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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Lease Questions



  • insidecarbuyinsidecarbuy NYCPosts: 95
    Hey CSD455 -

    The dealer is playing the typical game with you. Move on and shop a few other dealers. First of all with a perfect credit history and score of 710 you will automatically get a Tier 1 rating with BMWF. The dealer is just trying to pick up an extra $1,100 on you by bumping the money factor to .00175 because he is selling the car at invoice. I have helped many friends with buying X5's and you can get them from $1,800 to $2,000 behind invoice with the current BMWF buy rate on the money factor. Most dealers had a horrible September and don't want a replay for October. Plus BMW is behind on there numbers for this year and put extra volume incentives in place for the fourth quarter. Don't settle for less than the buy rate and $1,500 behind invoice. Hope this helps… Good Luck!
  • ans9806ans9806 Posts: 12
    edited October 2012
    Thanks very much for the info. Here's what I ended up with:

    X5 35i SAV with essentially everything but the M packages:
    --Cold weather package
    --Convenience package
    --Luxury seating package
    --Premium sound package
    --Technology package
    --Running boards
    --BMW apps

    MSRP: $68,020
    Invoice: $63,140
    My price: $63,680
    Minus Incentives ($750 BMW loyalty; $1000 USAA): $61,930 purchase price

    No mark up on MF (.00135) or acquisition fee ($725). Doc fee $75.

    I feel pretty good about this, but I'm ordering it and haven't put down the deposit yet. If there's a much better deal to be had, I'd love to know.

    Appreciate the help from you and from everyone else on here.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    What city and state you are in?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I don't want to start another diesel vs gas debate on this forum, but there are some interesting posts on edmunds diesel. We have logged 1000 miles on our X5d since picking up at the Performance Delivery Center and couldn't be happier. So, given that you are not checking the M Sport box, the D would save you another $1500 up front and at least 30% at the pump over the next 3 years.

    I will repeat my strong recommendation for the Performance Delivery Center pick up - it's worth at least as much as your loyalty credit and its free. The experience on the track with BMWs instructors is exceptional and they will put you in an X5 to show you how to drive it more confidently on and off road.
  • ans9806ans9806 Posts: 12
    I'm in Seattle.
  • gurmgurm Posts: 27
    Which dealership?

    I am in Seattle too and looking to order an X5 with sports activity package.
  • gurmgurm Posts: 27
    Also did you get 20's or 19s? (Sports activity vs premium?)

    That's a big question considering the hills and little snow we get here!
  • ans9806ans9806 Posts: 12
    Appreciate your thoughts. I drove the X5d (twice, actually) because I wanted to convince myself to want it, but it just wasn't for me. At some point, buying a $65,000 SUV becomes an emotional decision, and for all the practical benefits of the diesel, I just didn't like it as well.
  • ans9806ans9806 Posts: 12
    edited October 2012
    BMW of Seattle was my dealer, but to be honest I'm not sure it matters. This is my third BMW...first one was from Bellevue and the last two from Seattle. I work downtown, so having the dealer closer (for free car washes, mostly) is slightly nicer, but doubt I got a better deal than I could have at Bellevue. Probably the biggest perk of the Seattle dealer is that you can park at the dealership on Seahawk game days, which is really nice if you have season tickets!

    I got the 19s with all-weather tires. Much as I like the look of the 20s, they come with performance tires, which are terrible in the snow.
  • gurmgurm Posts: 27
    I am purchasing instead of leasing.

    Any idea how much I could get off msrp?

    I'll stick to 20's.....they look much better I think. I'll swap the RFTs with non-RFT...the DWs's...all season tires. Good looks with fair level of handling in snow.
  • ans9806ans9806 Posts: 12
    There should be no difference in your negotiation over price with a purchase versus a lease. Leases are more complicated because of money factor, but everything else is the same with a purchase.
  • gurmgurm Posts: 27
    Thanks for the helpful information.

