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Infiniti FX35 / FX50 Lease Questions



  • Here's the info that you're looking for, hbo1ny. Infiniti Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 FX35 AWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00111 and 52%, respectively.

    Infiniti is providing a $2,000 owner loyalty incentive on leases of this model for current Infiniti owners like yourself.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Car_man, I am currently leasing FX35 and planning to lease same 2009 AWD version in the end of January.How does $2000 "owner loyality incentive" works? Do I mention it to the dealer? Is this an amount I am going to "get back" after my lease is done?
    Also, all calculations of the lease payment should be based of MSRP?
    Thanks for your help in avdance!!!
  • Car_man- I live in Texas where there are very few AWD FX35's to buy and take advantage of the higher residuals and better money factors on the leases.

    I can't seem to break $600 a month or so on a 48 month lease with $3k down 10k miles per year.

    Can you please tell me the money factors and residuals for a 2009 FX35 2WD with Premium? Thanks!
  • Thank you Car man. Those are the exact figures the salesman gave me. They will sell the car at about $500 over invoice. I am not a current Infinity owner.
  • Does anyone else think that either the base 18" wheels or the 20" deluxe package set are really disappointing looking? Only the 21" sports are attractive in my opinion. What does everyone else think?
  • env32env32 Posts: 7
    I agree. The 20" deluxe package wheels are unattractive and terrible in the snow.
  • My local Infiniti dealer is offering the following deals on 2009 FX35s. I am a brand new memeber and I need some help if someone can tell me if those good deals or representative of the market

    2009 FX35 Basic - $35,988 or lease for $3k down/42 mo/$379-mo
    2009 FX35 Premium - $37,988 or lease for $3k down/42 mo/$399-mo
    2009 FX35 Premium w/ Navigation - $40,998 or lease for $3k down/42 mo/$449-mo

    They only have like 1 or 2 of each but they are brand new models with no mileagge on them - no demos. Is that a good deal?
  • env32env32 Posts: 7
    How many miles? AWD? 2wd?
    Seems like a really good deal.
  • 0 miles - brand new - not demos
    RWD - only option is the [B95] SPLASH GUARDS

    so you think it is a good deal?
  • env32env32 Posts: 7
    How many miles per year for the lease option? It's a long lease (42 months).
    But many people on here have experienced payments in the $500 range.
  • It does sould like a good deal. What city/state is this? Any quotes for the AWD?
  • hi Car Man... long time lurker, first time poster....
    I'm in CA and received the following deals:
    Dealer 1:
    39 mths, 10k, $500 drive off, MSRP $41765 = $513 + tax/mth.
    Dealer 2:
    39 mths, 10k $533 drive off, didn't get the MSRP = $533/mth w/ tax.
    39 mths, 12k $896 drive off, MSRP $41xxx = $541/mth w/ tax.

    Are these good numbers? I'm inclined go w/ dealer 2 but want to get the payment under $500 w/ minimum drive off.

  • one more thing... is this a good time to be looking at the FX? (i know there really is no "good time") I was considering waiting until next month, or should I take ownership by the end of this month?
  • hbo1nyhbo1ny Posts: 24

    I hear that there is also a factory to dealer incentive of approximately $2K that is available until the end of the month that has nothing to do w/ customer loyalty. Is this true and, if so, will I be able to take advantage of both the factory to dealer incentive AND the $2K lease loyalty? Thanks.
  • Gents:

    I pulled the trigger last night on a 2009 FX35 w/ a premium package - below are the details of the deal - please do let me know if you think this is a good deal. I will gladly assist others to get same deal if the forum thinks i did good. It is in ATL

    This is for a 39 month / 10K lease. I put $1244 down ($555 1st month payment, $21 tag, $493.46 cap cost reduction, $174.54 tax on cap cost reduction)

    MSRP: $45,735.00

    Cap Cost $40,500.54
    Residual $22,867.50
    MF 0.00105
    Mo Dep $452.13
    Mo UseFee $66.54
    Mo Paynt $518.67
    + Tax $554.97

    all in all I got her for $555/mo - amy feedback on how I did will be appreciated
  • they do not have any deals on AWD - but the dealer is in ATL - let me know if interested in the details
  • Hi Car Man,

    Is the current $3000 marketing support eligible to be applied to leased FX35's?

  • Just got the following deal on a VPP which I think stinks but need your opinion...

