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Chrysler Town & Country Lease Questions



  • iamfrank and others... well I lucked out. After getting a $2600 reduction off residual to buy my 2005 T&C coming off lease I got attitude from the dealer's finance manager when he didn't fax a document to the bank fast enough. I complianed to the dealer manager and he gave another $1k off if I would release. I got a 2008 T&C Touring with no other major options for $297 per month. My cap cost was $22,739 and money factor of .00124. I got one of the last Chrysler leases.

    Thanks for all the help and support.
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    Yesterday I picked up a 2008 T&C Touring Signature for $296/mo 27mo 15k/yr .. first month down and sales tax on $5500 in rebates up front.
  • Smokin' deal! Wow... how did you do that? I need a new vehicle and was thinking of the Patriot. How can I negoitate better like you did?
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    First you'll need to tell me where you are ... state
  • Sheboygan Wisconsin
  • iamfrankiamfrank Posts: 16
    Part of the price I obtained was through the "Friends and Family" program. On top of that I had $5500 in rebates (bonus cash, lease loyalty, conquest cash, and general rebate). Let me ask around to see if I can get you the program I was under. Additionally ... go to sl.htm and see what it would take to become of member of the "Dodge Rodeo" ... they get "affiliate" pricing which is the same as the 'friends' program.
  • I'm almost done with my first lease of an 06 T&C. I'm gathering from this board that there may be more options than just turning it in or paying full residual. I'm torn with what to do and I have NO CLUE.

    The car is under in mileage. Of all the vehicles I've ever owned, this one sustained the most ...ouch..are you ready...body damage. It will need a new bumper @ $700 - there is a crack near the license plate, there is a 5 inch long indentation along the bottom of the passenger side where the kids wagon ran into it. The back bumper has a 3x 3 scuff in the grey plastic of the bumper. So, I've got 3 things that I will be charged for. We also (circuit city) installed a $1000 overhead DVD system of which I know I will not recoup. Will I be charged for altering it?

    My question,
    Should I try a personal sale before the lease is up and try to get rid of it for as close to what it will cost to pay it off (minus the scuffs)?

    I'd like to move into a VW Routan for the simple idea of no $$ down in this economy and a $339 lease payment.

    I could buy a used van and drive it for a couple years until the economy improves and I'm not so fearful of taking a ton of $$ out of savings.

    I would consider buying the car from them.. will they offer me discounts to buy it less than original price? If I buy a DIFFERENT car from them, will they go easier on my with my turn in??? :confuse:

    I have no clue....please let me know any thoughts you may have!
  • It depends on how bad you want to lease.What if I told you that you could buy a brand new 08 limited for 24,700 if you are a returning chrysler customer? You can purchase this thing for probably less than what you would pay a month on the m pkg and still get a few more options, like the 4.0 engine.My wife currently has an m pkg and is trying to get me to take her lease over so she can snatch one of these ltds. I spoke with the dealer that is doing it,they are brunswick automart located outside of Cleveland Ohio they are also the largest dealer in the state. The sales man said they are running this until the last one sells,however he said for a few hundred more they will locate what you want if they dont have it.You may want to look them up,we are on our third car from them .Because of the volume they do ,they can make some dumb deals other dealers cant come close to.Good luck!!!
  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    Hi, This is a tough call. I leased an 08 Touring with Walter P package in March and love it . This was before the major economic crisis with the auto companies and before the V w routan. It would appear that you will really be hit with a big charge due to condition of your 06. Wish I could have found a Limited at that good price. I did get a total of $4200 in rebates and incentives though. I am paying $390 a month for 15k and 36 months. Good luck
  • FYI-I have a 2006 T & C Touring edition that I originally leased for 27 months in Nov 2005 through Chrysler Financial. I extended the lease for 12 more months last Feb. I have 2 more payments left on the lease now and called Chrysler yesterday. I currently have 28,000 miles on the van. They offered me a $4,000 rebate off my residual value if I want to buy it. They dropped the price from $16,800 to $12,300. I didn't even ask- they offered it to me up front. Not a bad deal at all. I think I am going to wait a month longer and see if I can even get a better deal. For those who's lease is ending soon it appears Chrysler is willing to reduce your residual value if you want to buy.
  • before spending the money while yes it is a good deal, think about how long of a tme you want to kepp your car for. my experience as well as others has shown that after four years a chrysler starts to break down.Tthink hard beofre you want to pluck down so much of your cash n this economy it might make sense to lease a vanfor 400-450 a month your car that you have now will not last you well past 2010 for a bit more money without a down payment you can have a new car (without having to worry about repairs) for the next few years btw look into a sienna or oddysey as well good luck
  • gperrgperr Posts: 126
    This forum has been a sleep for a while- but if your are still listening Car_man,

