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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Lease Questions



  • marie99marie99 Posts: 21
    It looks like Hamilton Honda has many Accord Lx's at this time. The end of the month will be Memorial Day weekend as well. They probably will have their best lease deal going. I was told that the reason their leases are so low is because they are new and they are trying to build dealership loyalty. Also, like someone mentioned, the redesigned Accord will be out for 2013. I've had my Accord for a little over 2 weeks and I am very happy with it and my lease deal. I will write my full Edmund's review soon.
  • landofandlandofand Posts: 13
    i tried calling them today and they said they are sold out of the SE (even though I see 7 on their website. they also said they will not sell to anyone outside of Ohio because they are selling to many??? so if so, why are they still advertising it. should anyone contact the state attorney general?
    I think this dealership - Matt Castrucci Honda is a scam and should be put out of business
  • bdewittbdewitt Posts: 13
    This deal is being offered to my mom who falls under the "Standard" credit tier.

    2012 Accord SE white/tan
    36 months/36k miles

    100% sign and drive lease... NOTHING due at lease signing
    35 remaning payments of 285 including taxes (State is PA: 9% tax for leases).

    They are also including a set of all weather mats. They say they have NO room left. PLEASE ADVISE ASAP!!! We are scheduled for delivery at noon tomorrow!!!
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    Not sure how "standard" credit tier affects residual % nor money factor. In any case, that deal is way too high for the SE model. $240 max per month.
    Why did you agree to delivery if the price was so high?
  • gofishgofish Posts: 24
    edited May 2012
    Picked up my wife's leased 2012 Accord SE just this afternoon. Gray with black leather. Voss Honda in Tipp City, OH (very pleased with this dealership). Here is my data for a 36 month 15K miles/yr lease:

    MSRP: 24,820
    "Selling Price": 19,600

    I paid 1,500 at signing which included:
    - 921.92 Capital Cost Reduction
    - 250.00 "dealer fee" (add to price - you pay sales tax on it!!!!)
    - 82.03 sales tax on these first two
    - 178.30 first monthly payment
    - 67.75 title/registration/tag fees

    35 payments to follow at 178.30 (includes capitalized tax and acquisition fees of 419.28 and 595.00).

    Residual value is 14,063.50

    I've never leased, but this was a good deal as leases go so I took it. I evaluated my decision by considering the lease like financing for three years with a balloon payment. With leasing of course I have the option to walk away without hassle not having paid sales tax on the full value, and to be under full warranty for 36/45ths of the miles and still under powertrain warranty for the balance. It was hard to consider buying this time around.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    edited May 2012
    REF: 4670
    Excellent detailed write-up; best i've seen in a while.
    Not much you can do about the optional $250 doc fee; all the Ohio dealers stick in in somehow (pun). Nonetheless, your excellent selling price of 19600 makes up for that. Total lease cost of $7740 is a great deal for a 15k per year lease. Did you price it at 12k per year?
  • gofishgofish Posts: 24
    edited May 2012
    Since all the ads are typically for 12K or less, yes I was initially drawn to one that was both advertised here in Dayton, OH locally and further detailed by either yourself or another poster here at Edmunds for a 12K lease. That would have been the zero at signing, then $189/month+taxes+doc fee for an SE with 12K. I understood Honda would charge .15 per mile over for an under $30K MSRP vehicle, but would instead charge .10 per mile if paid up front. After all was said and done, one could look at the deal I received as one where I was sold the miles for only .06-.07 per mile for the extra 3K miles per year. Since my wife averages about 14K and I figured we'd initially use the car one a couple of summer trips, I wanted to sign for 15K.

    Consumers really need to read these forums as this has always been my best place for real-life/real-time info. Forget all the "estimates" of what constitutes a good deal; instead see what informed consumers are able to negotiate and look for the patterns and/or unknown incentives manufacturers and dealers are willing to play.

    I really believe going new versus used is a better deal in the long run, IF one strikes when the deal is available and not when the need is pressing. For example, in late May 2009 I purchased a Pontiac Vibe. MSRP was 20,350, but ... GM was going to bankruptcy, Pontiac was eliminated, and many small-town dealerships were thrown under the bus. I bought at a dealership that was liquidating, used numerous rebates/incentives, had $3000 in GM card "points", and nearly $1000 in Citi Driver's edge. Before Tax/Tags/Title I essentially had a price of about 11,850.

    Thanks to folks like yourself and others who post here I was able to lease for the very first time and get a good deal although I was a novice in this arena.

    Thanks to all.
  • gofishgofish Posts: 24
    ... oh yeah, the $250 doc fee.

    IMO, this is yet another government "good intention" that has backfired. When Ohio made $250 a "MAXIMUM" doc fee, there were dealers out there charging more. However, many were less. In May 2009 I was charged $150 for a doc fee; in Sep 2004, $75. I just think dealer associations decided, "if the Gov is going to dictate a maximum, then lets band together and call it $250 for all transactions".