    Initial Cap Cost: $41,457 MSRP: 44,310
    Tax: 6.25
    Trade Allowance $11,500 (I owe $15k, will put down $3k to offset negative equity)
    Acq Fee: $595
    Cap Cost reduction: $2,227
    Annual Fees: $108
    Rebate: $2,000 (loyalty)
    Residual (LEV): 45%
    Money Factor: .00170 *******this is where I get screwed...isn't this high???
    48 months, 10k miles per year
    Initial Fees: $78
    Total Working Cash: $5,000
    Customer Cash Down: $3,000
    Amount Due At Start: $5,000
    Monthly Payment: $584

    I am really ticked off at this dealer. I have bought many cars from them and they are screwing me on the MF, nickel and diming me on fees and the terms on this lease from IFS. I have close to 800 credit score and have $3500 negative equity in my car, but will put down $3k to offset that. I can't understand why we cannot get a better deal at this dealer. They tell me that they have to make a little money on the money factor...seems like BS to me. There is no $3k marketing reduction at all, and I am trying to convince them to up their trade in value for me. I have a 2003 Infiniti FX35 sport/touring with 92k miles that I bought from them and serviced there since day one, and they still are killing me on the trade in.
  • hbo1nyhbo1ny Posts: 24
    Does anyone know whether IFS will let you out early and forego balance of lease payments if you are leasing another Infiniti? I have 3 months left on my FX lease and want to get the 2009 early but my dealer is telling me that I will have to make all 3 remaining payments. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  • FXSilver:

    They are killing you on more than one place

    1. MSRP:44310 means $37,988 cap + $3,000 incentive = $40,988
    2. Cap Cost reduction - i understand money our of pocket - NO!
    3. Annual Fees: $108 - what for?
    4. MF: They offered .0011, then lowered to .00107 and finally .00105 at 8PM
    5. 3,000 customer cash down - this is a rip-off and a travesty at the same time

    tell the dealer to take a hike - or show them an internet special on comp vehicle and if they still give you the reach around - tell them to bug off
  • dmcmdmcm Posts: 12

    I just turned in my 2005 FX 3 months early and there was no program that I could find that IFS would waive the balance of the payments. I tried to negotiate on the 2009 the difference but the dealer was unwilling to give me a good deal and also pick up the remaining payments. Maybe in a couple more months if thing do not pick up they might start doing that but that will not help you.

    I love the 09 they made some great improvements. Good luck.
  • kg6ckg6c Posts: 18
    I am trying to lease an FX 35 in California, south bay area. Any advice as to where and which dealership I should buy from. I dont feel like haggling ten dealers or so. Please let me know if you know of a good sales person and the deal that you may have recieved. This would be a huge help.

    Aternatively, if you know of a good internet special or link of any infiniti in the COUNTRY that had a good online price. I can just use that as the starting point.
  • kg6ckg6c Posts: 18
    Where did you get these deals from. They sound too good. I love the last one!!
  • Infiniti of Lisle in the Chicago suburbs has the best deal so far. I got them to lower their offer twice - and no other dealer can match.

    But, maybe someone can tell me if it is a good deal.
    FX35 AWD Nav, Premium, Deluxe Touring
    $52,465 MSRP
    $3993 down
    39month lease

    Any opinions?
  • Hi guys.. i posted earlier but would really like an opinion. I'd like to lease ASAP. I received some updated numbers. I'm not a current Infiniti customer so don't qualify for the $2k loyalty incentive. I'm pretty sure they're quoting me with the incentive so I'll have to clarify.
    I also got a call from the auto broker today stating that the program changed for Infiniti? $500 below invoice, MF .00105, and residual @ 49%. Does that make sense?

    Dealer 1:
    39 mths, 10k, $2500 drive off, MSRP $41765 = $480.52 + tax/mth.
    *but said this includes the loyalty incentive.
    Dealer 2:
    39 mths, 10k $533 drive off, MSRP $41825 = $533/mth w/ tax.

    Thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi KQ6C: Go see Nicole Dela Cruz at Santa Monica Infiniti. She will give you straight scoop.
  • Dude - 4k down?!!! In this economy. Tell Lisle they should pay YOU at this point to take a car off their lot. That's too much my friend, don't fall for it.
  • Ok - Has anyone been on the Europeon Infiniti site and checked out the FX 37? Why oh why is this car not offered in the US???? It's got it all going on, correct wheels, engine, sport package, etc. What gives?
  • onesix8-you should take that deal # 2 and run. Best deal I've seen and I've been shopping for an FX for six months since the 2nd Gen came out. In this economy, I don't want to give the dealer crap for their car they HAVE to sell. $2000 you are saving and buy some apple stock, it just crashed today...he he.

    I am getting $584 with $3k down and a crappy trade in, money factor, etc. Your deal kills mine and I am a current FX owner with a relationship at this dealer of multiple cars and about ten years!
  • thanks fxsilver! i've been mulling it over but do realize that it's a pretty good deal. i got a quote for $2500 $480/mth but was told that was only w/ the $2k loyalty incentive; so i was trying to hold out...
    but i think i'm going to visit the dealer tomorrow.. i'll probably get the same story saying the price was only w/ the loyalty incentive but we'll see. thanks for giving me your advice and deal....
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