    Together we could score a better deal. Buying two X5s on the same day......they would've loved it......u know that I mean.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    I agree, Do not see a reason to buy the diesel, if you want to save few bucks than a Honda or Toyota will save you money not a a German car.
    Here is my few cents on the topic.
    1- Diesel is slower and sluggish and less responsive than the x5 3.5 gas
    2- The Msrp savings are about 1000 only when comparing same options
    3- You get the old 6 speed transmission, no 8 speed which is in x5 3.5 gas. No one will tell you that. Therefore your are getting a lower price on the car
    4- In California diesel is 15 cents more expensive than premium gas and the spread will be wider overtime. Oil companies have to account for cannbilzation, therefor they have to raise the price of diesel to of set the efficiency of the engine. Otherwise they will sell less gallons of fuel which means less profit
    5- the diesel car is heavier which means it stops slower and handels inferior to the x5 gas
    6- the sound of engine is ugly compared to the amazing BMW gas engine
    7- all BMW salespeople and many members of this forum who are affiliated with BMW want to push the diesel product, because is not desirable and they make more money on it.
    8- the tourqe story is exaggerated and used for marketing. This is for towing uphill, what is the point if the car is powerful but not as responsive as gas. Still gas is more than 1 second faster to 60 with less tourqe.
    9- When leasing the residual on the diesel is less than gas. Gas is 60% diesel is lower about 58%
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    edited October 2012
    Again, to each their own, but about half of your rationale is full of crap.

    (1) Diesel is comparable or quicker 40-80 than the 3.5i gas.
    (2) MSRP difference is at least $1,500 with eco credit, apples to apples.
    (3) No one hid the fact that it's a 6 speed from me. You don't need 8 gears when you have 425 ft. lbs of torque over a broad rev band and the redline is 5,000 rpm.
    (4) In DC and all the areas I travel in, diesel is 5-15+ cents LESS than premium, in most cases closer to mid-grade.
    (5) The weight difference in the diesel is under 5% and virtually imperceptible re: handling on a track, let alone in everyday driving. I know, I drove it and the X5 3.5i at the BMW Performance Delivery Center. Want to save 600+ lbs, buy the Cayenne, not the X5 3.5i. That's a difference you can feel.
    (6) The sound of the engine is nearly non-existent behind the wheel. And you don't have to listen to the sound of the gas pump clinging away your dollars 40% faster.
    (7) BMW overselling the diesel?? Just the opposite. I had to ask about the diesel and did all my own research w/o any BMW salespeople pushing me towards it.
    (8) Can only conclude this is a statement based upon ignorance and no first hand driving experience. Or at least not through the serious paces I put the vehicle through when test driving against everything from a Cayenne to Q7 to X5M.
    (9) I don't lease and I keep my vehicles for an average of 8-10+ years (except for "fun" cars). There is no doubt in my mind that, under that scenario, the economics of the diesel look better than the gas.

    Again, I value performance and handling as much or more than the next guy. I am currently in the market for a replacement for my 911S that I sold last April, and spent Saturday test driving a new 911S, Boxster S and M3. The X5 3.5i is a great vehicle and you would never hear me say or argue otherwise. I just happen to think the X5d is an even better vehicle and value. Porsche is charging a $4k premium for their Cayenne diesel, and it is getting tremendous positive press and reviews. By comparison, the X5d is a no brainer. If you only have one vehicle to buy and somehow think that the sound of a diesel engine on the outside of the vehicle is offensive, you could do a lot worse than getting a X5 3.5i. On the other hand, I'll take the X5d and use it like a great handling, great performing, very fuel efficient SUV. And save my sports car needs for another Porsche or alternative.
  • Ok, so I know everyone gets emotional on these boards, but I'm really looking for some insight from people with BMW knowledge. We've had Mercedes for many years and now we are looking an X5 diesel straight in the eyes/halos. I get the money factor and residual, but what is realistic to get the price down to?

