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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Lease Questions



  • nsadansada Posts: 17
    edited July 2012
    Thanks Car_man...
    Please also provide July MF and residual for 36/months 12K for 2013 X5 35i (base). Also, do you know of any rebates on the 2013's? Thanks.
  • No problem nsada. BMW's June lease program is scheduled to run through July 9th. Please feel free to check back with me some time after the 10th and I'll be happy to fill you in on what I know about the new offers.

    As of the June programs, BMW was not offering any cash incentives on the 2013 models.

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  • alexkoperalexkoper Posts: 25
    Hi Car_Man - do you have an update on new July lease programs for both 2012 and 2013 X5 35d w 15k miles/year for 36 mos and 24 mos? Thanks so much!
  • Here you go alexkoper. BMW Financial Services' July buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2012 X5 35d with 15,000 miles per year are .00145 and 60%.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 36-month lease are .00145 and 54%.

    I don't think that the 2013 X5 diesel is available yet.

    There is a $4,500 credit on the 2012 model.

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  • bimmer24bimmer24 Posts: 4
    Hi all,

    Want to thank everyone for these boards which prove to be a critical resource in negotiating a fair price on a car, especially Car_man for all the information and perspective he provides.

    I recently purchased an X5 35d from a northern NJ dealer. Terms were:

    36 months 12k/yr miles
    MSRP - 63,895
    Final Purchase Price after all credits/rebates/dealer maneuvering - $52,800
    Dealer also paid $1k to cover the last two payments of my existing 3 series lease
    58% residual and .00185. I put down 7x MSD of $4200 to bring the MF to .00136. I already had $3500 in MSDs from my previous lease, so I just paid the delta of $700.

    Monthly payment = $599/month inclusive of tax and no down payment

    My total upfront was:
    $725 for BMW FS
    $300 DMV
    $599 first month payment
    $300 doc fee/dealer profit fee
    $215 NJ luxury car tax (Thanks Gov. Christie for this gift)
    $700 MSD delta described above (bringing my MSD balance to $4200)

    Total outlay $2840

    I had spent time looking at various dealers in the area and most refused to go this low. The dealer that had the most diesels remaining in stock (most only had 2-3 left, but one had 12) was perhaps the worst to deal with. With the dealer I purchased from, I did the entire deal over the phone, got the terms e-mailed to me in writing and went to the dealer that day to check the vehicle and do the paperwork.

    This was all completed on July 6th. The last week with the car has exceeded my expectations. It drives like a BMW, has incredible torque, get's better gas mileage than my 3 series, comes with more options than I would ever need, and cost me less than what many people pay for an X3. The sound at idle and low speeds is not bad and anyone bothered by it shouldn't buy the car. I personally couldn't care less about it and find it to be negligible.

    To make matters even better, my neighborhood Exxon gas station which always offered the cheapest prices, actually sells diesel gas for less than the price of plus and 30 cents less than premium. My biggest fear about getting the diesel was completely quelled knowing that the place I fill up more than 80% of the time would lead to reduced cost of gas for a big family truck that gets better mileage than my 3 series.

    Seeing the July numbers make me feel even better about my purchase as the adjustments to residual and MF lead to almost a zero change in the financial aspects of the lease.

    Love the car, loved the dealer experience I had, love the mileage I'm getting on this car, and love all the bells and whistles that make my wife happy. Happy to be a loyal BMW customer.
  • nsadansada Posts: 17
    edited July 2012
    Congrats...great deal.

    Can you share the dealer name? Also, can you specify total rebate amount factored into your deal? Thanks.
  • lwvlwv Posts: 46
    Got a quote for 2012 x5d. MSRP is 68745. Sell price is $58381 including all discounts. Dealer is quoting MF of .00220 and residual of 58% for 36/12k. MF is high but discount seems decent. This was when MF was .00185. Payment is $743 with first payment and $381 of fees down. Acquisition fee is 925 rolled into lease.

    Any feedback on this deal?

  • bimmer24bimmer24 Posts: 4

    This was the last diesel 2012 the dealer had in inventory, so it's pointless to give you the name.

    They applied some $500 rebate from BMW that I had no idea what it was, however, it required that I have super elite credit from all 3 agencies (740+).

    The salesperson respected my comprehensive understanding of the figures and this helped him cut through the gimmicks and focused on just whether we can come to terms. This is about finding the right salesperson as too many are focused on 'winning' instead of selling. I also believe that finding the more successful and experienced salesperson is the best way to navigate. I never spoke with a sales manager or anyone other than my sales person because he was clearly experienced, well established at the dealer with his management, and well aware of his boundaries. You typically don't get this with the younger ppl who don't have the kind of experience and credibility to structure a deal that benefits everyone.

