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2013 and earlier-Honda Odyssey Lease Questions



  • The dealership was matching our payment on our 2010 EXL-RES that we traded. When we leased our 2010 Odyssey, the dealership gave us $1k in equity on the 2007 Odyssey we traded in so we used the equity to lower the cap cost.
    Check out this link. Someone shared this a few weeks ago in the Pilot forum. Not sure of your location but it gives you an idea of what you can get.
  • So, who was your dealer and where are they located? Did you get that deal?
  • I negotiated the price of a 2012 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/o NAV and RES for $31.4k

    too bad they accepted my offer on a 2012 Honda Pilot EX-L NAV for $34k
  • Hi Car_man,
    can you please provide the lease offer/details for Oct, I'm looking at getting a 2102 Ody EX-L (no res or nav) with 36 month 12K miles. Also pls list all the fees that I should watch out for. I'm in the SF bay area.

  • tcon1776tcon1776 Posts: 1
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    Hello Car_Man, would appreciate some insight. Contacted dealer because we were going to go over the miles on our current Odyssey EXL and would be paying ~$750-$1000 in penalty. He offered to take us out of current lease, 4 months left, at no penalty and start new lease on 2012 Odyssey EXL (no res/nav) at $329/month 3k down for 12k miles or $338/mo 3k down for 15k miles. This is better than deal we previously had but not sure if we can do even better. Thoughts? Thank you
  • it can be had. I negotiated my lease down to $366 A month 0 due at signing inclusive of all taxes and fees. 36mo/15k miles :) take it and run!
  • carlee2carlee2 Posts: 1
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    Hi, Which dealer did you get that deal? Is that on the 2012 EX-L (no nav/res)? Thanks. I got a quote for $369 + taxes + DMV fees (about $500). Is that a good deal? (I live in NYC metro area). It's for 36 mths/12K.
  • the dealership was not local, but he is in the northeast, it does require a lot of work, traveling back and forth and waiting as well. we're picking up the van next weekend.
  • i figured i'd post up my numbers.

    i wrangled my Odyssey EX-L with 15k/36months 0 due at signing. taxes rolled into monthly payments as are the DMV fees.

    total payment was $366/month however my Subaru Outback (2010) Premium needed to be traded in. they offered me 16,000 for it but I got $17,000.00 total payoff for the outback was $19,600. so i'd have to roll the negative equity into the lease (i didn't want to pay anything out of pocket)

    brought my monthly payments up to $461 a month. with still 0 due at signing.

    however notice the selling price of the Odyssey $30,900.00 :)

  • Hi oddy2012. I believe that Honda's October lease program for the Odyssey is exactly the same as its September program was. Honda Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 Odyssey EX-L with 12,000 miles per year are .00032 and 53%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Honda Finance charges a $595 acquisition fee on every vehicle that it leases. Make sure to watch out for the doc fee. It's really nothing more than a way for dealers to pad deals so you don't want it to be too high.

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  • Hi tcon1776. Consumers who try to get out of leases early usually end up paying more for their new vehicle than if they were entering the transaction free and clear. How much more is the question in this instance since you will have to pay an excess mileage penalty anyhow. Can you tell me what selling price the dealer is charging you for your new Odyssey? That figure will make it much faster for me to evaluate your new deal.

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  • Thanks Car_man.....will post the details once I close on the deal.
  • I am looking to buy a new 2012 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/Navigation. I live in Northern NJ. I have a 2009 Acura MDX sport/ent + extras - fully paid at end of lease to throw into the mix as "equity" Thinking of cash down in region of $2,000.

    I've been emailing internet dealerships and have visited in person various dealers and monthly lease quotes range from $306-$499. The person who seems to be the most upfront with all the details has sent me this quote:

    Car sticker price: $37,855
    Sale price: $32,315 including destination

    36 Months
    12,000 miles per year
    $369.42 per month including NJ Tax
    $2,500.00 total due at signing (Not a Penny more)
    Subject to top tier credit approval with American Honda Finance

    Itemization of money due at signing:

    1st month payment
    Dealer Document Fee $299.00
    NJ Tire Tax $7.50
    Estimated Motor Vehicle Registration $310.50
    Upfront Bank Acquisition fee $595.00
    Capitalized Cost Reduction (Money Down) $918.58

    This Lease is thru American Honda Finance and here are the key advantages of leasing with American Honda and why Honda lease customers stay loyal to Honda:
    • $0.00 Disposition or Lease turn in Fee at the end of this lease
    • *$1,500 damage waiver at lease end *(Less than $500 a panel, not superceding $1,500 for entire car)
    • GAP Insurance is included in all American Honda leases at no charge to the lessee.

    Please note that this quote is not inclusive of your current Acura MDX Sport with the ENT package, but we are interested in taking a look at it.

    My questions is - Is there anything missing from this list that I should think about? I imagine when nailing down the deal there could be some discussion about the sale price, the cash down aspect and the appraisal value for my Acura - btu just want to know if there's anything else the dealer has omitted to mention and which I have omitted to ask about!

