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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    With your negative service issues why not check out audi or mb. Rv's and mf's vary for brands and months. Leasing at the right time is the key. Being open to brands is also advantageous. There is a site-- that you can check out lease rates and get personal questions answered re good and bad leases.
  • doc301doc301 Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    Hi there. I never knew this vast amount of expertise was available here. Thank God. I'm ordering a 2011 535i. Just wanted to run these numbers by you experts to see if i'm making a good decision or not. Please advise:

    MSRP: $73000 (with all my options). Dealer will discount 3K off MSRP
    Residual: 59%
    MF: 0.00230
    Monthly payment is $958 + tax for 15K/year for 36 mo lease
    Monthly payment is $998 + tax for 18k/year for 36 mos.

    Please advise if this is a fair payment for this particular vehicle. Thank you
  • agillmanagillman Posts: 20

    Can you please provide the money factor and residuals for a 2011 550, assuming both 36 and 48 months. I would be driving either 10,000 or 12,000 miles. I'm in California if that matters.

    Thank you.
  • MSRP 53,740.00
    0 Down
    $600 per month includes 6% MI Tax

    Thought this was a great deal? Thoughts!!!
  • andyr7andyr7 Posts: 1
    I want to do the same thing you did but I have no idea what it means to "split the premium package credit"! Would you please explain.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Yes, Billyd6, I'm sure that the residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 550i is 55% for leases with 15,000 miles per year. The 58% residual value would be for a lease with only 10,000 miles per year.

    This lease program is good through the end of August.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You're very welcome, abockstein. Enjoy your new ride :shades: !

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  • snajsnaj Posts: 4
    I'm working on a 2011 550i Lease. Thanks for all the great info on this site.
    I wanted to run this by the crowd/host to see if this seemed reasonable (in Central Florida) :
    lots of options MSRP 71025
    Purchase price 67800
    RV 55%
    MF decreased from .00230 to .00209 with MSD x3 (at 1100 apiece- seems high, no?)
    Doc fee 799
    Acquisition fee 725 (brought him down from 925, per your guidance)
    $7213 due at signing (3300 refundable) including first month lease/ 7% FLtax/tag/fees
    Dealer's calculations= $1116/month

    I feel like there is still some room to go, any thoughts?
  • infinitimninfinitimn Posts: 138
    Why would you even consider another BMW with your negative experiences, and your opinion that they are exploiting you?

    I have a 2008 535Xi leased in 2007 and yes the MF were lower then, but your starting 144 was likely 70 lower than standard as BMW was offering a reduction to returning custoners, and your post indicates you had a prior BMW. The standard on a 36/39 mo lease was .0250 reduced to .0180 for returning customers.

    I suggest you hold your opinion about exploitation until you go to a bank and see if you can get a car loan at prime, which is what you want BMW to give you. You and I are lending the bank money at close to 0% through our Fed, and they are charging us a markup a lot higher than BMW is.
  • asteinbergasteinberg Posts: 138
    I like the way the BMW handles, and the improved MPG now
    But, I just now read on Edmunds (see that discusssion group) of problems with 2011 5-series; one person litigating, returning car.*** When I had my prior 530I in shop for 3 weeks, twice, BMW nationally was unsympathetic--things just shifted to dealer -- unlike Cadillac, Lincoln, Audi -- which responded to problems and supported dealer.
    My study indicates BMW adjusts MF, only partly for interest rates, but mainly for market conditions, along with residuals. If you were right, then why is it that BMW predictably will lower MF in Sept and/or Oct, regardlessof interest rate levels.
    Your point is a good one about the Fed; but BMW benefits from that low interest rate environment; in the past, BMW has used low MF to subsidize leases.
    (I think the returning customer deal is to waive initial security deposit.)
    As for service, the main problem is inconsistent policy on loaner cars, and that dealer, not BMW, mkes loaner car policy.
    Further, when I had a MAJOR problem (car losing power) and BMW natl called me to tell me my car was indicating need of immediate attention, I went right away to dealer (where I bought it!) and was refused loaner, because it was not regular service.
    So, with these kinds of problems, I can't consider without getting the greatest discount off MSRP, lowest MF.
    *****If I knew the current 2011 problems would be resolved soon by software, I might go for a 528i, with current MF or MF on delivery, if it's lower, and use all my refundable security deposits for a lower MF; but the discount off MSRP offered is only $3K.
    No car brand or car is perfect, so it's a hard call. The AudiA4 is tempting, though a bit small, but preferable to the 3 series.
    Thanks for your input.
  • infinitimninfinitimn Posts: 138
    For sure they waive the security deposit for returning customers, but in 2007 at least there was a .0070 loyalty deduction from the MF for returning customers as well, You can probably find it by searching this board or the financing board of the website where Tarry posts lease information. That's why my MF was low, and if it continued into'08 why yours was low.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi snaj. The money factor that you were quoted is right on the money. That's always a good thing.

