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Adaptive Cruise w/ Stop & Go/Traffic Jam Assist Missing on New Audi 2018 Q5?

karpa66karpa66 Member Posts: 2
edited April 2017 in Audi
Does anyone have any info on why the adaptive cruise control with stop & go and traffic jam assist part of the Driver Assist Package is not currently available on the brand new Q5s? According to this press release from 11/16/16 (https://tinyurl.com/nxesaaq), it is an available feature but it doesn't appear to be an option on the first Q5s coming out. Does anyone know if it will be available in the near future? Thought I read somewhere that it wouldn't be available on the initial run.


  • bd38bd38 Member Posts: 47
    I heard the driver assist package will be available in June.
  • karpa66karpa66 Member Posts: 2
    Thx. Guess I'll be waiting until June then.
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