    Edmunds TMV shows $57k, which includes the ECO credit I assume, but others are getting invoice minus ECO? We get USAA ($1k) and the rest is good old fashioned negotiating as we don't have loyalty. For a roughly $64k X5d, I was offered discounts of ECO, USAA, and another because it's service loaner, but to me it seems that we should be able to get at least a few thousand off sticker in addition to the ECO, USAA, and any allowance for a few thousand miles. Is this in line or out of line? It ends up being about $10k - $11k off MSRP is what I'm shooting for and then work the lease. Comments appreciated.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Our X5d that we custom ordered had an MSRP of $63,845 - SAV, Premium, BMW Apps and running boards. We got a discount of $3,550, plus the $4,500 eco credit and a $1,000 drive event discount. Net price before taxes $54,795. Hope this helps.

    I am not a big fan of buying demo's or service loaners, unless the additional discount is compelling (a few thousand $+). I want to know that the car has been broken in properly (preferably by me), or at least has not been driven by 50 different drivers, some of whom might have been auditioning for the next jackass movie. If you can swing it, do the custom order, get exactly what you want, and pick it up at the Performance Delivery Center in Spartanburg. With 0.2 miles on the odometer.

    Good luck.
  • harry28harry28 Posts: 29
    Just bought an X-5 Premium with Convenience Package.
    MSRP $60,195
    Purchase Price 52,195. I thought this was a very good price.
    I traded in a 5 year old Mercedes ML350. I'm sure they got be for some $ on my trade in.
    I was able to get 1.74% financing so I added tire protection, dent wizard and appearance package which added about $25 to my monthly payment.
    I went in intending to lease, but ended up buying the car as the lease numbers were getting too confusing with lots of misc fees that I didn't like. Buying the car was more straight forward.
  • Amazing Deal. Was this a Diesel or gas? Are you sure on the numbers? Its almost 13% off the msrp. Which dealer did you get it from? Anyone else getting it for so cheap. Please respond.
  • Well as you can read a couple posts up we were interested in this, so now we have one. Or we will tomorrow. Painless process with a dealer in Northern Ohio. A little drive, but it makes the ride home in the new car all the better. Details:

    MSRP: $63745
    Sell: $55540

    Standard money factor and residual for $695 payment with tax (6%) and only first payment and fees due. Has cold weather, Prem, Prem Sound, spare tire, apps. Went with Platinum gray over oyster. Thanks for the advise, now we can compare BMW to Benz in real time.
  • harry28harry28 Posts: 29
    It's a gas. Got it @ Vista in Coconut Creek, FL.
    The numbers are accurate. Like I said they probably got me for some $ on my trade in, but I still felt I got a good deal. It's white with beige interior. It's the color combo I was looking for. I've had the car for 2 weeks and love it.
  • Hi, I was wondering what October's money factor and residual would be for a 2013 BMW X5 50i, 24 months/10k and 30 months/10k.

    Thanks for the information!
  • Here's the information that you're looking for mralbury. BMW Financial Services' October buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2013 X5 5.0i with 10,000 miles per year are .00135 and 68% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 30-month lease are .00135 and 65%.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    edited October 2012

    I've never leased in the past, but may consider it if I decide to go for the Tesla Model S that we have now been notified is ready for us to "build" after having had one on deposit for 8 months. As such a couple of questions to make sure I'm not missing something in the math on the terms you have quoted to mralbury above.

    For simplicity, using a $70,000 "net" selling price, nothing down and no taxes, I come up with:

    $1,012.71 payment on 24 months / 20,000 miles. Or $24,305 over 2 years.
    $894.63 payment on 30 months / 25,000 miles. Or $26,839 over 2.5 years.

    It looks like you are getting whacked for 1.33% depreciation per month for the first 24 months; only 0.5% per month for the next 6 months (68%/65% residuals) correct?

    Another way of looking at it, the last 6 months only cost $2,535 or the equivalent $422.50 per month when you go from the 24 to 30 month term, correct?

    Begs the question as to why anyone would do a 24 vs. 30 month lease? I'd love to have the ability to buy a second lightly used X5d just like the one we bought for $54,800 new, for $37,265, this time in 2014. But I guess that's what makes the leasing companies profitable.

