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2009 Saturn Outlook Total exhaust system/Computer Codes

nomoorgm4menomoorgm4me Member Posts: 6
edited March 2017 in Saturn
I own a 2009 Saturn Outlook. I purchased it in 10/2009, and I love the vehicle. I noticed a dragging in the vehicle where it was loosing pressure, slowing down as I accelerate while I was driving it, and I kept taking it to Chevy to have it checked out. I thought it was the transmission. I had plenty disagreements with the dealership, because I kept telling them the transmission was loosing pressure, or about to go out. I contacted GM in 2012, and they had the dealership check it out before the the warranty expired. Nothing...I took it back for every recall, and brought the pressure issue back up. I was told the transmission was fine. In February of 2014 the vehicle as always, began to lose pressure and would not go over 40mph. This time the check engine light come on, and Chevy says it's a throttle sensor.

I had it towed to the dealership, and was told the sensor cost $780. When I went to pick up my vehicle I found it could not be driven, and was in the same condition, call a tow truck. I had to pay the $780 for the part put on the car. After I paid them they told me I needed 3 catalytic converters, it would cost $1500. I didn't have it so we had the car towed to the house.

I found a muffler shop who would fix it for $1000, so we had it fixed. Ten months later the check engine lite comes on again, and I'm told it's the catalytic converters. The light goes out, and stays off until 10/2016. The ce light come back on and the code in the system came up misfires and I needed new plugs. So, I got a complete tune-up. I get that done (which was also done in 2015) and the ce light goes out for one week. Now I need O2 censors, there are 4 of them and I need 2 flex pipes. $600. I had to go to other mechanics because I'm spending each check as I get them. CE Light never goes out, but code now says 2 fuel injectors. So I go to the dealer and purchase the fuel injectors, but the light goes out. When I take the injectors to the mechanic, the ce light come back on, but the code reads "front catalytic converter" and I'm told I don't need the injectors. I almost had the converter put on, but the Chevy mechanic says, "We cannot guarantee this will fix the car, but we will put them on.

Now, I concerned, so I ask him to check first, but once again there is no ce light, and we noticed that when it goes out there is a different code if it comes back on. He tells me I have to pay to have it checked out, and the money could not be used for the repair because they don't know what the repair will be. I'm angry now. Parts is holding $400 of my money, its January and my car has been in some shop every week day before work, and every Saturday since the week before Christmas. The car is humming, stalling and when you get up to 40mph the car looses pressure. The transmission is good, something is rattling under the bottom, I've now spent $2000 and I have the same problem, and nothing is loose under the car.

I speak with the General Mgr. and Parts Mgr. who instruct the mechanics to check it out. Okay, the Saturn expert will be there in 2 weeks. I wait, they take it in, but instead of going over the car they search the computer bank for codes (there's no ce lights to go off of) and I get a call from service Mgr. saying now it's the (2) converters. He wants me to start there and eliminate every code with repairs until we get the right thing fixed. Eliminate every code ???

I paid for repairs on codes:

Throttle sensor

2 Flex pipes
2 Tune ups
3 Catalytic converters
4 fuel injectors
Timing chain. (Chevy)
Power steering (Chevy)
Lights replaced 3x
Air filters (3 in 2 years)
Every call back
Oil changes are up to date

    These thing did not work. My Dad always told me, "Get a Chevy!" Not anymore I'm going to purchase a foreign vehicle. At least I won't get screwed by my own people. This vehicle is sitting in the garage, although it runs well I'm too disappointed with GM to drive it, and I feel deceived by Chevy who won't take the time to see about this exhaust system and computer glitch in their own vehicle

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