2005 Ford Explorer - transmission fluid

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My on board computer says Check Transmission. No dipstick, has to be done by mechanic, according to the owners manual. Today coming home, after about 30 minutes, engine reved up and transmission started to slip. I pulled over, let it cool down and I made it home the rest of the way, How do I add transmission fluid?


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    check your owners manual. there is typically a little bolt that you can fit a 3/8th extension into it. from the top of the motor or there could be a fill hole on the side of your transmission on the side. just look into your owners manual.
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    The system cannot detect fluid levels, so the check transmission warning means that the onboard system is generating a trouble code. Start by pulling codes with a capable scan tool.

    When it comes to checking the fluid level, there is a drain plug in the transmission pan. In the center of the drain plug is an allen screw and the fluid level should be high enough that it lightly splashes out of that port with the allen screw removed and the engine running. The car does have to be sitting level to try and check it, which means you have to get all four wheels up the same height.

    To fill the transmission there is a 3/8" square drive plug on the right hand side of the transmission. It's slightly higher than the midpoint, and about two inches forward of the rear of the pan rail.
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