    So, like others here have pointed out, in advance of negotiating, decide upon your target price, but then deduct $250 (or allow whatever you wish them to receive) for your "real target". This way you can avoid the frustration and have won the psychological sales game despite letting them think they did. Again, you will pay sales tax on this "service" which should tell you something because in Ohio, one typically doesn't pay sales tax on services (e.g., HVAC technician working on your home heating system).
  • Hi - I took delivery a few days ago on a 2012 Honda Accord EX- L and would appreaciate it if I could get some feedback on how well I did for myself. Here are the details:

    I'm a NY resident and so is the dealership.
    Lease terms are 36 months, 12k miles per year through honda financial
    Car is black on black, auto, leather, xm radio, etc
    $600xx due at signing for 1st month, new plates and small doc fee ($75)

    35 remaining payments of $325.

    Just curious if I was ripped off or got a great deal. Thanks!!
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    ref: 4674
    Need more details like MSRP, sell price, sales tax rate, misc fees, residual %, money factor, etc. You can't just post a final o-t-d figure and expect an answer to that question.

    it still baffles me why people post a deal AFTER it has been done and ask how they did...
  • bball233223bball233223 Posts: 9
    edited May 2012
    Bro if you're gonna be a jerk about it then just keep your mouth shut. Just curious to see how I did so I know better for next time. All the other info doesn't matter. The msrp is what is and bottom line number is the total dollar amount I'm paying for 36 months soup to nuts which is 12k. The standard version ex-l in one dealerships lot is the same as the standard version ex-l model in the next dealers lot down the block.
  • jubeekabeejubeekabee Posts: 8
    A friend of mine works at Honda and he said his GM could offer me an EX-L with $2500 due at signing, 3yr/36k for $250/mo. I do not have any others details then that, but should I follow up for more details?
  • bball233223bball233223 Posts: 9
    edited May 2012
    Is it the I4 or the V6 version? Does the 2500$ include taxes and other fees? Are you in NY?
  • jubeekabeejubeekabee Posts: 8
    edited May 2012
    Yes, everything included...NJ

    And its the I4
  • 4 cylinder or v6?
  • bball233223bball233223 Posts: 9
    edited May 2012
    Here is what I can tell you. I just got a 2012 coupe ex-L 4 cyl without navigation. I'm paying $325 a month for 36 months and 12k mile a year. I gave first month, $75 doc fee, and new plate fees upfront so my upfront cost was about $620 then I drove off. I know for sure now that I could of gotten the car for atleast $5 a month less but that's not really a big difference. I'm in NY and the sales tax here is about 8.5% but the 320 a month quote was from a nj dealership. REMEMBER.... 2013 accords will have a new body style in september so use that to your advantage and get a better deal than me. No dealership wants last yrs model and even worse an old body stlye coupe. If you need anything else feel free to ask.

    Edit: forgot to mention I have tier 1 credit over 720
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 267
    edited May 2012
    If you have to know - no, you did not, but I agree with pagasus17 - it is too late now to do anything. Just enjoy the car. In the future you may want to go to trucar to find a good price, find out MF and residual value on this board and use one of lease calculators available on the net to calculate a good price.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 267
    With such friends who needs enemies. $285-$300 per month with everything included is a good deal for a 4 cyl EXL.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    Thanks for reporting your deal, here..

    That's the information we want in the forums... semantics aren't important..

    Congrats on the new car!


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    Posting these two links for comparisons sake. This weekend should be prime for a good lease deal.

    Remember, every state has their own rules on taxes and doc fees so you can't simply compare one deal to another. lership-what-is-the-doc-fee/

  • Thank you for the reply. Those payments are good for a NY deal or any state??
  • eric1973eric1973 Posts: 14
    I leased an Accord EX-L V6 (MSRP ($30,520) this week in NJ for $325/ month all in + DMV fees. A decent deal, I could have done a little better but didn't want to keep arguing/negotiating.
  • abb3abb3 Posts: 4
    Was there a down payment?
  • Thats for the sedan correct and which state are you located in? Do coupes lease out better or worse than sedans? Thanks
  • eric1973eric1973 Posts: 14
    Yes. It was for the sedan. I got it in NJ @ Planet Honda in Union, NJ.
  • mymia1mymia1 Posts: 1

    I just wanna ask if I should get the lease deal for Honda Accord EX-L 4 cyl w/o Navigation (Car is black on black, auto, leather) for $2,000 due at sign and $230 for 36 Months (35 payments) 12K mile per year including tax and everything in NJ.

  • irisg1irisg1 Posts: 17
    That sounds like a great deal to me. I recently financed an Accord SE, but they had offered me that particular model for $222. per month, with $1,000 down. You are getting more car for a couple bucks more, so it sounds like a good deal to me. Good Luck.
  • loray14loray14 Posts: 4
    edited June 2012

    I was offered the following deal yesterday on an Accord Sedan EXL, leather, auto...and am wondering if it's a good one, considering the Accord body style is changing in 3 months!

    3 year lease
    15K miles a yr
    $298 a month
    $2500 down ($1500 fees and $1000 down payment)
    I'd pay $10,800 by end of lease
    Buy-out is $15,578
    Sticker rice is around $27K

    I also drive a lot (about 20K miles a year) and the price per mile of overage would be 15 cents. I'm not clear if it's a bad idea to lease if I know I'll go over. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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