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Honda Pilot Lease Questions



  • glennjrglennjr Posts: 32
    Have not seen the residual or MF for the 2010's as of yet. Since the $1500 dealer cash is not available on the 10's i would imagine it would not be an attractive lease right now, even with the higher residual. I got a quote last night on an 09 EXL for $475 with $1800 down, which is insanely high for a $35000 vehicle in my opinion.
  • 4wd124wd12 Posts: 5
    I think my deal is definitely a good one - I was talking to a few others I know that just got into a lease and/or were given offers at other dealerships and their monthly wasn't as low as mine.... I guess it really depends on what you want... In addition, my salesman called me up and said they messed up and realized they didn't have anymore LX 2010 models on the lot so b/c of the screw up they are giving me the 2010 Pilot EX for the same price! It's one of the biggest dealerships in the state so I imagine for them it's based on volume and have the leverage to give better deals. The salesman has also been referred a ton of business from me and it was late at night(about an hour before closing) and I know that they were looking to get one more deal in for the day before closing.

    2010 Honda Pilot EX
    12,000 miles
    $3,700 down(including taxes, title, fees etc..)
    $350/month(inc tax) - 36 month lease
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Lease Special Offer at Honda website

    2010 Pilot LX 4WD Featured Special Lease
    $359.00 per month for 36 months. $3,199.00 total due at signing.
  • Not reallly total due at signing since it "Excludes taxes, titles and fees". The guy getting the EX at this price is really getting a good deal.
  • l3j4rl3j4r Posts: 1
    Just look at a 2009 EXL 4WD for $450 per mth with no money down which included all fees (NC tax at 6.7%). With $1500 down it would be $410 per mth at 12K per year for 36 mth.
  • dsam2dsam2 Posts: 6
    Im ready to lease a 2010 or 09 Pilot and Any help in Pricing a 3 yr lease on a ex-l w DVD or Touring w/ DVD would be great. If anyone can post or message me where they received their deals that would be great too. Im in the NYC area.

  • glennjrglennjr Posts: 32
    Think the MF will go down in July? Seems to be alot of EXL's left out here in NJ. What better way to move them then to lower the MF. 3.6% financing seems high on a lease. I know when i got my Ridgeline and 4 runner in 2006 the money factor was basically 0%. In doing my lease calculations this is adding $75 a month to the payment. Coupled with the 48% residual (36/15k on EXL) it makes for a mid $400 payment. The leasing game has changed so drastically in the last 3 years. Guess the days of 0 down $325 a month leases on $35K vehicles are in the past. Hopefully there is some more incentive soon as my 4 runner goes back on 7/22!!
  • glennjrglennjr Posts: 32

    Lowest price quote i got on an EXL no RES was $30340 which included the dealerships $99 doc fee. If you add $595 bank fee and $250 (approx) tag/title fee you are looking at a $31185 adjusted cap. Assuming a 3 year 36k lease on the EXL this would bring your pre tax payment to about $440 a month. Adding the DVD DROPS the residual by about 1% and adds about $10 a month to the payment. So I would expect to be around $500 a month before tax on the EXL with RES. Im rolling the dice and holding out til mid July as this seems to much for a leased vehicle.
  • lsnhclsnhc Posts: 11
    We really liked the 2010 Touring and were dismayed to find that the lease deals are absolutely atrocious (at least in CT). The best we could do was 635/mo. 42 months with $2000 up front (with alleged Costco . This is absolutely ludicrous. There are very few around and even by the dealer's admission, the leases on these are not competitive. I am what can be described as an "aggressive" car shopper and there was no place to go to get anywhere near what I would deem to be realistic. We opted (with no regrets) for a Mazda CX-9 GT w/nav and sunroof for more than $100 less per month (with a higher sticker!).
  • mem34mem34 Posts: 5

    2010 EX 4WD
    MSRP: 33,053
    Neg: 30,500

    Term: 36 mo lease / 12k
    Due at inception: 1st mo, MV fee (NY tax included)
    Mo payment : 490 (MF .00220)

    Lease is up on current pilot next month (this would be our third pilot), but i'd like to see that monthly payment lower (comparing it to our current EX 4WD pilot - 390/36/12 - 1st mo and MV at inception)

    My main question is, in order to get a lower monthly payment, do you guys think i should look for a 2009 (my dealer had no EX's or EXL's in stock), or should i play the waiting game and see if the MF's get better in a month or two? I'd like to score something similar to my current deal. I'd also like to stay with my current dealership if possible, if the deals on the 2010's will get better in say july or august.