    Even some of the 'older' salespeople are inexperienced, so asking how long they've been at the dealer is a good way to figure out how much room they have to run.
  • You're welcome bimmer24. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your deal with everyone. Enjoy your new ride :shades: !

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  • Hi lwv. The dealer is marking up both your car's money factor and acquisition fee. They should be .00145 and $725. Try to get them to use the base numbers for those and this deal will be even better.

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  • lwvlwv Posts: 46

    Thanks. The dealer had document that showed the MF was .00180. I saw it. Now he is trying to mark it up to .0020. I argued the point but he showed me the .00180 that said started on July 10. Do you think the Texas region is different? Can they mark it up more than .0004?

  • quoscoquosco Posts: 2
    Can you tell me what MSD stands for, please?
  • quoscoquosco Posts: 2

    Regarding MF, could you please explain the following: offer (straight from their website) for a 2012 X5 35d lease for 569/mo for 36 months and 4500 Eco Credit has the following data in fine print:

    Term - 36 mo
    Monthly payment - 569/mo
    MSRP - 57595
    Residual - 32829 (57%)
    Eco Credit - 4500 off MSRP
    Down Payment - 2500
    Tax not included
    Due at signing: 3794 comprised of:
    - 569 first month
    - 2500 down payment
    - 725 Acq fee

    So given this information, I assess the following:

    Agreed upon price = 57595 - 4500 = 53095 (Eco Credit)
    Net Cap Cost = 53095 - 2500 = 50595 (deduct down payment paid)
    Depreciation = 50595 - 32829 = 17766
    Depreciation fee = 17766 / 36 = 493.5

    Finance fee therefore should be = 569 - 493.5 = 75.5

    Which in turn provides the following MF:

    MF = 75.5 / (50595 + 32829) = 0.000905 (or 2.17% apr)

    Why then is BMW July rate 0.00145 when they are offering this MF on their website?

    And I understand this does not include tax, but BMW is currently offering a tax incentive in Texas, so this would stay accurate with that.

    Someone please explain if I am missing something.
  • mcabreramcabrera Posts: 6
    edited July 2012
    Many thanks to everyone in allowing me to learn from your experience. I am picking up my vehicle tomorrow after negotiating for over two weeks.

    2012 BMW x5 35d, Sports Activity Pkg, Premium Pkg, Tech Pkg, Premium Sound Pkg, 20" Rims, Running Boards with BMW apps for $57,836. MSRP 68,895.

    Was able to apply the $4,500 ECO credit, $1,000 USAA credit and a $750 BMW loyalty rebate.

    Lease payments came to $687.91 per month inclusive of tax and inclusive of BMWFS Bank Fee of $925. I should have negotiated the bank fee down to $725 but since the dealer included window tinting and wheel locks a $200 value, I didn't mind.

    Lease is for 36 months and 12K miles/yr, with a residual of 56%. I'm putting down 7x MSD of $4,900 to reduce MF to .00096.

    My sales guy stated that they were breaking even on the sale and that the finance guy processing the deal would generate zero profit... I'm not sure that's totally accurate.

    My total upfront came out to $1,977.12. I may get that reduced by $500 with a BMW Ultimate Drive App voucher, where all I have to do is test drive the vehicle before signing the lease agreement.

    Any feedback on this deal?

  • bimmer24bimmer24 Posts: 4

    On the price of the car, I think you could probably do a bit better. I figure invoice for a car with that much crap in it would be about $5600 below MSRP, so combined with your $6,250 in savings.....should be able to scrap out close to another $750. Even then, the dealer is still making money on you given the inflated bank fee.

    Last question I have is why your drive off fees are so high considering the $925 is rolled into the lease? If first payment is $690, where is the other $1300 coming from?
  • treenut10treenut10 Posts: 1
    bmw x5 xDr35d
    msrp $63,845
    sell $54,930
    mf .00145
    36 mths
    resid $35,753
    12000 miles/yr
    loyalty rebate 750
    test drive program rebate 1000

    pymt about 670 mth and less than a 1000 down +reg nys
  • snow26snow26 Posts: 24

    Are there any additional incentives to take a 2012 vs a 2013 x5 for a 36 month lease 15k per year. I currently have an x5 that is coming due in 40 days. Can't decide what to do . Has 50K on it, and is certified bc it had 9K on it when I leased. Certification is until Novmeber 2014.

    Residual/buy out is $28,300. Not sure if I should buy it or just lease another? What do you think? Looks like the car is worth more than my buyout. Could I use this in negotiating a new lease? Alos, looks like the car will be redone for 2014, which will debut in the Spring of 2013.
  • 4tune4tune Posts: 29
    Carman please help: I needed to know the July lease MF and residual on the 2013 BMW X5. I have inquired with a dealer and he gave me the following numbers. Does this look like a good deal? Is there any room for negotiation?

