the dealer. I got the dealer to sell me my new 528ix within $3 of the price I had from the report.

    I saved a great deal of money and time but most of all I kept my sanity during the process of leasing a new car this time around! I don't know what car dealers will do if Inside Car Buying ever becomes as big or well known as True Car or some of these other services out there. I would highly recommend this service to anybody getting a new car. BTW, the selling price on the car I got was almost $1,700 less than the True Car voucher I received from True Car. That definitely says something!
  • berisky1berisky1 Posts: 20

    I'm not being argumentative, but I've never understood from this forum the questions you are asking.

    All I care about on a lease is the TOTAL amount of money I'm paying during my term. I know all of the questions you asked go into deciding the best price, but I'm telling you the price, so really I would be interested in seeing the same stats from others.
  • berisky1berisky1 Posts: 20

    I hear you. Can you tell me what state and what the MSRP is on the car your talking about ? I still say a '14 is worth more, especially since there are slight changes to the car. But I see your point as well. Is your deal exactly the same as mine or is there a slight fluctuation?

    I don't care about money factors etc, I just care about what I'm out of pocket for the car during the term of the lease.
  • vegas15vegas15 Posts: 1
    Looking at ordering a loaded BMW 2014 535i - sticker when configured was $71,125. Long time BMW owner. Lease I'm looking at is 36 months, 12K miles a year. $3500 down (not including registration) - $869 mo (includes taxes). Decent deal? Any advice?
  • Can you tell me what dealership you got this deal at?? Thanks :)
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