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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • I was offered the following deal today in Mass., and would appreciate any input:

    528xi with premium and value packages, navigation, satellite radio

    36 months, 15k miles per month

    MSRP of $51,775, invoice of $47,670
    Base Cap Cost $48,500

    Up-front costs of $2,150, monthly payments of $725.

    Under this quote, the Holiday Credit is built into the reduction from MSRP to the negotiated base cap cost--shouldn't it be subtracted from the negotiated base cap cost instead? Any other ways I can improve on this? Thanks in advance for any help.
  • I paid $1,895.00 sign on and $625.00+state tax for 35 months. 10K per year, Invoice of $52,370.00, similar packages. It turns out to be almost same as your deal with 15K miles per year.
  • The deal can be improved if you negotiate the Base Cap Cost equal to the invoice, $47,670 minus $2,500 holiday credit which is equal to 45,170. If they don't agree then offer them $500 over invoice so that the Base Cap will be 45,670. There are a dealers in MA who should agree with the deal. Otherwise, welcome to NJ where you definetly will do it.
  • Went to dealer last night to be able to take advantage of the holiday cash. Found a 2010 528xi, MSRP of 51985, quoted me a price of 1033 per month (with 5000 Down), asked if it was a purchase, it wasn't 36 month lease, 10K miles. I was so frustrated didn't negotiate and left. Asked what MF and residual they were using and they wouldn't tell me, guess business is going so well they don't want to sell a car.
  • Does anyone have BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 528i with 10,000 miles per year?

    Also, any BMW cash incentive on leases or loyalty cash for returning customers?
  • rob_m3rob_m3 Posts: 8
    2010 528i 36/10

    Residual 62%
    MF .00195
    $1500 loyalty

  • My 2008 328i convertible is ending end of Feb. I have been looking to lease a 2010 528xi. The quote I got for a 36 month lease with 12K miles is $4073 one time payment and $669 per month. So price of car is $50,987.20 with MF of .00250 and residual of .60 off of msrp of $51,775. What do you think of this deal? This is with Premium pack, value pack, and navigation. I live in NJ. Which dealer can I get the best deal?
  • You should use the new cars section to look up invoice on the car. My quick review shows invoice around $47,000 - therefore, you are paying about $4k over invoice for a car that is going to be replaced in the next 2-5 months. I would try not to pay more than $500 over invoice. Also, it looks like the MF should be .00195 - another area dealer is taking advantage of you. How much cap cost reduction is in the $4073? Don't pay any cap cost reduction. Finally, any BMW loyalty cash? I think there is still $1500 loyalty and maybe another $1500 from BMW.

    Anyone else doing deals this month? I'm also looking for a 5 series lease. Anyone have feedback on BMW cash available this month?
  • Mobiejae - that is absolutely a horrendous deal; you should not pay more than $500-$1000 over invoice. Plus you are getting gouged beyond belief on the money factor - the base factor is .0095; also your residual should be 61%. Dealer cannot change this - this is set by the mother ship.

    There are no loyalty cash for January - the $1500 available last month was for a move from a 5 series to a 5 series. Good luck!
  • You wouldn't happen to know a nice dealer in the North NJ area where I can get a good ya? Or anyone reading this post?

    My lease ends at the end of Feb. I am going to get a 528xi, so help me out anyone who works at a dealer....

  • Chris218,

    is $625 all your paying when you pick up the car? You go them to roll the fees into the payments? Which dealer is this? I would like to do the same thing. I livein NJ.

  • I got a good deal from BMW of Roxbury. My friend got a good deal from BMW of Bloomfield. Both are in NJ. You have to prepare before you start negotiating. You have to know the invoice price with all the options you need and don;t agree for any other than $500 over invoice. You may also asked them about multiple security deposits which reduce the money factor. And you have to tell them that all this information you got from this website. They do read it. Good luck
  • My current lease ends early March for a 2008 528xi. Looking to replace it with the same. I have a written offer from a dealer for the car with value package + navigation, 36 mos at $614/mo. No cap cost reduction, taxes built into payment. Only money up front besides 1st payment is bank acquisition fee ($725), MV fee ($250), doc and inspection fee ($75), and fuel ($50), including first payment. Seems like a very good deal. Comments? Also, they're asking for a non-refundable deposit before giving me a VIN since they have to get it from the port. Is this standard? Thanks, guys.
  • ny2cany2ca Posts: 7
    This is a better deal than what I have been able to find in the Westchester NY area - most leases with the tax in the monthly, no cap cost reduction, configured the same way is about $685 (tax of 7.375%, ~$47K for the car) Can you share the dealer name, total car cost, money and buy price? mok212 (a) Have never come across a non-refundable deposit - sounds strange.
  • hithit Posts: 34
    So I'm in the market to lease a 535xi. Is the consensus to wait until next month and hope that the rates drop or should I pull the trigger on a 500 over invoice with a .0023 money factor and a .62 residual value 36month lease???
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    With the new 5 out in a few months these are better buys than leases -- you should be able to get a much better price than 500 over invoice on a soon to be outdated model.
  • hithit Posts: 34
    A much better price meaning what? Invoice? Is it reasonable to ask them to give it to me below invoice?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Local dealer is knocking 6-7k off msrp for new 3 series 09's. Don't see any left over 5's at all. What is the msrp and where would 7k off take you ?
    Did see the following. 2010 535xi 36 month 10k miles zero cap cost reduction -- fees/taxes extra. msrp 54225 605 per month. May or may not be current. If you are close -- wouldn't see any reason to to the deal.
  • hithit Posts: 34
    According to dealers quote, msrp is 58,870.. He was using a cost of 55,000 according to what he told me.
    6-7k off the msrp would save me an extra 150 or so montly, would be nice :D
    Would it be insane to ask the dealer to give me a car for a few grand under what their (supposed) invoice price is?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Tell him you can do the deal for $100 less per month. But be ready to deal if he accepts -- tell him it's a budget thingy and you may want to wait to see the all new 5. There aren't too many 5's left--stopped building them so the scarcity may hurt discounts. Maybe there is a service loaner you can look into leasing with 5k miles or so. Otherwise if you really want it go for it but don't post what you did unles you want to open yourself to dissing. ;)
  • hithit Posts: 34