    Thank you!
  • You're welcome, oddy2012. I'm looking forward to hearing how everything turns out.

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  • gkuhlgkuhl Posts: 2
    i would be interested to know if this has any basis i n reality, as i talked to my dealer in southern NJ who seemed to think I was a lunatic.
  • Hi gkuhl

    I am in NJ too and looking for an EX-L with res or not. with Nav or not. What are your best deals? I have gotten $415 plus sales tax for base EX-L no zero out o pocket, sign and drive. This from from DCH in Paramus but they do not have the colors I want.
  • gkuhlgkuhl Posts: 2
    hi joenyc111

    that's right in line with what I got. Maybe they'll be more motivated in a month or so
  • joenyc111joenyc111 Posts: 28
    edited October 2012
    I know but then this other poster is stating some really low numbers. I looked at the documents he posted and they do not mention anything about a trade in with negative equity as stated was the case. I am not sure how they will be posted on the documents so I can't tell.

    Anyway, I am going on the 31st to dealers nearest my house and offer $380 including tax for a base EX-L (15k miles, 36 months, $0 payment sign and drive), and see if any of them will bite. I'll post the results here.
  • Can anyone give me the MF and residual for a 2012 touring and touring elite for southern california?
  • I bought black EX-L 2012 w/navi on Saturday.

    Gross cap $31,341.57 ($29,946.12 + destination 830 + taxes paid upfront 800)
    res: 189864
    Depreciation: 11,656.97
    rent charge: 587.71

    $NIL down
    Traded in 2009 Acura MDX sport/ent immaculate condition for $3000 which covered all fees, tax, docs, title, bank acquisition

    I got the best deal in northern Nj this year I should think!

    I spent 4 solid days in dealerships working numbers, emails, phones and - withstood some heavy pressure from different guys but talked my way into an amazing deal. You need to buy the 2012 now whilst there's still a dealer incentive out there - and not care about the colour - it's black or white now with a few greys ones still to be had! Be persistent, be knowledgeable and get lucky.
  • Has anyone ever done a one-pay lease. I am considering it as the value of my trade in is equal to a 36 month, 45k miles one pay lease. I could just sign a normal "monthly" lease and take cash for my trade, but i lose the sales tax benefit. Any thoughts on a single upfront payment lease.
  • Hi. Would you mind telling which dealer. I'm looking for an exl if I can get the same price range with navi that be great! Thanks
  • jfn1000jfn1000 Posts: 28
    Just got a pretty good deal here in Mass. $299/ month + sales tax = $318. per month incl tax for 3 years 12k miles. Up front was dealer doc fee (299) + 595 acquisition + 100 Ma registration (transfer) + 1st month payment (318). This was a 2012 EX-L msrp 35,855 no extras no nav or res. Dealer also bought out my 2010 Odyssey lease for full payoff amount, which was more generous than competing dealers offered.
  • Hi ogbuffguy. Honda Finance's October buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 Odyssey Touring with 15,000 miles per year are .00032 and 48%, for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The numbers are exactly the same, other than the price of course, for the Touring Elite model.

    When negotiating your deal on the '12 Odyssey, make sure to take advantage of the $1,250 dealer cash that is currently available on it.

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  • Which dealer did u go to. Id love to get a deal like that!
  • Went to try to lease 2012 exl no nav/res. was quoted for 30650. Lease price was 32,000 n change...
    The charges were: bank fee-800. Delivery fees-810. Admin fee 179. Tax 750. Dmv plus plates ~250.
    My question is are these real charges for lease price everyone gets in ny area? That's around 2500 out of pocket with nothing down on lease. If I can get better deal with nav I would rather buy at this point...
  • jfn1000jfn1000 Posts: 28
    Those fees don't make much sense. The delivery is $830, not $810, and Honda Finance bank fee is $595. Don't do a lease on this car that is not a Honda Finance lease. I would try another dealer. Most in eastern Mass. will do the lease equivalent to a sales price of about $30,100, including delivery (aka Destination). I would definitely try a few more dealerships and ask for a clear breakdown of all upfront fees - then you should be able to figure which are for real for taxes, dmv etc.. Admin fees vary slightly by dealer. If no trade is involved, you should be able to complete all negotiations over email
  • djm123djm123 Posts: 3
    edited October 2012

    I was looking for a 2012 or 2013 Odyssey EX-L with Navi but seems like all the 2012's in the color I want are gone here in the bay area. I have received a quote for 2013 Odyssey EX-L with Navi for around $34, 900 (not including taxes and fees), is this a good deal?
  • Can you disclose who the dealer is. Is it Weymouth Honda?

  • I'm thinking of biting on the 0 down lease rates for a 2012 Odyssey EX or LX in zip 84062 region. Honda is advertising $310 for the LX or $340 for the EX with 0 out of pocket, 35 payments total.

    I'd like to have the residual and lease factor in my pocket as ammunition at the dealer. What are those numbers for this special lease? Is it still possible to negotiate the cap cost down from there?

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