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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Lease Questions



  • sdicesdice Posts: 2
    Hello all,

    First time leasee here with questions on how to get a good deal in Minneapolis.

    I'm a 24 year old young professional with a solid 763 credit score, $20k in investments and $12k liquid, renting a house for $800/mo. I'm disappointed with the used car market here so I'm resorting to leasing a Honda Accord, preferably an EX or EX-L.

    My company may move me in 18-24 months, at which point I would receive a company car. For now, I'd like to enter a 24 month lease. I undertand 36 is most common, but I can't commit long term due to the probable move.

    What do you recommend I seek for lease terms? I do not intend to purchase the vehicle, but like all of you, I'd like a low monthly payment with 0 down and little interest.

    Help a first time leasee please? Much appreciated in advance!
  • tampa1312tampa1312 Posts: 6
    Since your intentions are clear that you are not going to buy the car then I would recommend to negotiate with the dealer just on the lease payments. Do not put any money down. Dealer can play different games and adjust your payment to the lowest possible amount. :shades:
  • sdicesdice Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice Tampa.

    I ended up haggling with 7 dealers and got one down to a 24 month lease @ $288/month on a 2012 Honda Accord SE (zero down, tax, title and registration included - 23 total payments)

    I was pretty happy with it, as no other dealer could seem to match it.

  • zmirzazmirza Posts: 1
    I just leased an EX-L 4cyl w/o navi with $2k down, $236.51 a month for 35 months with 15k miles a year. I am in Houston and this deal includes tax, tags, everything out the door. Did I do ok?
  • shimimshimim Posts: 1
    Hi tampa1312,

    I am a first time leasee and want to get a deal like similar to yours.
    Any chance you can upload some papers - of course you can mark-out the personal details.

    Thanks a lot in advance,
  • tampa1312tampa1312 Posts: 6
    Negotiated price = 20600
    Tag & Title = 390
    Dealer fee = 599
    Dealer Loyalty Discount = -300 (I have no idea what it is)
    Down Payment = 1000 (Paid by dealer... on paper)
    Final sale price = 20289
    lease acquisition fee = 595
    Adjusted capitalized cost = 20884

    msrp 25450 - 750 free residualized value = 24700
    residual .57 = 14079 at end of lease
    36 mo
    12k mi/yr
    rate .00065
    monthly payment 211 + 6.5% tax
    First Payment by Honda.
    This car has dealer installed appearance package of $995. (Pinstripes accent, wheel lock, window tint, paint protection etc.)
  • zhekazheka Posts: 18
    I am not sure, but Honda seems to be discounting Accords heavily. I have dealerships around me posting deals for base LX Auto at 17.3k plus tax. Call other dealerships further away and see what they'll quote you.
  • mikeh333mikeh333 Posts: 3
    Trying to figure out what deals are going down for the Accord this May.

    My GF just leased one and it seems she got screwed over royally. Dealer told her her credit was @ 739, she traded in a car they were going to give her $3K for after payoff and she left with a Accord Special Edition Badge with 12k/miles/year and a $300 month payment for 36 months. I haven't seen the paperwork yet but after a bit of arguing (she wanted to do this on her own) she already told me that she asked for 15k/miles and is now wondering why she only has 12. She might be a bait and switch victim, I'll get to see the papers tomorrow.

    In the meantime, does anyone have this month's current Honda lease deals for this car?
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    edited May 2012
    not sure of the details but this local dealer has posted a similar deal to last month's (April)

    The zero down 12k miles/year payment is 189 (pre-tax) for 35 payments (Honda pays 1st month)

    Additional info on the special SE lease can be found here: - hs?

    just found this:
  • mikeh333mikeh333 Posts: 3
    I've been hawking these types of deals for the last couple of days. I know it's dealership specific so it might be difficult to re-negotiate the contract based on a post sale assertion of an advertisement from another dealer. Unfortunately, New York doesn't have a cooling off period, but bait and switch is illegal.

    I think a $300 a month lease for a Honda SE with a trade in valuing $3k in equity for a person who has a tier 1 credit rating is insane. I am an attorney and will probably bring an action against them if they refuse to lower her payment based on a bait and switch, but I really need to see all of the paperwork to figure out how exactly they screwed her over.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,235
    Well.. being an attorney, all you are spending is your time... but, I really see that as wasted..

    Car deals are all negotiations.. A bad deal is just a bad deal.. You are closing the barn door after the cow has already departed..


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  • mikeh333mikeh333 Posts: 3
    My time is my stock. A general deceptive business practice in New York is punishable with treble damages and attorney's fees. Sometimes a bad deal is just a bad deal, but sometimes a bad deal is a deceptive business practice.
  • gofishgofish Posts: 24
    Talk about coincidence... I live in the Dayton area and had just discovered the 0 down 189/mo deal for the SE. Then saw this post with the slickdeals posted info in addition. I believe I will sign and drive within the next couple days, but was also considering a 2 year Malibu lease since I have GM Card $$ only usable there as well as Citibank Driver's edge $$ that I can rebate after any deal. Because I want to negotiate for higher miles (15K/yr - Honda prices that cheaper) and the Accord SE has the leather and heated seats which my wife wants (her car), I think Honda wins out among a few other reasons.

