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Chrysler Town & Country Lease Questions



  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    That's a GREAT deal! I'm going back and negotiating some more because I really wanted that model with the DVD, but didn't want to spend the extra cash.

    May I ask how much of the $3,000 OOP was Aquisition fees? I'm curious what other people are paying for that - just to compare if my dealership is marking that up.

    I'm trying to work my deal so that I pay $0 OOP and still keep the payment around $330/month.
  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    OMG! Where did the loyalty incentive go? I went online yesterday and contacted a few dealers... one of them told me that there is no loyatly incentive right now. Isn't there always a loyalty incentive? Or did they discontinue it... I know it was there a few days ago, but now I cannot find it anywhere online.
  • boomer15boomer15 Posts: 8
    edited May 2011
    Sacrifice 1 screen if you can. Most don't really need two. I took down payments to $300 per month with $2500 down. 12k per year. NAV and the bells and whistles. They took down the cost of the car by $3500. MSRP $34k down to $30.5k.
  • tolcorptolcorp Posts: 6
    Acquisition fee was $895
    So apparently this was through hans financials that had a $450 deposition fee at the end of the lease. I went with Ally financials without hte deposition fee and paid $10 more /mos. It came out to $438
  • fleonfleon Posts: 7
    Hi Jensen3,

    The acquisition fees for Ally 795 and disposal fee 0 on all GM vehicle. I think Chrysler are same. Us bank normally charge 395 for disposition fee. The residual % with Ally bank may be a point lower that's why payment higher and us bank may be 1% higher. If you have a IPhone you can figures this lease by download app BuyLease. GM sales person
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Just be careful... while no disposition fee, Ally has been adding a $2500 purchase option fee to their leases....

    That's right.... If you want to buy the car at lease end, they charge an extra $2500 over the residual.


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  • boomer15boomer15 Posts: 8
    "That's right.... If you want to buy the car at lease end, they charge an extra $2500 over the residual." Is that even legal? I need to check my agreement.
  • boomer15boomer15 Posts: 8
    edited May 2011
    Just checked my agreement. There is an early end penalty of up to several thousand dollars but that is typical. Just the residual payment to buy out plus taxes and fees and fees are not defined within the agreement. I don't think they can charge at lease end if you opt to buy. Just my opinion. That would be unethical.
  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    I'd totally sacrafice 1 screen, but they don't offer 1 screen on the Touring-L.

    I don't even want the "L" because I don't really care for the leather, but I do like the window screens and autostart and back-up camera which come standard on the "L", but are options on the regular Touring. So, by the time you add those options, you are paying for the "L" anyway.

    I honestly feel like I'm getting hosed on this deal!!!
  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    Thanks for that info. Someone also quoted me Chrysler Protection on my lease for $795... what's that?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    If it's not in your contract, then of course you don't have it..

    But, we've seen reports over the last 15 months of plenty of Ally leases for GMs and Chryslers with the $2500 purchase option clause...

    Not sure exactly which divisions get that, or if it was a test program... It never really made much sense.


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  • fabbymjfabbymj Posts: 3
    edited May 2011
    can some one kindly help me out? I am trying to figure out how much a lease pmt. would be for a 2011 Chrysler town & country touring L
    Purchase price-$29309 after negotiating MSRP and including $3,000. in rebates and incentives
    No money down
    $2,200. out of pocket for taxes and fees...NY resident
    36 month lease with 15K
    Residual 47%
    money factor 0.032
    Dealer says he can do it for $424. per month
    I am also trying to negotiate for the dealer to make my last 2 pmts. on my current lease.
    does this sound like a good deal?
  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    What is the MSRP on that van? Did they tell you that $29,309 is your capitalized cost... or just your purchase price? Capitalized cost will include any fees that you are financing.

    In order to figure your lease payment, you need four things...
    1) MSRP
    2) Capitalized Cost
    3) Residual
    4) Money Factor (or APR)
  • fabbymjfabbymj Posts: 3
    Thanks very much for your reply. Well what he said was The MSRP is $34,975. I had researched the true market value on this site and I printed it all out which included the Invoice price. I also had a print out of rebates and incentives. I took those out of my purse and said. "I should be able to get this vehicle for $29.819. after rebates and incentives."
    He was quite surprised I had all this info. He than looked it all over and began to negotiate. $32309. Minus $3000. in rebates= 29309. So is that figure the cap cost? He said the residual would be 47% because we were leasing for 36 months with 15K. and the Money factor was 0.032
    I came home and looked up how to calculate a lease, but I could not figure it out. I keep getting stuck its really confusing. Any help you could give me would be truly appreciated. I am suppose to make the deal tomorrow.
  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    You would think that is the capitalized cost... but, that's how they get you. When you lease, they tack on fees that get the price back up there. Some of the fees are legit... some are negotiable. They like to make it confusing... give them a call and ask them what they are using for a capitalized cost. I'm assuming it's higher than the $29,309 that you expect. Then ask what they are including in that total... try to get them to itemize it if possible. There will likely be a $795 Aquisition Fee (that's legit and firm), but anything else will likely be negotiable.

    Once you have that capitalized cost, you can use the formula here on Edmunds to figure what you should be paying. If you come within $10-$15/month... and are comfortable with their offer. Go for it!