    My brother is in the market for a T&C and is considering the Touring and also possibly Limited.

    Do you have the current captive Residual and MF for each for 36 months, 15k miles.

    And if there is some special term please advise (24 or 27 or 39 month specials).


  • Hey gperr. Don't worry, I am everywhere :P .

    No kidding, a year is a long time to go between posts. Part of the reason for that is Chrysler pulled the plug on leasing for a long time when it ran into financial problems.

    Here's the information that you're looking for. GMAC's (Chrysler runs its leases through them now, strange isn't it) current base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Chrysler Town & Country Touring with 15,000 miles per year are 0.86% and 39%, respectively.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of a 2010 Town & Country Limited are 2.04% and 37%, respectively.

    Those residual values are pretty tough to stomach.

    One trick that you may want to consider is leasing a Volkswagen Routan instead of a T&C. VW Credit's residual values for this van's sister vehicle are much, mush more attractive.

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  • does this mean that the residual, i.e., 37 or 39% is what u pay for the value of the car at end of lease, say $35000 van at 39% would be 13650 purchase at end of lease, when chrysler did this a couple of years ago on the 2008 T&C it was 51% residual, they were sure hosing some people, am i right and thanks for replies
  • I turned in my 2008 Dodge Caravan on 12/17/09 (three months early) with the "Lease Pull-ahead" option so that I could lease a 2010 Town & Country. I was told that I was being given a rebate to cover my last three payments, so I thought it sounded good. I also had $983.00 for unused mileage coming to me as a refund. Now Chrysler is telling me that I'm not eligible for the mileage refund simply because I turned the van in early. The dealership is telling me that they used my mileage refund as a rebate! I feel like I got royally scammed, and every single time I call the dealership or Chrysler Financial I get no help, and they blame each other! The funny thing is, I did a "Lease Pull-Ahead" two years ago with my last van, and I got my mileage refund with no problem! No where in my paperwork does it state that I won't get my mileage refund if I turn my van in early. I have asked Chrysler Financial where they state this and nobody can find it for me. This is a lot of money for me, is there anyone who can suggest something? Who should I contact, the State of MI? Should I file in small claims court, and if I do, should I sue the dealership, or Chrysler Financial? HELP, I am a consumer who feels totally ripped off! Any suggestions would be very helpful!
  • Hi greener1. Generally speaking, when leasing the higher a vehicle's residual values are the better. Lease payments are made up of two parts, the interest portion and the depreciation portion. The higher a vehicle's residual values are, the less depreciation one has to pay over the life of their lease. Sure a high residual value means that your leased vehicle is more expensive to purchase at lease-end than it should be, but who cares...just give it bank to the bank and let them worry about the hit.

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  • Hi marbear. Did you pay for additional miles over 15,000 at lease signing? If not, they you aren't entitled to a refund. Banks usually do not provide consumers with money back for unused mileage.

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  • Yes, I paid for extra miles, and had 9,000 miles left over. It would have been a refund of almost $1,000!

    I have been advised that it is the dealership's error, and so now I am trying to get the dealership to correct my paperwork and send it to Chrysler. Hope they do it or I'll have to take them to small claims court.
  • paulr2paulr2 Posts: 1
    Have a 39 month lease with Chrysler Financial on an 07 T&C Limited ending later this year. Low miles. Will be under $30k miles at end of lease.

    Residual is about $15,000.

