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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • scravscrav Posts: 5
    Johnin DC..thank you for the insight..i've negiotated them down to $1,895.00 origintaion fees and fees (nothing down) and $609.00/mth 12k miles 3 years.
    msrp $53,100.00 value and premium package w/nav. 525 xi 2010

    long journey from $1900 down and $689.00 a week there any fat left to trim?
  • So your one time payment out the door is $1,895? What state are you?
  • Car_Man or any other knwledgeable gents here..

    I am going from a '08 328i convertible lease to a new 528xi lease. Are there any money from my old lease that I can carry to my new lease? When I looked in my BMW FS account online, security deposit says $0, so does that mean I have nothing to carry over? Please let me know....

    Thank you.
  • Hi Car Man,

    What are the requirements to qualify for the $1500 Loyalty incentive for a 5 series? As per local dealer, you have to move from a 5 series to a 5 series lease. Is that true? Thx
  • lists $1500 Loaylty cash for 5 series for those who have current lease of X3 or finished lease of X3 within last 6 months. My dealer in NJ says that he checked with BMW and it is only who finished the lease of X3 are eligible. Current X3 lessees are not included.
    Is there an official BMW site where it can be verified?
  • scravscrav Posts: 5
    yes, $1,895 out the door
    i live in philadelphia, PA (2.0% sales tax in phila.) should i pull the trigger...?
  • Does your $609/month include PA tax? If so, this sounds pretty good to me. What dealer? I might need to contact them.
  • how did it work as far as sales tax goes when you took over the lease?

    i'm also looking at swapalease but not sure if my local tax ofc here in dallas is going to ask me for a few grand in sales tax when i go to register the car.
  • scravscrav Posts: 5
    holman bmw - marlton, nj
  • Hi Scrav. I am also looking for 2010 528XI lease with navigation/value/premium package. The deal you getting is $1,895.00 in sign on and $609.00/mth is far superior than I am getting. Best offer I got so far is $4000.00 sign on and $658.00 per month.

    Does $1,895 includes 1st month payment and monthly payment of $609 includes the tax?

    Could you please confirm your deal? Thank you
  • scravscrav Posts: 5
    holman bmw in marlton, nj I am a rtrn. customer and don't have to outlay security deposit. Also keep in mind that 2011 should be rolling out in may or so. I did beat them up pretty good and played about 3 or 4 dealerships off of them giving them the last rights to earn my business. I am also told I basically stripped all the "fat" off the car and they will be barely making anything on me....
  • jkenjjkenj Posts: 1
    2010 BMW 528i

    Deep Sea Blue Metallic
    Creambeige/Bllack Dakota Leather

    ZPP - Premium Package
    ZVP - Value Package
    205 - STEPTRONIC automatic trans.
    438 - Dark Poplar Wood trim

    With first payment due of $615 at signing, you would have 35 more payments on a 3 year lease at 10k miles per year.

    Selling Price:$45.150
    Lease Cash $4000 ($1500 Owner Loyalty, $2500 Rebate used as down payment)
    DMV Fees $70.75
    3% Va Tax $1,354.50
    Doc Fee $99.00

    36 months/10k miles/$612.02 payment with a money factor of .00285, and a residual of 61%. Capitolized Cost :$43.602.
  • Just picked up my new 528i Space Gray with Black with M Sport, Value and Premiumn packages. I got it from Moritz in Arlington. I hingly recomend Moritz. They were by and far the the best price in the Dallas area. I would stay away from Classic as they don't even live in the same universe. Merry Christmas all.
  • I leased a 2010 535 with value package, sports auto transmission, sports package, and rear side airbags. Car MSRPd for $55,710. I negotiated pretty hard and agreed on $500 over invoice plus got to apply the $4K holiday credit ($2.5K holiday + $1.5K loyalty). In TX I pay sales tax on the entire purchase price (but was able to use my returning lease as a lease trade in) which reduced my sales tax from $3.3K to $1.6K. Paid only my first month payment upfront and rolled everything into the cap cost ($140 ttl +doc fee, $925 lease acquisition cost and taxes). My monthly payment is $663. My dealer did not jack up my base money factor (which I see they are doing in your case - base money factor is .00240). Mine is also a 3 year, 10K a year lease.

    Absolutely love the car - I graduated up from a 2008 528. The sports package coupled with the sports auto transmission makes this such a fun car to drove.
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 144
    freezedog, can you provide me with the details of your deal. I am looking almost for the same car but withouth the premium package: 2010 528xi with M package and value package (so the x will replace almost the price of the premium).

    Did you lease or buy? What was the msrp and what was your cap cost used for the lease or the final negociated price of the car?