    Also, what is the MF determined by? Is it a rate set by the BMW or can the dealers play around with it?

    *edit* searched around the board and found previous cases of BMW playing it with it and allowing it to be adjusted.
    Would it be appropriate/reasonable to ask BMW to give me a .0005 MF?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The mf is set by bmw -- I suppose a dealer could raise it but not sure. No negotiation on mf -- just make sure it is mfr correct. Ask the host but the mf you quoted is correct. Just try for a lower payment.
  • Hi hit. BMW sets the buy rate lease money factor for all of its vehicles. The buy rate is the lowest factor that its dealers are allowed to charge. Dealers are often allowed to mark up a bank's buy rates to add additional hidden back-end profit to deals. BMW dealers are notorious for doing so. That is why it is important to know what the buy rate is for the exact model that you want to leease prior to entering into any serious negotiations with dealers.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • My 2008 528i lease is up in 2 weeks, and I just learned that BMW has instituted a Buyer Loyalty program for 5-series owners that allows them to extend their current leases for 12 - 18 months (you can cancel lease after only 12 months if you lease a 2011 5 Series).

    The "offer" is that they will keep your original lease payment (with a few disclaimers) the same during the extension

    I read the documentation from BMW to the dealership, and it basically says "try to get the lessee to buy/lease a 2010 model but if that isn't going to work and they have their heart set on the new body style coming in 2011, offer them the right to extend 12 - 18 months so we don't lose them as a customer".

    Has anyone accepted this offer?

    I am awaiting the quote from BMW FS, and I am curious what the money factor, base cap cost, and residuals come in at.
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    Are you waiting for bmw fs quotes on a 2010 lease? I'd say lease a 2010(aggressively), cause the 2011 are a first model year, full price, etc., would not argue against the extention either as the new 5 looks amazing.

    I need a car now, and have never leased before. Althought I'm a good candidate,(low annual miles, and good care for my cars etc.) I'm considering leasing because I might like to get a newer car sooner than later. Usually keep my cars for 6-8, but new technology has itching more often.

    So my current options,(gotta have the manuel!), found two senerios that could work. Found a used and certified 2010, stickered for $66, could probably get for $47.5, great deal! Could do my usual and keep it long time. it's silver, which is ok

    Also found a new 2010 stick that I could lease and move on after 3 years. It's gonna b more money, but I can right off the payment, and keep my options open. It's black, which I don't love.

    Gonna get lease numbers, but the pre-owned might be to good a deal to pass up. What are the lowest lease payments people have seen for nothing down, 10K, or 12K annual miles, and a sticker of $66K??

    If I didn't want a stick so much, I'd probably look at the audi a6, which is what I had.
    I don't think there are any great deals, but would consider leasing.

    Appreciate any ideas suggestions or comments...thx!!
  • Is the $2500 holiday cash incentive over??
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    How long have you had the A6 and has it been troublesome re- reliability? You can get an A4 with a stick -- not as much difference in size as folks might think. There are performance options which should meet most buyers needs. Lease deals aren't too bad.
  • Yes, mobilejae, the Holiday Cash incentives that BMW was providing at the end of the year were not continued when it introduced its January program. BMW is not currently providing any cash incentives on leases of the 528i or 535i, other than $1,500 loyalty cash for current 5-Series owners and lessees. It is providing dealer cash on the 550i and M5 though.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • My sales guy said that instead of the $2500 cash, they replaced with with MF .00195 and 62% residual to make up for the no cash incentive. Is that right?
  • hithit Posts: 34
    After shopping around a bit, I've come across the following deal:
    535xi w/ Value, Premium, Sport, Navi

    ~$60,000 msrp
    ~$55,000 invoice
    .62 mf
    .0018 (due to multiple security deposits)

    $720 per month with $7,900 out of pocket ($1,900+ $6,000 multiple refundable security deposits)

    Debating between going with a less expensive car or this beauty.. am I getting a decent deal?

    Also, concerning the refundable security deposit... If there is a total loss and/or theft on the vehicle prior to lease expiration, do I still get this money back or is it lost similarly as any cap cost reduction would be lost? Does BMW have a history of hassling people about getting the money back after the lease end?
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