    Thinking about buying... questions/concerns:
    1. Has anyone had positive experiences with Chrysler Financial negotiating on the residual?
    2. What kind of interest rate did Chrysler Financial offer on the purchase at the residual?
    3. What is best way to extend the warranty? (did not buy an "extra" warranty upon original lease).
    4. Can you "certify" the car? what is the process and is it worth doing?
    5. Any major service milestones approaching?
  • jscottg64jscottg64 Posts: 13
    Anyone have experience turning in a T&C (or any Chrysler) at the end of the lease. I have a small (1" or less) tear in the leather of one of the rear seats, and just received the end of lease information about inspecting your car from Chrysler, which indicates that 'any' tear, regardless of size, is chargeable. Can't seem to find anyone at Chrysler to give me an honest estimate as to what type of charge I'll be looking at at turn-in.

    The board seems pretty quiet here...CarMan, anyone?

  • fleonfleon Posts: 7
  • Checkout and post your question there. It is a great site for T&C fixes
  • matte0matte0 Posts: 5
    I have a 2007 T&C Special Edition that has 2 payments remaining. In order to waive the return fee of approx $400 I was looking to lease another T&C Touring L or Sig series. The prices I received are a lot more than what I am currently paying $330/month. I did put approx $1,000 down on my first lease but I wanted to put nothing down now. The dealers I contacted did not even offer to pick up my remaining payments and I thought there was a pull ahead program. Can someone tell me what a good lease price is with nothing down on either a Touring L or Signature Series is. I have excellent credit. It seems that the Chrysler dealerships in my area on Long Island are not that aggressive. I guess business is better than I thought for Chrysler. Any assistance in my negotiating is greatly appreciated.
  • ilikecars4ilikecars4 Posts: 6
    Sorry for your difficulties, but it is not worth it i happen to know various lease brokers. I can get you quotes on a oddessy ex for a little over 300 final price after tax no money down and exl at approx 400 no money down after tax final price. If you factor in that honda has a $1500 damage waiver and no disposition fee you will do great, get a better car and come out ahead. With money down your final price after tax would be approx 285 for ex and 380 for exl. If you however, want to stick with a chrysler they will help you with that as well and will most probably be able to get you a better price just keep in mind the low reliability ratings on the new models and the shrunken dealer network. I myself am not a broker but i recently got a car and know a few people that sell for various companies. There is no fee at all and you get your car straight from the dealer.(I also get nothing I am just trying to help as I know a few people in this business) I recently dropped my T&C for the oddyssey. The dealers I know are located in brooklyn but could deliver your car to long island if neccessary I also could possibly find out who is in your area. Just reply to the thread and I will tell you who to call as they are very nice and friendly and you may call directly
  • ucjjgucjjg Posts: 28
    Hi CarMan,

    Any chance you can pass along the latest money factor (or APR) and residual on a Town & Country Touring Plus; 36 months @ 12,000 miles.


  • fleonfleon Posts: 7
    I don't work for Chrysler but their vehicle residual very low about 36% on 3 year. I don't know the MF, will find out later on.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Here you go, ucjjg. Chrysler Financial's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Chrysler Town & Country Touring Plus with 12,000 miles per year are 0.86% and 36%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

    Chrysler is providing substantial cash incentives on leases of this van right now. If you tell me what state you are in I would be happy to provide you with the exact amount that is available in your area.

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  • greener1greener1 Posts: 37
    i currently am in a 36 mo lease on a 2008 touring van, residual value at end of lease is 51 percent at end of lease, am i nuts to keep this van or turn it in
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi greener1. You can always compare your vehicle's purchase option price to what it's worth on the open market right now by looking up your van over in the Used Vehicle Pricing section of, but I would be very surprised if a 2008 Town & Country is worth over 50% of its original MSRP at this point. Chances are that you would be better off turning your van in and getting something new.

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  • ktothejktothej Posts: 1
    Hi CarGuy,

    You appear to be VERY helpful for what I'm looking at. I'm currently at the end of 2008 Caravan lease that I'm paying $230/month. I'm a bit salty on the 2010 T&C for $320 per month plus $957 down. Advice for Michigan, 48017?

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