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    My main question is, in order to get a lower monthly payment, do you guys think i should look for a 2009 (my dealer had no EX's or EXL's in stock),

    My dealer? I think you have more than one Honda dealer within an hour drive to find 2009 models to lower your lease payment.
  • mem34mem34 Posts: 5
    Perhaps i should have said my LOCAL dealer.

    Give me a break.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I want to help you to find 2009 EX, EXL. Do you want FWD or AWD, any other stuffs come with like RES, NAV? Give me your zip code, either in post or click my name to email me. How far away are you willing to drive to make the deal? What is your 1st & 2nd color choice?
  • mem34mem34 Posts: 5
    Sorry if i sounded snappy. Thanks for the help. I'm looking for AWD, EX preferably with no extra goodies. As far as color, I prefer the Blue.

    My zip is 12601. I haven't gone on the honda website yet to check the 2009 pilot inventory within a respectable radius. I'd like to stay within 50 miles.

    We've had a wonderful experience at our current honda dealer, and I would like to stay with them if at some point relatively soon (say before september), the 2010's become a better deal. They did not have any 09 EX's in stock, aside from the touring.

    However, if the deals on the 2009s would not be matched on a 2010 until this point next year, i'd rather hop into a 2009.

    My sales rep recommended that I extend the lease for a 2-month period, and see how the new money factors play out in the upcoming months.

    We're not in a particular rush right now - we just would like to get the best possible deal. Whenever you're free, let me know what you think.

  • dsam2dsam2 Posts: 6
    Hey how are you

    If you could help me out it would be great too!
    IM looking for a 09 or 10 EX-L with RES (nav opt) or a touring with res 4wd
    White, polished metal or silver. Grey or dark interior

    zip is 11101.. i can drive wherever as long as the deal is worth it

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    you are right, within 50 miles of your zip there're only two 2009 4WD EX but not your choice of BLUE color...

    $30,125 / Red / J6958 / Curry Honda Yorktown / 28 miles
    $32,665 / Silver / 90002 / Honda of Watertown / 41 miles

    However there's BLUE one in 77 miles away ...
    $32,765 / Blue / N1896 / Mohawk Honda, Schenectady, NY 77 miles from 12601
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    Within 50 mi of 11101 ... 2009 4WD EXL w/Res
    White and Silver color with MSRP 37,365 (inclusive Destination Charge)

    $37,565 / White / 20092678 / Huntington Honda, Huntington, NY / 30 miles
    $37,565 / Silver / 20093016 / Huntington Honda, Huntington, NY / 30 miles
    $37,565 / Silver / 290059 / Route 22 Honda, Hillside, NJ / 15 miles
    $37,565 / Silver / KH91232 / DCH Kay Honda, Eatontown, NJ / 32 miles
    $37,565 / White / KH91415 / DCH Kay Honda, Eatontown, NJ / 32 miles
    $37,565 / White / 097188 / Atlantic Honda, Bayshore, NY / 36 miles
  • glennjrglennjr Posts: 32
    Feel like i am playing rush and roulette by waiting. Definitely not going to get my color (black) if i wait a few more weeks. Any word of a 4th of July sale? Should be listed in Sundays Paper if there is. Also, do you guys think the residual/MF will change for the worse on July 6th? Best quote i got so far was $30340 which included destination ($670) and doc fee ($99). This still brings me to a $475 lease payment, wanted to be in the $450 range.
  • glennjrglennjr Posts: 32
    Sorry, forgot to mention that the quote for the post above was for a 4x4 exl no RES. :blush:
  • dsam2dsam2 Posts: 6
    Is that for a 09 or 10?

    Whats the total cost your having to put down? itemized?

    Im looking for a ex-l with res to lease as well. Which dealer is it?