    Is my math correct? Do leases generally give the lessor the right to buy the vehicle at the residual price (or assign that right)?

  • Thanks a lot Car_man!

    I was wondering if I could get some feedback from people on some numbers I got for my lease from BMW of Boston.

    2013 BMW X5 xDrive50i: MSRP $75,170 (cold weather, luxury seating, premium, premium sound, sport activity, and technology packages, and BMW apps). Final price $72,000. 30 months/10,000 miles per year. $3,000 down, 0.00155 mf, and 65% residual. Lease price of $899/month including taxes (6.25%).

    I'd appreciate any comments.

  • chaozz1chaozz1 Posts: 49
    I just unloaded my 2011 X5D for me, at idle and take off it was to noisy .
    as for power way more then enough.
    diesel in CA avg about the same give or take 10 cents.

    avoid the 20 ..rims way to easy to ding and if you go with those OEM tires.
    they are $600 a pop.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    And you replaced your x5d with?

    I guess I'm glad that either I'm hard of hearing or simply don't find the sound of the diesel an issue. It's certainly no worse than any Mercedes or the q7. Maybe it was from my previously owning a 911 with the $2,500 optional sport exhaust? Our MDX sounds more strained under harder acceleration, especially given its need to downshift more than the x5.

    We opted to stick with 19" rims on the sport activity package. Tire Rack sells the 20" tires for not much more than the 19's but the 20's wear out 30% faster.
  • chadwick218chadwick218 Posts: 7
    edited October 2012
    Car_man and other posters,

    I am looking at leasing a 2012 BMW X5 diesel. MSRP is $66,195. The lease would be structured as a 36-month lease with 15,000 year (0.00145 MF; 54% residual).

    The car that I am looking at is a demo with 3,000 miles. The car was previously damaged by hail while sitting on the dealer's lot. While the car has been repaired, it nevertheless has a dirty carfax history report.

    Using Truecar and simply calling dealers in the area, I am able to get $9,000 off MSRP without much negotiation. In some markets (i.e., New York, I am seeing people get $10,500 off the price of this vehicle).

    Given the demo and the dirty carfax report (hail), what should my target purchase price be? Currently, the dealer is willing to take only $10,500 off.

    How much flexibility does the dealer have in light of the hail damage? My guess is that they repaired onsite for significantly less than what they would have received from any insurance proceeds. But maybe I am wrong.

    Thanks in advance,
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'll put in my "other posters" two cents.

    The vehicle you are considering would appear to have an invoice price of roughly $60,900; meaning about a $5,300 markup on the MSRP. There is a $4,500 eco-credit from BMW on top of that and you didn't indicate whether or not you qualify for any other credits or rebates (loyalty, drive events , USAA, etc). Let's assume you don't. I could order a brand new version of that vehicle tomorrow for $8,800 off MSRP ($1,000 over invoice). My exact color choices, option choices, etc.

    In my opinion, even if the vehicle had no hail damage and was in pristine condition, a demo with 3,000 miles would need to be discounted by at least another $2,500 or more (that's only 5%) for me to consider it over a brand new vehicle. With the hail damage, I'm not sure I would take it at any price but if I did, I'd be looking for another $2,000+ off. You might not care as much if you are leasing, but I don't want to take a damaged vehicle if I'm buying.

    So, by my thinking, you would need to be at $13,000 discount, PLUS any other discounts or credits you qualify for, before I'd say "go for it". The deal you have been quoted, $10,500 off, is not compelling enough, in my opinion.
  • socal59socal59 Posts: 78
    You're not really getting a very good deal, you can almost get that discount on a vehicle without a bad carfax report and no damage. I personally wouldn't buy it if they gave me $15k off msrp.
  • Thank you, habitat1 and socal59!

    Your comments helped to confirm what I had been thinking. I am at discount of at least $13,000 for this vehicle (in light of the hail). I'll keep you posted.
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