    2013 BMW X5 35 Premium
    Convenience pkg
    Cold Weather pkg
    running boards

    MSRP $60745
    $2234 due at signing
  • sounds like u getting ripped a bit.
    I am getting 2013 X5 5.0 msrp 72,000$ with most options u can think off
    for $2000 down

    and $829 TAX included :)
  • insidecarbuyinsidecarbuy NYCPosts: 95
    You're missing some information… How many miles per year are you driving? Is it a 36 month term? Do you have loyalty? What is the sales tax rate?
  • 4tune4tune Posts: 29
    12K miles 36 month lease and yes I have loyalty sales tax rate is 6.25% which is included in the payment.
  • 4tune4tune Posts: 29
    Hi Carman: in addition to my earlier inquiry about an X5 lease, I wanted to know if I go for the X5 35d will I be allowed to combine all my incentives to get a very aggressive deal from my bmw dealer. He has agreed to discount the 2012 bmw 35d in the following ways.

    MSRP: 62145
    Invoice: 57794
    Eco credit:4500
    Loyalty: 750
    Drive for Team USA: 1000

    I just graduated from a grad program. Can I ask them to tag on the 1000 available for that. I know BMW is offering that. The cap cost comes down to $50544. How can I approach this. It would be great to land such a deal. Thanks. I need to decide on it by 2moro. Much appreciate it. Anyone on the forum can weigh in on this. Thanks.
  • Hi quosco. MSD stands for


    BMW Financial Services allows lessees to make additional security deposits on their vehicles, with each additional deposit lowering the money factor that is used to calculate their payment by .00007.

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  • Hi snow26. the only cash incentive, other than the EcoCredit on diesels, that I am aware of on the X5 right now is $750 loyalty cash to consumers who finance or lease one through BMW Financial Services.

    I wouldn't be surprised in the least if your current X5 was worth more than its purchase option price. Used vehicle values in general are very strong right now (though this may change in the year + ahead if you ask me).

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  • Hi 4tune. BMW Financial Services' July buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 X5 35 Premium with 15,000 miles per year are .00145 and 57%, respectively.

    I would be happy to evaluate this deal for you, but it would be much easier for me to do so if you were able to provide me with its selling price first. This will show us how large a dealer discount you are being given. Thanks.

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  • eddie_cheneddie_chen Posts: 3
    edited July 2012
    Newbie here. I got an 2013 X5 35i with a 36 month lease/12K miles per year. The MSRP was around 61,000. My monthly lease payment is 850 with no money down and sales tax rolled into the lease. Did I get ripped off or is this standard? A friend said they got the same car for only 700 bucks a month... :(

    Btw, I am in the NYC area.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    edited July 2012
    Hi alexanderz
    Can you share the MF and residual, and millage
    Where is the dealer?
  • crihcrih Posts: 1
    I'm in Oregon and I'm planning to lease my first BMW. It's my first lease and is hard to know if I'm getting a good deal.
    My terms are :
    2013 X5 Premium with convenience package and BMW applications, 36 months, 15k
    MRSP -$59,945
    Retail price -$57,500
    Trade in -$7500
    Money factor-0.00185
    Residual cost - 57% - $34,168.65
    Capital cost - $51,073 (acquisition$725 and DMV fees-348)
    Also I'm asked for a deposit of $1,000 at the time of the order this same with security deposit?

    Overall is this a fair deal?

    Thank you
  • ttg911ttg911 Posts: 44

    I recently leased a 2012 X5d but have not picked up the car yet. Dealer quoted me $1,049 for 3-year/36K of wheel and tire coverage. I subsequently negotiated the cost down to $900 and I live in Boston where the roads are anything but optimal.

    My question is, should I purchase this coverage? I know each tire is +/- $500 to replace and wheels are even more.

  • 4tune4tune Posts: 29
    Hi Car_man: here are the exact details of the deal that is on the table. Can you please tell me if its a good deal. Also, plz let me know if the residual, MF, incentives are going to get better in Aug.

    2012 X5 diesel
    Premium Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Sound
    Running boards

    MSRP: $63645
    Invoice: $59100
    Eco Credits: $4500
    Drive for team USA: $1000
    BMW Loyalty: $750
    BMW Ultimate Drive App: $500 (taken as first month's payment)
    Net Cap Cost: $52850
    Money Factor: .00165
    Payment: $645 (MA tax included)
    Total due at signing: $1644 due at signing (includes only tax title registration
    3 year 36K mile lease

    Is this a good deal Car_man. Thank you for your input.
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