    Let's take a look at the selling price. The car that you described probably has a spread of a little over $5,500 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. That puts the $3,225 dealer discount that you were quoted at right around $2,250 or so over invoice. That's not terrible, but if you are in an area that has a decent level of competition I would not be surprised if you were able to beat this offer. I personally would shoot for $1,000 over invoice or so and see what happens. You can look up the exact invoice price of the car that you want, as you want it equipped over in the New Vehicle Pricing section of

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hey infinitimn. Unfortunately, BMW is not currently providing any special money factor reductions for loyal customers on any of its vehicles right now that I am aware of. That is a special promotion that BMW rolls out from time to time, not a permanent program.

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  • can you tell me the dealership that you got this deal from please? When you say 0 down...what was your total drive-off?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
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  • Doing a European Delivery for a BMW 550xi--can you give me the numbers for a 36 month lease, 12k/year? Normally, leasing works very well with ED, but they are also offering .9%/24 months financing.

    Thanks as always!

  • Hi Tom. I've always thought that European Delivery sounded like fun. Congrats.

    I am not sure how it impacts this car's lease program though. For now I can provide you with BMW's normal lease program for this car. BMW Financial Services' September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 550xi Sedan with 12,000 miles per year are .00230 and 57%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,757
    Add .0003 to the MF for Euro Delivery... In return, BMWFS waives your 2nd payment (while your car is presumably on the boat).


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  • Returning my 2008 535i toward the end of Sep and start looking at leasing a 2011 535i right after. What's the MF and residual for 36 month, 12k/year in Sep? Do I get a loyalty discount on the MF? And security deposit waived?

  • Thanks. Car-man and kyfdx (looks like last thank you did not get posted!). Are the rates for the 2011 550xi the same as you quoted for the 2010?

    Thanks again
  • A Ha. Thanks for the info, kyfdx.
  • Greetings ex_sc400. BMW Financial Services' September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 535i with 12,000 miles per year are .00230 and 59%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

    BMW does waive its security deposit requirement for returning lessees, but I don't believe that loyal customers are being given any additional incentives on top of that this month.

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  • You're welcome denverg35. BMW FS' September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 550xi with 15,000 miles per year are .00230 and 55%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

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  • bfvbfv Posts: 5
    By choosing a 535i over 528i, MSRP rises by approx. USD 4000. Can someone tell me if there is a big difference in the engine? 535i is more powerful, but less fuel efficient, i guess.
  • Not to insult you..but if you have to ask ....then save the money...this question is like asking the difference between a Harley and a Japanese import. The turbo is fantastiic. My be the Best engine on the road. So frigid fast it will blow away almost anything! I have zero desire to ever drive anything else. And about the gas. Who cares!,,,if you are spending 50k on a car you probably can afford gas. And I also think the difference is minimal. So if u want to have the best engine money can buy, get the turbo. If u r happy with very decent performance save a few bux But also think resale value, 535s usually hold up better also. .
  • bfvbfv Posts: 5
    Hi Flbimmer, Thanks for the support. I really needed a tiny "push" ! Actually, I have yet to take test drives. I am leaning more toward 535. This will be my first BMW. Thinking about 535i- all wheel drive with Premium 1 & 2 packages, 36/10 K lease.
  • lp30lp30 Posts: 1
    Looking for the leasing factor and residual on a 36month 15K lease for a 2011 535i.

  • Bfv. Glad to help. I ordered the car in may. With never even test driving it. But how was I not going to like any BMW product. No other car have I ever ordered with outndriving. How crazy! But so happy and glad I did. The car get more awesome
    The more you drive and get used to it. The performance iz really amazing and I never for one minute regret paying a tad more for the extra umph of the turbo. If u can afford a 528 then you can afford the turbo. Seriously , if 750 is a stretch, then get a 335 and sVe the cash.
  • bfvbfv Posts: 5
    flbimmer. I see many posts on these forums about 2011 5 series pulling to the right (some sort of alignment problem....and no fix available yet!) did you notice this in your car? I went to a dealer and asked him....and he said he did not hear any problem like that (i could not stop laughing...good actor!)
  • I have no alignment problems. At least that
    I have noticed in 2k miles. However all bmws are so precise that the smallest slope in a road, the cars always follow.
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