    Thanks in advance for your reply and if anyone here has leased a similar car, please share your details. I am located in Central NJ.
  • I am in the market to lease a 535i 36 months/10k miles/$0 down. With options, MSRP is $53200 and inv $49110. Can I subtract the $2500 holiday money from the invoice price? Can you tell me the current money factor? I have seen 4.9% in some of the postings, but I also saw that bmw is offiering 3.9% - special offer on 535i. Do you know if this rate is still valid? I am in sw fl and a current 7 series lessee.
    Thank you for your help. Always learn something!
  • I have a lease offer from a dealer on the 528xi with value package, MSRP is $48,925 (36 months, 10k/year). $615/month with only 1st payment due at signing. All fees, including taxes (7% NJ), have been rolled into the payment. Any comments, feedback & advice would be appreciated.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Did they disclose the cap cost,money factor and residual value? Seems like a decent deal with little down and everything rolled into the payment. Would like to know the numbers.
  • residual is 61% and I believe the money factor is .00250. don't know the cap cost reduction.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Figured your lease with a cap cost of 44200 -- a whopping 4725 off msrp including 2500 holiday cash. Payment would be 583 excluding fees and taxes. This means you are paying only 1152 in total taxes and fees. I would be surprised if that deal exists. If it does you got the deal of a lifetime --- unless it is on paper signed and sealed -- I find it hard to believe you could get that payment. If it is real I wouldn't waste anytime getting to the dealer to sign on. Taxes in Illinois would be 2878 alone. There are bank fees and acquisition fees as well.
  • I got a deal for $1895 sign on and $609+tax per month for 528XI with value/premium/navigation/xenon. MSRP $52,765 from Marlton, NJ. 36months, 10K/year. I am not sure if this is helpful but will give you an idea.
  • This board was very helpful. Here is my deal on 2010 528 xi, 36 months lease with 15K per year.

    Pick up in Munich: January 14, 2010.

    MSRP $50,720 includes added multi-contour seats,$1200, and satellite radio, $595.
    Agreed price: $44,110 is $500 over European invoice.
    Minus $2500 (BMW). Gave 7 refundable security deposits to lower money factor, equal to 7 monthly payments.

    Finally, $546 per month with NJ taxes included.

    Drive off includes 1 monthly, $546, aquisition, $725, title fee $305, NJ tire & record fee $355 and my $78 to simplify calculation of security deposits Total $2009.

    Multiple security deposits: $546*7= rounded to $3,850.

    If security deposits are returned at the lease end then I think that the deal is good and deposits are a good investment. Travel to MInich is not a problem for me but could be a hussle for some other people. In this case the deal will be higher but still close to the rock bottom. Note also that this is the !5K miles per year deal. The 10K mile deal would be ~$60 less.
  • This is the deal I was just offered on a 525i

    36 mos/10k
    MSRP 47,970
    Cap Cost 46570
    MF .00245
    $4000 "rebate"
    Residual is 61% of MSRP or $29261.70
    0 to drive off and 35 payments of $671 which includes 10% tax
    Monthly payment $671

    I don't like this deal. I think they must have added the first payment, $825 acq fee, $235 gov't fee and $100 doc fee back into the cap cost.

    The deal I would like is the following:
    MSRP $47,970
    Selling price $45,570
    $4000 rebate
    Therefore Cap Cost $41,570
    36 mos/10k
    MF .00245 - .00049 for MF of .00196 (want to buy down by posting 7 sec deposits)
    Residual 61% of MSRP $29,261.70
    Monthly payment of $481 + tax
    Out of pockets - 7 security deposits and $825 Acq fee, $235 gov't fee and $100 Doc fee. Do you think I can get it? Any suggestions where I can improve? Thanks.
  • Sorry - not a 525, the car is a 2010 528i. Thanks
  • I just finalized the lease...Here are the details. 2010 528ix with value package (MSRP $48,925) for 36 months, 10k/year. $625 due at signing (first month's payment) & $625/month. All fees (MV, bank, doc, etc) and tax (7% NJ) rolled into the payment.
  • Rjorge3, I just finalized this lease in Bergen County, NJ...Here are the details. 2010 528ix with value package (MSRP $48,925) for 36 months, 10k/year. $625 due at signing (first month's payment) & $625/month. All fees (MV, bank, doc, etc) and tax (7% NJ) rolled into the payment. Hope this helps.Let me know if you have any questions.
  • How much over invoice is your proposed selling price of $45,570? What are the options on the car and I can figure out invoice if you don't have that handy. The dealer has to honor the 7 MSD - if they tell you otherwise, you should contact BMWFS directly. The MF markup by the dealer is actually not bad at all since the current buy rate is .00240 (set to expire on 1/4 at which point it may go down but the rebates are set to expire too).
  • Thank you!

    Premium, Cold Weather and Sirius. Edmunds says invoice is $45,050, which includes the $825 destination charge.
  • gtligtli Posts: 27
    An earlier poster had speculated that there might be incentives available on the five series in the two or three months prior to release of the new body style, similar to the ones that Mercedes had on the E-Class.

    Does anyone have any information or opinions?

    The lease on my '07 335 is over in April.

  • You are offering $520 over invoice which I think is completely fair - plus they are making a little bit of money on the money factor markup. Did they take your offer. FWIW: my deal was $500 over invoice and no Money Factor markup but I did pay $925 instead of $825 for the lease acquisition.
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