    Here is what I have on the "due at signing" deal:

    12K/yr - 2455.80 all inclusive, then 119+tax for 35 months
    15K/yr - 2455.80, then 138.68+tax for 35 months

    Looks like the extra miles are being offered to me really cheap; less than the 10 cents I was quoted elsewhere. I'll post in the next couple days if all is well and I pull the trigger.
  • marie99marie99 Posts: 21
    I leased an Accord LX for $0 down, $149 a month - 36 months, 12000 mls.
    Gross Cap. cost - 17939 . Residual - 13149.90. Could not pass it up. This has been offered at the end of the last few months on in stock LX Accords. The dealership is Hamilton Honda, NJ. if anyone is interested. Like my knew Accord. I will like it more when I add back and seat supports as the stock seats are very poorly designed. I knew this when I leased but it wasn't a deal breaker. My last Accord also needed seat enhancements, mainly a seat wedge. The 2012 needs a wedge plus a complete back support. The front seats are designed to have you hunch over instead of supporting your lumbar and upper back.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    REF: 4648
    Could you post the MSRP and the selling price for your deal. I assume the 595 acq fee is included in the 17939 but want to be sure. That would mean they sold the car at approximately 17344 which is quite low. Was this deal done on 30 April?
  • gofishgofish Posts: 24
    Looks like I'm leasing an SE for 36 months and 15K miles/yr for $1500 at signing followed by 35 payments of $166+tax. I will post details after the official transaction following delivery of the incoming vehicle from Honda. It's due to be manufactured this week.

    BTW, Malibu lease couldn't touch this deal and the sister Chevy dealer to this Honda dealer said exactly as much. A purchase of an LT with a package that stickers the same as the Accord SE would have been more than competitive, but GM has the handcuffs on leases.
  • tolgactolgac Posts: 6
    Has anyone got/being offered a similar deal in DC Metro area ? with 2-3K down around $150 month 12K 3yrs lease ??

    Amazing deals in OH
  • marie99marie99 Posts: 21
    The MSRP - $23070.00. Total out of pocket was $1672.99 including first month. [ Bank Acq., taxes, doc fee and tags all included.] Then $149 for 35 months. Also, free oil changes, car washes, loaner cars. I think this was a great deal so I wanted to let others know about it. I leased it on April 27th. It seems that this dealership offers this lease the last few days of the month. Hamilton Honda - Central New Jersey. Only for 2012 Accord LX's in stock. They go pretty fast.
  • marie99marie99 Posts: 21
    I made a mistake - $1645.10 total out of pocket [taxes, title, reg., doc fees, bank acq.] then $149 for 36 months. $7009 in total for 36 months for an LX. Purchase option at end for $13149. Was this a good deal?
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    REF: 4653
    I believe you got a very good deal. Two caveats:
    1. HFS should make your first payment (April promo; now expired)
    2. Doc fee in NJ is completely negotiable. What did they charge you for that? lership-what-is-the-doc-fee/
  • tolgactolgac Posts: 6
    edited May 2012
    Anybody got under $150 lease deal in DC/MD/VA around 3K total out of pocket ? IF so; can you advise which dealer ?
  • marie99marie99 Posts: 21
    Yes, I did get the first month rebate. Doc fee was $249. Nothing in this deal was negotiable. When this lease is advertised, you have to go the next day and claim a vehicle, as they go quickly. You can tell who is there for the Accord LX lease deal... very frugal looking customers.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    ref: 4656
    nothing wrong with being frugal. in fact, more Americans need to watch their finances as closely as some of us. Look at forums like slickdeals dot net and fatwallet dot com if you really want to see frugal customers.

    Enjoy your new car!
  • Hi,

    Hamilton honda is now advertising $179 no money down for 12k/36 months. Total payments 6444, residual 14334 and msrp 23070. The offer is until 05/14. Is this a good offer to take or there is a place for negotiation to get it down to $149 that you got?
  • marie99marie99 Posts: 21
    The deal that I got was at the end April, in fact , the last weekend. At the end of March, they offered the same deal. I do not know if at the end of May, the deal will be once again offered. If you are not in a hurray, you might want to wait. Look at my previous posts to see the lease that I have. My total for the 36 months including taxes, doc fees, registration, tags.. everything is $7009.00. Make sure you have the total price so that you can compare. When they offer their end of the month deal, they won't negotiate. People snatch the LX's up.
  • Thank you! I will wait to see if they put the deal back at the end of the month. Congratulations on your new car!
  • marie99marie99 Posts: 21
    Thanks, Good Luck! Start checking May 25th on. Look on the Hamilton Honda website under promos or specials. You can also email them to see if they will have a lease deal at the end of the month on in stock LX's. If you are ready, go as soon as the deal is on so that you have first choice.
  • I leased my wife a 2012 Accord LX back in January of this year. We pretty much got the same deal on a 2012 Accord LX Base at Hamilton Honda (36 months 12K). Total out of pocket was around $1750.00 (Bank Fee, 1st month, NY Taxes, $249 Doc fee and NYS DMV) 35 remaining payments of $159.00

    Noone in the tri state area could match this price. Not one single Honda dealer in NYC, LI, nor northern NJ. They didnt have a Taffeta White one in stock at the time (which we wanted) but ending up getting our 2nd choice which was Celestial Blue/Black Interior. Great car for the money. Def recommend them.
  • tolgactolgac Posts: 6
    I guess I should give it try again at the end of the month again...
  • Contact their Internet dept (email) and you will either speak
    To Phil Florentino or another young lady and negotiate
    Over email. I have to say Hamilton Honda is a good dealership.
    Plus they give you free lifetime car washes and oil changes. I'll never
    Use that because I live 100 miles away. I drove that far from ny
    To get the deal.

    Keep in mind the reason why the accord is leasing
    So well right now is because it's the model year end and also
    End of the current generation. A redesigned accord is coming
    Out in sept.
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