    Maybe we can give him a 2 car deal in the same day if the lease price is right!
  • glennjrglennjr Posts: 32

    That was for an 09 EXL no RES. The $30340 did include doc fee and destination. Once you add in $595 bank fee and approx $300 for DMV work your talking about a $31K cap cost. Based on the pilots 50% residual and 00151 MF you are looking at about $436 a month pre tax payment. You may want to double check but i think the residual is lower on the RES. As far as money down, $1000 lowers your payment by about $30 a month on a 36 month lease. Also, the quote was from a dealership in MD which is about 150 miles away from me in NJ. Not sure of the name ill have to check my email. Good luck. Tuesday is the last day of the month and i think i may bite the bullet.
  • zdogszdogs Posts: 18
    For an EXL without RES, you should be able to get $29k - $29.5k including destination. I received multiple quotes in that range (I'm in FL), but ultimately went with a '09 EX in Black. Liked the leather, but just didn't want the bigger payment. Think I got a great deal on the EX 36 month lease - only $1200 out of pocket and $385 per month (includes 7% tax).
  • glennjrglennjr Posts: 32
    Pulled the trigger. 1500 down 367 a month plus tax on a EXL with no RES. Honda Universe in NJ. Very happy, probably could have saved another 300 if i waited but i got my color (black). Cap cost was about 30300 which included a $250 doc fee and $150 window etching which will pay for itself with my insurance premium. Good luck everybody, if you are not picky with color i think you can save even more cash by waiting til mid July. If you are leasing however be careful as the residual/MF is bound to take a turn for the worse come July 6th.
  • hooopshooops Posts: 64
    Can you please provide the lease numbers (mf & resid) for a 2010 Pilot EX-L with and without nav based on 15K m/yr. I'm in ny/nj metro area. If the lease numbers are attractive for the 09's can you please list those as well.

  • honda2009honda2009 Posts: 30
    Been looking across several states for a good deal and was just quoted this:

    2009 Pilot XL w/RES and aftermarket bluetooth (do not want to pay for a nav)

    $30,718 june or $31,718 for july both including destination

    $474.68/mo for june lease 3yr/12k with $1849 down (would not quote me a july lease)

    Thoughts on this? This particular dealer really f-ed around with us in 2006 on an Audi A4 lease, and has a rep around town for being very difficult to deal with. I am a bit suspicious to say the least, but these numbers do not seem awful on face.
  • glennjrglennjr Posts: 32
    $29568 including destination on a 4x4 EXL no RES. Honda Universe in Lakewood NJ. Good dealership, minimal cash flow games played. $279 doc fee was the only addition (steep but better than the $595 prep packages some dealerships use). Went with a 3yr/15k lease which came to $415 a month with a $1500 cap cost reduction (hate putting money down but needed to fit into my budget, if you can afford payment roll EVERYTHING in except 1st month). In NJ stock was dwindling except for EXL-RES and i wanted black. Tomorrow (last day of the month) is an ideal time to strike, after that you are playing with fire as residual/mf and $1500 dealer incentive could change. Good luck to all.
  • glennjrglennjr Posts: 32
    As nice as it is to have RES from the manufacturer it is not a smart move if you are leasing the vehicle. Here is why: Not only does Honda charge approx $1500 for the system itself but you are actually getting 1% less on your residual (47% on EXL-RES vs 48% on EXL) which equates to about 10 per month or $360 over life of 36month lease. $1860 for an option in a car is alot for something you have to turn back in 3 years from now. You be much better off buying an aftermarket one which will cost much less and can be brought to your next vehicle. Just a thought, good luck with whatever you is a great SUV.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi amylr130. Through July 6th, Honda Finance's buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Pilot EX-L 2WD without the entertainment system with 15,000 miles per year are .00220 and 49%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top aka "Super Preferred" credit tier.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You are correct. Honda Finance's residual values for the EX 2WD are 3% lower than its residuals for the EX 4WD.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi honda2009. The Honda Pilot is much more expensive to lease than it used to be. I haven't crunched the numbers for this specific model recently, but I can almost guarantee you that a zero down lease on the truck that you are interested in will cost more than $400 per month.

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