    As I'm typing this message, I'm on the phone with my dealer and he just hit the magic number! I'm going in tomorrow to sign the paperwork and I'll be back here to report my final deal.
  • sahm2kgasahm2kga Posts: 11
    edited June 2011
    We are signing the papers today.

    It is the T&C Touring -L
    Dk Charcoal
    Black Leather
    Remote Proximity Keyless Entry
    Keyless Enter-N-Go
    Driver Convienience Group

    $12K miles a year
    26 mo lease
    $345.22 a month
    $750 total to close
    They bought me out of my current Honda CRV (lease not due up until NEXT June) They said the used car market is hot right now, and so it was pretty much a wash. They paid off my lease- but I only received $16 in equity.

    I think we got a pretty good deal!
  • sahm2kgasahm2kga Posts: 11
    I meant 36 mo lease (not 26)
  • Car Man,

    Can I get the residual and the money factor on the following for both a 36 and 39 month lease?

    Chrysler T&C Limited w/power sunroof, power rear fold seats, and load leveler (MSRP is ~$41.5)?

  • The lease is with 15k miles per year.
  • eppy1999eppy1999 Posts: 7
    Sounds like a really nice deal! Is the $345.22 per month including TTL? Could you tell me what your MSRP on the vehicle is and your final cap cost. I would love to match that deal here in Cincinnati.

    I have a Honda Oddysey with 4 lease payments left trying to decide if I should jump ship to a T&C. Thanks in advance.
  • boomer15boomer15 Posts: 8
    Rotors went before the first oil change was due.... ha ha ha...
  • jpw7jpw7 Posts: 2
    All of the information below has been numbers supplied by the dealer via e-mail.
    2011 Town and Country Touring –L (only optional equipment Media center/Garmin navigation)

    MSRP: $33,690
    Invoice: $31,899
    Rebates: $2,000 Consumer Cash
    $2,000 Lease Cash
    Discount: $1,509
    Cap Cost: $20,262
    Lease Rate: 2.25%
    Depreciation: $5,438.40
    Residual: $15,497 (46%). (There is an additional $2,500 to buy so total to buy at end of lease $17,997)
    Up Front Fees: Registration/Documentation - $502
    Leasing Company: ALLY
    39 months
    With $0 down, which means the $502 + your first payment (always due at signing), you come in at $397 per month.

    With $2500 down plus the $502 and first payment, you come in at $325.
    Is it worth it or hold out? any negotiation anywhere? Seems like according to them no more wiggle room?

  • If you are not planning to buy I would get them to pump up the residual more. I got mine to 49%. I don't think they are going that high any more but it is worth a shot.
  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    This doesn't sound like a bad deal. I lease in March and got a total of $3750 in rebates and incentives. Did not know how much they discounted the MSRP. My sticker price was a little over $36,000. My payment for 36 months including tax and 12,000 miles per year is $413.
    I got the DVD entertainment system, which I did not need due to difficulty finding the right color and equipment. I did not get the GPS, which I would rather have had than the DVD system. Mine includes the safety package, which includes several very useful things. The side warning system is great and the backup warning system is much better than on my 2008.
    Sounds like you are doing well in rebates and other incentives. Your residual sounds better than mine.
    This is my fourth T&C and the best yet. Although it looks much like the 2008 or even the 2010, the 2011 is much improved. I love the new engine with great horse power and better mileage. Handling is also much better. The information system is far better than any other I have seen. It is very easy to read and give you much more information. It even has a digital speedometer. This system is much better than my wife's Lexus. I even got Michelin tires on my van and she did not on the Lexus. They do use other brand tires, so that is "the luck of the draw".
    I get the T&C because of the Stow and Go. No other van has this feature.
    The interior on the 2011 is also much improved. All in all it is a great van. Hope you like it.
  • fleonfleon Posts: 7
    The residual set by Ally bank. If you get 10 k miles per year residual will goes up by 2 % means payment is lower.
  • jpw7jpw7 Posts: 2
    Thanks for all of the advice. I tried to see if they would bump the residual from 46% to 49% no go. Dealer said it was set and controlled by Ally. All in all I got a geat deal and my family is real happy!
  • nola_dodge_fannola_dodge_fan Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    If I take advantage of the extra $2,000 bonus cash for a lease (in addition to the $2,000 rebate), is there a pre-pay penalty if I pay it off after one month?

  • fredm6fredm6 Posts: 51
    I have no knowledge of what would happen in case you paid off early. I am sure that you can find out this information from your dealer or the company that is doing the lease. You also might want to "Google" this question and see if there is a link that might give you the answer.
    The $2,000 cash and $2,000 rebate sounds good.
  • Hello,I need to know what would be my monthly Lease payment be with $ 0 Down for 24 or 36 months 15000 miles 2011 T & C Limited MSRP $ 42250 Dealer quote $ 35000 in North Carolina. Tax rate is 3%. Also what is the Residual value and money factor for this Van in Sep. I am also trading my 2009 Acura MDX will that help me when the lease payment is calculated? Please keep in mind i am putting Zero down payment. Is there any negotiating room left? Thanks in advance.
  • Hello car man & kyfdx, Can you please give me current Residual Value & Money factor for 2011 Town & Country Limited 15000 miles for 24,27 & 36 months.Thanks!
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